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When is WordPress NOT the answer? | Ben May
NEVER (btw, not going to read this) - Meg VMeg
When the question is: what requires weird markup language that's sold as "being easier than HTML." In that case, of course, the answer is wiki. - Walt Crawford
Dude, wikis are all terrible WYSIWYG now. Useless. UNLIKE WORDPRESS. - Meg VMeg
I read it and still answer NEVER. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
I think "terrible WYSIWYG" is the key thing here, just as Wordpress' WYSIWYG editor *used to be* pretty awful. (OK, for complex posts, I still prefer to write in Word "blog entry" form, but since that works like a charm, posting directly to my blog...) - Walt Crawford
Agreed. It's still not great for mixing text with photos but neither is Word :) - Meg VMeg
The answer I received today was that the answer is WordPress. And better usage reports from our account management system. But mostly WordPress. (Well, mostly better usage reports. BUT ALSO WORDPRESS.) I may be rambling bit. - Zamms
WordPress rules. - Meg VMeg
wordpress? - kendrak
WorldPress? - Joe
WordPress!!!! - Zamms
¡WordPress! - Zamms
If you were thinking "Institutionalized 2014 Body Count vs Suicidal Tendencies" sounds like it would be the greatest song ever in the history of the world, you're totally right...
@ScrewyDecimal So now when everyone says "YOU'RE A RIOT" they're right :-)
@griffey huh, didn't even feel that :-)
RT @MatthiasStrubel: About porting #PirateBox & #LibraryBox to BarrierBreaker #OpenWrt Problems, thoughts... any ideas?! Let me know.
Buffalo's WORST website? Vote for, it might win a free site redesign. Vote here:
" celebrates 20th anniversary" -
@ElaineLibrarian Artists who take money for ads get paid for introducing their music to people that would've never heard it.
The Apple ad has ~2.6 million views, the original Pixies song has ~1.2 million views.
HN Tools of The Trade, 2014 Edition
A Proper Server Naming Scheme
Sysadmin Casts - Episode #25: Bits Sysadmins Should Know
The sysadmin team is not one role
RT @coworkbuffalo: Glad to be part of this. MT @BN360: #Buffalo as a hotbed for #entrepreneurs - #blog:
SSH Tunnel - Local and Remote Port Forwarding Explained With Examples - Blog
A Survey of the Localhost Proxying Landscape — John Sheehan
@mstephens7 Someplace there's a great picture of @walkingpaper with the Lucy statue from that conference :-)
RT @edwardmichael: God I miss this band. ♫ Bird – Tugboat Annie #NowPlaying
RT @edwardmichael: Tossed this out there before, but got sidetracked. So, anyone in #Buffalo looking for in-house, contract graphic design work? 2 days week?
Femtastic Lit: History's 10 greatest sci-fi novels written by women -
RT @RileyRager: Happy 20th anniversary to Weezer's Blue Album #bluealbum
FlightSphere - Flight Facts for everyone Very cool!
RT @BookRiot: .@screwydecimal found an awesome site that features bookmark-greeting card combos:
RT @ScrewyDecimal: YAY! Congrats! RT @AllyMalinenko Cover Reveal - This is Sarah by Ally Malinenko http://booksfoodandotherthings... via @bfaot_blog
RT @walkingpaper: The photo used for the cover of Helmet’s “Meantime.” In a library archive! Vufind! 14yo me and 35yo me are pleased.
Able to answer any and all Chi-Chi's related questions.
RT @JimByersTravel: The rebirth of #Buffalo. My Toronto Star blog getting a TON of coverage. Thanks, folks. @BuffaloNiagara #buffalove
How did I not know this existed?
A memo from 20 years ago, today... NPR Explains "The Internet"
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