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Lawrence  Lessig
Money is Speech: A brilliant rap on corruption (what others call "campaign finance reform"): @rapgenius #rootstrikers
Sarah G.
Butts in seats in a library almost as meaningless as facebook likes. Not an accurate measure of engagement.
Yabbut... *No* quantifiable measure of library use is an accurate measure of engagement and real value. I suppose you could argue for abandoning all metrics on that basis, but "Support us because we're good guys" is sometimes a losing argument. ("Sometimes" may be the wrong word.) And, indeed, FB likes is not entirely meaningless either. - Walt Crawford
[OK, I'm sensitive on this, since Give Us a Dollar... is, and must be, entirely about quantifiables, which are absolutely not the most important library stories.] - Walt Crawford
I was going to like this, but I guess it's meaningless NO LIKE FOR YOU - Blake
ಠ_ಠ - Sarah G.
ok fine sheesh, I liked it, you didn't need to get all ಠ_ಠ on me - Blake
Metrics can die in a fire, - Steele Lawman
Thanks for the vote of no confidence, Steele. I really appreciate it. - Walt Crawford
OK I overstated it. If there was a fire, I wouldn't grab the metrics first. - Steele Lawman
How many times was this retweeted versus liked or commented on here? - Joe
Only once, versus this one which got 10+ retweets and only mild interest here. - Sarah G.
Speaking of Ubuntu... the codename for 13.04 was revealed yesterday. Raring Ringtail.
Jason P
New 30 Rock on Netflix!
Peter Murray
8 Practices for Better Security & Privacy - Public by Mark Swenson on Prezi -
Sarah G.
More vulgar? For Blake
Just had to field an email inquiry about a Lambert "publish your dissertation" scam. So this is highly apropos. - RepoRat
Hats off to Elmer one more time. - Blake
Lawrence  Lessig
A slideless preso at Chautauqua Institute (in which "Lesterland" was born): #rootstrikers
A slideless preso at Chautauqua Institute (in which "Lesterland" was born): #rootstrikers
David Lee King
RT @jambina: last day of voting for sxsw! if you haven't already, check out my panel with @libraryman and @davidleeking -
laura x
My grandmother with #babyx in July. Here is the obituary I wrote for her yesterday:
That is beautiful, Laura. The photo and the obit. - Soup in a TARDIS
love the pic. the url takes me to my google account overview page. what am I doing wrong? Thanks to Ell Bee, I finally got t read it. Lovely obit Laura with an x. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Weird. B, lemme know your email and I'll send you a copy. - laura x
She sounds like she was an amazing woman. So sorry for your lose, Laura. Xoxo - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
computer tip #12. you plug things into your computer the same way to stick things into your ass: gently.
Stephen Francoeur
Jacob Berg, "New Year, New Library: Why We Hired Who We Hired," BeerBrarian -
Pull quote: “I cannot stress enough how important it is to bring in someone from outside the library and library services when interviewing, at least for an academic library. It keeps the conversation focused on what a candidate can do for not only a library, but also the larger academic community, and it keeps the library jargon to a minimum. It also keeps me in check, lest I say something less than stellar about MPOW’s administration, not that that would ever happen.” - Stephen Francoeur
we used to do that and we don't anymore. will ask why. - jambina
it was SUPER-helpful having a person from the institute the job would be serving, last search I was on. De-library-jargonification was definitely a plus. - RepoRat
Sure, if it's one thing academic librarians love is outside advice! - Blake
You can't tell me what to do, Blake. *scowl* - ellbeecee
Is Blake acting up again? I blocked that guy because he kept giving me "advice." - Steele Lawman
Wow, that impression was uncanny. - Steele Lawman
ಠ_ಠ - kendrak
liking for awesome impression - Blake
I feel like he's here in the thread with us. - Steele Lawman
proposal: that all tweets use the full 140 characters and that all remaining characters be exclamation points !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jason Griffey
Join me tomorrow at 10am Central time to talk about #librarybox with NCompass Live:
just out watching butterflies fucking. is there a badge for that? or can I say I'm the mayor of watching butterflies fuck?
Emily Clasper
RT @TheNerdyBird: Go back to internet school. RT @ShellisPrepared: PLEASE DO NOT RETWEET ANY OF OUR TWEETS. They are intended for their @ recipients only!
I think Web 3.0 should be known as The Censorship Era... The Copyright Silences Free Speech Era...
K.G. Schneider
RT @brianwisti: People are really riled up about SCOTUS. They haven't gotten this angry since Facebook changed their layout.
"Technical mumbo jumbo is to follow, if you're just worried about your password you should simply change your password. Don't use any website that offers to check if your password has been leaked by typing your password into their website. These may be completely legit, but they're probably trying to ride on your fear and steal your password. You should also change your password on any other site that you used that password on. If you'd like to see the list of hashes for research purposes you can download it here." - imabonehead from Bookmarklet
Fwd: For one of the myriad library conferences out there, we should get Matthew Inman of the Oatmeal to speak on copyright. He would be awesome. And just think of the handouts! (via
Although a hint to cut back on stuff that could be perceived as anti-woman would be nice. (I was kind of not digging what he came up with in the crusade against FunnyJunk -- though I totally dig the crusade.) Cats are fair game! So are Kodiak bears! - RepoRat
I would be annoyed with the choice of Matthew Inman as a speaker at a library conference, for sure. - kaijsa
Julie Kane
RT @Erik_Bergstrom: If you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere. Except for in the woods. You’ll probably die in the woods.
What was that one adventure race show thing that was on TV in the 90s where they had a team from NYC who were all excited and had trained in central park and said something about living in NYC makes them all strong and mighty and they will win for sure? They didn't even finish the first day of the race. - Blake
note to self: write something comparing libraries to the movie Footloose...
Dan: Bibrarian
Log in. Update WordPress. Go to other site. Log in. Update WordPress. Lather rinse repeat. Lather rinse repeat. OH WE OH YOOOOOO OHHHH.
Stephen Francoeur
Started subbing to WordPress News to keep up w/ new releases. New version out now. Update now & defend against hacks.
Started subbing to WordPress News to keep up w/ new releases. New version out now. Update now & defend against hacks.
Done, done and done. - WebGoddess
Yeah, I had three installs, too. - Stephen Francoeur
Done & done. As soon as WP told me there was an update. - Walt Crawford
Stephen Francoeur
So proud of Mr. 9yo, who went with his mother today for his first demo (at headquarters of Pearson to protest the way that NY state is using our kids to field test questions for standardized tests published by Pearson).
Pearson demo.jpg
And to protest idiotic, overly intrusive, statistically dubious testing regimes in general. - Stephen Francoeur
I like Hermione there with the doll and the sign. - Steele Lawman
Join us for the next NCompass Live: IT Security for Libraries. Wed. June 6, 10amCT. #NCompLive Sign up at
that speaker sounds like a real nutjob. - holly #ravingfangirl
ಠ_ಠ - Blake
Chrystie Hill
RT @zefrank: your mom.
Meg VMeg
The data/analysis from my graduate work in biology will *not* be published in an Elsevier journal (as I had feared might happen): my beloved, former PI "signed the petition ages ago" she says <3
hooray! - Marianne
Seriously! I love her so much. I should have had more faith. In other news, I'm going to be a fourth author. - Meg VMeg
Holly's favorite Anna
So, my website got hacked. Luckily, @blakesterz is awesome and is killing the spammy/phishy stuff.
Steve Albini has a cooking blog:
Interestingly, not everything he cooks is acridly bitter! - Zamms
liking for that comment - Blake
Sarah G.
US Chipotle > Canadian Chipotle > English Chipotle - Sarah G, cultural explorer
American Pickers > Canadian Pickers. I'm not trying to be jingoistic here, people, I just call them like I see them. - Sarah G.
Caesars < any drink ever that one would think of. Yes, even a bunch of fruit punch mixed with everclear in a garbage can and stirred with a boat oar by a frat boy. - Sarah G.
Yeah, I don't get Caesars—wasting a perfectly good stalk of celery right there. - Micah
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