Cine este Victor Ponta? -
Galerie de Imagini Victor Ponta este din 7 mai 2012 prim-ministru al României. Victor-Viorel Ponta este căsătorit cu Daciana Sârbu, europarlamentar român și fiică a politicianului PSD Ilie Sârbu. Victor Ponta este candidatul PSD pentru alegerile prezidentiale de anul acesta. Bancul cu Ponta: Ponta este familist convins si are 3 copii: Andrei, I...more -> Cine este Victor Ponta? - blog01
Câini în Pălării Haioase -
Galerie de Imagini Cit de mult iubesti cainele tau? Câinele (Canis lupus familiaris) este una dintre subspeciile lupului cenușiu, mamifer și carnivor din familia canidelor. Câinele este posibil să fie primul animal domesticit, și cel mai folosit pentru muncă, vânătoare și companie din istoria oamenilor. Cuvântul "câine" denumește masculu...more -> Câini în Pălării Haioase - blog01
Un frumos acvariu de bucătărie -
Galerie de Imagini O bucătărie modernă cu un acvariu mare si frumos proiectat de Robert Kolenik. Aparent un acvariu supradimensionat, acest acvariu in forma literei L ascunde un spatiu generos pentru depozitare și echipamente. Pentru a hrăni peștii, pur și simplu apăsați butonul și ridicați blatul de bucatarie. [Credits : more -> Un frumos acvariu de bucătărie - blog01
Finding ways to allow more natural light into your home can make it feel more spacious, more inviting and more pleasurable to spend time in. Using minimalistic window treatments is one way to allow more natural light to flow into a room. Design tricks such as hanging mirrors and choosing accent pieces with a reflective quality can also be somewhat ...View more -> Brighten Up Your Home Tags: Lighting / balcony roof windows / skylights /  read more - blog01
Home trend for 2014: a dash of timeless elegance with marble decor -
I'm always impressed with how much sophistication marble finishes bring to interior design. From historic times the glossy stone has been used in architecture to create a lavish high class decor. Cultural emblems such as the Greek Parthenon Temple, England's Salisbury Cathedral or the Palace of Versailles in France are existing test...View more -> Home trend for 2014: a dash of timeless elegance with marble decor Tags: Home Decor / marble bathroom / marble interior decor trend / marble kitchen / marble print / marble table / spring 2014 decor trend /  read more - blog01
In Berlin with Nina Reijnders -
An oldie but goldie: I love this street punk vibed Marie Claire Turkey editorial from 2010 called "Berlin in Berlin". Shot by more Tags: Fashion Photography fashion editorial Koray Birand Marie Claire magazine Nina Reijnders winter 2010 - blog01
Give Every Employee Proper Protective Gear -
Personal protective gear is not limited to construction workers, and every worker who heads into a hazardous environment for work must be given the right equipment for their own safety. Each piece of safety gear listed below keeps workers safe whether they are on the job site every day or merely visiting. ...View more -> Give Every Employee Proper Protective Gear Tags: Other / first aid kits / hard hats / safety harnesses / safety vests /  read more - blog01
Big progress in rechargeable battery technology -
The world awaits a major breakthrough in battery technology to power the portable electronics we all increasingly use - and researchers at an Irish University may just have made it. ...View more -> Big progress in rechargeable battery technology Tags: Lighting / battery technology / rechargeable battery /  read more - blog01
Create a French country cottage feel in your home -
A French country cottage feel in your home can be easily created with furniture from the French Heritage furniture collection. The pieces in this collection are designed to give you the opportunity to create a cozy, cottage-like atmosphere in your home, e...View more -> Create a French country cottage feel in your home Tags: Furniture / French Heritage furniture / furniture collection /  read more - blog01
2 easy ways to save bedroom space -
Small dwelling space can be a real cause for frustrations but it can also unleash your inner decorating genius. Turning a tiny studio apartment or a one-room loft into a comfortable, fully-equipped home is an engaging project with guarantee satisfaction. ...View more -> 2 easy ways to save bedroom space Tags: Bedroom / bunk beds for adults / cheap bunk beds / custom size futon / discount futon bed / futon frame bed /  read more - blog01
How not to worry about a crisis home repair -
I stood there in front of the bedroom’s leaking heating pipes and asked myself well how much home damage can one inch of flooding do? Then the next thing I knew I was carrying out leaking hot water in kitchen bowls and calling desperately for plumbing technicians, licensed or not. ...View more -> How not to worry about a crisis home repair Tags: Other / emergency home repair / fixing electrical system / fixing plumbing leaks / home insurance emergency cover /  read more - blog01
Awarded movie director makes a lyrical video for Maiyet -
New York-based ethical luxury label, Maiyet, enlisted American film director Cary Fukunaga (of multi-awarded Sin Nombre more Tags: Fashion Film Cary Fukunaga Fares Fares film set Kenya Haley Bennett Maiyet resort 2013 video - blog01
Fashion winning team: Cara Delevingne and Mulberry -
One of the prettiest advertising series of last year, which continues in 2014, is the Mulberry fall/winter 2013 ad campaign more Tags: Fashion Ads Cara Delevingne fall 2013 ad campaign Mulberry spring 2014 ad campaign Tim Walker - blog01
Nowadays denim is ever-present in any modern man’s wardrobe and although it does seem it can’t be reinvented, high-end designers find new aspects of this fabric and bring new ideas every fashion season. For spring 2014 three main...more -> The new ways of denim Tags: Trend Report camo print denim denim blazer denim chinos denim shorts denim trends 2014 denim trouser men denim style men's denim jacket paneled denim patchwork denim spring 2014 menswear trends - blog01
T by Alexander Wang presents the fabulous Bon Qui Qui -
A fashion-forward, hip label like Alexander Wang knows how to reach its audience and deliver spot-on messages. Few brands dare to be more Tags: Fashion Film Alexander Wang Anjelah Johnson Gavin McInnes spring 2013 ad campaign spring 2013 video campaign T by Alexander Wang - blog01
Bring your home up-to-date with teal colour -
According to Colour Futures - the trend forecasting agency of the leading global paints company Akzo Nobel - the colour of the year 2014 in home decor is the elegant blue-green hue called teal. ...View more -> Bring your home up-to-date with teal colour Tags: Home Decor / color trend 2014 / interior decor color trend / spring 2014 decor trend / teal chair / teal furniture / teal sofa / teal wall paint / teal wallpaper /  read more - blog01
Banish Unpleasant Pet Odors the Pure and Natural Way -
You love your beloved pets and cannot imagine life without them. However, there is one thing about them that you sure wish you could change - annoying pet odors. ...View more -> Banish Unpleasant Pet Odors the Pure and Natural Way Tags: Other / natural way / pet odor removal / pet odors /  read more - blog01
Lanvin fall-winter 2013 advertising campaign -
Since Mr. Alber Elbaz took the helm of Parisian luxury label Lanvin, his light approach to brand presentation while keeping an more Tags: Fashion Ads Edie Campbell fall 2013 ad campaign Lanvin Steven Meisel - blog01
When modern design meets artisan craft -
Many top designers join the artisan revival movement, drawing inspiration from traditional materials and techniques that, in fusion with contemporary aesthetic, result in unique and stylish products. ...View more -> When modern design meets artisan craft Tags: Furniture / chinese design / eco friendly design / handcarved mango wood / handcrafted furniture / handmade bamboo design. eco sustainable /  read more - blog01
Town Profile: St Albans -
The small Hertfordshire city of St Albans is one of the most beautiful cities in England. Much of its beauty comes from its enormous cultural history and the fact that it is still pervaded by a huge variety of prominent historical buildings, including some world-renowned examples of ornate medieval architecture. ...View more -> Town Profile: St Albans Tags: Other / town profile /  read more - blog01
Sleep well: 2014 top trends in mattresses -
An Irish saying is this: “a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything”. While there is no common solution for amusement, a quality sleep is assured by a comfy bed.  In order to prevent the health risks of getting poor sleep companies hire advise from medical experts (chiropractors, doctors trained in sleep disorders) ...View more -> Sleep well: 2014 top trends in mattresses Tags: Bedroom / green trend / hybrid mattress / innerspring mattress / memory foam mattresses /  read more - blog01
A beautiful gift or a treasure for your home -
If you're looking for a beautiful gift for someone special or a treasure for your home, then consider an elegant decoration from a company like Fine Brand Sales. Vases are an addition to the home that can be used for several purposes. ...View more -> A beautiful gift or a treasure for your home Tags: Other / beautiful gift / elegant decorations /  read more - blog01
Welcome the New Year with a new home design that suits your needs -
Another year ... another opportunity to decorate! For many homeowners, the turning of the calendar to a fresh year is the perfect opportunity to get everything at home up to scratch and that means approaching DIY projects with a renewed sense of interest. ...View more -> Welcome the New Year with a new home design that suits your needs Tags: Home Decor / classic charm / interior decor style / New Year /  read more - blog01
Castello Cavalcanti, a Prada cinematic story -
Latest cinematic endeavor from Italian fashion house Prada is an 8 min short-film written and directed by Wes Anderson. more Tags: Fashion Film Federico Fellini Jason Schwartzman Prada Wes Anderson - blog01
Modern dollhouses by top architects -
Let’s marvel a little more at these beautiful dollhouses created by British architects, miniatures that found their lucky owners this November. UK based developer Cathedral Group enlisted 20 top architecture firms who, alongside talented artists and designers, created contemporary takes on a childhood favorite - the dollhouse. Th...View more -> Modern dollhouses by top architects Tags: Toys & Games / british architects / british designer / learning aid toy design / modern dollhouse / toys for chidren with special needs / wooden dollhouse /  read more - blog01
Moderne wooden animal sculptures from Uusi -
Are you searching for awesome gifts ideas? Then look no further than these charming wooden sculptures from Chicago-based design studio Uusi. If you’ve been following this blog you may have noticed that I have a slight obsession with wooden figurines, so I couldn’t resist posting these beauties. There are three ...View more -> Moderne wooden animal sculptures from Uusi Tags: Home Accessories / american designer / animal toy / early 20th century modernist style / gift ideas / minimalist design / wooden sculptures / wooden toys /  read more - blog01
Kenzo fall-winter 2013 advertising campaign -
The joyful, pop-surrealist style advertising campaign launched by Parisian label Kenzo is the result of collaboration with more Tags: Fashion Ads fall 2013 ad campaign Kenzo Rinko Kikuchi Sean O'Pry ToiletPaper magazine - blog01
Proenza Schouler fall-winter 2013 ad campaign -
One of the most inspiring fashion campaigns of the fall/winter 2013 season is rolled out by New York based label more Tags: Fashion Ads David Sims fall 2013 ad campaign fashion campaign Proenza Schouler Sasha Pivovarova video campaign winter 2013 - blog01
Supreme comfort: getting a good night's sleep -
Getting a good night’s sleep is an essential part of living a healthy, happy and productive life. Studies have consistently shown that people who sleep well feel better about themselves, are less stressed and don’t fall ill as frequently, so why sacrifice these benefits for the sake of an old, uncomfortable mattress? ...View more -> Supreme comfort: getting a good night's sleep Tags: Bedroom / mattress designs / memory foam mattresses /  read more - blog01
Erwin Olaf, the shocking factor in fashion imagery -
The work of Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf (b. 1959, Hilversum) is often daring and provocative, dealing with social conventions and more Tags: Fashion Photography cinematic photography Dutch photographer Grey magazine Vogue Netherlands - blog01
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