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Kenzo fall-winter 2013 advertising campaign -
The joyful, pop-surrealist style advertising campaign launched by Parisian label Kenzo is the result of collaboration with more Tags: Fashion Ads fall 2013 ad campaign Kenzo Rinko Kikuchi Sean O'Pry ToiletPaper magazine - blog01
Proenza Schouler fall-winter 2013 ad campaign -
One of the most inspiring fashion campaigns of the fall/winter 2013 season is rolled out by New York based label more Tags: Fashion Ads David Sims fall 2013 ad campaign fashion campaign Proenza Schouler Sasha Pivovarova video campaign winter 2013 - blog01
Kessler Foundation MS study correlates fMR with negative effect of warmer weather on cognitive status -
WEST ORANGE, N.J. October 30, 2013. Drs. Sumowski and Leavitt are research scientists in Neuropsychology & Neuroscience Research at Kessler Foundation. Their expertise is cognitive function and rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis. (Photo Credit: Kessler Foundation) read more - blog01
Brain regions can be specifically trained -
This news release is available in German. Get gaming! Scientists found that playing Super Mario can make you brainier, or at least cause increases in the brain regions responsible for spatial orientation, memory formation and strategic planning. (Photo Credit: Ulrich Knappek) read more - blog01
What makes creativity tick? -
A team of researchers led by a Michigan State University neuroscientist has created a quick but reliable test that can measure a person's creativity from single spoken words. While some believe creativity is spontaneous, Michigan State University neuroscientist Jeremy Gray suspects there's a lot of hard work going on in the brain even when the proverbial light bulb going off feels effortless. (Photo Credit: Michigan State University) Michigan State University neuroscientist Jeremy Gray has created a simple test that can measure someone's creativity level from single spoken words. (Photo Credit: Michigan State University) read more - blog01
Results from many large clinical trials are never published -
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. Timothy F. Platts-Mills, M.D., an assistant professor of emergency medicine at UNC, is senior author of the study. (Photo Credit: UNC School of Medicine) Christopher W. Jones, M.D., a former resident physician at UNC now at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University in Camden, N.J., is lead author of the study. (Photo Credit: Cooper Medical School of Rowan University) read more - blog01
Dinner rituals that correlate with child and adult BMI -
Beyond plate size and calorie count, the war against obesity may have a new leader – the dinner table. Dr. Brian Wansink is the lead author. (Photo Credit: Robyn Wishna) read more - blog01
Small Bedroom Storage Ideas -
Is bedroom clutter catching up with you? Keeping a small bedroom clean and tidy is far from simple. With limited storage space and a crowded closet, chairs and tables can quickly turn into improvised storage spaces for your clothing. ...View more -> Small Bedroom Storage Ideas Tags: Bedroom / bedroom storage / small bedroom /  read more - blog01
Tell-tale toes point to oldest-known fossil bird tracks from Australia -
Two fossilized footprints found at Dinosaur Cove in Victoria, Australia, were likely made by birds during the Early Cretaceous, making them the oldest known bird tracks in Australia. A drag mark made by the rear toe on one of the Cretaceous bird tracks indicates that it was a flight landing track. (Photo Credit: Photo by Anthony Martin) This is an illustration, showing how the flight landing track was probably made as a bird set down on the moist sand of a river bank. (Photo Credit: Drawing by Anthony Martin) read more - blog01
Study identifies 4 genetic variants linked to esophageal cancer and Barrett's esophagus -
SEATTLE – An international consortium co-led by researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Au Thomas L. Vaughan, M.D., M.P.H., is a member of the Epidemiology Program in the Public Health Sciences Division at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. (Photo Credit: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center) read more - blog01
Database of disease genes shows potential drug therapies -
Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Twin brothers Obi Griffith, Ph.D., and Malachi Griffith, Ph.D., have created a comprehensive database that matches thousands of disease genes with approved or experimental drugs that target those genes. (Photo Credit: Robert Boston, Washington University in St. Louis) read more - blog01
Spanish researchers sequence non-infiltrating bladder cancer exome -
Bladder cancer represents a serious public health problem in many countries, especially in Spain, where 11,200 new cases are recorded every year, one of the highest rates in the world. This image shows a bladder tumor sample containing mutations in the STAG2 gene. (Photo Credit: CNIO) read more - blog01
Outside influence: Genes outside nucleus have disproportionate effect -
New research from the University of California, Davis, shows that the tiny proportion of a cell's DNA that is located outside the cell nucleus has a disproportionately large effect on a cell's metabol Studies on Arabidopsis plants like this six-week-old lab-grown specimen show that the genes of mitochondria and chloroplasts have a disproportionate effect on cellular metabolism compared to the far more numerous nuclear genes. (Photo Credit: Baohua Li, UC Davis) read more - blog01
Scientists identify protein linking exercise to brain health -
BOSTON—A protein that is increased by endurance exercise has been isolated and given to non-exercising mice, in which it turned on genes that promote brain health and encourage the growth of new nerve This is Bruce Spiegelman, Ph.D., of theDana-Farber Cancer Institute. (Photo Credit: Sam Ogden/Dana-Farber) read more - blog01
Video captions improve comprehension, professor finds -
A simple change -- switching on captions -- can make a big difference when students watch educational videos, an SF State professor has discovered. This is SF State assistant professor of American Indian Studies Robert Keith Collins. (Photo Credit: San Francisco State University) read more - blog01
Compound in grapes, red wine could help treat multiple types of cancer, study finds -
The study found that melanoma cells become more susceptible to radiation if they were treated first with resveratrol. A recent study by a University of Missouri researcher shows that resveratrol, a compound found in grape skins and red wine, can make certain tumor cells more susceptible to radiation treatment. (Photo Credit: University of Missouri) Nicholl has found that resveratrol, a compound found in grape skins and red wine, can make certain tumor cells more susceptible to radiation treatment. The next step is for researchers to develop a successful method to deliver the compound to tumor sites and potentially treat many types of cancers. (Photo Credit: University of Missouri) read more - blog01
Predators vs. alien: European shrimps win predatory battles with an American invader -
A shrimp from America has been invading Europe's rivers and lakes for several decades, but something seems to be preventing this colonist from becoming numerous and problematic, like so many other inv European shrimps kill invader American shrimp. (Photo Credit: Prof Jaimie Dick) read more - blog01
Fish genital shape linked to predation -
When predators lurk nearby, male Bahamas mosquitofish (Gambusia hubbsi) change mating strategies, rejecting elaborate courting rituals for more frequent and sometimes forceful encounters with f A closeup of the tip of the fish gonopodium, or sperm-transferring organ. In the presence of predators, Gambusia hubbsi males have evolved bonier and more elongated gonopodium tips to ostensibly facilitate sperm transfer. (Photo Credit: Dr. Brian Langerhans, NC State University) read more - blog01
New approach urged for 'abysmal' K-12 writing instruction -
EAST LANSING, Mich. — Writing instruction in U.S. Michigan State University education professor Gary Troia calls for a fresh approach to professional development for teachers who must help students meet the new Common Core writing standards. (Photo Credit: Michigan State University) Gary Troia is an associate professor of special education in Michigan State University's College of Education. (Photo Credit: Michigan State University) read more - blog01
How the detergent of the atmosphere is regenerated -
Hydroxyl (OH) radicals – known as the detergent of the atmosphere – decompose isoprene in the air. The large atmosphere simulation chamber SAPHIR provides a platform for reproducible studies of well-defined atmospheric-chemical mechanisms. (Photo Credit: Forschungszentrum Jülich) read more - blog01
New fossils push the origin of flowering plants back by 100 million years to the early Triassic -
Flowering plants evolved from extinct plants related to conifers, ginkgos, cycads, and seed ferns. The oldest known fossils from flowering plants are pollen grains. This image shows flower-like pollen from the Triassic. (Photo Credit: UZH) read more - blog01
Inexpensive drug costing less than 3 dollars may minimize damage from heart attack -
Early treatment of heart attack patients with an inexpensive beta-blocker drug called metoprolol, while in transit to the hospital, can significantly reduce damage to the heart during a myocardial inf This shows METOCARD-CNIC Trial study investigators with Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD, Director of Mount Sinai Heart at The Mount Sinai Medical Center and General Director of CNIC in Spain. (Photo Credit: CNIC) read more - blog01
CNIC researchers minimize damage during a heart attack with a drug costing less than €2.00 -
The study, involving emergency ambulance services and teams at seven hospitals across Spain, shows categorically that this simple, low-cost strategy could easily be extended throughout the world, prov Left: This is a magnetic resonance of a heart after a myocardial infarction.Right: This is a schematized representation of the same heart.1: left ventricle, 2: left atrium, 3: right ventricle.The largest muscle of the heart is the left ventricle. Healthy muscle appears black in the MRI scan. After an acute myocardial infarction, the region of the muscle undergoing necrosis appears white upon injection of a contrast agent. In this scan, obtained at the CNIC, a large part of the left ventricle has been permanently damaged (arrows). (Photo Credit: CNIC) read more - blog01
Scientists who share data publicly receive more citations -
A new study finds that papers with data shared in public gene expression archives received increased numbers of citations for at least five years. This is Fig 1 of the paper. Citation density for papers with and without publicly available microarray data, by year of study publication. (Photo Credit: Piwowar and Vision) read more - blog01
Despite growth reports, Africa mired in poverty -
EAST LANSING, Mich. Despite continued reports of economic growth in Africa, much of the continent remains wracked by poverty, according to the largest survey of African citizens. (Photo Credit: Michigan State University) read more - blog01
Wagon-wheel pasta shape for better LED -
SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. Images of molecules for light-emitting diodes on the left are compared with similar shaped pasta on the right. The upper left electron microscope image shows spaghetti-shaped organic polymers now used for organic light-emitting diodes, or OLEDs. The lower left image shows new molecules -- created by scientists at the University of Utah and two German universities -- that are shaped like wagon-wheel or rotelle pasta and emit light more efficiently than the spaghetti-shape polymers. (Photo Credit: Molecule images by Stefan Jester, University of Bonn. Pasta images courtesy Wikimedia Commons.) read more - blog01
Researchers found response of how plants respond to the changing environment in geological time -
Understanding the impact of environmental change on plant traits is an important issue in evolutionary biology. 1, 3, 5, 7: This is the micro-morphology of fossil Quercus delavayi complex. 2, 4, 6, 8 Micro-morphology of extant Q. delavayi. (Photo Credit: ©Science China Press) read more - blog01
200,000-year environmental history of continental shelf based on a deep-sea core from Okinawa Trough -
A new research paper shows that a great number of nearby terrigenous pollen and charcoal have been found from the deep-sea sediments of the last 200 kyrs in Okinawa Trough. This shows terrigenous palynomorphs of short-distance transportation: light microscope and scanning electron microscope photos of pollen and spore, plant debris and charcoals. (Photo Credit: © Science China Press) read more - blog01
Boutique Hotel Design: The Do's & Don'ts -
Boutique hotels are all about being individual and luxurious, and therefore their interior design is what will either make or break them. Being an oasis of relaxation in a bustling tourist hub of a city, you want to invite your customers in with detail, quality, intimacy and, to a certain extent, eccentricity. ...View more -> Boutique Hotel Design: The Do's & Don'ts Tags: Other / boutique hotel design / hotel design /  read more - blog01
How sports lovers can kit out their sheds -
If you've recently taken up a sporty new hobby or are finding a longstanding pastime is resulting in your home becoming cluttered with equipment, consider transforming your garden shed into a safe and secure area for keeping your sporty items. ...View more -> How sports lovers can kit out their sheds Tags: Home Accessories / shed storage / storage options /  read more - blog01
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