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New Fonts For Blogger Blogs | Google Web Fonts
Last Wednesday Google launched a set of new web-fonts, fonts which can be used anywhere on any website freely. The Google Font API allows you to use all these fonts in your own blog. Check out this new font as an example: New Fonts For Blogger So, how to use these fonts on your blog? For every new font you want to add to your blog, you simply have to paste a single line of code in your blog's template. Once you are done with it, remember the name of the font and use it anywhere in your blog (in any post or part of a post or in your widgets). Steps to add a new font: STEP #1 Visit this page: Google Webfonts Directory and click on the font you want to use. STEP #2 In the next page, select the blue colored tab "Get the code". And copy the FIRST code. IT will look something like this: <link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css...' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>The code highlighted in RED, is the name of that font. You have to either remember this, or save it in a... - Divya Sai