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Cloud Computing for The NOT SO Technical Netizens
For the last several months, I have been using and suggesting my readers to use OpenDrive to host their files online, which also allows them to hotlink their files; An important requirement if you want to host and embed MP3 players in to your blogs. So, while using this service I got a chance to use their cloud computing based OpenDrive Desktop too. So, in this article, I am not telling you the technical basics of Cloud Computing, viz. IaaS, PaaS, Saas etc. but just the basics - how can a person with a PC and an Internet connection. get the benefits of it. Before I explain how to use OD-Desktop, have a look on the basics... So, what exactly is Cloud Computing? In cloud computing all your data is stored in clouds (okay, it's not actually "clouds", but these are "servers" installed in several countries across the world). The data is updated in real-time when you update the files on your PC (provided you have an active Internet connection). And you can access this up-to-date from... - Divya Sai