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PCNames - Instant Domain Availability Checking Tool
Purchasing domains these days is definitely more than just having an online presence. It is in fact, no less than the real estate business. Just as a piece of land or a house you can purchase and sell IP numbers (domain names) online. Be the first one to guess the value of a domain name, register it and you will be sitting on a gold mine a few months/years later. But nowadays, to purchase a domain you not only have to check at the domain registrars but also at various domain sellers and re-sellers (in case the domain of your choice has already been registered by someone else) - making the whole work a lot more tedious for you. But luckily, now PCNames is there to make the process simple and easy. The FAQ section of PCNames has got all the basic information about Domain names (right from "what a domain name is?" to "what is domain squatting?" etc.). Moreover they also provide some extremely useful Tips for both the newbie & experienced domain buyers (and sellers). Any domain name... - Divya Sai