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Add A TweetQuote To Your Blogger/BlogSpot Blog
In HTML/CSS, when you quote a piece of text from other websites/web pages, then it is usually done through customized quote boxes, called as blockquotes. You can read, add and customize these blockquotes in your blog from this tutorial: Customize Blockquote In Your BlogSpot Blog Now, this tutorial will let you add a sub-type of blockquotes: Tweetquote. Many tweets go viral on Twitter and many a times, we do find tweets worth sharing with our readers on our blogs. So, here is a creative & professional way to (re)publish tweets on your blogs: @BillGates congratulating Warren Buffett, for being awarded with National Medal of Fredom: Congratulations to my dear friend Warren Buffett on National Medal of Freedom - http://bit.ly/eN9rh1-... There are just two steps to follow, in this tutorial: STEP #1 Log in to Blogger, go to Design -> Edit HTML and find this code: </head> And immediately ABOVE/BEFORE it, paste this code: <style type="text/css"> blockquote.tweetquote { border-top: 1px... - Divya Sai