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Blog Header Guy

Blog Header Guy

BlogHeaderGuy is Roy Edlund, husband, father, & super creative design guy. I love art, design, photography and meeting interesting tweeps.
Just tweeting to keep this account live. :)
BlogHeaderGuy has been out of commission for awhile. I've been working on some new stuff and changing my direction
I was told by a client that I wasn't tweeting and they wondered if I was still in weird is that?
is google down for you folks? is moving to a new hosting company. If you host multiple domains check out this blog post.
BlogHeaderGuy is changing hosts. I had a terrible experience with hostgator and stumbled on eleven2 for a great deal
Custom Blog Header for a Million Dollar Diva. I've been really busy with an offline project but managed to do this one.
RT @tweetmeme SMS Text Message | WordPress Developer
I just found this sms plugin for sending text messages to my readers, friends and clients. very cool.
I get asked all the time if I do more than design blog headers, the answer is yes, on occasion. :) Heres a YP ad design
I just put up the design I did for January's free blog header design winner. Check it out & tell your friends
Honesty Will Prevail...Check out this new site called and sign up to tell it like it is. :)
@GeeksThatWrite Willie may be dumb as dirt, but he's 125 lbs of pure love. :)
@PainterMommy Not spending too much time on this twitter thing, I have 1278 followers and only about 7 people that I actually interact with
@MamaByNature Thanx for the RT. :)
Sometimes Stock Photos Just Don’t Work…Then What? A New Blog Post from the Blog Header Guy
@m38967 Thanks for the tweet, its a nice way to meet. :)
RT @tweetmeme Jiggling :: Jiggling the Web You really should read this gem from Michael Campbell...its free. No opt in.
Enter the drawing for a free blog header design...
I'm guessing after it freezes tonight, we'll have a nice ice skating area. :)
I had four breaks and couldn't figure out where to shut off the water. There was over a foot of water in part of my basement...
Woke up to frozen pipes this of the drawbacks to living in a 200 year old house
RT @blogheaderguy Why I don’t rank on Google for Blog Headers …
RT @blogheaderguy Dressing up a logo for a new custom blog header design.
@JuniorsRealm Hey anthony, happy new year to you too. I'm wondering if there are "twitter-like" apps out there with active conversations
Anybody know of a microblogging alternative to twitter?
So where are all my friends on twitter? I used to have conversations with my followers, but now all I get is non-stop ads or auto tweets.
Dressing up a tired logo design for a custom blog header. New blog header guy post>> Check it out.
If you loan someone $20 and then never see them again. I'd say it was probably worth it, don't you?
After all is said and done, I think most of the time more is said than done.
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