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Blog Profit Expert

This is a tongue in check blog based on what has made me money and profit programs I have found worth the effort for making a money with your blog.
Fire Truck Plows Into Restaurant Near Los Angeles; Several Injured -
A fire truck plowed into a restaurant east of Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon, injuring at least 14 people including customers and four firefighers, according to multiple local media reports. Pictures coming in from Fire truck crash... Possibly more than 8 injured..#MontereyPark — Gadi Schwartz (@GadiNBCLA) April 16, 2014 Officials said two fire trucks collided sometime after 3 p.m. in Monterey Park, about 10 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. The crash sent one of the rigs plowing into the Lu Dumpling House. Officials had not yet said what caused the collision. Read more... More about Us World, Us, and Fire Truck Crash - Blog Profit Expert
Passenger Texts Mother From Ill-Fated South Korean Ferry: 'I Love You' -
Six people are dead, 55 are injured and hundreds remain missing after a ferry capsized off the southern coast of South Korea Wednesday morning. Some passengers sent farewell text messages to their loved ones, as the ferry began to sink Of the more than 470 people on board, there were 325 students and 15 teachers from Danwon High School in Ansan, a city near Seoul, according to the Associated Press. See also: South Korean Coast Guard Releases Dramatic Footage of Sunken Ferry A South Korean media outlet, The Kyunghyang Shinmun, obtained a screenshot of an emotional text-message exchange between a student aboard the ferry and his mother Read more... More about Text Message, South Korea, Mobile, Us World, and World - Blog Profit Expert
Poof! Speakers Disappear at Bang & Olufsen's Concept Store -
If Admiral Ackbar had anything to say about Bang & Olufsen's new concept store in Midtown Manhattan, it would be, "It's a trap!" See also: Apple to Open First Store in Turkey That's because the high-end audio-visual company has designed its store as a lure. In the window are the shiny, seemingly affordable products from the company's sister brand, B&O PlayHeadphones, wireless speakers and earbuds are prominent ... and beckoning. The front of the Bang & Olufsen concept store features products from the B&O Play brand. Image: Mashable, Will Fenstermaker But that's just stage one. Once an interested passerby enters, Bang & Olufsen snares them with the second zone: a wall where beautiful high-end speakers appear out of nowhere. Individual sections of the wall revolve to beautifully reveal models, such as the BeoLab 18 and BeoLab 17, and — thanks to Wi-Fi — with no wires in sight. Read more... More about Retail, Luxury, Speakers, Luxury Brands, and Tech - Blog Profit Expert
Samsung Saw Opportunity in Steve Jobs' Death, Emails Reveal -
It's not a smoking gun in legal terms, but a series of emails that leaked out of the ongoing Apple v. Samsung trial Wednesday certainly didn't show the South Korean tech giant in the best possible moral light The email thread between several Samsung executives begins on October 4, 2011, the day Apple launched the iPhone 4S. Michael Pennington, then the company's VP of sales for North America, complained that "it continues to be Samsung's position to avoid attacking Apple directly, due to their status as a large customer" (of Samsung processors), according to court documents uploaded here by the Wall Street Journal here [PDF]. Read more... More about Apple, Samsung, Us World, and Apple V. Samsung - Blog Profit Expert
Police Make Arrest After Fraudster Exploits Heartbleed to Steal Taxpayer Data -
Canadian police have arrested and charged a man who allegedly exploited the Heartbleed bug to steal personal data, including social security numbers, from the Canada Revenue Agency's website. The arrest comes two days after the CRA first revealed it had experienced a security breach resulting in the loss of taxpayer data. See also: The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now The 19-year-old man, identified by The Canadian Press as Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes of Ontario, was charged with unauthorized use of a computer and mischief in relation to data Tuesday. The CRA first learned of the security breach Friday, April 11, but didn't inform the public until Monday, at the request of Canadian authorities, according to the report Read more... More about World, Us World, Us And World, and Heartbleed - Blog Profit Expert
Real-Life Joffrey Smiles About 'Game of Thrones' Purple Wedding -
Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead. Looks like even Jack Gleeson — the actor who played Joffrey Baratheon on Game of Thrones — is happy his character died The terrible boy-king kicked the bucket on Sunday's episode, poisoned by pie and/or wine, but fans (and most of the other characters) weren't the least bit concerned. After all, we hated Joffrey as much as Joffrey loved Joffrey See also: 11 'Game of Thrones' Characters React to Purple Wedding But an Instagram picture posted by Gleeson's friend on Tuesday proves that the actor was a-okay with his unexpected passing It also proves that he's good at photobombing, thumbs-up signs and bleeding from the eyes Read more... More about Instagram, Tv, Photobomb, Game Of Thrones, and Watercooler - Blog Profit Expert
Is the Spider-Man and X-Men Movie Team-Up for Real? -
Spider-Man and the X-Men — together at last on the big screen? Well, sort of. Word came down Wednesday that the post-credits “stinger” at the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2 featured Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence, fighting a group of soldiers alongside some fellow X-Men. SEE ALSO: Marvel 'Mystery' Movie: 9 Things Fox Could Have Up Its Spandex Sleeve That revelation, by way of the film’s release overseas, touched off a wave of speculation that Sony, owner of the Spider-Man movie franchise, and 20th Century Fox, which owns X-Men, might be engaged in some kind of major new crossover to mirror the two superheroes’ frequent collaborations in the comic books. Read more... More about Movies, Trailers, Entertainment, Film, and X Men Days Of Future Past - Blog Profit Expert
Barry Gibb Picks Tour Opener: Band That Serenaded SXSW Crash Victim -
This is a quick tale of positive karma. Former Bee Gees front man Barry Gibb, the last surviving member of the genre-blurring music group, has chosen Jared & The Mill as the opening act of his U.S. tour. The Phoenix-based band memorably — and unselfishly — gave a private hospital-room concert last month to 18-year-old Mason Endres, days after she was struck by an intoxicated driver during South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. See also: SXSW Crash Victim Treated to Private Concert in Her Hospital Room Gibb's selection is a reminder that good deeds don't go unnoticed. And now, six cities along the "Mythology the Tour Live" will get to experience the same music that comforted Endres in her hospital bed, where she recovered from a broken nose and leg as well as a fractured neck. Read more... More about Music, Entertainment, South By Southwest, Barry Gibb, and Bee Gees - Blog Profit Expert
Yahoo Sets Sights On Bumping Google From Apple's Mobile Products, Report Says -
Yahoo's efforts to reinvent its search reportedly have some grand ambitions. CEO Marissa Mayer wants to supplant Google as Apple's default search on mobile products, according to a report from Re/code. See also: Yahoo's New Long Game: Contextual Search If successful, the arrangement would prove a coup for Yahoo and drastically change the company's share of the search market, particularly in the rapidly growing mobile segment. Mobile search is not only growing, it is moving away from desktop. If Yahoo were able to convince Apple to use its mobile search, it would grow its declining search share to the detriment of desktop competitors. Read more... More about Yahoo, Google, Mobile Search, Apple, and Business - Blog Profit Expert
The Underwater Drone Helping Search for Flight MH370 -
If wreckage from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is ever discovered, an underwater drone could very well be the first thing to spot it. The Bluefin-21 was contracted by the U.S. Navy to dive into the southern Indian Ocean off the west coast of Australia and scan the ocean floor for pieces of the plane that went missing on March 8 with 239 people onboard The drone was forced to resurface on April 16 due to a technical issue, according to a press release provided to Mashable by the Joint Agency Coordination Center, a search organization the Australian government created to help find the missing Malaysia airliner. Officials downloaded the drone's memory once it was above water but, so far, Bluefin-21 has turned up nothing significant. Read more... More about Submarine, Gadgets, Us World, World, and Drone - Blog Profit Expert
Vkontakte Founder: Russia Wanted Personal Data of Euromaidan Protesters -
The founder of the Russian social network Vkontakte (dubbed the "Russian Facebook" by Western media) says his country's Federal Security Service demanded the personal information of Ukraine's Euromaidan organizers — and he refused to hand it over. See also: The 20 Hottest Startups in Russia "On December 13, 2013 the FSB demanded from us to turn over the personal data of organizers of the Euromaidan protesters," Pavel Durov wrote in a post (English translation) on his VKontakte page on Wednesday. "Our response has been and remains a categorical refusal — Russian jurisdiction does not extend to Ukrainian users VKontakte," he wrote. "Giving personal details Ukrainians Russian authorities would not only be against the law, but also a betrayal of all those millions of people in Ukraine who have trusted us." Read more... More about Russia, Facebook, Us World, World, and Ukraine - Blog Profit Expert
No Transparency on Google Glass Sales -
Google shut down its online Google Glass store Wednesday, but the tech giant isn't sharing details on how many units it sold The company sold Glass to the public on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, which was the first time consumers could buy the device without having to apply to Google's Explorer program. The site will remain active so interested customers can purchase accessories, should they choose, but no more Glass units will be sold, according to a Google spokesperson See also: Another Google Glass Wearer Attacked in San Francisco Google was selling Glass for $1,500 a pair Although the store shut down, it doesn't appear that Google actually sold all of its Glass. Visitors to the site will see "Out of Stock" labels on each color, but Google is simply marking them that way — not necessarily confirming they are sold out Read more... More about Glass, Tech, Apps Software, Gadgets, and Google Glass - Blog Profit Expert
Where NHL Fans' Playoff Loyalties Lie, in 1 Map -
Ready for two months of body-checks, fisticuffs and — oh, yeah — world-class hockey? The NHL's Stanley Cup playoffs start Wednesday, with eight first-round match-ups that will eventually lead up to mid-June's Stanley Cup finals See also: Landon Donovan Talks World Cup Dreams and That Legendary Goal Who will win the battle for the coolest-looking trophy in sports? That remains to be seen. But we can gain some insight into which playoff teams are winning the battle for fandom right here, right now, thanks to the following data map from Facebook. The United States and Canadian provinces are all color-coded, below, according to which team has the most Facebook fans in a given territory (click the map to enlarge) Read more... More about Nhl, Entertainment, and Sports - Blog Profit Expert
Mt. Gox Has 'No Prospects' to Revive Bitcoin Exchange -
Mt. Gox Co., the bitcoin exchange that collapsed in February, gave up on a plan to revive itself, dealing a setback to creditors seeking the recovery of hundreds of millions of dollars in the virtual currency "There are no prospects for the restart of the business," Chief Executive Officer Mark Karpeles said in a statement on the company's website. The Tokyo District Court dismissed the application for civil rehabilitation Wednesday and appointed an administrator of the company's assets in place of Karpeles Mt. Gox, based in Tokyo, filed for bankruptcy protection on Feb. 28, saying it lost 850,000 bitcoins then worth about $500 million. It has since recovered about 200,000. The collapse roiled the bitcoin market, which has also faced recent hurdles such as China banning banks from dealing in the digital assets and the U.S. government's decision to tax them Read more... More about Japan, Business, World, Bitcoin, and Mt.Gox - Blog Profit Expert
Aerosmith Sings 'Dream On' Tribute for Survivors of Boston Bombings -
Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry honored the survivors of last year's Boston Marathon bombings with an emotional rendition of their 1973 hit "Dream On," as part of ESPN's TV special E:60 Presents Dream On: Stories from Boston's Strongest. ESPN aired the performance Tuesday night — exactly one year after horrific twin explosions killed three people and injured 264 others. See also: AC/DC Singer Shakes Off Retirement Rumors: We're Making Music The video features the well-dressed Southern California Children's Chorus backing up Tyler on vocals, while Perry works his magic on guitar. "This one's for you, Boston," Tyler said before starting the performance on piano. Read more... More about Aerosmith, Entertainment, Music, Boston Bombings, and Dream On - Blog Profit Expert
Ukrainian Fighter Jet Makes Epic Low Pass Over Pro-Russian Separatists -
Pro-Russian separatists may own the ground around the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk, but they don't control the air That's the message the Ukrainian Air Force had for activists that gathered there Wednesday when a Ukrainian fighter jet, rumored to be a MIG-29, made a dramatic flyover above a group of separatists blocking rail lines. See also: My Escape From Eastern Ukraine People look at a Ukrainian military jet fly above them in Kramatorsk. REUTERS/Maks Levin — Mark Kolmar -Reuters (@mpkolmar) April 16, 2014 The plane featured an insignia for the Ukrainian Falcons, the Air Force's aerobatic display team, The Aviationist reported. Read more... More about Youtube, Us World, World, and Ukraine - Blog Profit Expert
LinkedIn's Mobile March Continues With New SlideShare App -
The newest addition to LinkedIn's growing collection of mobile apps is here: one for SlideShare, the company it bought for $119 in 2012. This is the first mobile app for SlideShare; it allows users to scroll through a feed of slideshows and presentations uploaded by those they follow and connect with See also: LinkedIn Will Find You Better Jobs at Your Current Company The feed on the Android app is personalized, meaning users can subscribe to certain categories like tech, finance, or news and politics. To view a slideshow, a user can swipe left or right to move between slides without ever leaving the feed. Users can also save or like slideshows, then come back to them later Read more... More about Slideshare, Linkedin, Android Apps, Tech, and Apps Software - Blog Profit Expert
Google Misses Q1 Earnings Estimates, Stock Drops More Than 5% -
Sometimes $15 billion just isn't enough. Google reported earnings of $6.27 per share on revenue of $15.42 billion for the first quarter, missing Wall Street estimates for earnings of $6.44 on revenue of $15.52 billion. Revenue excluding traffic acquisition costs for the quarter was $12.19 billion, coming in below analyst estimates for around $12.25 billion. See also: Google in 2014: The World Is (Almost) Its Oyster The number of paid clicks for Google ads increased by 26% year-over-year, but the average cost-per-click continued to decline 9% year-over-year as more ads are consumed on mobile. Google stock had run up to above $1,200 a share at one point earlier this year, but the company finally split its stock in April, which brought the price of shares back down into the mid-$500 range Read more... More about Google, Stocks, and Business - Blog Profit Expert
Do Beyonce and Jay-Z Have a Summer Tour in the Works? -
Beyonce and Jay Z are so drunk in love they're reportedly heading on tour together. The First Couple of Hip Hop is rumored to be joining forces this summer, planning a 20-stadium U.S. tour beginning in June, reports New York Post's Page Six. See also: Beyonce Crashes Coachella With Surprise Dance Break The rumors also claim the duo would hit New York City for a July 4th concert. God bless America Mr. and Mrs. Carter. While no official statement has been made, the timing seems appropriate, considering Beyonce just ended her year-long "Mrs.Carter Show" and Jay-Z finished up his "Magna Carter World Tour" this past January. Read more... More about Music, Beyonce, Jay Z, and Entertainment - Blog Profit Expert
Your Facebook Friends Really Do Care What You Think! (We Think.) -
Your friends actually do care what you think — or at least Facebook assumes they do You may have noticed a relatively new feature on Facebook lately that allows users to ask friends for recommendations or share their own thoughts on topics like movies, TV shows and books with those who ask. You may have missed it when it first rolled out a few months ago; it was a quiet rollout that didn't get the usual attention that a new Facebook feature often generates See also: Facebook's News Feed: What Changed and Why When a user visits a friend's profile and that friend has specified certain "favorites" along the lefthand side of said profile, a new button lets users "ask" that friend for a recommendation. Facebook first started testing the feature in late 2013. Read more... More about Facebook, Recommendation, Social Media, and Ask A Friend - Blog Profit Expert
Matching Dog and Baby Duo Are Dangerously Cute -
Everyone had a childhood best friend growing up — some were real, some invisible, and if you were really lucky, they may have been a dog Zoey and Jasper are the cutest kid-pooch pair you'll ever see. Zoey is a 7-year-old rescue dog from Taiwan. Jasper is 10-month-old from Los Angeles. They like to pose in matching outfits and get their picture taken by their mom, Grace Chon, who is a commercial photographer that specializes in professional pet photos. See also: 4-Year-Old Fashionista Creates Fancy Frocks Out of Paper If the photos of the duo aren't cute enough, the puppy's story makes it even sweeter. Chon adopted Zoey from a foster named Joy who took the pup and five siblings from a student who saved the newborn litter from being washed down a gutter Read more... More about Pics, Lists, Animals, Cute, and Cute Animals - Blog Profit Expert
South Korean Coast Guard Releases Dramatic Footage of Sunken Ferry -
The South Korean coast guard has released raw video showing the dramatic search and rescue efforts at the scene of the sunken passenger ferry. See also: 4 Dead, Hundreds Missing After Ferry Sinks Off South Korean Coast The videos, which are posted to the YouTube channels of euronews, Storyful and the Associated Press, show members of the Republic of Korea Coast Guard arriving at the listing ship on boats and in helicopters, reaching survivors and pulling them to safety Four people are confirmed dead and hundreds are missing after the ferry, called Sewol, capsized near Jeju island off the southern coast of South Korea. The number of causalities is expected to rise; nearly 500 people were on board the ferry when it sunk shortly before 12 p.m. local time, including 300 high school students who were on a trip to a local island. Read more... More about South Korea, Us World, and World - Blog Profit Expert
Honda's ASIMO Robot Is Now Surprisingly Human -
Honda's remarkable humanoid robot, ASIMO, has come a long way since I first saw it stiffly walk across a stage more than a decade ago The latest edition can run briskly, climb stairs with ease, dance like Travolta, kick a ball and jump up in down in what can only be described as a robot tantrum. Honda's ASIMO raises its arms. Image: Mashable / Christina Ascani The 4 feet tall, 115-pound robot now features five dextrous fingers on each hand with force feedback sensors. As we saw in its first North America demonstration at the International Auto Show in New York on Wednesday, ASIMO can pick up a sealed container filled with orange juice, unscrew the top, pick up a paper up with its other hand, pour the juice and carefully set both cup and container back on the table Read more... More about Robots, Robot, Robotics, Honda, and Asimo - Blog Profit Expert
The Next Generation of Twitch Plays Pokémon -
If you were one of the tens of thousands of people playing a simultaneous game of Pokémon back in February, a Kickstarter project could soon let you run your own crowd-controlled game via broadcasting service Twitch. Choice Chamber is a crowdsourced game in which online viewers can influence the players' fate during live play as they navigate through a randomly-generated series of puzzle rooms. Viewers on game streaming site Twitch respond to polls in a chat box, which can do anything from trigger new enemies to add power-ups. See also: Twitch Plays Pokémon: A Social Experiment From Its Creator Read more... More about Entertainment, Gaming, Twitch, and Pokemon - Blog Profit Expert
'The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin': an Exclusive First Look -
They call it “digital gold," but is Bitcoin the future of money, or a shiny distraction for digital fools? Created in 2009 by a still-unknown programmer using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is now accepted by many merchants all over the world. But for most of us, the open-source currency is still an unknown quantity. SEE ALSO: A Complete, Interactive History of Bitcoin The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, a new documentary making its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival next week, tells the story of the strange currency via its pioneers. It explains the “Bitcoin mining” market, and explores the many shadowy subcultures within the Bitcoin community. Read more... More about Movies, Tribeca Film Festival, Entertainment, Film, and Bitcoin - Blog Profit Expert
Nissan Debuts 'Futuristic' Murano With NASA-Inspired Seats -
Nissan took the wraps off it latest version of the Nissan Murano SUV at the New York International Auto Show in New York on Wednesday On hand to introduce the vehicle to the American public was Nissan's senior vice president and chief creative officer, Shiro Nakamura See also: Nissan Plans to Offer Driverless Cars by 2020 According Nissan, the slightly futuristic design aesthetic of the 2015 Murano is inspired by the Nissan Resonance concept vehicle unveiled back in 2013 "At Nissan, we create concept vehicles with an eye toward production, rather than just for entertaining auto show audiences," says Nakamura. "Likely few people who saw Resonance in its North American International Auto Show debut imagined that we could build such a futuristic design. But here it is, ready to hit Nissan showrooms less than 24 months later.” Read more... More about Design, Nissan, Concept Cars, Tech, and Apps Software - Blog Profit Expert
Weibo May Look Like Twitter, But Its IPO Probably Won't -
Bill Gates uses the site to talk about public policy issues to his more than 3 million followersTom Cruise uses the service to promote his latest films and press appearances to more than 5 million followers. Prominent politicians like David Cameron and Shimon Peres are on it talking about their travels, though with significantly smaller followings No, it's not Twitter, but rather Weibo, a Chinese social network whose name literally translates to "microblog." In 2009, three years after Twitter launched in the U.S., one of China's largest web portals called Sina launched Weibo to break into China's microblogging space. Weibo quickly signed up tens of millions of users and emerged as the most popular microblogging service in the country. Read more... More about Twitter, Weibo, and Business - Blog Profit Expert
Landon Donovan Talks World Cup Dreams and That Legendary Goal -
Even the most casual American soccer fan knows about Landon Donovan — and for good reason. After all, the man is generally regarded as the greatest soccer player the United States has ever produced The 32-year-old Donovan has played so much soccer, in fact, that he took a self-imposed three-month hiatus from the game early last year to rest up and recharge before returning to the pitch just over a year go. Now the L.A. Galaxy star says he's ready for the 2014 World Cup — which will be his fourth — in Brazil this summer See also: Dear America: Start Following MLS Now, Because World Cup But Donovan, who is also one of this centerpieces of this creative Samsung campaign, and the United States Men's National Team (USMNT) have a tough road in front of them. They landed in the World Cup's "Group of Death" alongside powerhouse Germany, hyper-talented Portugal and always-tricky Ghana (which has eliminated the USMNT from the last two World Cups) Read more... More about Soccer, World Cup,... - Blog Profit Expert
8 Smartphone Models Will Soon Support Anti-Theft ‘Kill-Switch’ -
Apple, Google, Samsung, HTC, and a handful of the other companies operating in the smartphone industry have entered into a voluntary agreement to add a global anti-theft "kill-switch" in their handsets from July 2015. The news reached us from Re/code, which explains in a recently published report that "devices going on sale after July 2015 will have the ability to remotely wipe data and be rendered inoperable, if the user chooses, to prevent the device from being reactivated without the owners permission." If a handset is then recovered data can be restored, the publication adds. Companies on board include Apple, Google, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Microsoft, Nokia, and Samsung. Carriers have also agreed to "facilitate these measures," Re/code notes. Read more... More about Safety, Smartphone, Kill Switch, Tech, and Dev Design - Blog Profit Expert
A Short History of Obama's Evolving Stance on Gay Marriage -
President Barack Obama will be remembered for a host of reasons when he steps down from office at the beginning of 2017 — collaring Osama bin Laden, passing the Affordable Care Act — but a prominent reason is likely to be his "evolving" stance on gay marriage. In an age when 59% of the American public now supports same-sex marriage — a drastic shift in favor of gay rights over the last few years — anything the president has uttered on the subject has garnered attention. Publicly, he's said that his stance on the matter grew into one of support. Privately, that doesn't quite add up. See also: 10 Behind-the-Scenes Obama Photos Read more... More about Barack Obama, Lgbt, Gay Marriage, Us World, and Politics - Blog Profit Expert
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