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Matt Cutts
T-Mobile: Microsoft Lost All the Sidekick Backups « Data Center Knowledge -
The scale of this is staggering. This is why it's so important to allow users to export/backup their data. - Matt Cutts from Bookmarklet
This is terrible. Anyone even small fries like myself know better. I bet someone is banging their head on the wall...and that person might face being fired. - Nile Flores
Oh. My. God. What had actually happened? No offline backup? Is Danger relying only on RAID redundancy? Or had a cascading database inconsistency error happened? All are possible, yet all are also preventable/circumventable. Yet another black eye for cloud computing. Don't they learn important lessons from the Ma.gnolia snafu? - Pandu ● IT Optimizer from fftogo
Holy crap. My guess is that it's probably still plugging away on Danger infrastructure, since porting a large running system to new infrastructure takes a long time to get right. But holy crap all the same. - Joel Webber
Bad day for the cloud. - Eric - Final Countdown
Funny, I just realized no one seems to be pointing out the now-apparent irony in the name "Danger". - Joel Webber
The Year of Living Dangerously? :-) - Pandu ● IT Optimizer from fftogo
But didn't you hear? TechCruch says that that data doesn't matter and we should get over it. - Hayes Haugen
"This is why it's so important to allow users to export/backup their data." Hmm, I think backing up is mostly for power users, and most normal users would be happy for the cloud service to back it up safely (and long term steer clear of those services which fail to do so... T-anything has a track record of bad software, as I can tell from email clients, branded phones, dsl setups etc. I've used with them). - Philipp Lenssen
Wow. I can't believe they didn't bother to backup this data, what were they thinking!? - Nathan Snyder
@XC: cost savings, I bet :-) - Pandu ● IT Optimizer from fftogo
@Pandu Yeah, that or laziness, either way, when a phone is so reliant on cloud backup, you gotta make sure you cover your butt - Nathan Snyder
Robert Scoble
RT @dannyrobinson: Wow wow and wow RT @TechCrunch: T-Mobile Sidekick Servers Crashed, And They Don't Have A Backup
Oh boy. This is why it's important to allow export/backups of user data. Here's how Kevin Marks put it: - Matt Cutts
My mouth dropped when I saw this. Unbelievably idiotic of them to not have a backup! Are they trying to commit tech suicide. - Nile Flores
Wow. I can't believe they didn't bother to backup this data, what were they thinking!? I'm only 17 and I know that I need a backup for EVERYTHING important! - Nathan Snyder
Most of service, they don't user to take self backup. - Technology News
Robert Scoble
@techmama you must have missed that I have 97,194 followers. I'm not going through my list by hand. :-)
I do not blame you. I remember with mayhemstudios went through his at 30K. I could almost feel his pain. - Nile Flores
Robert Scoble
I showed the Yahoo story to you because a major tech news brand was involved and the story was already going viral. @bdoserror asked.
China or Iran - define a policy. - Wins Fern
Robert, you shoudl ask why Yahoo! is being idiotic to do away with Geocities - Nile Flores
Robert Scoble
RT @tychaios: @Scobleizer Isn't that ? (Yes, I messed up, my memory for weird URLs is going bad).
happens when there are so many URLs to try to remember. Might forget my own passwords one day. - Nile Flores
I think it is difficult to remember the name which resonates similar sounds. I mean most of us are used to use dot com when it comes to domain name so, trying to remember instead of magma is difficult - Sunny (The Geek Lord)
And I think it will be a problem soon, not only for businesses but also for layman users :( - Sunny (The Geek Lord)
Though looking at the availability of dot com domain names I think webmasters have no choice - Sunny (The Geek Lord)
Robert Scoble
Question: why does Facebook have 300 million users and is never down but Twitter has 45 million and is down many times a day? People at #TC50 are noticing this too. Will Facebook use this to get into the "real time public" game?
I don't think it the number of people, I think is the number of hits/per time. Then again, it might be the IT people. Unless you are hitting Facebook every minute, you may not notice any downtime. - W. Kirk Crawford
Something is wrong with Twitter's structure. They need better engineers! - Eugene Teng
Kirk: I totally disagree. Twitter has always been going down, even in the good old days when no one used it. - Robert Scoble
also, how many apps/web services are connecting to and slurping data from twitter compared to facebook? - alphaxion
Facebook may never be "down" per se but it is *frequently* completely unusable. I don't think anyone should be looking to FB as the paragon of reliability. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
alphaxion: that is a big deal, yes, but I can tell you the usage on Facebook is many times higher than for Twitter. Length on site numbers are higher too. Most Twitter users don't even use Twitter and that's provable. - Robert Scoble
Kevin: I'm using both a LOT and I can tell you that it's a rare day I can't get to Facebook but that happens almost every day on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
I have seen facebook down. Not near as much as Twitter. - Dan Krivolavek
I suspect a lot of it has to do with back end architecture. - Eoghann Irving
which means they might not have invested as much into the standard web interface servers. How often does access between the off site services and twitter go down? - alphaxion
I think Facebook was smart and managed it's growth. They're architecture was able to adapt as they grew. I think Twitter would be smart to stop trying to patch the system and build a whole new Twitter 2.0. - ChiliMac
When Facebook was young and only open to college students, it definitely went down. It's just that no one but college students (who didn't care) noticed. Twitter doesn't have that going for it. - Jordan Hofker
money - Richard Hill
Twitter is broken. If they don't build a 2.0 version, sooner or later something better will replace them. - Eugene Teng
Twitter is dead to me. - Dan Krivolavek
Jordan, Twitter is not "young" anymore. That excuse flew the coop a while ago. Their infrastructure is broken, plain and simple. - Chieze Okoye
Richard has a big part of it. Facebook has bought an amazing amount of hardware resources. But they've also hired a lot of quality people and done a lot of quality work to make use of those resources. It all works together. - Todd Hoff
FB may not be 'down' much, but it's been moving like molasses for the last year for me, lite isn't much better. I don't know much about the api traffic for either, but I'd bet twitter has more from that side, just a guess though. - John
I do not know about you Robert, but sometimes Facebook is being a 'biotch' to me and times out at various times of day and nite. Twitter, I believe is going through some huge growing pains. I hope they get bigger pants soon. - Nile Flores
Robert, maybe you get access to the VIP Facebook, but I find that several times a month it will do things like log me out every 2 minutes, won't let me access apps, etc. Sure you can log in and maybe see your feed, but that's about it. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
actually, oddly enough, my GF's profile on facebook is currently telling everyone "sorry this profile is unavailable right now". Looks like they still have issues ;) - alphaxion
I am curious what Twitter does with their time and money. - Kreg Steppe
This might be the result of the launching of the site time... Facebook earlier than Twitter!! - Arijit Das
'cause Twitter only picked up engineers that knew how to write scalable applications with their Summize acquisition - and they've been playing catch-up ever since. - Mike Koss
...because only a tiny fraction of FB's "users" actually use it frequently enough to crash it? just a guess... - .LAG liked that
300 million registered users is really just 30 million concurrent. The 10% rule applies here. But that said. Facebook can support more concurrent users than Twitter because they use concurrent oriented programming inspired by Erlang. - barce from iPhone
One more thing. Most Tech managers believe that it's wrong to switch horses. Neither company believes this load of horse hooey. Facebook just can switch horses faster. - barce from iPhone
People have already settled for Facebook's near real-time activity stream. Twitter will always have a place as a comm channel but the majority of those 300 million FB users are fine with checking in once or twice a day to see what their friends are up to. I would like to see stats on how many stale Twitter accounts there are vs. Facebook. - Dave Evans
It got to do with the frequency of access. People who tweet and are active in tweeting do it all the time. It is not the same with Facebook. - Gokul
how many of these 300 million are actually active ? - Peter Dawson
Facebook is often unusable at certain times of the day. Typically just after everyone gets into the office. It is certainly not a paragon of reliability from the users perspective. And 300 million people don't all access it at once. If they carrier - Gilbert Harding
Good point Phil. - Gilbert Harding
Maybe that IS why facebook should keep out of realtime stuff. It is less hassle to their systems. But I find facebook chat slow and unresponsive :) Neither is perfect... that is good. It means there is much more work to do :) - DC Crowley
I have also found that the real time chat on Facebook is slow. I think they would have similar problems if there were as many developers creating ways to update on facebook. Cluster f#(K -cs ostini - Christopher Scott Ostini
Peter: Facebook says that the 300 million number are people who've logged in over the past month. Most of whom are also active daily. I live with a Facebook addict. She's on it multiple times a day and so are all of her friends. - Robert Scoble
Facebook has smarter engineers at the top that listen to the even smarter engineers at the bottom. - Jesse Stay
.LAG, your reason doesn't fly - over half of those 300 million users log in at least once a day, and that doesn't even include the near 1 million apps that are also hitting Facebook on a regular basis. - Jesse Stay
BTW, I don't see Twitter openly sharing that type of traffic information - kinda makes me wonder about Twitter. - Jesse Stay
And Phil, have you tried Facebook search recently? It is becoming more and more valuable every day. - Jesse Stay
It may also be a matter of function with scale. Facebook has many functions all of which are more than likely different scalable solutions: photo sharing, chat, etc. Twitter has a much smaller set. When taking 300M users in FB how does that break down to function vs. Twitter. It may be that the concentration around function is higher in Twitter's case than FaceBook. So if FB has say 40... more... - Altan Khendup
Robert, I understand the 'addict' state :)- while on the topic, I thought, I'll share this link to the community - Peter Dawson
After this discussion, I have noticed some issues with Facebook. Slow updates. Uploading hiccups. General functionality breaks at times. Of course, I still have access to it. - Paul Puri
I think that's the biggest difference. It's rare for Facebook to be "down". Individual components yes, but not the entire site. With Twitter it tends to be all or nothing. - Eoghann Irving
Yeah, Facebook's architecture is much more modularized. If one thing goes down it doesn't take down everything else. They also have many, many more servers managing it all and a much more mature Memcached backend. That, and they have a much smarter engineering staff managing it all. There are definitely slow spots, but they always correct after a short time, and you never see the entire site down. It's probably the reason Facebook is now profitable and Twitter isn't. - Jesse Stay
I'm also willing to bet Facebook is doing Unit Testing on their launches, where I'm pretty sure Twitter isn't (based on the things that break after launches) - Jesse Stay
Aydin Senkut
Just became a US citizen today along with 1251 people from 112 countries
Just became a US citizen today along with 1251 people from 112 countries
Congrats! When I naturalized they asked if I had been a Nazi/Communist Party member. Do they still do that? - Richard Chen
They absolutely do :) - Aydin Senkut from email
Congratulations! I imagine you got to watch a recorded "welcome" video message from President Obama. I became a US citizen in 2007, so I was welcomed by GWB :) - Tudor Bosman
Woohoo! Well done1 - Ross
Congratulations! My day was April 21, 1999. A big event for me. - Dimitrios Diamantaras
Aww congrats!!! I've spoken to people who after NINE years are still working on becoming citizens - Becca
Becca: it took me 9 1/4 years from the time I first set foot on US soil (as a student on a F-1 visa) until I got my US citizenship. It was a long process but not very difficult in my case: work visa (H-1B) after I graduated and got a job offer from Oracle, then they applied for my green card (thankfully before 9/11). Once I got my permanent residency (green card), all I had to do was wait for 5 years (the law requires you to be a permanent resident for 5 years before being eligible for citizenship). - Tudor Bosman from email
Thanks ! I waited 10 years from my eligibility, 19 years from my first entry to the US :) It really was special A - Aydin Senkut from email
And what would happen if you were a member of the communist party? - Paul Grav
If your a communist... you disappear - Steve Sill
Congrats, Aydin! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Congratulations! - Spidra Webster
congrads, dont let it ruin your heart, :) - chaz2b
Congrats! - Matt Cutts
Welcome to the madhouse. - Steve C, Team Marina
Congratulations! Now please choose a side and start screaming. <Kidding... Mostly.> - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Congratulations! That is great. My father's best friend was naturalized 10 years ago. He is originally from Wales. - Nile Flores
Congratulations! - Ruchira S. Datta
congtats! did that myself few years ago. - Vadim Zaliva
Mazel Tov! Becoming a citizen is a great thing to be. :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
congrats, great job - Tweet Feeds
Congratulations! I wonder if you could write long blog post how did you do it :) - Ihar Mahaniok
Congratulations, that is just awesome! - (dot)lizard kelly
congrats your profile pic seem to sync with the moment - testbeta
Congratulations, enjoy the freedom! - N.G. Gordon - RadarSync
Congratulation, welcome to a wonderful if slightly nutty and disorganized country - Kim Landwehr
Congrats Aydin! We're bad-ass. - Arawak
Congratulations! Don't forget to give blood! I say that because a) it's good to do it, and b) it will further undermine the crazy nationalists. ;-) - Absentee
Robert Scoble
@CBJason I was bragging! Yes @krys2fur I'm staying at the Crown Plaza/Union Station. It's a great hotel and lots of train history here.
Been there several times myself. Nice place to go. While in Indy, you should try the restaurant called Alcatraz. Wonderful and popular place. - Nile Flores
Robert Scoble
So, what did Twitter do to piss off the bots? Twitter is under a denial of service attack. More here: is Twitter's status update where they say they are down because they are under a denial of service attack. - Robert Scoble
Good thing this didn't happen a few days ago or else we'd be talking about ScobleGate II. :) - paisano - "Update: the site is back up, but we are continuing to defend against and recover from this attack." Well it isn't back up. - Holger Eilhard
It wasn't Twitter it was you Scoble. Great jobs pissing the bots off. - Ryan Cummins
Holger the API is back up - Mike White
Robert, it seems every social network is acting slow, LiveJournal, Facebook, GoogleReader was, Linkedin, and even - Matt Ruiz
Twitter was up again for a couple of seconds... will keep trying. - Jordi Soler
Mike: Tweetdeck hasn't updated for me. Wait, now it has... Site is also showing up again. - Holger Eilhard
Everyhing is slow except Friendfeed - Asgeir
I don't know... I am having Friendfeed problems too - Kimberle Kelly
I hate to say it but it doesn't seem likely that Twitter is the only target being DDoS'd. Facebook and LinkedIn have both been having problems with certain services since around the same time. - Michael Owens from iPhone
Yep. Seems Twitter's recovering: I've been able to log into it twice in the last minute. Haven't been able to post yet, though. - Jordi Soler
Looks like FB is also being fekked with by the DoSers, according to AP - Thom Kennon
Kimberle: FriendFeed is working here fine. - Robert Scoble
facebook is slow too - hows friendfeed then? - michelle harris
guys, I am hearing from sources on IRC on DALnet that Friendfeed is also being attacked - Mark
FriendFeed stopped loading quite a few times this morning. And a few of my comments failed to post too. ... like I just had to try twice to post this. - Daniel Sims
i've been getting lotsa latency on FF all a.m. - Thom Kennon
What does this mean? Are all sites susceptible to attack like this? (i'm not a geek enough to know) - Helene
yep, I posted on this an hour ago - Adria Richards
This was a test to see if we would run to FF - and we did :-) - courtney benson
It looks like most of the prime players in social media aside from FriendFeed have been having problems all morning. Damn antisocial script kiddies! - Michael Owens from iPhone
facebook can't open... also i've problems with ff... i couldn't post my comments - Zeynep Okyay
wonder if this is the mullahs in Iran, hunting for green faces everywhere... - Thom Kennon
Note: I am getting 57% packet loss on Friendfeed right now - Mark
Facebook is struggling too. - L.P. NEENZ FALEAFINE
the grid is leaking! - Thom Kennon
Robetr or someone make a tinychat page or something we need somewhere to discuss this - Mark
Iran, North Korea... - Jason Nunnelley
funny how Twitter's problem is affecting the entire social networking world - Kimberle Kelly
I'd love to know what kind of a change in traffic FriendFeed receives when Twitter goes down. Can you see a spike? - Dan Monsieurle
If Twitter gets massive attack, could that cascade onto other sites. If so, how? Thoughts? - Bob Morris (polizeros)
I like how the NY Times started Digging their stories, instead of tweeting them, so they still show up here on FF. - Mike White
Hey, I've been able to post on Twitter! - Jordi Soler
The script kiddies in DALNET and UNDERNET are saying Friendfeed is being hit by thousands of botz - Mark
is it just my connection or is FF now loading slowly? Does N Korea hate us because we're social? :) - jeff hammond
Bob: any site that polls Twitter for status updates, like FF and Facebook, would fail to receive a response. - Kevin Arth
Mark, i'm not seeing any slowdown in FF. - dthree
Severe packet loss still coming from, many API calls are being rejected. - Mark
As long as i can see these comments and see there is a problem with Twitter and other social media, I am fine. Hope everything gets back to normal soon. - Ashish
I've put in an API call to get Scoble's list of followers about ten times now and every one has failed - Mark
loved the comment someone made about CNN it will take them two days to report the Twitter outage - courtney benson
CNN are reporting on (almost gushing about) the DoS. think maybe they're still pissed about #cnnfail ? - Jay Shapiro from BuddyFeed
Well what do you know CNN made it in two hours. Guess one of their 7 reporters got the news from the Internet. :-) - courtney benson
nothing on 4chan about the attacks in the random page from what I can see - Mark
here's something weird - i tried posting to FB update with link to a thread here and it fails, 3 x now - "network" error. - Thom Kennon
"Flickr has the hiccups." too... - Holger Eilhard
somebody call the sports writers over at ESPN to let them know too... they had their "social networks" turned off yesterday. now we know they feel. - Thom Kennon
hehe. It was about a year ago that twitter was really bad, do you remember? - Mark
Reposts from Twitter are staring to appear here on FF. Maybe the worst is over? - Bob Morris (polizeros)
I hope people are checking DNS servers. Often when multiple major independent services are DoS down it's via a DNS attack - Keith Barrett from Android
Facebook just came back for me - Bob Morris (polizeros)
Mark Twitter was almost constantly down in 2007 and 2008 and always showed off a famous graphic of a whale. Now known as "fail whale." - Robert Scoble
Members of 4chan's /b/ are indeed claiming that they exploited Twitter to cause the outage: -- whether they really did it or not is an entirely different story. /b/tards occasionally take credit for things that they do not do related to hacking / DDoS / etc - Michael Owens
I first found i couldn't tweet around 3 hours ago. Wondered what was up--now I know~! - Patricia Skinner
I get terrified of going to /b. never know if you are going to see naked images of 16 year old polish boys or photoshopped images of Sarah Palin having a shit. - Mark
Nah, probably some1 did it 4 the heck of it or 4 a challenge! sigh :( - polou/indigo_bow
@Apostol cannot be just by @RobertScoble by himself unfollowed 106,000 people on Twitter there r more reasons 2 DDoS. There r hobbyists that wants 2 challenge themselves or professionals doing those kinds of attacks 4 the reasons we might not even known until much later. - polou/indigo_bow
Live Journal acknowledged they're under a DDoS attack, too. - Amie Gillingham
Twitter back up on my grid, funny but zero trending topics in the right rail. Am using #dos as hashtag but not much found there, yet. - Thom Kennon
Twitter was back about 2 hours ago but again it isn't working. - Zeynep Okyay
We're wondering how long it will take for someone to try to blame 4chan for this. - 3Cinteractive®, L.L.C. from twhirl
We can survive future DDOS attacks by adopting an alternate, robust networking solution for tweets: - DGentry
I don't think its about just Twitter its about the Web's vulnerability and Google finally jump on the bandwagon to assist 2 investigate this DDoS attack. I start 2 notice that some websites all over r slowing down or degrading in some form today. - polou/indigo_bow
I had a feeling it would happen sometime. DoS attacks are not all that uncommon. - Nile Flores
I don't think it is coincidental that twitter just "warmed" up their malware filter and #boom DoS attack. Story about filter here. orignal blog - Ron Hudson
What I don't get is that some people are getting tweets out... and I can't get anything... - Robert Freeze
Robert apparently the site is "up" but the api is still shaky. Some apps are getting through while other's are still down. It probably has to do with network topography and where different apps backend servers are located. - Ron Hudson
I was able to post through friendfeed, and through, but SocialScope is timing out :( - Ron Hudson
my friendfeed entries are having trouble posting on Twitter - is the problem twitter ? - Mekkar
I used Google and it was down for a couple of minutes I was going to tweet about it and that was down too I wonder if someone was doing a demo of a zombie network..maybe it was a sales pitch? - BairdWilliamson
open microblogging standards have a chance to distribute the functions over multiple heterogeneous networks - Mike Chelen
This morning, I noticed that FriendFeed 'lost' pictures I've posted from a Facebook page (but not the whole entry) - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Disqus lost 1 of my comments about this DOS attack, on my own Tumblr. But I saw it.. twitted! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Robert Scoble
OK tonight we are looking for something fun to do in Boulder with @techstars any ideas?
Get a bike and go on the Thursday Night Bike ride. It'll be a hoot - Mike Gionfriddo
moonlight climb up the third flatiron, you can remember that your whole life. - Robert Higgins
Go anywhere with Micah Baldwin. - Louis Gray
I agree with Louis... unless Micah is speaking at another convention out of town. Alex King too of Crowd Favorite would be someone to connect with. - Nile Flores
I heard that there used to be a pseudo-fight club running around there somewhere. ;) - David Chartier from BuddyFeed
@banteringblonde lives in Boulder. Tell her I sent you!!! - professor daddyo
Louis: Micah is awesome, we hope to meet up with him tonight or tomorrow. - Robert Scoble
Only just saw this. My brother is a DJ out there, and probably knows all the fun. But I guess by now you're already doing what you're doing. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce: we're about to head into downtown. Have your brother call me (or anyone can call us, we're free the rest of the evening. +1-425-205-1921 - Robert Scoble
I couldn't reach my brother. I'm sure you all will have a good time. Good night! - Bruce Lewis
Danny: cool! :-) - Robert Scoble
ian kennedy
apophenia: Teens Don't Tweet... Or Do They? -
Refuting report from Nielsen and reaction by Mashable danah finds that the percentage of teens that tweet is about where it should be. - ian kennedy
I'm a Nielsen, and I approve and agree with Mashable's conclusion! :-) - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Of course you do, you're a Nielsen. - John Fogarty from twhirl
What is interesting is that, at least with my son, he is much less interested in broadcasting, he prefers point-to-point privacy of email instead. - ian kennedy
Teens are just not that interested in publicly sharing this kinda stuff - Nicholas Paul Gordon from iPhone
good to hear :) - Susan Beebe
I blogged about this last month. Teens are tweeting...but in the wrong. Remember the idiots like Dfizzy, the "17 year old" that really looks 14, and was flooding twitter with defamation on MileyisPregnant and other crud? Yeah....teens are using twitter and parents are not caring to monitor the work. - Nile Flores
Robert Scoble
Everyone on Mashable/Twitter wants to tell me how lame I am and how I'm doing it wrong. Here's your chance to tell me I'm clueless:
Lots of people are saying I was always doing Twitter's following wrong. It's funny how social media experts have it all figured out. So, here's your chance to tell me how screwed up I still am. - Robert Scoble
you're clueless.. :P - Rob Sellen :o)
I think you tried a noble approach. It just was ruined by spammys. You did what you had to do to fix the problem. - Drew Lucas from iPhone
Tell me something I don't know. And tell me why. :-) - Robert Scoble
Everyone thinks they're right in Social Media. I try to ignore them. - Jesse Stay
were you? In hindsight? now you have done this big purge? - Rob Sellen :o)
Drew: the real reason why I'm clueless is cause I am on FriendFeed, where I can put people into lists. Which, by the way, make AWESOME filters for searching. - Robert Scoble
which list am I on? - Alex Scrivener
Alex: pay me $20 and I'll tell you. :-) - Robert Scoble
Your clueless Robert. You have no clue how to do the whole social media thing. Please teach me your cluelessness Master. :-P - Rasmus Lauridsen
Everyone needs to "reboot" their twitter strategy once in a while, there's no harm in it at all. It's just those out there who still think that thousands of followers is the only metric that everyone should go by to determine if you're using twitter successfully. - Richard Arblaster
Richard: bing! - Robert Scoble
What? That's ridiculous. You don't look anything like Alicia Silverstone. - John Craft
There is no right or wrong way to use (except maybe spam). Who cares what other people think about your social media habits. - Shawn Hickman
I covered the topic of mass unfollowing awhile back when @Loic and @AriHerzog unfollowed everyone. I think you might enjoy the comments in particular. - Mike Langford
Rob: in hindsight, yes, I was clueless. I just didn't get quite how clueless I was, because on FriendFeed I could follow small groups, like everyone else. - Robert Scoble
Loic is not around much anymore - Mark
The reason you are clueless, is because we ALL are at the start.. how could you have known the "right" way at the start?? Couldn't.. so you NOW changed things... :o) Big difference now then? - Rob Sellen :o)
the thing you HAVEN'T been clueless about is friendfeed... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
your clueless, just like the rest of us !! We are all trying to figure things out.. each have their own way of doing it. To each thier own posion ! - Peter Dawson
The only way to know if your Twitter/Social Media approach is working or not is by looking to see if it is accomplishing your goals. There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach in a dynamic growing space. This Right/Wrong game is tiring at best. - Bill Sanders
I have learned that there is no one set way to do social media right or wrong. Is there an echo in here? - Mike Lewis
For half a sec I thought it was a FAB publicity stunt! Seriously Robert I adore and respect you. There are 2 different views. Twitter is different things to different people. You and I can agree to disagree. But, won't you MISS the amazing view of your HOME stream??? - Arleen Boyd
Arleen: the thing is I was looking at that screen less and less. Now I look at it a lot. Well, except for today cause Twitter has been mostly down. - Robert Scoble
I find that alot of people are a bit... selfish in social media. I follow people I find interesting. They don't need to follow me back. Maybe they don't think what I post is interesting even if I find theirs to be. We got to cut down on our ego tripping sometimes and let people enjoy the social tools, the way they enjoy em. I bet ya, there are not two people out there, that use all of this in exactly the same way, and that is great. - Rasmus Lauridsen
Steve: that's absolutely not true. Sit next to me sometime. I can follow many thousands of people. - Robert Scoble
Your comments make the conclusion that everyone that disagrees with you is a social media expert, spammer, or non-techie. Are you sure you are not a politician in disguise? LOL Putting people in groups on Friendfeed did not require a massive un-following on twitter I know what you are doing. I like FreindFeed. I would not like twitter near as much if FriendFeed was not there. I am grateful for FriendFeed and it champion. Cheers for Robert - RetiredTeacherD
Sorry Scobe, but you innovate, care deeply about all of this, and are fun to read. You don't even budge my Lame-O-Meter. (As for lame, well, AP is the King aren't they. And Reuters just told them to stop whining. Heh.) - Bob Morris (polizeros)
Seems funny to me that everybody is still talking about this issue. What's the difference between this and telling people what you're having for lunch? Twitter is chatter but from time to time, a clear interesting idea comes through and sparks a reaction. Reminds me of the thought process in my own brain... tons of ideas, lots of chatter and some gems. Meditation helps me quiet my mind... perhaps unfollowing does the same. In any case, less chatter is always better. - Yanik Falardeau
RetiredTeacher: heheh. But, sorry, the main reason I did the unfollow isn't the home feed, but DM's. They just became more and more filled with spam and useless stuff. Getting my home feed back is like icing on a cake. - Robert Scoble
@Robert, There's no right or wrong answer to social media usage. Only you can decide your goals and if you're successful in achieving those goals, that's all there is to it. You're anything but clueless, not that you need me to tell you that :) - MiaD
I was a big critic of your Swisher/Mossberg article as I think you are misguided about where in the social chain FF falls-- HOWEVER... although I had a FF account for awhile doesnt mean I 'tried' it. In light of the non conversational approach twitter is taking ( @replies) and the fact its getting spammy and many people are talking AT me not WITH me I concede. I don't agree with some of your tactics or selling points but I do agree FF IS ABSOLUTELY on to something in a big way. - cheapsuits
Auto following everyone is not good idea... - k00pa
IMO. Your following deletion was good thing :) - k00pa
I just use Twitter differently than most. Regardless whether I "follow" you or not, I still follow millions of people because I mostly use search for getting what I want. - Jesse Stay
you did an experiment. you learned something. take the learning and move on. economic theorists are doing the same thing:-) maybe spammers were Twitter's Black Swan. - Francine Hardaway from BuddyFeed
Let's assume for a moment that you are, indeed, clueless. Since you follow the same methodologies as most other "social media experts", then they, themselves, are clueless, as well. Since most "experts" (like yourself, Pirillo, and Conn) are generally smart people, then all clueless people are geniuses. Therefor, you are a genius and are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, not clueless. - Thomas Ward
Thomas: I like your thinking! :-) - Robert Scoble
So Ashton Kutcher can have 3+ Million followers and only follows a few, so why can't you filter the noise too? Double standard... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Robert: Glad you liked it. Hell, I'm glad you understood it! Even I began to believe I was only rambling! - Thomas Ward
would you please change your green #Twavatar ? .. my baby cries .. Thx :) - Marcel Bloingo
My favorite thing about you is that you do your own thing. Go with your gut. - Ted Murphy
Marcel: that will also cost you $20. This is how I will monetize social media! :-) - Robert Scoble
Ted: In this case his "own thing" is what many of us have been telling him he should be doing for months now ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
OneGear: my heart was in the right place. I was doing that so everyone could DM me. Of course that let in spammers and other bad actors. So, turns out you are right. - Robert Scoble
Chris: we're all doing it wrong. :-) - Robert Scoble
I think you did it right: the conversation is going again and everyone is thinking about things. Job done. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Forget about them, Rob. Heck, I may even follow in your footsteps! Seems like all I'm getting anymore is links to products I don't want or sites I have no interest in visiting. Oh ... as far as the green avatar goes, you should have it say "Scoble Smash!" underneath you! - Thomas Ward
I miss the Robert Scoble with long thoughtful blog posts and video interviews. I understand that it is not easy to find the balance between the conversations/interactions thingy and the content thingy. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin: I've been posting a LOT of video. But, yeah, need to get back to doing long blogs. - Robert Scoble
I'll give you that $20 for your lists! *giggle* - Arleen Boyd
We should remember Twitter is Sociability. - Felipe Aneudi Campana from fftogo
Hmm. Do you post all your videos on your blog? different content on blog, building43, somewhere else? I liked the Office 10 videos. - Edwin Khodabakchian
you were telling people that they didn't "get it" for doing exactly what you are doing now - Eber Irigoyen
Edwin: I post them all here. Pro videos at Videos shot with my Canon 5D on Finally, live videos at -- but they all are aggregated here. - Robert Scoble
lame, wrong, and awesome. Keep it up! - motownmutt
Eber: yes, I told Loic that. Again, my heart was in the right place. I wanted to get DM's from everyone who wanted to follow me. Turned out that was a bad strategy because of spammers. So I was wrong. I'm often wrong. Keep that in mind when I tell you off. :-) - Robert Scoble
Twitter is the one doing it wrong. They should just read our minds and learn what information we need and publish it to our home page. No need to follow anyone in that case. - Sumanth Kolar
dont worry Sumanth, google will take care of that ;) - Kashif Khan
There could come a time when I reverse strategy, in six months, as you did, and you can mock me then. But right now, I am keeping the door open to new contacts and not wiping them away. FriendFeed is my high quality network. - Louis Gray
Thanks Robert! It just occurred to me one alternative to domain squatting is embarrassing Avatar adoption. Your $20-at-a-time strategy is more credible than most monetization schemes (scams?) - Richard Walker
It would seem to me you did it "right" as it brought a strategic challenge to light. It's been the source of some great posts and conversation. It's not as though things are unsalvagable even if you made a miscalculation. As a strategist I don't think there is a generic right or wrong way. You have to align your social media activity to meet your goals. If your approach on Twitter wasn't working to meet your goals then you did the right thing. - Jim Goldstein
There is no wrong way to use a resource that is infinitely customizable. Well, perhaps there are illegal or immoral ways, and thus "wrong." But not the case here. - Justin Long
I've seen everywhere (it seems) that social media is all about the user's experience, that they should determine what's best for themselves. Yet, I constantly see posts and threads about how to do it right. I don't care what Robert is doing, because he has other reasons for using it than I do, and on down the line. Too much of social media "time" is spent discussing social media. - Steve Lowe
One question, Robert: What would you guess is your reach in terms of unique users? (if you combine all the channels you are on?) - Edwin Khodabakchian
Do your thing man. You know leaders are always jeered before they are applauded -- don't wait for the applause <grin> - Pam Baker
Very much in agreement with what Steve Lowe just argued. - Marcos
" Too much of social media "time" is spent discussing social media. - Steve Lowe " SOOO TRUE!!! - cheapsuits
Robert I agree. The lists feature is one of the most valued. - Drew Lucas from iPhone
Robert, "right" or "wrong" is immaterial here. Each user gets something different out of their use of social media. So each user constantly adjusts their social media experience to fit what they want to receive. Your mass unfollowing is not wrong. Your user paradigm changed. - Jack Wilson, K4SAC
Robert: can you write a blog post about how you setup your groups in friendfeed? I this it would make for an interesting read. - BRҰANSAҰS
When you were using auto-follow, it made the most sense to do so. Twitter changed, you examined what was working and what wasn't working, and made some adjustments. You are still doing it right. You also invested your time in FriendFeed pretty early on. That was also a good decision. (That will be $25, thank you.) - Mark Davidson from BuddyFeed
I'm not of that mindset, if all adopted that mindset and only followed very close knowns what would you have? A phone call - JuneM
Tinym: He used one of the premium services on You have the ability to either Unfollow everyone that isn't following you back or you can unfollow everyone. - BRҰANSAҰS
i dont really understand their argument...i had to mass unfollow some people as well, as I was getting spam and it was clogging up the stream. - Crackle
I just joined FF today due to a few factors: 1) Twitter went down and a light bulb went off 2) I've been following you for quite awhile and you're not lame nor do I think you're doing it wrong and 3) I finally acted upon all the advice you've shared about FF. If you follow me back, fine. At any rate, I'm following you here. I do like the threaded message form, which trumps any Twitter app. I'm also looking for value, not noise. - MR
It just signified your preference to communicate with high numbers on FriendFeed where everyone can be organized, searched and found- it is thus more meaningful. On Twitter it was chaos for you that way and everyone lost. Why lie? - E-Advocate Network
MR:Welcome to FriendFeed. - BRҰANSAҰS
I thought you should've done it sooner. - Ben Parr
agree w/ Ben - michael sean wright
LOL. Just a theological point: God's following everyone (or not) is not a theological explanation for why bad things happen to good people. But I'm guessing you're speaking tongue-in-cheek? - Justin Long
Change is natural. It's part of innovation. We adjust to new tools and technologies as they evolve, and because our methods of using them change, the tools evolve. Sometimes they (or us) take even a bigger leap and revolutionize. Then we get the next big thing, or take the next significant step in history. It's far better that you adapted, Robert, based on your findings, needs and experiences, than continued on with previous use patterns. - Cathryn Hrudicka
People are haters. Ignore the idiots. - Nile Flores
I second Nile even when I disagree with you Robert! (((pu liki))) spreading Aloha! - Arleen Boyd
Chris Brogan
Get More Twitter Followers TODAY -
I wish there was a "LOVE" button - I more than just Like this post ! great job Chris!! <3 - Kimberle Kelly
maybe tomorrow.... today isn't such a good day for twitter ;) - Ted Murphy
Yes Ted you are absolutely right *bows to your greatness* but in general - great article - Kimberle Kelly
I can just hear Billy Mays reading this .... - daNanner
Short, simple to the point (as is often the case with your posts) - Great tips, only change would be to suggest using twitter search tab that is now a part of everyone's twitter hope page (if you use the web app), you don't have to use outside search anymore. - Cathy Larkin
Geez, Chris. Your advice is so difficult to follow. ; ) - Rex Hammock
Really Digging this Chris, always consistent and so helpful man!! - Ryan Seslow
You beat me to my article. I had my own on draft 3 days ago. Will link you definitely. People have got to read it. I am not so eloquent *pouts* - Nile Flores
I love number 11 - Chris Heath
Robert Scoble
Has anyone seen their tweets being removed from Twitter Search? Someone just called me and showed me her tweets are. Anti-spam measures?
Maybe, I have not noticed it. - Adam
Oh yes. And it's not anti-spam. See my post here - Karoli
Probably, I think the people @ Twitter are working real hard on getting rid of all the spam, that's why we are seeing a decrease in the number of followers/removed tweets from Twitter Search - Ahmed
it's an arbitrary removal from search based upon subjective criteria which may or may not be true. - Karoli
Haven't seen this yet. Though I would be interesting. Currently working on a Drupal site that filters local tweets since we've been invaded by Gurus and Social Marketing twits. - Dean Clark
the one common thread I've been able to find in the ones I know of is that they all tweeted with regard to the #iranelection with that tag. - Karoli
I've searched for tweets which I specifically remember based on memorable keywords, only to find them missing from Twitter search. It's been happening for months. - Jackie Danicki
Yap ,,, mine as well are not in the can find them in FF but not there - Johni Fisher
Ya, I only have 3.25 pages showing up yet I have 300+ tweets.... It could also be blamed on a "hardware issue" or a "process saver". - Adam
Most of my twitpic tweets are missing. Not that I think it's necessarily a big deal, but it is a little odd. - malackey
Jackie, some people's entire streams are removed. If you do a from: search on them you will get no result - Karoli
Also, many of the people removed from search entirely are engaged, legit long-term Twitterzens. - Karoli
Robert, this has been going on for months. I had to write a post that has fixed dozens of accounts in the past week alone. Tweet >> Have *YOU* been "FILTERED OUT" of Twitter's Search feature? Many have been. Get the test & FIX here: - Shoq
I'm still bummed Summize doesn't index every tweet >:[ Twitter is setting itself too much stock that new tweets are more relevant than older ones... - CannonGod
There are several manifestations. Even though my account is fixed, many tweets simply vanish into an index wormhole. They can be found in my updates, but NOT by search. - Shoq
and then there is the problem of having accounts restored, only to discover that any tweets prior to restoration are never, ever available in search again. - Karoli
i guess @ev is banned. do from:ev, you get nothing. now do & you'll see his tweets. i suspect from:TWITTERNAME does indicated a filter in many cases but not necessarily in them all. Twitter search has been losing posts for months, especially if you do advanced searches but stuff from @shoq @karoli is really helpful -- hopefully Twitter will get their act together more & make things clearer - dannysullivan
Its not just loosing ,they have some words that you cant find at all or cant find after a date ,,,this problem is from the first days of June - Johni Fisher
thanks, danny. don't know about @ev, but if you look at @delbius' stream, you'll see how many replies are terse "you may have posted a malware link", or something similar. No pointer, no warning, no nothing to tell you why you're removed. But she makes it clear that people *were* removed. - Karoli
I am not a spamer and never posted a malware link, but they took out our company name from the search ,,,,,simple as that ,if they are happy I am happy for them too - Johni Fisher
I do see where ev's account was hacked. perhaps he decided to keep it offline and out of search. - Karoli
Yes - i blogged about it and then followed twitter folks around until they released me from twitter purgatory - someone tweeted about this earlier - I will have to dig it up. It takes time, dedication, and persistence to get back into the steam... - bev
When I post in reply within trends, I cannot see my tweets within the stream. I contacted Twitter and they said they knew it was an ongoing issue and instead of correct it... closed my ticket. - Nile Flores
Nile, Shoq has written a FAQ for dealing with this stuff. - Karoli
Earlier, all results for the search "textPlus" - GOGII's iPhone app were missing, but now they're back. - drew olanoff
I was filtered for some time -- don't know the start because I didn't know to look.Restored for 4 hours then filtered again for about 20 hours, now back to full feed. I have no idea why I was filtered. I did use to announce a friend's non-profit petiiton (about 12 tweets over 48 hours, not much variation). All my tweets from before filtering are gone from search. Not a big issue for me as I don't rely on, but could be very hard for a tweeple for business. - Liz
Twitter hates you :) - Jason Nunnelley
Every time you post "FriendFeed" a sparrow dies. - Alan Chamberlain
Mine are and I contacted Crystal. It's not personal. It's a known issue. - Mark Davidson from BuddyFeed
@salspizza This discovery by @scobleizer affects you, even though you don't sell pizza. - Bernie Goldbach
mark it's not personal but it is intentional in many cases. this comes straight from delbius. people's accounts are suspended for amorphous rule breaking that they're completely unaware of. - Karoli from BuddyFeed
I usually notice the opposite, that deleting a tweet has little value because it still appears in the search DB - Keith Barrett
I hate Twitter's unpolicy on pretty much everything. - Jason Nunnelley
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