I have a small yellow growth on my shoulder... hmm.....
But the hair is flawless. - Derrick
LOL @ Derrick - it better be after she works on it for 1.5 hours in the morning. - iTad
The hair not normal? - Micah
Lindsay, what did a little birdy tell you? - Micah
And does the feathered friend have a twitter account? No, wait. Don't answer that. - Micah
Tweet. Tweet. @mona OMG! Tweet. - Lindsay
I love parrots!!!!! :o) - Melly
@Melly then you should see my OTHER bird... :D - Lindsay
@Glen - LOL! I get the bird many times every day. - Lindsay
Did you turn Tad into a bird again? What did he do this time? - Mark Krynsky
So sweet! I adore lutino cockatiels! My mom has a THIRTY YEAR OLD lutino cockatiel. I joke you not -- we got him for her for Christmas 30 years ago. He is venerable. Also grumpy, cranky, mostly blind, and completely unable to fly. He does, however, still hear, and he will still converse and whistle with me. He was such a sweetheart. - Ordinarybug Heather
@Heather - I believe you... I had one cockatiel that lived to be 15 (Marty) and another that was 18 (Jennifer) before she died (I got them about a year apart from each other). Taco (the one pictured) is the bird we got after Jenny passed on. Marty was my sweetheart... Jenny was always crotchety and mean but she bonded to Marty and not me (since I got her second). Tore me up when Marty passed on... it was like my childhood was officially over then. - Lindsay
My brother had a cockatiel growing up. We found out after we got him that you really need to get them hand-fed because otherwise, they are mean critters. But eventually, we found things that he liked to eat that we could coax him out of his meanness with. Some years later, I was catering a movie shoot at somebody's apartment and they had a 'tiel. And so I was the cockatiel wrangler because I could deal with their bird and get him away from shooting where needed. - Wirehead