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Ryan Winkler asks a question about a minimum wage amendment; you won't believe what happens next -
Bad policy or bad actor? Sen. Rest introduces bill to amend constitution to include policy she loathes -
Collin Peterson flies to Glencoe, tells editor DC Republicans are totally a bunch of drama queens -
Does the Republican Party of Minnesota need help with search terms, too? Franken and ACA -
#RaiseTheWage update: TakeAction Minnesota launches "Senate Before Tonight" campaign -
Dayton apologizes for doubting Minnesotans' pain, but won't quit promise to uncompromising coppers -
Republican Party of Minnesota attack machine needs better fact-checkers and it's not alone -
Hole digging: Rep. Kieffer tells Session Daily "instinct" guides girls toward careers in the arts -
Medical pot: Mark Dayton feels your pain, but thinks you people with PTSD are probably faking it -
Tweets: MN House minimum wage proposal tweaks index, throws ag workers under the bus -
No more whining against indexing minimum wage? MN conference committee to convene again -
Nurseries, neonicotinoids and HF2798/SF2695 -
"Istanbul" Jeff Backer and two-time Tim Miller endorsed for west central Minnesota House seat -
Minimum wage update: deal rumors, WESA & whining, shifting positions on indexed raises -
Raw marijuana menace: Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen speaks out against legalizing killer weed -
Minnesota Legislative Auditor finds minimal oversight of agricultural commodity councils -
Mum on minimum wage, Senators Jensen and Sparks completely into tax cut package -
Women's Economic Security Act: Persell to House dudes, "put on their big boy pants," vote yes -
Are sneezeburgers on menu of fast food owner? -
New Border Patrol curbs on deadly force totally bums MN's finest xenophobe Ruthie Hendrycks -
Oops, she did it again! Tea Party leader & MNGOP Rep. Cindy Pugh jackets another ALEC bill -
Franson & DFL Rangers totally eclipse Pugh's ALEC crew in EPA nullification March madness -
MN7: Forum says ignore attack ads in contest -
Heartland Institute values: Rochester Tea Party Patriots to host climate change denial fest -
Minnesota House Ag Policy Committee to hear bipartisan bill on safe-for-pollinator plants -
Meeker County DFLers think ALEC owns Dean Urdahl but GOP challenger says it's so Zygi Wilf -
Pure prairie herd: bison may come home to Minnesota River valley at Minneopa State Park -
Buzz on diverse crops: Aveda contracting farmers to wash pollinator woes right out of our hair -
Smoke 'em if you got 'em: Dayton feels your pain but totally wants coppers to pinch dope fiends -
Gruenhagen's campaign chair & candidate for HD47 circulates awful DVD about anti-bullying bill -
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