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Criminal Trolls that Cyberstalk and Cyberbully anyone that questions the Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax #BMB #BMBTrolls #BostonTrolls #GovtPaidTrolls #Op6d #0p6d
Fwd: #AGENT_GATTACA "@_I_C_U yippee! They better #unfollowtroy by tonight or @TroyCrossley fans will be hacked- they were warned! #freejahar " - (via #TroyCrossley Tweet liked by #SurreySlum #_I_C_U #TroyCrossley - JusticeWillCome
22 Apr 2014 @AGENT_GATTACA @SweeetSnark @Grape_Snowcone @Hedge76 @Seaglass8888 @1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 @B1gCh33s3 @BillBates13 Hmm 17 followers shld B TKO .@/JusticeDolly #0pCyberCriminals Plan to spamblock & get JusticeDolly suspended from Twitter - JusticeWillCome
@AGENT_GATTACA "@ThatBastichLobo .@TrutherDolly <-- PIECE of SHIT" #AGENT_GATTACA #ThatBastichLobo #TrutherDolly - JusticeWillCome
@AGENT_GATTACA @TrutherDolly Hey can we get our Avi's on playing cards 2? U guys r pathetic U conp of harassment/slander yet that's ALL YOU PPL DO ALL DAY! - JusticeWillCome
‏@AGENT_GATTACA Sep 8 @CrossleySloth @PolysDolly @Er0rInTheSystem and.. Yes I took a screen shot;: cuz we know it will disappear - JusticeWillCome
@AGENT_GATTACA @BillBates13 @Hedge76 @J_Dunkle #J_Dunkle @PatKenzie02125 @Marysings38 @JaharsCellmate paranoia will be Christine's undoing #Ironghazi @Ironghazi Ironghazi #J_Dunkle J_Dunkle @J_Dunkle - JusticeWillCome
#AGENT_GATTACA Previous Handle #Topothewrld @Topothewrld Topothewrld - JusticeWillCome
June 2014 #AGENT_GATTACA has 32.1k of trolling tweets and 333 followers. - JusticeWillCome
1 May 2014 @AGENT_GATTACA "@TrutherDolly get a fucking padded room & go fuck yourselves! Stop stalking my tweets & stop slandering victims of terrorism! Get A JOB F!" - JusticeWillCome
@milesljenkins @JaharsCellmate @_I_C_U :-) I will properly thank u better later ;-) #milesljenkins #JaharsCellmate - JusticeWillCome
@JaharsCellmate @_I_C_U is the man. #JaharsCellmate #_I_C_U is - JusticeWillCome
#SockPuppets #TheRalphHornsby made specifically to dox & intimdate #RalphHornsby deleted when Ralph fought back with info on #GotYouB - JusticeWillCome
20 Sep 13 #JaharsCellmate "Until poly disappears from all things related to Boston, doxes will keep coming." Tweet liked by #CyberBlueBird aka #OneTinyBlueBird & #Grape_Snowcone - JusticeWillCome
#JaharsCellmate went protected & deleted all but 177 tweets. Tweets 177 Following 0 Followers 0 - You (edit | delete) - JusticeWillCome
#FJsGreatestHits "The Cellmate 2 The Cellmate's Back Up Account" - JusticeWillCome
Hacker stalker & #BostonTrolls member #JaharsCellmate boasts of his doxing sock account #TheRalphHornsby "In case you are wondering: Cellmate = @TheRalphHornsby" - JusticeWillCome
#JaharsCellmate search, dox is one of his favorite words. "JaharsCellmate dox" This is all the account does, plus random sport chat. Mentions wife, child & farm so possibly unmarried, childless & living in a City. - JusticeWillCome
#RalphHornsby "My stalker looks exactly like Bradley Manning in drag (Chelsea Manning) For Real!" - JusticeWillCome
#P0lys0wl accidentally admits #JaharsCellmate is the stalker of #RalphHornsby "@JaharsCellmate I seen earlier he called you a cross dresser confused gender stalker.... LOL shit was off the hook dripping with stupidity" - JusticeWillCome
Twitter search results for #JaharsCellmate Alt account @fjsgreatesthits #fjsgreatesthits Top / All Unknown To Most ‏#AGENT_GATTACA #agent_gattaca Aug 2 #FF #Hedge76 #JaharInnocente now #J_Innocente #lloyd_dobler508 #DeTroyes1 #jahater007 #milesljenkins #Faithful_US @FJsGreatestHits #FryJahar #Palmer2189 Expand Reply Retweet Favorite Hedge ‏@Hedge76 Aug 2 #FF: #Topothewrld #jahater007 @milesljenkins @Faithful_US - JusticeWillCome
#fjsgreatesthits Results for @fjsgreatesthits Top / All Hedge ‏#Hedge76 Aug 2 #FF: #Topothewrld #jahater007 #milesljenkins #Faithful_US @FJsGreatestHits #FryJahar View conversation Reply Retweet Favorite Twitthier ‏#Twitthier Jul 3 @FJsGreatestHits @milesljenkins oh... more... - JusticeWillCome
Fake Truther sock> #Th3T3rm1nat0r #Fatal_ER0r <Cointelpro/distraction "her" website is propaganda designed to scare truthers. - JusticeWillCome
#RalphHornsby ( = disinfo troll, posts 90% truths & catches truthers out with bad links & stalking) tried to convince me #JaharsCellmate had "retired" but I think not. - JusticeWillCome
#Topothewrld new handle = ‏@AGENT_GATTACA #AGENT_GATTACA AGENT_GATTACA - JusticeWillCome
June 2014 #JaharsCellmate stalked & Tweeted Facebook accounts gleefully reposted by #BillBates13 & #B1GCh33s3 with screencaps and links. ONE of #JaharsCellmate current sock accounts is almost certainly the harassment & ridicule Troll #ReIntonation but this is not his main trolling account. - JusticeWillCome
Shill #APPLESODOM started off as a mole Truther faking her belief there were no victims at Boston "Bombings" and faking her solidarity with #FreeJahar & Truther movement. Sadistic Monster Troll & possible sock account #B1gCh33s3 then faked the doxing of her, putting out threats, maps of her "home" and "employer" Facebook stuff, links to a driving offence etc, which TrutherDolly called #B1gCh33s3 out on. - JusticeWillCome
She then claimed to have met a "victim" (Boston amputee Karen Rand #KarenRand ) and "seen the light" Truthers believed her to be hacked. After deleting all her follows/ers and tweets she together with accomplice or possible sock account #BillBates13 made up a whole slander story, complete pack of lies, about Trutherdolly doing something to her ( #APPLESODOM ) kids on FB. On 5th May 2014 she had not used the #APPLESODOM Twitter account since Oct 1st 2013 - JusticeWillCome
26 Sep 2013 @APPLESODOM U BITCHES WANNA PLAY? NO HIDING NOW YOU'RE NEXT DOLLY Tweet liked by #B1gCh33s3 #Agent_Gattaca & #CyberBlueBird - JusticeWillCome
27 Sep 2013 @APPLESODOM @TrutherDolly everything on ur TL is a RT. Whatcha been doing?Getting lazy huh?Ran out of originality? Found something else 2occupy ur time? @TrutherDolly Sep 27 Which #BostonTrolls shill member is on this hacked ac now ?>@APPLESODOM You are blocked why are you STALKING me? #NWO - JusticeWillCome
27 Sep 2013 @APPLESODOM Could of just left me alone U chose not to Now it's too late Tweet liked by #BillBates13 - JusticeWillCome
27 Sep 2013 @APPLESODOM @Marysings38 me 2.I'm starting to think this won't ever end.New tragedies every day are used to justify spewing evil. Back & forth 2 no end - JusticeWillCome
29 Sep 2013 @APPLESODOM @TrutherDolly @caand60 wow keep that mole list growing pretty soon you'll be all alone. Than we gotcha Heee heee #paranoid - JusticeWillCome
29 Sep 2013 @APPLESODOM @BillBates13 check out dollys follies Tweet liked by #BillBates13 - JusticeWillCome
29 Sep 2013 @APPLESODOM @TrutherDolly @BillBates13 I've got ur number and if u don't stop I will post it. - JusticeWillCome
29 Sep 2013 @APPLESODOM @TrutherDolly @BillBates13 I know more about u than u think. I know who u giv ur number to and how u got mine. U wanna keep playn - JusticeWillCome
They brought in another shill @PeytonFed2014 to DM which he did but gave no chance to reply or discuss he just posted more lies in DM, screencapped it then unfollowed. - JusticeWillCome
29 Sep 2013 @APPLESODOM @TrutherDolly @BillBates13 ur full of shit He dm u 2 say leave me alone As far as proof that ur a tactless bitch I still has that dont worry - JusticeWillCome
29 Sep 2013 @APPLESODOM @TrutherDolly @PeytonFed2014 @BillBates13 maybe I'll take hedge (Hedge76 fakes being a lawyer) up on his offer. U stupid, stupid bitch Tweet liked by #Hedge76 and #CyberBlueBird - JusticeWillCome
29 Sep 2013 @APPLESODOM @TrutherDolly u call that a threat? U ain't seen nothn yet MUM Tweet liked by #Agent_Gattaca - JusticeWillCome
29 Sep 2013 @APPLESODOM @TrutherDolly sure thing. Turn ur phone back on I'll text Tweet liked by #Agent_Gattaca - JusticeWillCome
30 Sep 2013 @APPLESODOM @TrutherDolly Go ask cath she's all the proof I need Well....that and screenshots #CathUnwin = another mole Tweet liked by #Agent_Gattaca - JusticeWillCome
Sidenote no possible way these shills can have #Trutherdolly phone number legally. - JusticeWillCome
Out of the blue another accomplice /sock >@PeytonFed2014 #PeytonFed2014 PeytonFed2014 appears @TrutherDolly apple of sodom. Did you fuck with her kid or not? - JusticeWillCome
#1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 Another evil troll threatens to contact to employers (on #Twitter) CyberStalker CyberCriminal, CyberBully #CyberStalker #CyberCriminal #CyberBully 1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 @1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 previous handle @ItsYourInfo #ItsYourInfo ItsYourInfo
Profile 1ts_Y0ur_1nf0.jpg
Appears to have cleaned recent threats, but have them all screencapped, it tried to report to my employer, but that isn't my employer, however threat was there and carried out using "P0ly's" "Wife" as doxing subject & victim. Not sure what troll hoped to achieve by this bs, likely trying to instill fear. - JusticeWillCome
@1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 @B1gCh33s3 @TrutherDolly I sourced some stuff from FB as well.. Noose is tightening. - JusticeWillCome
@1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 @B1gCh33s3 @TrutherDolly LOL, man she is melting down this afternoon. Still sitting on the packet for the school. - JusticeWillCome
@1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 @heartsonfire13 @B1gCh33s3 @TrutherDolly long story.. Basically some real life implications for intimidating victims, it's messy. - JusticeWillCome
Tried to get #JusticeDolly suspended @1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 @AGENT_GATTACA @SweeetSnark @Grape_Snowcone @Hedge76 @Seaglass8888 @B1gCh33s3 @BillBates13 #neverending (#neverendingpasta was code for report spam block) - JusticeWillCome
I heard @1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 can add malware to links. Keep him blocked always. Also Mylamew/Hyss_N_Bytch is an old time hacker. - Ralph Hornsby
Warning from #RalphHornsby I heard @1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 #1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 can add malware to links. Keep him blocked always. Also Mylamew/Hyss_N_Bytch is an old time hacker. - Ralph Hornsby #RalphHornsby - JusticeWillCome
I am seeing a lawyer Ralph. - JusticeWillCome
JusticeWillCome #BostonCyberCriminal have a lot of evidence of threats, #CyberCriminal #CyberStalking #CyberBully activity. This Troll along with #JaharsCellmate posted Dolly Facebook links & screencaps as form of intimidation. Cellmate locked down & Bill deleted but have evidence of all this. They stalk all members of Truther FB groups also run by their own shills, & link them to their Twitter accounts using mole "friends" No unknown in real life was EVER added by Dolly on FB,& whole ac is private yet they have named some of her real life friends, also have evidence of all this. - JusticeWillCome
He's also an alcoholic. Certain times of the day, you can tell when he starts hitting the sauce. Also, he does Govt.Shill101 to the letter. Shouting Anti-Semite at every post against Netanyahu or pro Palestinian land rights/settlements - Ralph Hornsby
He stalks our twitter pages constantly. He makes comments to his few followers on lots of our tweets. The only troll with lots of followers is Cheese & that's because he has an app that gets you fake followers from Indonesia or somewhere.Only other trolls read their crap. But WE have all different kinds of followers and are spreading the word. - Ralph Hornsby
How do you know it's male & alchoholic? - JusticeWillCome
Don't know for sure if male, but if you watch him/her/it and get in long tweets, he/she/it seems inebriated. He/She/It either gets so flustered because he/she/it is losing argument or he's/she's/its drinking and getting drunker. - Ralph Hornsby
I used to think @SmallvilleHS and Bates were same. @SmallvilleHS talks about sex a lot. And sicker weird fetish type stuff most people don't post on social media boards. - Ralph Hornsby
27 Apr 2014 Bill Bates ‏@BillBates13 @changzone Hi some #Trolls are mixing u up in their vile fantasies. Legal action would be a service 2 the community! - JusticeWillCome
Strangly #RalphHornsby knows #BillBates13 inside and out. & Bill knows mole #CathUnwin inside & out. - JusticeWillCome
@Billbates13 @PolysDolly Corijane has told u to stop this crap, she reckons you are psycho. JUST STOP @AyRiv87 @RichardRSmithJr - JusticeWillCome
27 Sept 2013 SLANDER BY BATES #BillBates13 ‏@BillBates13 Sep 27 @TrutherDolly If u think @APPLESODOM's hacked, Y have u been posting evil crap bout her kid on FB? - JusticeWillCome
21 Oct 2013 SLANDER by BATES @BillBates13 @TrutherDolly Because, unlike u 1. weve morals 2. we dont text threats to ppl bout their kids @ThatBastichLobo @JaharsCellmate @Hedge76 #ThatBastichLobo Lobo = #WilliamBHand #JaharsCellmate #Hedge76 - JusticeWillCome
30 Sep 2013 @BillBates13 @TrutherDolly U mad? @APPLESODOM upset enuff when u did it.I ve seen 1 of em - she's not going 2 post & put them in public again #op6d #nwo - JusticeWillCome
30 Sep 2013 @BillBates13 @TrutherDolly Suggest you revisit your psy, he'll prolly arrange residential treatment 4 u @APPLESODOM - JusticeWillCome
24 Aug 2013 Bill actively tries to get truthers suspended @BillBates13 @dink_y @ChristineTruth @twitter please suspend @p01ym4th22, ac is really @polymath22 and is still using twitter to mock & slander victims #dink_y - JusticeWillCome
19 Aug 2013 Have we got ChristineTruth real name? actual Tweet deleted by Bill - JusticeWillCome
29 Aug 2013 @BillBates13 "@ChristineTruth @APPL30FSODOM Idiot. Point was that even Cath was better than u she uses real name.U rest anon tweeting hate and hurting ppl" #CathUnwin - JusticeWillCome
29 Aug 2013 @BillBates13 @ChristineTruth @APPL30FSODOM Ure using real victims names to slander, at least let them have your real name to get you back #APPL30FSODOM #SPPLEODOM #CoriJane #OpCoriJane - JusticeWillCome
29 Aug 2013 @BillBates13 So @christinetruth wants all the trolls blocked, can we help her, little troll that she is? Hope that's the right code? - JusticeWillCome
28 Aug 2013 @BillBates13 @ChristineTruth @cathunwin @Fatal_ER0r Cath uses her real name which is one up one u writing anon hate letters, that was the point! :) #BillBates13 #ChristineTruth #cathunwin #Fatal_ER0r - JusticeWillCome
7 Sep 2013 @BillBates13 @PolysDolly slanders & mocks real victims & families. Twisted sick mind kicking the shit out of ppl when down #freejahar #justice4jahar - JusticeWillCome
7 Sept 2013 Bill promotes disinfo shill #Tommeex10 @BillBates13 @SilverSounder @PolysDolly Read @tommeex10 recent tweets or do you think he's a #freejahar #FBI paid #SHILL? - JusticeWillCome
8 Sept 2013 @BillBates13 @PolysDolly Corijane has told u to stop this crap, she reckons you are psycho. JUST STOP @AyRiv87 @RichardRSmithJr - JusticeWillCome
8 Sept 2013 @BillBates13 @PolysDolly <= Needs help is absolutely nuts @AyRiv87 @RichardRSmithJr - JusticeWillCome
8 Sep 2013 @BillBates13 @p01ym4th22 @PolysDolly Why do you persist? Just like hurting people? Plse read the attached & give coherent answers #BillBates13 #p01ym4th22 #PolysDolly - JusticeWillCome
29 Sep 2013 Bill is confused #RichardRSmithJr was called Pedo Hacker shill @BillBates13 @TrutherDolly Ah! U cant prove Im a Pedo Hacker Paid Shill. Lies? @PeytonFed2014 @APPLESODOM - JusticeWillCome
29 Sept 2013 @BillBates13 @TrutherDolly While waiting for them to finish where's the proof Im a PEDO HACKER PAID SHILL? Still waiting..... @PeytonFed2014 @APPLESODOM #PeytonFed2014 #APPLESODOM - JusticeWillCome
6 Apr 2014 @BillBates13 More sick #FreeJahar vic slander frm => @RalphHornsby & @TrutherDolly As @tommeex10 says it destroys #Justice4Jahar #RalphHornsby - JusticeWillCome
18 May 2014 16,100 of FILTHY LIES & INTIMIDATION by #BillBates13 #0pCyberCriminals - JusticeWillCome
#B1GCh33s3 Vicious Sadistic Monster have guessed at socks but could be any of those in the list. - JusticeWillCome
#RichardRSmithJr <Political extremely aggressive RichardRSmithJr @RichardRSmithJr likely socks #WilliamBHand aka #ThatBastichLobo #BemetOr8 & #ShitEthanSays - JusticeWillCome
#BillBates13< Evil Fabricates Slanders Truthers - JusticeWillCome
#APPLESODOM <Evil Fabricates Slanders truthers @APPLESODOM APPLESODOM accomplice or sock #BillBates13 - JusticeWillCome
#M4GN0L1A<Trashy @M4GN0L1A M4GN0L1A sock of Liar & Fabricator #APPL30FSODOM & accomplice / sock #BillBates13 - JusticeWillCome
Hiss_N_Bytch is also @MylaMew - Ralph Hornsby
#SweeetSnark social circle #BeccaBrooke Previous Handle #SweetSnark7 #SweetSnark9 sock of #CyberBully & #CyberStalker @Ladybug11007 #Ladybug11007 Ladybug11007 renamed #LLL0vE1 Makes stupid images, prob saves its evil for main Trolling ac - JusticeWillCome
#RKNMD Photos on Twitter account of who disinfo ac poly claims is Patrick Blumer #PatrickBlumer - JusticeWillCome
#SurreySlum <Trashy aggressive bad language sock #svr7x posts photos of herself getting in police car. - JusticeWillCome
#AprilAnn570<Aggressive demeaning fabricates - JusticeWillCome
#JoanneAtom< poss #BillBates13 mole sock imo as possibly was the mole #GotYouB aka #aca761 - JusticeWillCome
#BeccaBrooke posted too many tweets about her & evil troll #Hedge76 for it to be ignored. Posted several photos of herself with shills #Ironghazi #ShitEthanSays #Agent_Gattaca #HipsterJanitor
BeccaBrooke May 2013.jpg
4 sisters & Becca likes to mention they are Italian. - JusticeWillCome
4 May 2014 @JusticeDolly RT @BeccaBrooke @Hedge76 "@Ironghazi he's absolutely thrilled to hang out with me. I AM MOVING BE HAPPY BITCH" - JusticeWillCome
3 May 2014 @JusticeDolly RT @BeccaBrooke @Hedge76 What is w people not being thrilled to be around me!?! Do I have the plague? @ShitEthanSays - JusticeWillCome
4 May 2014 @JusticeDolly RT @BeccaBrooke @Hedge76 "it was lovely!! And depressing. Last night with the boyz @AGENT_GATTACA" #CyberCriminals - JusticeWillCome
13 May 2014 @JusticeDolly RT @BeccaBrooke @Hedge76 "Even trolls have mothers. Happy Mother's Day, troll mommas" #CyberCriminal - JusticeWillCome
9 May 2014 @JusticeDolly RT Troll EXPOSED @Hedge76 @BeccaBrooke<she's the greatest and only she and I go to weekly mass #Hedge76 #BeccaBrooke - JusticeWillCome
9 May 2014 @JusticeDolly RT @BeccaBrooke @Hedge76 "@Ironghazi is made of metal" #BeccaBrooke #Hedge76 #Ironghazi #CyberCriminals #BostonTrolls - JusticeWillCome
8 May 2014 @JusticeDolly RT @BeccaBrooke aka @Hedge76 "Good morning, cyber bullies" #BeccaBrooke #Hedge76 #BostonStrong #CyberCriminal #Troll - JusticeWillCome
2 April 2014 @JusticeDolly RT @BeccaBrooke "Hey @Ironghazi remember when I was cool for like 5 minutes?" 1 of these is>@Hedge76 cc @icpchad - JusticeWillCome
10 Feb 2014 @JusticeDolly RT @BeccaBrooke @Hedge76 @HipsterJanitor @AGENT_GATTACA @SweetSnark7 Sisters #CyberCriminals cc @icpchad #BeccaBrooke #Hedge76 #HipsterJanitor #AGENT_GATTACA #SweetSnark7 #Sweeetsnark #icpchad - JusticeWillCome
Becca Brooke Fagnano Steve Robyn #Fagnano - JusticeWillCome
#Deus_Mourinho @Deus_Mourinho MT's evil lies & fabrications " #opLaughter MT @TrutherDolly: I troll Twitter FB & forums 4 6 months & destroy lives & humanity #BOSTONHOAX #FalseFlag #NWO" - JusticeWillCome
24 Aug 2013 #Deus_Mourinho @Deus_Mourinho lies "A quick look tells me u #cunny got the time 2 slander. At least 5 times in a row the same kid. Nothin better 2 do? " - JusticeWillCome
#Deus_Mourinho Context Innocent until proven guilty. Reply re grammatical error, @Deus_Mourinho @xiqraxx "Why the hell people dont understand Dzhokhar is innocent until proven guilty." Can you uneducated #freejahar ape spell apostrophe?" #xiqraxx - JusticeWillCome
Constant exchange with new looking account #chicken_poopy & #SassafrasSoup aka #N4C0BR4 & #Nacobra1 @SassafrasSoup SassafrasSoup - JusticeWillCome
12 Jun 2013 @Deus_Mourinho @xiqraxx "Why the hell people dont understand Dzhokhar is innocent until proven guilty." Can you uneducated #freejahar ape spell apostrophe? - JusticeWillCome
Puts on fake Italian "accent" in Tweets - JusticeWillCome
#SmallVilleHS Vicious Twitter Troll, CyberStalker CyberCriminal, CyberBully enjoys ridiculing truthers by making posters with illegally obtained private photos of his/her victims, making up lies and finding "dirt" on ordinary people, also makes threats to contact employers. Sock of #B1GCh33s3
Profile SmallVilleHS.jpg
Clark Kent ‏#SmallvilleHS @SmallvilleHS @TrutherDolly @CyberBlueBird This definitely looks like the face of a Vic slanderer and someone riddled with herpes. #0pCyberCriminals, #BMBTrolls, #0pFacebookTrolls, #TwitterTrolls, #BostonTrolls, #0pBostonMoles, #FreeJahar, #Justice4Jahar, #BostonHoax, #BostonTruth, #0pGovtPaidTrolls, #0pPaidTrolls - JusticeWillCome
‏@TrutherDolly Apr 22 @SmallvilleHS <Oh yes you're the #BostonTrolls member that likes to call females "cumdumpster" #CyberBlueBird - JusticeWillCome
Clark Kent ‏@SmallvilleHS @TrutherDolly Just ones that are. Do you prefer Spermbank? - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS @Pandoracisco77 @TrutherDolly Haha. Dolly is such a cunt. - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS @TrutherDolly @Pandoracisco77 Thank you Dolly. Means a lot coming from a meth addict. :) - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS @TrutherDolly @B1gCh33s3 @Hiss_N_Bytch @Hedge76 Hey Lazy Eye. Teaching jobs are hard to come by. Esp for harassment. Pic not me idk who it is. - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS @AlterSchwedee @P01YN0NYM0U55 Can real Poly tell me how the fuck he bangs Lazy Eye @TrutherDolly ? - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS @B1gCh33s3 @P01YN0NYM0U55 @TrutherDolly @Hedge76 @McKGraKucPauNad @JusticeDolly @rebelready @cathunwin lol - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS Apr 27 @Marysings38 I think Dolly might have guy parts. Makes sense as Twitter Poly talks like a big pussy. Gender mix up? Lol - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS @ReIntonation @Marysings38 @PholeyhuckClyde I prefer to laugh at their stupidity. - JusticeWillCome
Seems like troll merged 2 faces @SmallvilleHS @WilliambHand @McKGraKucPauNad @P01YN0NYM0U55 @VacuumDude no Chris at Marathon. Lol #SmallvilleHS #WilliambHand #McKGraKucPauNad #P01YN0NYM0U55 #VacuumDude - JusticeWillCome
Constantly says "ask P0ly" and attributes P0ly's actions to me. Suspect this is another #B1GCh33s3 #SockPuppet aka #PatrickBlumer aka #VeteranAIrborne aka #Pattycakes (needs spell check) according to #P01YN0NYM0U55 - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS @TrutherDolly speaking of which, guess whose ass Poly's been in? - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS @TrutherDolly @CyberBlueBird Might want to thank poly for the red sores since he got them from ____________. #WouldntYouLikeToKnow - JusticeWillCome
Lots of his tweets are about sex, usually abusive or weird fetish sex. He tweets sexual stuff normal people don't put on social media unless it's a fetish porn site. He could possibly have a sexual assault record. He fits the FBI criminal profile. Probably abused animals as a child...or worse. - Ralph Hornsby
Sock Account WilliambHand @WilliambHand #WilliambHand was #ThatBastichLobo - JusticeWillCome
Since #CyberCriminal #Hedge76 has been exposed as #BeccaBrooke several Twitter accounts have locked down, some just to clean up and unlock again.
From my experience of being trolled on Twitter. I would guess at least 90% of the vicious type of "Boston Trolls" are accounts belonging to a small group of people #B1GCh33s3 #Hedge76 I would also guess most of the COINTELPRO accounts belong to the same small group. - JusticeWillCome
If you are a truther and you speak of Crisis Actors at the Boston Marathon "Bombing" you will be attacked 24/7 by a "gang" of trolls who are likely 1 or 2 people on several accounts. If they fail to intimidate you by various methods, e.g. threat of violence, humiliation, ridicule, the law, making up outright lies, they will cyberstalk your private life. They will look for any information they can find, employer, Facebook friends and relatives, past crimes, any dirt to blackmail you with to stop talking. - JusticeWillCome
They also have several fake #FreeJahar mole accounts to attempt to distract you from honest discussion. Beware of these accounts, they appear to be "agreeing" with you when in fact they are just another brand of troll, digging for info derailing topics and manipulating you. #0pCyberCriminals - JusticeWillCome
#LoneStarDouche2 posted #CyberBully Tweet about @trutherDolly being a waste of DNA. @TrutherDolly reply was "#LoneStarDouche Am I a waste of DNA like #Todashev? Would your lot shoot me in the back of the head in my own home too? #B1gCh33s3 #NWO" - JusticeWillCome
Here is his profile pic for the @LonestarDouche acct. He was harassing a woman with cancer and her son who don't even use twitter. He cyberstalked them and posted all their info & tried to get guy in pic fired from job. That is the woman's son he is impersonating. - Ralph Hornsby
Here is his account from the @LoneStarDouche2 acct. He used the guy's pic again in the profile. The marnel's pride is the first name of the woman with cancer he is cyberstalking. She filed a police report on him. - Ralph Hornsby
Here he is harassing and cyberstalking the guy's wife on facebook. None of these people even use twitter and his delusions have made him go off the deep end. I fear he could snap and kill someone. He is dangerous. - Ralph Hornsby
And here he is trying to get the guy fired from his job and posting phone number. He tweeted to businesses in the town and said bad things about the dude so he would get fired. - Ralph Hornsby
His name certainly suits him. - JusticeWillCome
Fwd: RT @Topothewrld: #AGENT_GATTACA @_I_C_U #_I_C_U yippee! They better #unfollowtroy by tonight or @TroyCrossley fans will be hacked- they were warned! #freejahar - (via #TroyCrossley #TroysPetSloth #_I_C_U
#Topothewrld new handle = ‏@AGENT_GATTACA #AGENT_GATTACA AGENT_GATTACA - JusticeWillCome
@CyberBlueBird No. Proves YOU'RE as fck'd up as the company you keep. Maybe you, too, need to go for an inpatient "rest" like Rebel. @TrutherDolly - JusticeWillCome
@CyberBlueBird And based on your own sworn court document, u will sit in ur own filth for another week. @rebelready @WilliamBHand @TrutherDolly @itsKYbro - JusticeWillCome
@CyberBlueBird Bla, bla, bla...Yawn Why can't you fulfill Poly's needs? #WifelyTreason @TrutherDolly @rebelready - JusticeWillCome
@CyberBlueBird You would know all about reverse gender, eh? lol @TrutherDolly @P01YN0NYM0U55 - JusticeWillCome
@CyberBlueBird I suspect you laugh about as often as you have sex. #HardlyEva @TrutherDolly - JusticeWillCome
@CyberBlueBird You have no relationship. Either of you. lmao You're as cold as the temp inside his childhood home. #Frigid @TrutherDolly - JusticeWillCome
@CyberBlueBird I'll go easy on the big Bruiser. Don't want her going all "hog" wild on you at home. #StopDomesticViolence @P01YN0NYM0U55 @TrutherDolly - JusticeWillCome
@CyberBlueBird lol. Sorry, Bruiser, but I'm not you. Nor am I the Poly child in that old newspaper article. @TrutherDolly - JusticeWillCome
#I_Am_Them @I_Am_Them Troll was in #FreeJahar & #Boston Bombing Facebook Groups, constant stream of disinfo and derailed discussions. Stephe Lemenek #StepheLemenek with exact same selfie was found to be on the follows/ing of well known Twitter Troll #CyberBlueBird aka #OneTinyBlueBird
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CourtCred ‏@courtcred Jun 13 2013 #TBT- The young homies @i_am_them & mylesm4ck out here supporting the campaign! #checkmystats Jesper Gustavsson ‏@Jeppsson36 5 Jan 2013 Poker i Vallvik! emilasplund greeksimon @overoos @EffaTay @i_am_them riks jööögga olles90 Expand Reply Retweet Favorite BOW DOW TO THA AZZ ‏@msjuicybooty313 16 May 2012 I just ousted @i_am_them as the mayor of Hell (The Worst of The Ghetto) on @foursquare! Expand Reply Retweet Favorite Erik Daniel ‏@erik_daniel 27 Mar 2012 @I_Am_Them here is that app I was telling you about Expand Reply Retweet Favorite Shantel Mac ‏@1TellyMac 22 Jan 2012 @I_Am_Them -- EVERYBODY #FREE B4 11@ CLUB VONDIES FRIDAY FEB3RD <-- You Should RSVP Expand Reply Retweet Favorite Badger Mania ‏@FPSBadger 24 Jul 2011 I just ousted @i_am_them as the mayor of Westland Police Department on @foursquare!... more... - JusticeWillCome
5 Sep 13 #PatKenzie02125 Mocking of Tweeps & does not tag whilst doing it #CathUnwin & #PolysDolly aka #TrutherDolly @PatKenzie02125 " LULZ is Cath their leader? She's the moron who told them to harass these @'s with frivolous complaints … " The_Special_One ‏@Deus_Mourinho #Deus_Mourinho @PatKenzie02125 #LuLz #PolysDolly aka #TrutherDolly #0pCyberCriminals, #BMBTrolls, #0pFacebookTrolls, #TwitterTrolls, #BostonTrolls, #0pBostonMoles, #FreeJahar, #Justice4Jahar, #BostonHoax, #BostonTruth, #0pGovtPaidTrolls, #0pPaidTrolls - JusticeWillCome
30 Sep 13 #PatKenzie02125 @PatKenzie02125 tries to say a discussion of #BostonAmputee #RoseannSdoia is #BostonAmputee #AdrianneHasletDavis #AdrianneHaslet #AdrienneHasletDavis Husband Adam Davis #AdamDavis "Wrong again you 4 halfwits of the apocalypse .They're rescuing her … @TrutherDolly @p01ym4th22... more... - JusticeWillCome
21 Oct 13 #PatKenzie02125 Talks about #TrutherDolly but does not tag "The day I sweat TrutherDolly, is the day I retire. I kill whales for perfume and as fat as that bitch may be, can't atomize that scent." Tweet liked by #Ladybug11007 #CyberBlueBird ( aka #OneTinyBlueBird & #Grape_Snowcone ) #AtheismRunAmok #AshleyAz508 #M4GN0L1A - JusticeWillCome
23 Oct 13 #PatKenzie02125 again talks about #TrutherDolly but does not tag " #BostonTrolls heads up, you're the only ones empowering TrutherDolly. It's a nothing account. If you enjoy fucking with it, fine but come on " Tweet liked by #MylaMew aka #Hiss_N_Bytch prev #HissNBytch #th3k1ngc0bra #Marysings38 - JusticeWillCome
#PatKenzie02125 often subtweets about #p01ym4th22 then hypocritically accuses same back. Feed: - JusticeWillCome
I have not seen dox evidence of #MariaKuschel #OpMariaKuschel Edit now I see it, not concrete but could be her, could also be planned troll illusion to distract from more evil troll candidate. Would assume she has many more accounts. - JusticeWillCome
There are definitely well-organized and professional ops on the net that are designed to disrupt and take down discussions on certain sensitive topics -- the trick is not to take the bait -- ever. Stay calmly on point and ignore the trolls. Create a space for productive discussion. - Sean McBride
Sean - the very fact that "well-organized and professional ops on the net that are designed to disrupt and take down discussions" *exist* is enough probable cause to suspect something is being hidden / covered-up. the single most sensitive topic for these trolls #BostonTrolls #BMBtrolls #FWQWtrolls #BreitbartTrolls #OccupyTrolls #WIunionTrolls #TwitterTrolls #PaidTrolls is any mention... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
#PatKenzie02125 went protected - JusticeWillCome
yeah, #PatKenzie02125 aka #TimothyDooner used to think he was a bad-ass when he had an avi of a man with a big gun. after his dumb ass got doxxed, he tucked tail, ran and hid. we have groups designated for him and his wife #d0xBoston #OpTimothyDooner #Op6djessicaressler - p01yN0Nym0u5
#Op6D @PatKenzie02125 aka #TimothyDooner used to think he was a bad-ass when he had an avi of a man with a big gun - p01yN0Nym0u5
@APPL30FSODOM #APPL30FSODOM APPL30FSODOM < #Fake #FreeJahar sock #SockPuppet SockPuppet Aided fabrication of it's own fake dox and fake threats by it's other troll accounts. - JusticeWillCome
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