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Bob Robertson-Boyd

Bob Robertson-Boyd

Husband, father, cyclist, coffee roaster, tinkerer.
setting up my Quibb, to share links about work
Items recently added to Bexley Public Library:
Times like these when I really miss There's, but Nick G. isn't the same there. #congressfail
Hyperlocal Businesses Try New Revenue Models -
How Text Messaging was used in the Tunisian Elections -
Foodie Vacations on the Cheap -
Love Cleveland!! Really enjoy the Finger Lakes. - Bob Robertson-Boyd
10/31/2011 5:30 PM - 5:30 PM Trick or Treat Night in Bexley -
The Question of Historic Preservation in Bexley -
Last Household Hazardous Waste Collection -
Deceptively Frugal Dinner Party Fare -
Big hopes, smaller size: Why The Cincy Enquirer is going tabloid -
Guest Blogger: Arthur Delaney on "A People's History of the Great Recession" -
Analysis: Are We Ready to Become Friends With Things? -
I can't help but wonder how Christopher Locke would respond to being a friend with a coke machine. - Bob Robertson-Boyd
Bexley Police Chief Larry Rinehart to address Statehouse Rally: Don't Text and Drive. Thursday September 22, 2011. -
Bexley Police Officer Test Scheduled -
Google wants to own your online identity -
Google+ says your name is "Toby" NOT "Kunta Kinte" -
Do you use keyboard navigation when it is available on a Web site / app?
Making up Stories: Perception, Language, and the Web -
Good POV for communication in general. Especially good WRT writing for the Web. Looks at Web writing through the lens of Charles Dickens. - Bob Robertson-Boyd Bexley folks: Mosquito spraying on Wednesday! Close the windows.
Moquito Spraying - August 24th -
Using Google to Hook Students on Library Resources -
Should it really be necessary to teach "a search method that saves you time, provides more relevant resources ..." Don't we expect the search engine to do that for us? Or is that ceding too much control to the algorithms? - Bob Robertson-Boyd How to cut the cord from cable TV? "Get a library card and rock out. Redbox didn’t kill Blockbuster. The library did."
Clay Shirky Says Good Collaboration is Structured Fighting -
Montrose Elementary PTO Information -
Jeff Jarvis' post on Washington and Twitter trending has a lot of fun and is insightful, but the quote above reminds me of myself and pointed out something that I hate about our political system today yet have never been able to put to words ... or not as efficiently as Jarvis did. Our politicians manage to the extremes. - Bob Robertson-Boyd
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