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The eBay Turnaround that Never Had to Be: Now Here’s the Rest of the Story -
Microsoft Demonstrates What’s Wrong With Boards, Governance, and Replacing CEO’s in a Nutshell -
Evil VC Seeks Minions for World Domination -
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Sales Gets Too Much Credit and Too Much Cash for Selling -
Why Pay for Mediocre Marketing Advice When Good Advice is Free? -
Jump Starting a Small Business With Cloud Services -
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Will Context Eat the Software Industry? -
You Have to Have an Overseas Dev Team to Scale? Baloney! -
Feedly Progress Report: Not So Good -
The Trend to Part-Timers, Freelancing, and Consultants Over Full-Time Employees -
It’s In Google’s Best Interest to Kill Marketing Channels They Don’t Own -
Don’t Bury the Map With the Treasure: Thin Clients Trump Apps in Walled Gardens -
Too Many Would-Be Entrepreneurs Are Thinking About Their Ideas, Companies, and Investors All Wrong -
You got that right. Just wrote a comment to that effect. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
What If You Fired Your 8 Million Most Influential Users? -
Om Malik Boycotting Google Keep Because of Google Reader -
Google’s Story That Google Reader Traffic Declined Is BS When You Put That Traffic Alongside Google+ -
6 Ways The Pundits Are Dazed and Confused About Google Reader and RSS -
Google, If You Think I’ll Move From Reader to Another Google Product, Drop Dead -
Check on Your SaaS Company’s Hosting Provider, Avoid Firehost -
Charging for Your Product is About 2000 Times More Effective than Relying on Ad Revenue -
How Many Software Companies Monitor Their Software as Well as Tesla Monitors its Cars? -
Just Got My Vanity Plates from LinkedIn -
Big Data is a Small Market Compared to Suburban Data: Big Data is all the rage, and seem to be one of the prime ...
Big Data is a Small Market Compared to Suburban Data -
Career Advice: When They Replace the CEO At Your Company, It’s Time To Move On: A word of warning: VC’s and CE...
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