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Courtney Engle
Finding Google Buzz lacks these features that keep me in Friendfeed:
"best of", groups, rooms, pause button, and why do I need any kind of count of updates? Really - that and automatically flooding my overflowing Gmail isn't nice. - Courtney Engle
Agree, where are the groups for one. - Kol Tregaskes
not to mention a lack of a community feel - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
in buzz, I couldn't change my profile url other than my email nick. (I have no name.surname gmail account:( ). ff rocks :) - Serkan Ünsal
Serkan: same dilemma. I use my gmail account from the 1st round of user invites given out. I trolled around on forums to get that invite, and would love to have my user name be my real name, but hate to part with the bygone era of anonymity online due to the history. - Courtney Engle
I'd also like my comments and actions from Google Buzz to go out to other places - like filter it back to here, Twitter, Disqus, and BackType, and other. - Courtney Engle
good post - kevin i mills
Friendfeed vets are seeing Google Buzz for what it is: Friendfeed Vanila Ultra Lite. I turned it off after 4 hours as there was no way to organize people into groups. - Robert Sanchez Jr
I am not sure if Buzz occupies same space in Gmail (meaning same space quota) - TrafficBug
@Robert How do I turn it off? - TrafficBug
It'd be good to wait until they put in security fixes before adding friends in there. It's definitely not the same, but could be of some benefit later. - James Stratford
If the changes reflect the multi-dimensional aspect of Friendfeed, I may be lured to spend more than 30 seconds in Buzz. For now thought, just passing. - Courtney Engle
Louis Gray
Matthew and Sarah are 18 months old, as of today! Happy birthday and a half. :) Remember this: ?
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This link started their exploration online: (via - Louis Gray
Those kids are getting HUGE. Are you going for triplets next? - iTad
Tad, wouldn't that be fun? Who thinks we should go for twins or trips again? - Louis Gray
cuties! - Rachel Lea Fox
Better ask Kristine first about repeating multiples! - Anne Bouey
You're gonna' need a REALLY good babysitter... Just sayin'. - Lisa L. Seifert
Oh, and Happy Birthday to the cutie-pies!! - Lisa L. Seifert
I love Matthew's fairisle jumper! - Charley M
Awwwww super cute. Sarah is all "yeah I'm just getting ready to go for my morning jog." - EricaJoy
I have one of each on the way in May. Tips would be great! - Joe
Wow, time flies. They'll be asking you for the car keys in no time. :) - Dawn
Cute! That last one of Matthew in the vest is just adorable. :) - Rochelle
WOW, 18 months... Already?! really! dang, that was FAST! Sooo cute... Huggable :) - Susan Beebe
Wow, impressive. Being on FF for 16 months, that means I saw them at 2 months, w00t! - Zu from AOD
way cute. - metalerik
Congrads - kevin i mills
18 months...hmmmm, 'bout time to start making another one, don't you think? :) I've always thought that 2-3 years apart is the best spacing. - Dawn
Time flies, Louis! They are adorable! - David Cook from fftogo
Yay! Nursery age! Go get 'em Gray twins! Give Mom and Dad a break this Sunday. - Trish Haley
Trish, you are spot on. We had our first twin-free Sunday for two hours this last week. :) - Louis Gray
BUMP - Johnny
Amanda Park
Cool: 101 Muppets of Sesame Street
I didn't remember half of them. - kevin i mills
Jason Pollock
FRIENDFEEDERS! How's everyone doing tonight? I will be chatting LIVE on Friendfeed for a while so ask me questions!
Who is here tonight? - Jason Pollock
I find that if i continue to write comments into Friendfeed then it attracts attention. - Jason Pollock
That's one of my favorite things about friendfeed.. that everyone goes to where the conversation is. - Jason Pollock
So I just keep posting comments on a friendfeed thread until people pop up! - Jason Pollock
i had hoped to meet you in la - josh charles
Josh! im sorry dude. - Jason Pollock
Hi. Just saw your post. Had no idea this kind of think was going on with Friend Feed.VeryBeautifulPlanet = Veralynne - Veralynne Bosko Pepper
no worries... - josh charles
Sunset Junction kept us apart. - Jason Pollock
Thanks Veralynne! - Jason Pollock
haha - josh charles
Welcome everyone to my live Friendfeed chat. - Jason Pollock
i was talking to buzz tonight .. trying to find something to do with healing time.. - josh charles
on a viral angle - josh charles
With the power of realtime comments we can chat live on friendfeed whenever! - Jason Pollock
ahhh the buzz - Jason Pollock
buzzedition has a lot of pull in our twitterverse. that's for sure. - Jason Pollock
Hey Mr. Pollock! - Nicole
if u dont follow her then here's her link: - Jason Pollock
it's a question of commitment to the download .. vs. tweeting about it .. noone did much for nola this time round - josh charles
Nicole: Hi! - Jason Pollock
hello - kevin i mills
but we can discuss this.. you got my # - josh charles
hi nicole - josh charles
What brings such generosity? - RetiredTeacherD
Kevin: hello dude! - Jason Pollock
welcome to my live chat! - Jason Pollock
hello hello. - Alicia Dziob
Lets try to do these like a ustream chats, lets really make the chat window go! - Jason Pollock
Alicia: HELLO! - Jason Pollock
Hi Mr. Charles! Hello all! - Nicole
Hiya Jason - Derek Thomas
QUESTION OF THE NIGHT = Send me your favorite Youtube clip that you think would go viral with the correct push. - Jason Pollock
Hey Derek! Thanks for joining the chat! - Jason Pollock
I find this live chatting function on friendfeed simply fascinating for so many reasons - Jason Pollock
i think we have just scratched the surface with what we can do with technology like this! - Jason Pollock
Facebook was very smart to acquire this site. - Jason Pollock
Indeed, JP. This is amazing! - Veralynne Bosko Pepper
Tricky. All the ones I can think of are already viral. - Nicole
I know right! - Jason Pollock
There is no experience like this on the net right now. - Jason Pollock
Jason, here is a video I made. Check it out! >> - Derek Thomas
gave B-DAY wishes to your girlfriend - CarePathway
These realtime comments popping up by all of u are amazing! - Jason Pollock
CarePathway: HI! - Jason Pollock
Derek: thanks for the video! - Jason Pollock
back at you - CarePathway
Here's my YouTube vote: - ValleyChica
I hope you like it! I spent like 3 days editing it together!! - Derek Thomas
did you send her flowers today? - CarePathway
Hi, Jason - nice to see you over here in Friend Feed too, keeping up on the shifting plains of social media... - Steve Woods
What about the dancing boy in the red shirt video? That, it seems, would appeal to all. - Veralynne Bosko Pepper <i think that is quite possibly the stupidest vid i've seen, but, it always makes me laugh. lol, i don't even like harry potter. - Alicia Dziob
Derek: that video is pretty cool dude! nice one! - Jason Pollock
I've found myself in friendfeed ... what now? Is a way to keep track of the convos your Twitter friends are having? (Sorry to be so dumb!) - Jennifer Bunker
Alicia: thanks for the clip! - Jason Pollock
Thanks!!! :D - Derek Thomas
Jason, I told everybody that if I win the Twitter Hunk Alert contest I will wear a man-tiara and UStream my acceptance speech... What about you? - Steve Woods
Throwin' down the gauntlet... LOL - Steve Woods
Steve: I am not running a Twitter Hunk campaign against u.. im gonna let u have that one. - Jason Pollock
Just for that, I'm going to vote twice for you...LOL - Steve Woods
hi jason.... - michelemeiche
what happened to the u stream??? - michelemeiche
michele: hi!!! - Jason Pollock
This is sooo cool! its great to chat with you all here! - Jason Pollock
okay have to go Luv just stopped by to say hello, have to be at KOCE in early am to tape lots of luv to you and tell the B-day girl you both are blessed. - CarePathway
My ustream is taking a little rest right now... i'll b back on it soon. - Jason Pollock
great to chat with you... what's going on in your life focus right now? - michelemeiche
What's a u stream? - Veralynne Bosko Pepper
Although feels like a bit of a step-down, so used to seeing your smiling face and hearing great music... - Steve Woods
Should I do a Ustream chat tonight? - Jason Pollock
btw. love what u & aplusk are doing re: the get involved.. - michelemeiche
I'm not sure if i can handle it.. its a lot of work for me.. i want it to be entertaining.. but doing that is a lot! hehe... - Jason Pollock
ya... a ustream would be cool - michelemeiche
Agree with Michele, like seeing you work with that too - Steve Woods
michele: thank u! - Jason Pollock
well..u can just flow withit. - michelemeiche
Steve: thanks dude! - Jason Pollock
doesn't have to be "perfect"....just what ever flows - michelemeiche
i am just back from dinner with friends and saw u were doing chat - michelemeiche
And I understand and appreciate the hard work involved with it. I'll do what I can... - Steve Woods
hehe.. indeed.. i love interacting live on the web with whoever is listening - Jason Pollock
I am easily distracted. What's going on now? Lol. - Nicole
ya, the interaction is great - michelemeiche
i think the people who are the most successful on the web are the ones who engage the most. right? - Jason Pollock
What do u all think? What is the key to succeeding on the internet? - Jason Pollock
we are in a time of the CO's... coherence... etc - michelemeiche
connecting... - michelemeiche
Yes engagement is key. - Derek Thomas
jason...i see the next "hot commodity"...the next major focus is connecting & inspiration.... - michelemeiche
yes, i think that engagement, and accessibility are key in succeeding on the internet. - Alicia Dziob
That's why you Jason are so successful. You connect! - Derek Thomas
Well, you should probably tel us Jason. - Nicole
connect....but inspire... - michelemeiche
but i think its also coming up with new and exciting ways to engage... if u engage in the usual ways then people will turn you out sometimes. - Jason Pollock
peeps don't want to connect with "downer" types... - michelemeiche
Dan: hey dude! - Jason Pollock
having a reason for people to be there; something that people can connect with - enterbackspace
inspiration & hope... - michelemeiche
I do not respond to the haters online. - Jason Pollock
New laptop. Can't spell/type. Ugh. - Nicole
if someone doesn't open themselves up to hearing from other people, and sharing with other people, thats a huge downfall of success via technology. - Alicia Dziob
enterbackspace: thanks for your comment! - Jason Pollock
Jason, are you going to Twestival LA? - Derek Thomas
no, me either... - michelemeiche
i agree alicia - michelemeiche
Derek: im not sure.. when is that? - Jason Pollock
btw that's my mom's name...alicia :-) - michelemeiche
Sunday Sept 13 - Derek Thomas
at Hollywood & Highland - Derek Thomas
yah, like this guy named Adin who is giving all the money he earns away for the next 5 years -- he's finding ways for people to be involved & reap a benefit personally - can't help but feel connected to that guy. - enterbackspace
derek -what is it?? - michelemeiche
oh, that's neat! we spell it the same way? - Alicia Dziob
I completely agree with the concept that you have to engage. Your movie alone will be a springboard to social media that will have to be continually maintained and grown... - Steve Woods
Hmm... im not sure about that one. - Jason Pollock
Here's the link to Twestival >> - Derek Thomas
Steve: Correct, i think we are just at the very beginning of all this connecting online. - Jason Pollock
After watching the movie, people will want to talk, to share, to become more involved. Without the social outlet ready to embrace their excitement, you'll lose the momentum. - Steve Woods
thanx for link - michelemeiche
Greetings Jason you there - SirReigns
@AdinvanRyneveld - enterbackspace
It's a Twitter networking event that benefits LA Food Bank. - Derek Thomas
Each of our online communities are only going to grow and change with the passing years.. it will be very interesting to watch. - Jason Pollock
Hint for you all. If you want to pop out the chat into it's own window, just click on the time stamp. Then Jason you can U stream and friendfeed too. - DJ Stevie Steve
Hey here's an idea.. everyone put your twitter names in this chat so that we can all follow each other here! lets get some followers out of this! - Jason Pollock
my perception is that the social networking ie: twitter & FB is just a is an out-picturing of All of our consciousness...we are wanting to live & work differently - michelemeiche
cool-- good idea michele = @awakeningstweet - michelemeiche
@_stevewoods and please let me know you found me here, so that I can make sure to follow you back... - Steve Woods
i think on-line communities have the same basic ebb and flow as brick and mortar ones -- the fluidity of the shift is just easier to notice - enterbackspace
@derekthomasxxx - Derek Thomas
@enterbackspace - enterbackspace
@siloproject - Alicia Dziob
AWESOME!!! this is sooo cool. - Jason Pollock
Jason, who do you work with with regard to your own social media plan, to support your desire to grow a specialized community of like-minded (and outside-the-box) minds? - Steve Woods
Do you spend a lot of time working your thoughts through alone, or with others? - Steve Woods
@niclone - Nicole
@awakeningstweet - michele meiche - michelemeiche
i also think though, that twitter does have some kinks to work out. ie. the spammers. what do you think they could do better to guard against that? - Alicia Dziob
@joshcharles - josh charles
Steve: I have done everything with social media by making mistakes and learning from them... i never read a book or took a class about this stuff.. i just tried things and when they didnt work, i tried something else. - Jason Pollock
Jason, if you really want to blow something up tonight please tweet my LA Weekly blog post! >> - Derek Thomas
ok... derek.. done :-) - michelemeiche
Derek: u write for LA Weekly!!! - Jason Pollock
i so agree alicia... what can be done about the spammers??? what's the answer? - michelemeiche
Yes I do Jason!! - Derek Thomas
I'm great. I've got a question for ya. Have you managed to sell your film yet, or are you still shopping it around? - Jason Nunnelley
That is amazing dude! so awesome.. would u consider writing a story about my film, The Youngest Candidate? - it just had its world premiere at the LA Film Fest. - Jason Pollock
ditto to jason nunnelley, sundance this year? - Alicia Dziob
We tried to get someone from your publication to come to the premiere to no avail.. it actually screened on June 25th, which was the day Michael Jackson passed away.. it was a crazy day. - Jason Pollock
Jason, I would love to. I'm a big fan of yours! DM me on Twitter. - Derek Thomas
Derek no offense but i think u should change your twitter name.. i bet that people think you are porno becuz of your triple X. - Jason Pollock
agreed! - enterbackspace
I bet you will get a lot more followers if u remove the XXX. - Jason Pollock
I know, I was trying to be funny... - Derek Thomas
jason i was interviewed on CNN that same day MJ passed - josh charles
ya.. remove it...LOL - michelemeiche
Can you guys help me choose a more effective name? @derekthomas is already taken! - Derek Thomas
Jason, if you decide to build a cadre of individuals in a larger group to help come up with ideas to use social media to support your causes, I would love to help. I co-founded @aquathon with Kirstie Alley, and looooved the experience! Enjoy your thoughts and would like to help... - Steve Woods
Alicia, I'm so happy someone actually spelled my name correctly :) - Jason Nunnelley
@stevewoods would you want to help us with Healing Time? - josh charles
anyone use Brizzly for twitter? - DJ Stevie Steve
haha mr. nunnelley... i looked at it twice before sending it! - Alicia Dziob
Josh, follow and send a tweet and I'd be happy to take a look at it! - Steve Woods
Derek: I just sent out a tweet with you LA WEEKLY article. great piece! - Jason Pollock
Thanks so much Jason!! - Derek Thomas
Steve: i watched aquathon.. were in that? - Jason Pollock
Josh, just followed you. - Steve Woods
steve.- sent it.. just did @tavissmiley friday - josh charles
Seriously, Pollock, are you going to get this thing distributed or not.? I'm too lazy to research and read myself :) Horses mouth? - Jason Nunnelley
Jason: its not picked up yet! im still working on getting TYC picked up.. hopefully soon! - Jason Pollock
Jason, @aquathon is my account, and the blog is at We used UStream, Facebook, Twitter (of course,) 12 Seconds (video), YouTube and more. I loved the experience, and would lend you time and thoughts if desired. - Steve Woods
I can't believe someone hasn't picked this thing up. Have you done much focus group testing yet? - Jason Nunnelley
Not sure how many invites are left, but use daringbaking to take a sign up for twitter feed with inline pictures and videos - DJ Stevie Steve
Amazing job steve! that was a great event! - Jason Pollock
@photosbygarbot - Angela Garbot
This chat is SO COOL! thanks again to everyone who has joined in! - Jason Pollock
you are welcome? - enterbackspace
i just tweeted again :-) - michelemeiche
fascinating! i love this! - Angela Garbot
The flow of this chat is more welcoming than the UStream chat... - Steve Woods
I agree, Steve. - enterbackspace
My little bro is testing his massive scotch/whiskey cache' on me while I SM. Bad idea :) - Jason Nunnelley
Steve: thats just becuz there are a lot less of us chatting here. - Jason Pollock
jason...maybe it is more focused on the topic at hand. - michelemeiche
if there were 30 or 50 people watching this friendfeed thread then this chat would be much like the ustream chats i think. - Jason Pollock
And you are not talking while we type ; ) - enterbackspace
The window is larger as well. Maybe you can try this with UStream and see how it flows... - Steve Woods
following you @enterbackspace - josh charles
How many people on average get in on the UStream chats? - Alicia Dziob
following you @stevewoods back - josh charles
i think the u stream chat was less focused on TYC & media- social network streams it was more "free flow" - michelemeiche
I'm sitting is South Africa right now (Thanks Josh) and the delay is much less here than on UStream. - enterbackspace
But, this isn't great when multitasking. With Usream... I can at least hear a play-by-play when doing other things. Lol. - Nicole
jason, which do u prefer the chat... written or u stream that is more visual?? - michelemeiche
What do you think of twitters RT proposals? I am not too worried as I use 3rd party clients mostly - RetiredTeacherD
michele: i like both for different reasons. - Jason Pollock
this chat is cool becuz its smaller and more personal. ustream is really cool to connect with a larger audience in realtime. - Jason Pollock
jason.. ok... so why would u like this type of chat? - michelemeiche
where's everybody from tonight? I'm here in the Windy City - Angela Garbot ya - michelemeiche
i dont like the RT proposal mostly becuz i read that it will show the other persons face on your retweet. i dont like that.. if i retweet something then it should show my face in your feed if you follow.. not some person u may not know - Jason Pollock
I am near Las Vegas - RetiredTeacherD
I am in Connecticut. - Alicia Dziob
I appreciate your words on getting socially involved with the political system, your thoughts on health care, and would love to explore ways to put together a method to socially embrace those that watch TYC and want to stay involved. Offer will always be there, Sir.... - Steve Woods
MN - Nicole
agree about the RT prop - if you RT a RT, who's face will it show? - Angela Garbot
sorry you missed me nicole in mn - josh charles
I agree with you Jason on RT issues on twitter - RetiredTeacherD
Nelspruit South Africa - enterbackspace
Diddo to JP - I like what we're already doing. But... Twitter is dead :) LOL JK - Jason Nunnelley
Jason: why do u say that twitter is dead? - Jason Pollock
People from all across the United States, and in South Africa. that span is so awesome. - Alicia Dziob
Southern Maryland, an hour south of D.C. - Veralynne Bosko Pepper
yes, why do u say twitter is dead??? - michelemeiche
i think there is a next evolution that is trying to emerget - michelemeiche
Its so cool to see where everyone is from.. we're from all over but have found this thread randomly! so cool.. - Jason Pollock
oh. i think ive figured this out Jason Pollock, Ive been trying to figure out how to see youngest candidate, is it coming to big screen or did i miss it. - Shameika Chan
Josh: Me too. Was it awesome? - Nicole
when i found out my grandfather uses twitter; i thought "oh god!" but the truth is, i like that even a 82 year old man is able to use this medium. - enterbackspace
oops... trying to emerge... twitter is about meaningful connections & engaging.. but then what? that is the next step.. - michelemeiche
right now u have to go to 3 party apps & forums to follow thru on the next level - michelemeiche
Josh: Did they add a 2nd/later show or was that scheduled? - Nicole
nicole - yeah the folks at the dakota were great.. i'll be back there soon .. had a great show - josh charles
apparently, home based businesses :P - enterbackspace
nicole- 2 shows that night - josh charles
twitter is the catalyst... it's the applications that'll people will create to make it blossom more. - Alicia Dziob
enterbackspace, i agree - i've found people not comfortable w/FB are using twitter more...there is an appearance, at least, of more privacy on twitter... - Angela Garbot
twitter has been very important to me to be able to connect with people and learn from them as well as promote healing time and my music .. - josh charles
josh-- what do u mean re: healing time? - michelemeiche
I believe that the method Twitter uses (realtime RSS feeds mass assembled and guided based on personalized settings) is a winning one. Twitter will either morph or lose to another media form we will all move over with. I think UStream shows us the possibility of RSS Twitter-like feeds alongside video chatting. - Steve Woods
OMG Jason! Thanks for the video Tweet!! - Derek Thomas
michelemeiche i'm donating 100% of my $.99 song HEALING TIME to new orleans .. to rebuild.. it's #23 in the country on the top 40 AC charts now - josh charles
i agree with josh re: the catalyst... it is so important to be inspired & encouraged & twitter does this...well.. the people on twitter do thsi - michelemeiche
There will always be new people who need the Twitter springboard, no matter what comes next, whether separate or part of Twitter. - Veralynne Bosko Pepper
Josh: Cool. Glad it went well. We (MN) would love to have you anytime! - Nicole
wonderful josh... - michelemeiche
WOW! this thread is really popping now! i feel like its getting faster as it goes! - Jason Pollock
jason knows first hand about why i'm doing this - josh charles
thanx josh will ck out - michelemeiche
i support mr. pollock on everything he does - josh charles
Not that it matters... but I think live broadcast on Ustream or Livestream is a good communication option (with IRC or FF comments/questions). - Jason Nunnelley it... an artist prayer - michelemeiche
"everything"? wow - enterbackspace
good night eveyone. - emjorogo
Shameika Chan: My film is not out yet! stay tuned to my twitter for any major #TYC updates!:) - Jason Pollock
Emiro: goodnight! - Jason Pollock
Hello .. - Kimmy Sue
night...buenos noches emiro :-) - michelemeiche
Josh: u rock dude! ur so inspiring to me! - Jason Pollock
haha. thanks :) - emjorogo
jason- likewise.. :) - josh charles
I have experienced the healng of twitter, @libbytalks & @Aliveinme havealso. I am sure many others. We help each other w/ pos. energy & LOVE - RetiredTeacherD
if only i can figure out how to get people to DOWNLOAD it.. - josh charles
and not just tweet and rt it.. you know? - josh charles
i agree retired teacher - michelemeiche
I purchased it on Amazon. ;) - Nicole
thank you nicole - josh charles
make it a badge . . . - enterbackspace
Firs time i use this thing, and it goes pretty fast! - emjorogo
ther'es a real social media charitable angle here if TWITTER could get behind this and get people to spend $.99 to download the song.. it would be amazing.. - josh charles
jason...what was your impetus for this 2night? what questions would u like to answer? - michelemeiche
Josh: it always much harder to get people to actually spend $$.. especially now in these hard times. - Jason Pollock
I agree, RetiredTeacher! Good stuff! - Veralynne Bosko Pepper
can i say i think it's a good song too lol :) - josh charles
josh - you're modest...great song! ;-) - Angela Garbot
i bought a leaf here today to help re-build a home lost in this weeks flood in Ouagadougou. Everyone has leaf dust around them here at the hospital as if it were an honor. - enterbackspace
jason- i know.. completely understand that .. that's why we made it $.99 - josh charles
michele: my impetus for this was to test to see if it would work.. if i could get people chatting in a thread like this.. clearly it has worked:) - Jason Pollock
josh...i would say offer the song for free...yes... free & then build a following & then come out with another song u can charge for... - michelemeiche
angela- thank you kindly:) - josh charles
dan- thank you so much.. let's get a million more:) - josh charles
Dan: AWESOME DUDE! u rock! - Jason Pollock
well...u tweet a lot... and inspired & u engage pretty much whatever you put out gets response - michelemeiche
Great song! - Nicole
@libbytalks has an amazing story of how twitter has helped her - RetiredTeacherD
it was fun. we were all talking about what we were able to give up in order to participate. - enterbackspace
i don't think many people get is the equal engagement - michelemeiche
uhm.. i'm new at twitter, and being following u Jason, has been a huge help! lol - emjorogo
why couldn't we do the same sort of thing with your song? - enterbackspace
enterbackspace - what do you mean? - josh charles
so i'ts cool, to be able to "chat" with u.. and everyone - emjorogo
i talked to tavis smiley off camera about twitter... - josh charles
what did he say josh?? - michelemeiche
told him i'm trying to use twitter to spearhead the downloads - josh charles
josh: what did tavis say about twitter? - Jason Pollock
Tavis said that's a great idea.. how's it going so far.. if you notice tavis tweeted alot that week on the story - josh charles
so $ is tight and the song cost a buck, what if we talked about what buying it was worth to us -- the price of participation? - enterbackspace
tavis said that it's important to have a new outlet for people to talk in and twitter is powerful. i then told him.. that i met alyssa milano through twitter who was on his show and has become a supporter.. - josh charles
finally figured this out! - Meesh
enterbackspace- i love it - josh charles
perhaps, it's to simple a thought :P - enterbackspace
the thing is (most) people will follow people that have a "name" or large fan base via tv, etc... and then there are those that organically build on a cause,or because of authentic engagement - michelemeiche
michele -i'm all over tv right now .. surreal as it may be for me - josh charles
You should hear how some of my co-workers mock Twitter. "Did you tweet what you had for breakfast ha ha..." - Derek Thomas
yes...but just have follower does not mean influence... - michelemeiche
i agree with michelemeiche. i am a relief worker and those that are interested in such are mostly who i engage with via twitter - enterbackspace
. . . an family. - enterbackspace
many people with a lot of followers don't have people that actually engage their efforts - michelemeiche
tv - wonder how all this interactive media is affecting viewership? i certainly don't watch as much, prefer actual interaction! - Angela Garbot
derek there are those who will not see beyond that stuff.. the real value of twitter lies .. in the connection . that's why i'm out here like jason .. talking - josh charles
yes...i think this is where people are stuck in an "old paradigm" thinking it is the # of followers... - michelemeiche
i use twitter because it keeps me connected to those in the USA and UK for less cash than e-mail & the code is simple enough to run off my simple phone service. - enterbackspace
Derek: your co-workes mock it becuz they dont understand it.. most people dont understand any of this stuff yet. - Jason Pollock
hellOoo ;) - Debra Joy
i'm in the public eye so to speak and i enjoy meeting and talking and LEARNING from people.. - josh charles
Josh: yes that is what I try to tell them but I' - Derek Thomas
it is how engaged via the relationship the "followers" are & what they are willing to do based on the connection - michelemeiche
But I'm sure you know how it goes - Derek Thomas
basically, it is my connection to my funding source. - enterbackspace
Derek yeah i do... i then show people how twitter affects my career and efforts in philanthropy and they go .. "oh... that's cool" ... - josh charles
Jason, when you first started using twitter, did you already have faith in the social media aspect of it all? - Alicia Dziob
in fact it was a direct message via twitter that produced the chopper that airlifted me to medical support when my arm was machete-ed. - enterbackspace
Michelle, although I had Kirstie Alley stating her desire to run a twitterthon for @aquathon, I was able to build up a base of over 1,500 followers and 1,000 more for @aquathon simply by tweeting, talking, playing music, running contests, etc. - Steve Woods
twitter has a huge ability and potential to promote change across a broad spectrum of things, be in philanthropic, political or social change - Meesh
Steve- looking forward to speaking to you .. your efforts are very admirable:) - josh charles
it depends on who you follow, who's willing to help, and how much you also believe and promote your cause. - Meesh
michelle- well spoken - josh charles
steve..i agree... see this is what i mean..u made yourself real..authentic genuine.. - michelemeiche
in that moment i may have lost my arm, but twitter definitely helped to save my life. - enterbackspace
Hey Josh, i want to download the song, can i do it on Amazon? - emjorogo
michelle, i agree. that's what i'm using twitter for. philanthropy. however, i get sidetracked all to often, and just go on about my regular daily events. - Alicia Dziob
it use to be people had their "pr" machines churning stuff out & there were no options... - michelemeiche
there are a lot of options now... a lot of talent.....a lot of good causes so how does one decide??? - michelemeiche
itunes wont' give 100% of the $.99.. they take some for themselves. AMAZON is giving ALL of it - josh charles
im running a marathon and trying to get from mia to san fran for cancer- i tweet and post everyday..only get about 3 rt's..its hard..but you gotta believe someone out there will help. - Meesh
I agree big names are often needed, but you can definitely build up a base by engaging your followers. Takes a lot of effort! Jason takes this effort, and gets wonderful results! - Steve Woods
i said this early- dont ever give up on your dreams.. ever - josh charles
facebook has actually proven to be a bit more effective in getting interest from those not directly involved - Meesh
steve- compltely agree with you on jason's ability - josh charles
i've used the direct message option a great deal, since i have been in hospital here, to connect with people interested in our efforts in Moz. it has proved a valuable link - even though i suck at tweeting. - enterbackspace
i think with the influx of so many people you really just have to LOVE (sorry for shout) what you are doing & put it out there..share as much as possible and you never know where the opening will come.... - michelemeiche
we also have a facebook cause and are starting a healing time foundation .. next week for 501c3 - josh charles
that sounds awesome Josh - Meesh
i think the days of "strategizing" are gone... if people smell a phony they are gone... - michelemeiche
While we talk onward, Twitter is having problems again... LOL - Steve Woods
yes, and even if its not a phony, so many schemes and scams have to work to convince people you're the real deal. - Meesh
i so agree with you steve it is about engaging people and being genuine real to who you are - michelemeiche
We love this - where do you go to start one? - Webcastr
so true michelle - michelemeiche
im raffling a cruise , a hotel stay...and that makes people think it's even more FAKE! - Meesh
I believe your strategy should be to listen, talk, share of yourself as much as you can, and people will care... If they don't listen, keep reaching out! - Steve Woods
jason...are you taking notew LOL?.... i am learning a lot...some great info and sharing here :-) - michelemeiche
sometimes i want to yell, cancer is real...people who care are real! believe me! it happens! - Meesh
perhaps our world has become that disillusioned, if it's not on t.v. or on Oprah it can't be real or worth a cause ( nothing against Oprah..just the example) - Meesh
michelle, what's your twitter name? my dad has cancer, and i'd love to follow your story on twitter. - Alicia Dziob
meeshsparks - Meesh
i tried to get the song Jason, but it says it's not available in my country! - emjorogo
sorry! :( - emjorogo
itunes is like that. - Webcastr
Always here. Nice thread, Jason. - Louis Gray
emjorgo what country? - josh charles
LOUIS GRAY! - Jason Pollock
i dont have anyone in my life that Ive known with this form of cancer im running for until i joined team in training. I have a job that i dont i had to do somehting else with my life that made my time worthwhile..Lol - Meesh
Venezuela. - emjorogo
excuse the typos - Meesh
I'm so honored that Louis Gray has entered our little live chat! - Jason Pollock
=S - emjorogo
emjorgo try itunes - josh charles
follow @meeshsparks - josh charles
For those of you who dont know, Louis Gray is one of the most followed on friendfeed and he is considered by most to be one of the greatest minds in social media today! - Jason Pollock
michelle, following you! truly, best of luck in all of your endeavors. - Alicia Dziob
Where have you been? - Jesse Stay
Ok Josh! i also added u in twitter. I'm glad u t doing something to help. Count on me. - emjorogo
this should be a worshop or lecture on a college campus- the power of social media bringing about social change..have different campuses, different organizations all sync in at the same time- and just,networking for their particular cause..event..etc. - Meesh
that is wonderful to have louis gray in the room :) - kari ann alcala
thank you emjorgo - josh charles
welcome, Louis :) - Meesh
just googled him... hi louis.. gr8 2 meet u :-) - michelemeiche
and thank you Josh and Alicia ! - Meesh
WOAH! Jesse Stay just clicked LIKE! - Jason Pollock
welcome :-) - michelemeiche
i'm trying to change the world by thinking globally and acting locally. the organization i've started is called the silhouette project. i think all too often, and we forget that we can do little things to help, and that's kind of what i'm all about. - Alicia Dziob
veralynne -thank you for joining the healing time cause on fb - josh charles
Jesse Stay created the amazing app SOCIALTOO - Jason Pollock
my tweets are sporadic cause Im not allowed internet or phone at work ( yes, I know it's like I work in Bedrock) but you will see my pleas out there - Meesh
Jesse is also a friendfeed giant and huge on twitter too! - Jason Pollock
josh, you have a link on here to the fb page? - Meesh
now jason... u are gaining this s" influence" or more influence & so now what??? :-) - michelemeiche
I'm no where near as big as Louis though :-) - Jesse Stay
watching the conversation and speed - Mac Sharp
i've been RT your FF chat jason - josh charles
Jesse: haha! u both are geniuses. - Jason Pollock
hi louis - i'm already following you - josh charles
Everything I learned I learned from Louis - Jesse Stay
yes that'sthe link to HEALING TIME - josh charles
i need one of the multi monitors to follow everything Im doing right now..kudos to you multitaskers! - Meesh
michelle --that's the link above - josh charles
thanks Josh :) - Meesh
uh., i'm so liking this, thing. You get to meet so many nice people, causes, etc. - emjorogo
Jesse & Louis: I have learned A LOT by watching both of you for the past few months. Watching u both use friendfeed has been mindblowing. i hope u like what I've created with this thread tonight! im pretty excited about it! - Jason Pollock
hey everyone.. - heykim
hi kim it's awakeningstweet :-) - michelemeiche
@HEYKIM is here! hey kim! - Jason Pollock
hey kim - josh charles
Thanks Jason - hopefully I can keep it up :-) This thread is great! - Jesse Stay
This chat is SO cool! - Jason Pollock
haha it is Jason! - emjorogo
hey jason! how you doin tonite my friend? - heykim
thank you michelle and niclone for joining the healing time cause on FB:) - josh charles
Hey heykim! - Derek Thomas
Hello - Sheldon Harker
Following Louis - Steve Woods
hey kim - Nicole
jason- did you join ? we need people to be apart and voice for the cause and you have first hand epx - josh charles
had fun & now gotta run. - enterbackspace
looks like we can go back and see who is here later and add them later ! - heykim
i got knocked out ! - Meesh
i've been tweeting it... twitter a little slower 2night - michelemeiche
Joined Healing Time on FaceBook - Steve Woods
my pleasure josh - Nicole
bye enterbackspace have a gr8 weekend :-) - michelemeiche
thank you steve:) - josh charles
and here is the facebook page for team in training, i have until my 26th bday to get what I need to make it to San Fran :) - Meesh
Josh: send the link to your facebook group again.. that link didnt work. - Jason Pollock
Jason, you are way too nice to me. I don't even believe all those good things you just said. :) - Louis Gray
i just did Josh! awesome cause, - emjorogo
FriendFeed is the most versatile social network on the planet. The more you stay here, the more you learn. Great people. Great tools. - Louis Gray
i need to figure out what I am going to do once team in training is happy you did this Jason...I can know find another philanthropy! - Meesh
Louis: haha! yeah right.. come on dude. u know you are way ahead of this game... u must know it! - Jason Pollock
this is awesome.. i've had several of you join in the last few minutes.. thank you so much. - josh charles
of course Josh - Meesh
It all depends on perspective. I'm sitting here in my condo ready to play Wii. I don't feel like much of a leader. :) - Louis Gray
JOIN IN ON THIS AWESOME CHAT! HERE' : - with @Jason_ Pollock - heykim
Louis: I think the smart thing that facebook could do is for them to get everyone on friendfeed.. instead of taking friendfeed's tools and putting them inside facebook. they should just get everyone here as well.. they could say its for all the micro-blogging enthusiasts. - Jason Pollock
Louis: fave Wii game? - Angela Garbot
a leader is one who is comfortable and enjoys his/her own company :-) - michelemeiche
Why can't you be a leader that loves their Wii? ;) - Jennifer Mitchell
you can lead in most scoring points in bowling while friend feeding, Louis - Meesh
:) - Meesh
hi josh! - heykim
If you guys are new to FriendFeed, and Jason is a strong ambassador, just follow me and I will try to help. Promise. - Louis Gray
the FB cause was created to inform people of what's happening with the healing time.. and for people to be able to give more than $1 if they want - josh charles
LOL jennifer - michelemeiche
I am currently addicted to Mario Kart. I am going to beat Jesse Stay again. - Louis Gray
hey jason, what's up!!! - Tommy Geraci
Jason-facebook loves apps too much for that - Meesh
Facebook has 250 million users.. if they told everyone to micro-blog on friendfeed then they would. - Jason Pollock
jason - let me know if that link doesn't work - josh charles
Mario Kart rules! - Jason Pollock
Louis..Loving Brizzly! - DJ Stevie Steve
josh, you will be receiving 5.00 from me shortly :) - Meesh
Do you go to parties and say: HEY I'M HERE IN THE FLESH, ask me questions! ...? :) - Mona Nomura from iPhone
im working hard for donations, i know any little bit helps! - Meesh
Brizzly is awesome. Glad you like it Steve. - Louis Gray
i can use the friendfeed tips louis gray :) - heykim
michelle= thank you for your donation- that money goes straight to the Preservation Resource Center ... - josh charles
me, I just signed in here cause of ur recomendation!!! - LILCHICKENPOO
My kids have been teaching me lots. Louis only thinks he will win (but he probably will) - Jesse Stay
michelle- what's your FB link? - josh charles
LOL @ Mona Nomura - Derek Thomas
It's only when I play Mario Kart that I like playing with Wario..funniest voice ever! - Meesh
Everybody knows who Mona is. - Louis Gray
I hear Mona likes Mario Kart - Jesse Stay
its crazy how much more engaging this chat is than twitter.. - Jason Pollock
Wario is the best! haha - emjorogo
What I am also trying to say to those of you that have projects and causes...don't rely on the big names on Twitter and FaceBook for success. You have to make yourself the big name in your cause through engaging your followers. Make yourself a regional or local celebrity, and keep growing... - Steve Woods
hellOoo .. hugs eveRyoNe .. - Debra Joy
i just went to look at my twitter and it just looked so much slower than this kick ass chat! - Jason Pollock
Definitely jason! i tried because of ur recomendation. and it's just amazing - emjorogo
good idea steve - Meesh
Even 300 people who love your tweets can RT you to thousands... - Steve Woods
josh trying to tweet u...twitter problems right now..ugh... - michelemeiche
Christy: haha! - Jason Pollock
steve, those are true words! - Alicia Dziob
definitely feels more personal than twitter - Meesh
hey all of you! good to see you all.. follow me on twitter or here and let me know that jason sent ya :) - heykim
hahaha - emjorogo
steve.... this so true & what i was trying to well put & poignant :-) - michelemeiche
im on a netbook and its hard to keep up... :) - heykim
steve- i agree. i have big names now that are behind me but it wasn't like that early on .. and the big names aren't really integral.. they just help give more notice - josh charles
i wonder when the first TwitterCon will be ? - Meesh
:) - Meesh
this might be redundant but anyone read, watch, listen to seth godin.... tribes... :-) - michelemeiche
Michelle: TwitterCon! LOL! there are many twitter conventions already. - Jason Pollock
i believe that too Josh-but I didnt get donations till I had something to offer people in return - Meesh
jason- i am but a young grasshopper in this :) - Meesh
heykim...following! - Angela Garbot
@sashahalima clued me in..and now Im a bit addicted - Meesh
@SchuggaJoy .. .. hi what's goin on? - Debra Joy
( seeing as I have 10 miles at 5:30 am est and it's ...1:35am est..) - Meesh
Hi Schugga! - Steve Woods
@joshcharles - josh charles
@photosbygarbot - Angela Garbot
thanks for the follows all of you! much appreciate it :) jason got me to 2000 ..i owe him alot of thanks :) - heykim
HuGs Steve!! - Debra Joy
@meeshsparks - Meesh
@siloproject - Alicia Dziob
@jenmitch - Jennifer Mitchell
thanks dan and angela:) - heykim
thanks for the follows! - Meesh
hey debra! - heykim
and forgive my butterfinge ranting,but i just dont understand how anyone likes butterfinger. - Meesh
@SchuggaJoy .. good to see yah kim! - Debra Joy
@derekthomasxxx (NOT A PORN STAR! UNLESS YOU CONSIDER FOOD PICS PORN!!!) - Derek Thomas
@emjorogo - emjorogo
LOL derek! - Meesh
@awakeningstweet - michelemeiche hi all gr8 to connect :-) - michelemeiche
@SchuggaJoy .. twitter needs a naP !! - Debra Joy
@SchuggaJoy we lOve yOu JaSon!! - Debra Joy
when I travel up the Carnival Cruise Line corporate chain, I'll propose the first TweetUpCruise- that hasnt been done yet..has it, Jason? :) - Meesh
Does everyone know that if they click on the timestamp at the top of the post, you can pop out the chat into it's own window? - DJ Stevie Steve
jason rawks \m/ \m/ - kimmaayy
Steve- Good tip! Thanks! - Jennifer Mitchell
@SchuggaJoy .. what does that mean Steve darling? Me No Understand .. - Debra Joy
i think i'm following all of you here now - josh charles
jp, are you still on? - fdfdfd
:) - emjorogo
if i havent followed u , pls follow me and I will be sure to follow u when i get to twitter - Meesh
I just added u Michelle - emjorogo
debra, if you scroll up, and click on the time stamp that says the time that you started chatting just below the description... it will open the chat in a new window. - Alicia Dziob
jason, i like your ustreams better, we get to see you bop =) - kimmaayy
Joining this HUGE gathering! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
steve woods... are u following me ? - heykim
thanks em! - Meesh
KIM: aww! thanks! i do a ustream again soon:) - Jason Pollock
Jason can still Ustream and have the friendfeed chat window open too. - DJ Stevie Steve
oh yay! - Meesh
Steve: i dont see why not. i havent seen a rule against that one! lol. - Jason Pollock
@bstern - Bo Stern
@Louis: if you're still around, I wish there was a way to import Seesmic Desktop groups into Brizzly. Setting up groups all over again in each new Twitter app is such a pain. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
HeyKim yes I have you followed now! - Steve Woods
I think if we hit a certain number of friends here tonight, JASON SHOULD USTREAM! - Meesh
cant keep up.. please follow heykim and tweet me that jason sent you .. thx - heykim
hey Steve Woods, Kim, Heykim Jason, how is everyone?? - Tommy Geraci
I swear this cricket is gonna eat me! .. -schugga - Debra Joy
@ScepticGeek on Twitter - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
a cricket? not Jiminy! - Meesh
thanks steve.. hey tommy! - heykim
Hi, Tommy! I believe Jason has found a better chat medium here... We'll need to bring the drinks over here... - Steve Woods
i'm following you now heykim @emjorogo - emjorogo
no he's not wearing a coat so it couldn't Jiminy - schugga - Debra Joy
hey tommy! - Jason Pollock
michelle waht was ur twiiter name again? - heykim
meeshsparks - Meesh
i believe u just followd me, i followed you :) - Meesh
Hi all~I follow Josh and saw the invite. Thought I would check out friendfeed. Keep those tips coming steve! I need the newbie crash course from you guys..... *let's see if this works* - Shel Copeland @Q102
Can I subscribe to all my FF subscribers in bulk? Or do I have to go through one-by-one? - Nicole
thanks emjorogo! - heykim
alright, i'm off to bed.(1:45 est) it was really neat chatting, and reading what you all had to say!! i already posted, but feel free to follow me @siloproject good night all!! - Alicia Dziob
hi shel- thanks for your support :) - josh charles
Hola Tommy! - emjorogo
night Alicia! - Meesh
bye Alicia! - emjorogo
me shel heykim on tiwtter :) - heykim
Nice2meet u Kim - Shel Copeland @Q102
Hey I think it's still Follow Friday! Jason are you following @TheDelicious ?!? - Derek Thomas
Nicole: you gotta do it one by one. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
thank you everyone for a great night here.. i'm exhausted- still recuperating from my tour... talk soon .. thank you - josh charles
Thanks for follow me Michelle! :) - emjorogo
In Miami it is now StayupLate Saturday - Meesh
Well, I should run now. Jason, the offer stands. If you ever want to small-group brainstorm ideas to involve your TYC viewers, I'm there. Take good care, Sir. - Steve Woods
no problem Em - Meesh
Night Josh. - Nicole
night, josh - glad to get on board with your cause - will spread the word! - Angela Garbot
Michelle, followed you. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Awesome, thanks Mahendra! - Meesh
God I wish there was an easier way... - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
mahendra - following you! - Angela Garbot
nite josh! - heykim
night steve...have a great weekend :-) - michelemeiche
night josh.. peaceful night to you :-) - michelemeiche
good night jason...good night all.. see u in twitterverse.... have a peaceful weekend @awakeningstweet :-) michele - michelemeiche
this is cool! - Jason Pollock
I have a question Jason. When you first joined Twitter did you ever think it would be what it is now? - Tommy Geraci
Angela: thanks, I'm already following you. :) - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
a week lie...I had 30 follows..and 30 i was following..I did jasons u stream..and yeah i only have 113-but heck thats more in one week that in the 3 months or so i really started tweeting! - Meesh
this little chat appears to be wrapping up.. what an awesome experience this was! - Jason Pollock
i brought the wine, who's got crackers and cheese? - kimmaayy
Jason: you've brought a lot of people together...thanks! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Jason-have you done a college tour of TYC? - Meesh
hi Jason .. *hugs atcha* - @SchuggaJoy - Debra Joy im headin on out yall.keeps freezing up the silly netbook.. thanks jason! - heykim
Meesh: I went to 21 schools in 12 battleground states on a tour with my film to get the youth vote out in 2008. - Jason Pollock
nite all .. see you soon .. - schuggajoy - Debra Joy
I'll leave you with this... even little guys can do big! - Steve Woods
well, how about now after the fact - Meesh
TYC BABY! - heykim
( sorry i chnged my display name...people kept saying michelle and i didnt thik they were referring to me lol) - Meesh
Meesh: i will definitely do another one when my film gets picked up. - Jason Pollock
so many cool new friends -- thanks Jason!! - Derek Thomas
I am UFlorida alumni and I think they'd would screen it and Gainesville a great town for it - Meesh
awesome1 - Meesh
Jason do you already know everyone? Or people are meeting here/networking? - Shel Copeland @Q102 - Tommy Geraci
~GONE - heykim
back. decided against sleep for the moment. reading this is way to intriguing!! lol - Alicia Dziob
Alicia: LOL! spoken like a true social media addict. - Jason Pollock
I know the feeling! @ Alicia - Derek Thomas
yay Alicia! - Meesh
when you said the EST time I thought I should go to bed..10 miles.. - Meesh
Yeah, awesome Jason! Have a great night everyone! @niclone - Nicole
but then i figured..I can sleep in when Im work for once on a Saturday! - Meesh
haha! i know right! i don't technically have to be awake early in the morning, so it's fiiinneee. :) - Alicia Dziob
Gosh Jason, everytime I follow your links to a new place it adds all kinds of things to my google toolbar. - LaRene Raulerson
LaRene: thanks for the kind words:) - Jason Pollock
I need a better tweet app for my G1- i spend the day with NO internet...and feel out of the loop by the time Im releasd back into civilazation - Meesh
civilization,even - Meesh
Whats G1 - LaRene Raulerson
the tmobile phone..basically Iphone for Tmobile. - Meesh
Google powered - Meesh
Oh thanks. - LaRene Raulerson
no problem LaRene - Meesh
Alicia, where are you on the East Coast? - Meesh
i left...i came back...i really have to go to bed, need to be bright-eyed for a wedding shoot on saturday! - Angela Garbot
...but, if i tell them i was "jason pollock'd" i think it will be OK! :-) - Angela Garbot
You can always wear sunglasses and have a large cafe con leche, Angela! - Meesh
i'm back.. wow, i keep being shocked of how fast this thing goes! - emjorogo
I'm in Connecticut - Alicia Dziob
Just outside of Hartford. - Alicia Dziob
who are you? - Chad Gesser from BuddyFeed
meesh: sunglasses - check! - Angela Garbot
my first time using friendfeer, and not the last one! - emjorogo
Hartfort Conneticut Alicia? - emjorogo
I am getting ready to crash as well..ouch bad choice of 35 year old totaled his bike last night up by his house in TN. He sent me pics.oweee - LaRene Raulerson
yes, angela- and when they speak of you they will say " oh that ANgela GArbot, so fabulous with her sunglasses as she shuttered away on her camera capturing our wedding" - Meesh
little will they - Meesh
meesh: LOL! i'll have to rely on histogram for exposure! - Angela Garbot
my first time using friendf too - LaRene Raulerson
Windy City! - Angela Garbot
MIAMI! - Meesh
Venezuela - emjorogo
Meesh, what app do you use on the G1? - DJ Stevie Steve
im visiting the windy city after san fran, angela! - Meesh
ive used twidget,twoid - Meesh
all freeze or shut down - Meesh
meesh: dm me soon and we'll talk! - Angela Garbot
whats dm - LaRene Raulerson
Mahendra, you're in India? I've always wanted to go there! - Alicia Dziob
Angela: im excited-never been to the west coast or midwest ..i cling to the east coast like a dryer sheet to static. - Meesh
direct message, in twitter - where u can send a private message to a follower - doesn't go out as a tweet - Angela Garbot
oh thks - LaRene Raulerson
There's an orphanage called Aarti Home, in Kadapa that I'd love to visit at some point, they do amazing things. - Alicia Dziob
try twidroid...been working well for me - DJ Stevie Steve
So where are you Jason? - emjorogo
whenever I blip my mozilla firefox crashes-either browser stinks for too many things or the site does..which one is it? - Meesh
Im here there and everywhere:) - Jason Pollock nice - LaRene Raulerson
Alicia: let me know when you want to come! :) - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Alicia: followed you on Twitter - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
If I do go it probably wouldn't be until the Spring time. - Alicia Dziob
Jason, that was very Cat in the Hat of you to say! - Meesh
Sure, let me know anytime. I can guide you and you can also couch-surf with us if you wish. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
great! i'm returning the follow!! thanks. :) - Alicia Dziob
Soo...where art thou Jason? - LaRene Raulerson
OK, folks gotta go now, my daughter wants to play with the keyboard. LOL. I'm @ScepticGeek on Twitter for anyone who wants to follow. Good night to you all. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
so, occupations anyone? who's the next Oprah? AC360? Dave Eggers? - Meesh
btw, speaking of other countries, we are always curious to see if there are countries where our videos wont play. Anyone feel like testing at - Webcastr
Jason doesn't answer a lot of questions afterall ;) - Shel Copeland @Q102
I'm the next Jason Pollock.. or so I've been told:) - Jason Pollock
Would love to know since we can't be everywhere. - Webcastr
i answer lots of questions!!! - Jason Pollock
haha, good one Jason - Meesh
Witty, Jason! lol. - Alicia Dziob
lol...........and the answer is........... - LaRene Raulerson
Jason, thank you for my new followers and spam bots! ;) - Derek Thomas
LaRene, he's in your head :) - Meesh
lol.. this chat has been the coolest thing.. im going to start these all the time now. - Jason Pollock
We're up to 690 comments in this one thread! thats incredible! i wonder how big this thread will get! - Jason Pollock
No that would be the millions of pumpkins song that he never answered me - LaRene Raulerson
it's alot more personalized that Ustream..before it was insane. Its nice that everyone gets a word in edgewise.. - Meesh
depends on how long you stay on I suppose. - Webcastr
you've been asked a couple you big deal ...the place is smokin fast - Shel Copeland @Q102
pretty fast! - emjorogo
I've tried to start up the UStream, and whenever I go on, both Mozilla, and Explorer would crash. - Alicia Dziob
Jason, perhaps you should make a FAQ section to your profile - Meesh
lol - Meesh
but I asked him after last weeks - LaRene Raulerson
would get all the preliminaries out of the way - Meesh
Shel.. sorry if ive missed anyones questions! im trying to answer as many as possible. this thread has been hard to keep up with! everytime i check a link quickly when i get back to the thread ive missed like 20 comments! - Jason Pollock
does dave sedaris have a twitter? I cant find him..and he's one of my favorites ! - Meesh
haha. pretty fast! - emjorogo
so, in talking on this, and all the new followers it seems like alot of us are very entrepreneurial. - Alicia Dziob
Alicia-whoever doesn't want to change the world we live in has yet to start living. - Meesh
Jason...what was the millions of pumpkins song after the show? - LaRene Raulerson
@ Meesh >> That is awesome - Derek Thomas
Hey Jason, what's up? This is Lee, aka Rafeon. I tried to DM you and email about a distributor link for TYC. I'm going to be meeting soon with someone from Paramount and would love to talk to them about it. Did you get one yet? - Rafeon
I couldn't have said that any better. You're so right. - Alicia Dziob
Thanks Derek- every now and then I pop out a gem or two.. - Meesh
No problem. I hear ya! I'm sure the newbie ?'s get old too. it's my first time. Friend Feed virgin~ha! - Shel Copeland @Q102
it's the duds we have to worry - Meesh
Ha ha! - Derek Thomas
shel - following you! - Angela Garbot
Im gonna tweet that ..copyright 2009. - Meesh
LOL, kidding :) - Meesh
haha - emjorogo
Angela I'll hit U back when i figure out how lmao! - Shel Copeland @Q102
LOL! i'm @photosbygarbot - Angela Garbot
sleep-sleep would be nice. - Meesh
have to train..and the Gators play - Meesh
zzzzzzzzzzzz - LaRene Raulerson
Ok...I'm following you on twitter..i get it now - Shel Copeland @Q102
Are u sleepy LaRene? - emjorogo
shel: awesome, thanks! - Angela Garbot
and fading fast - LaRene Raulerson
Yes, yes... btw, Did u see this? - just came in during chat - Minn. Teen Done with Chemotherapy - - Webcastr
I am moving to twitterville..everyone here seems to have sipped on some nyquil and are heading to frolic with the sandman soon - Meesh
lol me too - LaRene Raulerson
butterfinger.. hahaha Meesh - emjorogo
*reading the tutorial* - Shel Copeland @Q102
Everybody please Digg me! So I can write more stupid crap like this! - Derek Thomas
and oh yes, we are in Hollywood. - Webcastr
seriously! - Meesh
i think eating Butterfingers is like eating a nail file! - Meesh
gross! - Meesh
We went to the DJ AM memorial last nite here. - Webcastr
when i was little, the jerks in the neighborhood were the ones who gave butterfingers - Meesh
real people give reese's - Meesh
:P lol Meesh! - emjorogo
how was that, webcastr - Meesh
Meesh I just followed you - LaRene Raulerson
The memorial was surprisingly 'non Hollywood' - Webcastr
i had one neighbor that'd give out sugar packets they'd accumulated from restaurants. - Alicia Dziob
add me Larene @emjorogo - emjorogo
Despite that Nicole Richie and John MAyer and Robert Downey Jr were there. It was nice - Webcastr
ah nothing to it after all...thanks for letting me crash your chat folks...i gotta get back to the music...good night! - Shel Copeland @Q102
We have some coverage of it on now (Just search DJ AM) - Webcastr
Everyone here should sign-up the become a member of my website!:) that would rock:) = - Jason Pollock
night shel! - emjorogo
Good night Shel - be sure to follow us! - Webcastr
good night Shel! :) - Alicia Dziob
So nice to meet you good people..I'll hit ya..hit me back - Shel Copeland @Q102
sweet, will do Jason - Meesh
and web, why you hating on John Mayer? - Meesh
Not hating at all. John is a freind of ours. - Webcastr
I was just saying that the event wasn't too 'Hollywood' even though some of those peeps were there. - Webcastr
Does everyone understand the difference? - Webcastr
Webcastr: great site! everyone check out webcastr's site = - Jason Pollock
ah, si si - Meesh
thanks for clearing that up - Meesh
and Jason, awesome site - Meesh
Thank you Jason! - Webcastr
Jason! nice site. i'm watching the trailer - emjorogo
We don't have social networking yet, so we have everyone join us on Ning ( - Webcastr
Everyone is more than welcome to join us there - Especially Jason! - Webcastr
Webcastr: How many people do u have in your ning network? - Jason Pollock
emiro it says your already on my but I did not see you there - LaRene Raulerson
:/ Weird LaRene - emjorogo
what is a ning - LaRene Raulerson
I know right - LaRene Raulerson
let me check - emjorogo
ok lemme know - LaRene Raulerson
okay - emjorogo
i'm following you now. - emjorogo
A few hundred but we are new - can you help grow it with us? - Webcastr
okay thanks - LaRene Raulerson
When are you doing another live USTREAM? - Matt Moss
If u upload a clip of your movie we can help promote it. - Webcastr
so , what is a "ning"? - LaRene Raulerson
i see you're new LaRene, me too! - emjorogo
lol yep..we are both virginal....;) - LaRene Raulerson
haha. - emjorogo
It's a company that Marc from Netscape started - you create your own Social net - take a look at ours ( as an example. We are always adding to it - Webcastr
virginal - ha! - Webcastr
i'm going through the site webcastr, very good! - emjorogo
Okay I will - LaRene Raulerson
*Watches the Virginal & The Rest ... - Kirk
soulja boy! - Meesh
I'm a friend feed Virgin - Kirk
Meesh! - Kirk
Thank you. We love feedback - My bosses want it to be a better YouTube - quality over quanity - bookmark it if u like - Webcastr
sorry, i was nose deep in a book..remember those things? - Meesh
soulboy! - Angela Garbot
im afraid of whats gonna happen the day I get a Kindle. oh me oh my - Meesh
Hi Angela ...ty for the directions to Oz, Meesh : ) - Kirk
Books - the things that collect dust in many an iPod owners home? - Kirk
We have a Meesh at our office! (It's spelled Mich though.) - Webcastr
anytime, im like your personal pair of ruby red slippers - Meesh
Yes re: Kindle ....mmm hmmm - Kirk
kirk: just make sure the ruby slippers are all shined up! - Angela Garbot
meesh: great minds... - Angela Garbot
LMAO - Kirk
yes, they spell it Mich at my house but then it encourages others to pronounce it Mitch - Meesh
ell, she doesn't want this HOUSE to fall on her! - Kirk
and then I have a fit.. - Meesh
So Jason... how does one start a FriendFeed chat exactly?? - Webcastr
I love books, I love getting lost in the bookstore still.. - Meesh
well, it's time for me to go!! nice to talk to you all, follow me! @emjorogo - emjorogo
we still have little non corporate bookstores here in Miami, its quite nice - Meesh
We just followed yu emjorogo - be sure to follow us back @webcastr - Webcastr
great! bye bye - emjorogo
webcastr - following u! - Angela Garbot
Thank you. We have good stuff everyday - worth following. - Webcastr
soulja boy, I dont know why, but your avatar makes me think you're about to break into a RickRoll - Meesh
I am a bookstore whore ...I love the whole experience ...and I worked in publishing for 3 long years ....mmm smell of fresh new book, or old one even ... - Kirk
Whats' a Rick Roll, dear? - Kirk
Meeesh that is hillarious........ninjas - LaRene Raulerson
oh - Kirk
hahahaha - Meesh
isnt it great?! - Meesh
a rickroll? - Meesh
went to webcastr - LaRene Raulerson
and??? - Webcastr
YES ...I put it together ...I can see the move. It's just me trying to stay busy while taking self-pic - Kirk
you know...rick astley - Meesh
he sings never gonna give you p - Meesh
rofl....meesh I added it to my myspace - LaRene Raulerson
lol - Meesh
PMSL - Kirk
@Webcastr You can embed a widget on your own site that allows you to have real time friendfeed chats on your own site and friendfeed at the same time - DJ Stevie Steve
I have danced my ass off many a night to Mr. Astley ... - Kirk
LaRene-- I cant ever hear that song the same way again. thats the best literal version of any song I have ever seen - Meesh
rofl....I know right.& that was one of my favorites too - LaRene Raulerson
... in days gone by ....hmm didn't he have an album cover similar to my pose (now that I think of it)? Oh no! - Kirk
Seen this RickRoll yet? Kurt Cobain - Nirvana - Rick Roll Video - - Webcastr
Shhhhh! - Kirk
im laughing @ you and at the link webcastr put - Meesh
Steve, Thank you - Will check that out! - Webcastr
following you @webcstr - Meesh
A nice group of ppl here - Webcastr
I'm not even looking to keep the Kirk's and the Kurts seperate ...I've gone thru life with ppl calling me KURT instead of my real name! lol - Kirk
crap...stayed too long...hubby asleep, dog in my spot! TTFN all - can't wait for next time. Thanks, Jason! - Angela Garbot
night ANgela - Meesh <--- fried butter at state fairs! goodness! that's gross on all levels. at least it's not fried butter fingers? right meesh? - Alicia Dziob
remember-sunglasses! - Meesh
bleh! butterfinger! - Meesh
thx, meesh! - Angela Garbot
and yes, i read about the fried butter - Meesh
LMAO - Kirk
OMG! i just left the room and I cant believe how many more comments there are! AMAZING! - Jason Pollock
Where's Mr. Pollock? - Kirk
Jason, you're missing the party - Meesh
soulja boy even rickrolled and everything - Meesh
hahaha - Kirk
Ok, where are the other gents? - Kirk
Alicia-in miami, they deep fry pork, and fried dough..and animals..I dont think we've moved to other objects..except ice cream.. - Meesh
right here. Jason, did u see where we offered to promote your movie clip? - Webcastr
i think people would deep fry a razor blade as long as i was covered in batter and syrup - Meesh
it* - Meesh
haha ...deepfried bladage! oooooooooooooouch! - Kirk
Meesh, you're soo sharp! - Kirk
shush, Kirk - Meesh
Im just sleepy, and writing another batch of letters to these people in Miami before bed. - Meesh
if sharp= slightly cranky Cuban/Salvadorean girl -then yes. - Meesh
Salvadoran* - Meesh
another note I made today in my office ( other than Butterfingers) - Meesh
every time I pass by the shredder in my office I feel like putting a ninja turtles reference on it. - Meesh
We have to scoot, too. But Jason, be sure to upload your trailer to our Ning page and everyone join us on Ning ( Have a good night everybody! - Webcastr
Goodnight Jason.! Me too. Blessings - LaRene Raulerson
night Jason! - Meesh
Jason you still did not answer my pumpkin - LaRene Raulerson
love to all @webcastr - out - Webcastr
I hit your follow on twitter button on your page webcastr, did it add me? - LaRene Raulerson
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Star Trek. - Mark Davidson from BuddyFeed
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The Star Trek Wars, of course duh - Logan Lindquist
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In case you had any questions:
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