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I'm not a nice person:
2014-02-27 Wikidata talk Cambridge
RT @SEQanswers: Ready to open a forum on Oxford @nanopore. Just need a first post. @pathogenomenick @BioMickWatson #day6ofMAP
RT @Joanne_Bentley: Recent results on #farm #animal behavior show that they have #emotions, good cognitive abilities and long-term memory
Torrent site blocks in the UK are a REAL PAIN! It took me nearly FIVE MINUTES to find s04e02! WTF!
"I have always believed that the fundamental role of science is to understand the world rather than to change it." - C. Chothia. #bluesky?
Avatar, Kung Fu Featurette - Earth Bending!:
Avatar, Kung Fu Featurette - Earth Bending!:
RT @aaronquinlan: The general lack of unit tests for research software is concerning. Very dangerous when many use your tools daily for research.
RT @torbjornlindahl: Verifying myself: I am tor on 7RtyMEjRBKCQX0xS50FWoH94l3iDvmkHF_lQ /
Help this man clap for the big boys. CLAPPER BOY THEO INTERVIEW: #Hollywood #clappastyle
Help this man clap for the big boys. CLAPPER BOY THEO INTERVIEW: #Hollywood #clappastyle
RT @utopiah: wow, Tron Dance on french touch surprising #performance
RT @mward: I've got a new (open access) paper out: "SEQanswers: An open access community for collaboratively decoding genomes" http://bioinformatics.oxfordjo...
RT @bengoldacre: we shld just stand outside Adobe's offices blocking everyone going in and out with 16'x9' placards saying "do you want to update flash?"
SEQanswers: An open access community for collaboratively decoding genomes! http://bioinformatics.oxfordjo... #massive-congratulations!
As of release v8.0, Phytozome provides access to thirty-one sequenced and annotated green plant genomes.
Propranolol, for blood pressure, anxiety, migraines, and heart ailments, affects the part of the brain that regulates attitudes to race...
RT @pjacock: Time to move samtools from SVN to git on github? #bioinformatics #HTSeq
RT @WFMU: Whoa. "Wuthering Heights" by Kate Bush Slowed Down to a Psychedelic 36 Minute-Long Opus: Audio & Video:
serious about starting your own biz this year? check this out - http://www.consumerprotectionr...
RT @gedankenstuecke: The Denisova hominin and I share the same genotype for ~31 % of the 338450 SNPs which I can find in both genomes.
#mediawiki's #OpenID extension, it's not as hard as it looks to install! (assuming you're on the bleeding edge) #MediaWiki goes #git ... what could be better?
#wfmu is like #bbc6, but without all the egos that seem like they are my friends, but never answer my emails.
#wfmu is the only channel I know that plays the Slovenian student worker rock theatre in opposition in the future.
RT @Genome10K: Very cool! Nature News Blog: Complete Denisovan genome offers glimpse of ancient variation via @addthis
Time to update your MediaWIki? - What is this earth thing you call diplomacy? SHOW ME KIRK!
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