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RT @BookmansSports: Get ready for your morning relaxation. Free #yoga class begins at 10am. #yogaeverydamnday #tucson
Due to a power outage @BookmansMesa is closed until further notice. If you don't mind a cross-town drive try @BookmansPhoenix.
w00t loot! RT @RedSixx: My loot. Thanks to @bookmans
Our Summer Kids Events are almost over. Don't miss out on this kind of fun => by coming see us this week.
. @bookmansspeedwy closed early due to a brown out. You still have about an hour to get to @BookmansGrant for last minute shopping.
RT @bookmansphoenix: "Girl, I know we're land creatures, but you make me feel like a pterodactyl when I'm with you." @PhxDinoCon Rocks.
RT @bookmansmesa: Did you take your photo in our photo booth @PhoenixComicon Look for it on our Flickr page!
But *this* Clan of the Cave Bear will be a good one.
This pic was sent to us from Panama! We're taking over Central America one hostel at a time.
Our vanity searches can be quite entertaining. We aren't the only Bookmans on Twitter.
For Debate: Is listening to an audio book still "reading a book"? We have definite thoughts on this, but want to hear yours first.
RT @bookmansina: Love your pets? We do too! As a reminder for #DogDaysOfSummer, friendly pets on leashes are allowed in our stores!
RT @bookmansmesa: Look for big changes in the Bookmans School Challenge!!
For debate: What is the acceptable period of time people should keep spoiler secrets before open discussion begins?
RT @bookmansflag: Have you heard of Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry (@empty_bowl)? Learn about this great organization at
Talking pop culture w/o spoilers sounds like, "A thing happens resolving this other thing & a person. It'll blow you away"
Celebrate the Dog Days of Summer with us! Visit for a listing of what we have in-store this July.
RT @BookmansSports: Take on your friends in our Sports Exchange Cup, FIFA Video Game Challenge. 7/9 & 7/11. Sign up in store. #Tucson
All Bookmans locations are open from 11a to 6p so we can properly celebrate Independence Day.
Bounced the punk/waver party to cool out over lunch. All that slamming's gonna hurt tomorrow.
Punk party may be getting out of hand. We've given ourselves DJ names & have started to include New Wave songs.
In the midst of a closed-door pre-4th punk rock party. Get off your screen-loving posterior & slam dance with us (gently b/c we're old).
MT @MeganLitwicki: People look at Harry Potter goods @bookmansspeedwy while waiting to make wands #HarryPotterParty
Our Dog Days of Summer newsletter sent today. Subscribe now to ensure the next issue arrives in your in box.
Happy 9th anniversary to @ShelfAwareness! Check out their free newsletter for readers.
RT @arizonapbs: Want to design our next Nerd Walk T-Shirt? Submit your artwork to be on the next #PBSNerd T-Shirt!
Hey kids, put your summer to good use with our Read 10 program.
The best thing about watching the World Cup is learning the international language of competition (i.e., swear words from around the world).
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