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. @BookmansMesa is powered up and ready to meet your media needs. We will open today at 9 a.m. for business as usual.
ICYMI: Due to a power outage @BookmansMesa is closed until further notice. If you don’t mind a cross-town drive try @BookmansPhoenix.
RT @BookmansSports: Get ready for your morning relaxation. Free #yoga class begins at 10am. #yogaeverydamnday #tucson
Due to a power outage @BookmansMesa is closed until further notice. If you don't mind a cross-town drive try @BookmansPhoenix.
w00t loot! RT @RedSixx: My loot. Thanks to @bookmans
Our Summer Kids Events are almost over. Don't miss out on this kind of fun => by coming see us this week.
. @bookmansspeedwy closed early due to a brown out. You still have about an hour to get to @BookmansGrant for last minute shopping.
RT @bookmansphoenix: "Girl, I know we're land creatures, but you make me feel like a pterodactyl when I'm with you." @PhxDinoCon Rocks.
RT @bookmansmesa: Did you take your photo in our photo booth @PhoenixComicon Look for it on our Flickr page!
But *this* Clan of the Cave Bear will be a good one.
This pic was sent to us from Panama! We're taking over Central America one hostel at a time.
Our vanity searches can be quite entertaining. We aren't the only Bookmans on Twitter.
For Debate: Is listening to an audio book still "reading a book"? We have definite thoughts on this, but want to hear yours first.
RT @bookmansina: Love your pets? We do too! As a reminder for #DogDaysOfSummer, friendly pets on leashes are allowed in our stores!
RT @bookmansmesa: Look for big changes in the Bookmans School Challenge!!
For debate: What is the acceptable period of time people should keep spoiler secrets before open discussion begins?
RT @bookmansflag: Have you heard of Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry (@empty_bowl)? Learn about this great organization at
Talking pop culture w/o spoilers sounds like, "A thing happens resolving this other thing & a person. It'll blow you away"
Celebrate the Dog Days of Summer with us! Visit for a listing of what we have in-store this July.
RT @BookmansSports: Take on your friends in our Sports Exchange Cup, FIFA Video Game Challenge. 7/9 & 7/11. Sign up in store. #Tucson
All Bookmans locations are open from 11a to 6p so we can properly celebrate Independence Day.
Bounced the punk/waver party to cool out over lunch. All that slamming's gonna hurt tomorrow.
Punk party may be getting out of hand. We've given ourselves DJ names & have started to include New Wave songs.
In the midst of a closed-door pre-4th punk rock party. Get off your screen-loving posterior & slam dance with us (gently b/c we're old).
MT @MeganLitwicki: People look at Harry Potter goods @bookmansspeedwy while waiting to make wands #HarryPotterParty
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