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Have fun! RT @bookmansmesa: Driving up to help @bookmansflag with Pride in the Pines! Anyone else going north to escape the temps?
Doctors tell parents to read aloud to their infants under a policy the American Academy of Pediatrics will announce.
Sometimes it’s hard to get back to the job when lunching with coworkers.
Sweet! MT @quirkybookworm: Nursed baby. My nose tells me she needs changed. Next up: 3rd item on her Bookmans onesie!
RT @bookmansflag: We are so excited to be apart of Pride in the Pines! Enter to win 5 VIP tickets, just fallow the link below.
That's right! w00t! RT @ElectricOctopi: Not bad, Phoenix Comicon:
MT @mrsgreensworld: Need a brain stimulant this summer? Stop in at @bookmans - no better way to help the planet
Groan. RT @bookmansspeedwy: Why was the math book sad? It had too many problems! Find your happy book today PLPK
Fantasy/sci-fi YA imprint Strange Chemistry is closing. @io9
It's raining at @bookmanssports! Is it raining where you are? Glorious!
Music lovers! @kxcitucson is looking for an overnight board operator. Great PT gig. Details =>
Phones back up @BookmansPhoenix. Call 'em to see if their refrigerator is running. Of course, they have caller ID, so they'll know it's you.
Phone lines are wonky @bookmansphoenix. Hold onto your calls or email us at with questions.
We're pretty sure Hemingway is the only person who actually read Ulysses. Happy #Bloomsday anyway!
Happy Father’s Day! Celebrate the man who shaped the awesome person you are.
At #BuffaloExchange checking out the art & music of some Bookmans peeps, eating #FireTruckDogs & shopping until 8 p.m.
RT @BookmansTucson: Check out the Guitar Festival at Park Place Mall today. We'll be selling axes and giving away free swag. #Tucson
RT @bookmansphoenix: Bookmans Baby Shower is today @ 11am! Come and learn more about early literacy!
.@quirkybookworm We know you & we've read your blog. We're guessing the former.
Me: How do you spell "nunchucks"? Jody: BTW, those aren't the kind we sell @BookmansSports.
.@mrsgreensworld Ran a little errand today & used a Mrs. Green bag. Cute, lightweight & handy.
.@mrsgreensworld Ran a little errand today & used a Mrs. Green bag. Cute, lightweight & handy.
We <3 LFA! MT @LocalFirstAZ: We love Bookmans! Thanks for renewing your sustaining membership! #ReadLocal #BuyLocal
Glad someone finally made this list -- YA Books with Happy Endings. @mashable
Banned Books Week 2014 focuses on comic books & graphic novels. You've got the freedom to read 'em!
Love the idea that Twitter is the global water cooler & agent of social change. #TwitterRevolution #CNBC
RT @bookmansmesa: Suffering from @PhoenixComicon withdrawals? Hang out with us where you can have a pop-culture experience year-'round!
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