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Writer and artist for webcomic The Book of Biff
I changed my name to @ChrisHallbeck
Wow, Robocop is kind of a jerk.
Wow, Robocop is kind of a jerk.
Anyone here have access to the UK Apple iBookstore? I had an unusually high # of downloads yesterday and don't know why.
Does movie popcorn taste better than home made?
RT @nedroid: A post by @drewmo reminded me of Magic Eyes, did you know I made my own Magic Eye once?
Today's comic tastes great with orange juice
Aww, this made me smile - Two New York City men mysteriously receive hundreds of letters addressed to Santa Claus
"The dog keeps digging up something out of the snow to eat." "Don't worry it's just rabbit poop." "..."
RT @JessFink: now I have some sort of awful coughing cold that my family gave me for xmas, but they also gave me an ipod so I guess it works out
Yes, some new comics and some have been redrawn - RT @brnat Is there art in the books not on the webvcomic? I don't recognize some.
Biff #1 is only 99 cents on Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook http://productsearch.barnesand...
Biff #1 is FREE in the Apple iBookstore!
RT for the work week: Biff #1 is FREE on Kindle in the UK!
"What's the difference between Monday and Wednesday?" "Tuesday."
My mother-in-law on the telephone trying to help her Aunt use the TV remote sounds exactly the same as me trying to help my dad use windows.
RT: @nedroid I prefer Flintstones urinals. You pee into a pelican's beak
Santa hooked up with @topatoco and brought me this awesome @nedroid print!
"All the stores should close at 6PM today." "What about emergencies?" "If you have an emergency tonight, that's just bad planning."
Hooray a day off! So of course I am sick. :p
RT now that more people are awake: Hey cool, The Book of Biff #1 is currently FREE in the Amazon UK Kindle store!
Today's comic takes place tomorrow
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