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Was having a meh day - and then *this* cup of coffee happened. ^_^
Meet Gus, the new cutie I babysit. His mamas are lucky I give him back at the end of the day.
I wish this was on Netflix: We’re having a huge beach volleyball tournament here this weekend. So many sportsballs.
I love putting up the “No Vacancy” and “Sorry” lights at the motel. I feel like I should get extra lives for filling all the rooms. :)
RT @hitRECordJoe: And now, a very special Red Band trailer of #SinCity2. WATCH:
RT @NASA: Happy 15th birthday @ChandraXray! New image of supernova remnant in Milky Way w/ oxygen:
I love that when i type “n” my browser knows i mean go to netflix now.
Please tell me Season 3 of OITNB is coming out immediately if not sooner…
I survived the 4th of fucking July. Wheres my goddamn medal?
I’ll just be over here, madly in love with my @Glutenfreeda shredded beef burrito. Nommmm ^_^
Everything tastes better out of my Wolverine Pint Glass.
It doesn’t matter how many times I rewatch all the seasons of 30 Rock, Liz Lemon is my dream lady.
RT @girltoonist: Monday's cartoon. #Comics starring my faves @JuddApatow and @Sethrogen
Hi, my name is Jess — and I’m addicted to online bingo.
RT @ChrisBrett: Nice wall off 17th ave #yyc
Do over.
How do I feel about today? I’ll let Grumpy Cat explain.
RT @sciencecomic: @ZachWeiner I've been drawing these all day
Annie’s gluten free mac and cheese = all the nommms
living and working on concrete floors is making my feet want to cut themselves off…any shoe/insole tips?
It’s my birthday, so of course I am sick and super busy with work.
Welp, wasn’t expecting that. Got another job and a place to live today. All while sitting in bed. Not too shabby.
RT @NASA: Within the swaddling dust of the 'Serpent' star-forming cloud, new stars hatch @NASAspitzer
My feelings about today can best be summed up by Thelma.
RT @NASA: Sunsets on Saturn's moon Titan reveal the complexity of hazy planets orbiting distant stars
RT @snipeyhead: Happy birthday to Sally Ride, the first American Woman to fly in space. #ifls
RT @kittenbutt: Sketch done. Now to clean it up and add some shine #copic #chel #roadtoeldorado #drawing #sketchbook
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