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p01yN0Nym0u5 Matheus S (tim beta) @OSSTheus Esse Twitter foi feito com a finalidade de me trazer pontos no Blablablâmetro do Tim Beta. Seguirei todos os… User Actions Follow I ♥ Pachute. @m_sioson User Actions Follow Niño Cruz Protected Tweets @imZURC No one truly understands me :( User Actions Follow asis vicious @asisvicious1 User Actions Follow muhammad farhan @farhan_529 lajang User Actions Follow SkypermatTv @SkypermatTv Youtuber, Minecraft player! User Actions Follow Danial @WebExpertUSA User Actions Follow idk @Use_A_Gun User Actions Follow FOLLOWERS CHEATS @CheatsFollowers User Actions Follow Alper Kuyumcu @ialperk User Actions Follow Lorena Garcia @lorena__garcia_ model, sports,fitnes ,music,dance club User Actions Follow Dhiella Imma @DhiellaImma I’m just an ordinary person, my expectations are not too high. I just want to be useful for many people, it is enough !! User Actions Follow IG: Iam_Millz0 Protected Tweets @Iam_Millz0... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5 Jair @Drmalvado1 Tengo muchos libros por leer y demasiadas películas que ver como para andar interactuando con personas. User Actions Follow 3moory600 @3moory600 لاعب ps3 و pc ومدمن كود وعندي قناة في اليوتيوب ID ps3:i3moory_600 User Actions Follow ManagerMedia @managerMedia20 Empresa de Community Manager y Social Media. Deja en nuestras manos... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5 #Tweets Tweets and replies Trash Alert @Twitt3rTr4sh · Jul 2 I am a real account ReplyReplied to 0 times RetweetRetweeted 0 times FavoriteFavorited 0 times More Trash Alert @Twitt3rTr4sh · Jul 2 #freejahar and #bostonhoax I'm coming for you #fuckyall ReplyReplied to 0 times RetweetRetweeted 0 times FavoriteFavorited 2 times2 More Trash Alert... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5 Results for Twitt3rTr4sh Top / All ♔cheryll pristin♔ ‏@pretziechenita 23h #welcomeTweet @linamackahmd @messi439 @rafiudz1 @Twitt3rTr4sh @muraso23 @DinShana via View details Reply Retweet Favorite More Trash Alert ‏@Twitt3rTr4sh Jul 2 I am a real account Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More Kellin MGK... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
p01yN0Nym0u5 to #0pGangStalking, #ImpoliteConversation, #OpTrolls, #OpShills, #OpMoles, #TruthTrolls, #OpUSA, #OpNWO, #911TruthTrolls, #911InsideJob, #911suspects, #Op911, #OpWeb911, #ReThink911, #Investigate911, #InvisibleFist, #ConspiracyHub, #OpGovernment, #OpHollywood, #OpJournalism, #BostonTrolls, #BostonShills, #BostonMoles, #OpFieldWorkQuantWork, #0p6dFWQW, #0p6d, #0p4c, #0p64s, #Cicada3301, #OpMentalHealth, #OpWeb9, #BostonTruth, #TroyCrossleyTruth, #FreeJahar, #Justice4Jahar, #BostonHoax, #WarOnWhistleblowers, #WaveOfAction, #UniteBlue, #IdleNoMore1, #OpCIA, #OpFBI, #OpDHS, #PoliceState, #OpFEMA, #OpWeb5, #OpGOV, #TruthSeekers, #SeekTruth, #0p6dUSA, #0p6dNWO, #OpMockingBird, #ProjectBlueBeam, #ProjectAnonymousLove, #OpLove, #OpHate, #OpTruth, #OpLies, #OpPeace, #OpWar, #OpHappy, #OpHAARP, #OpChemTrails, #OpDoD, #OpDoJ, #6weekcycle-3, #OpPropaganda, #TheBible, #Th3j35t3r, #OpTh3J35t3r, #OpThunderDome, #OpRingOfFire, #TheaterShooting, #CapitolShooting, #DesMoinesHoax, #SandyHoax, #0p6dChristopherDornerLAPD, #Justice4All, #Justice4IbragimTodashev, #0p6dFBI, #FBITrolls, #FWQWtrolls, #0p6dFWQWMariaKuschel, #0p6dFWQWStephenSweder, #0p6dFWQWJessicaThompson, #WIunionTrolls, #BreitbartTrolls, #OccupyTrolls, #0p6dWhistleBlowers, #0p6dGOV, #PRICX-watch, #PrivacyIsAwesome, #CatSignal, #ResetTheNet, #OpConstitution, #OpPOTUS, #OpCongress, #OpSenate, #OpSCOTUS, #OpNSA, #WarPiggs, #Solidarity, #UnitedAsOne, #DividedByZero, #d0xBoston, #d0xNewTown, #WeAreAnonymous, #WeAreLegion, #WeDoNotForgive, #WeDoNotForget, #ExpectUs
Please just read: What Is Government Gang Stalking?
Please just read: What Is Government Gang Stalking? Our Walk 1/6/2014 The definition given to newswoman Candice Nguyen of the Central Coast News,, by “local law enforcement” was “gang stalking is when multiple people organized to systematically stalk and harass a person, whether emotionally or physically.” Why didn’t the press ask any questions when Candidate Obama in speaking to RED State Colorado to win their support for his bid for the Presidency said he wanted a civilian security force as well funded and as strong as our military? Was he signaling to RED State Colorado – vote for me and I will continue the American Stasi/Neighborhood Watch Group Gang Stalking Program started under Bush? Our Outing Today – 1/6/2014 1. Here we are about to enter the Carlsbad Senior Center to park our car for our walk today. 2. Now as we get out of our car to start our walk today there is one car standing in the parking... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
Christa Worthington, FBI Police Informant Murder? Massachusetts judicial, law enforcement and mobster questions never answered and anyone who raised them paid dearly! see more - Justice Seeker
p01yN0Nym0u5 User Actions Follow Lance Hart @lancehartfetish I make fetish porn (straight and gay) and help indie porn productions with my Pervout Project. I have 1 girlfriend… User Actions Follow blondie Protected Tweets @Seaglass8888 #BostonStrong User Actions Follow The Duke @TheKatieduke Yes- I'm the nurse on NY MED S2 6/26 @10/9C ABC. Public figure. Grad Student. Intellectual. Risk Taker. I… User Actions Follow Lola @LolaMurder I like waffles, cupcakes, horror, zombies, puppies, kittens & @_MaxMurder_. Cute & creepy stalker. No dick pics,… User Actions Follow ICU Grunt @ICU_Grunt Tattooed infantry veteran. Dog lover. Beer lover. Chicago lover. User Actions Follow Medical Porn @MedicalPorn Always posting the best medical facts pictures! Tweet yours or send them to medicalporntwitter@gmai… User Actions Follow med_stateofmind @med_stateofmind Incoming first year medical student. Sharing my journey in becoming a physician. Contact me at:… User Actions... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
this #troll ==> #Acute_Aphrodite made a very odd comment just after the #BostonMarathonBombing terror hoax was starting to come unraveled and the #BostonTrolls were really ramping up the nastiness of stalking, harassing, d0xing the #FreeJahar #Justice4Jahar tweeps... she said "I'm Jewish and i say never again" (directed toward me) this seemed to me to be a highly unusual time and place... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5 Results for Acute_Aphrodite Seaglass8888 OR Night_ER_Ninja OR DSassy OR DefendWallSt OR AGENT_GATTACA OR lynnefisher OR dink_y OR PatKenzie02125 Top / All Acute_Aphrodite... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
Justice Seeker
#CorruptCourt USDC of MA Why is Judy Clarke's name in the properties of a document filed by the federal public defender? Why is a document supposedly filed by Judy Clarke coming from the Public Defender office? Why did this supposed Judy Clarke document just disappear off the docket? Is the fed defender office forging Clarke's name? #FreeJahar
9  Judy Clarke's name in properties of Watkins docs.png
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Open the documents and rt click your mouse and compare properties - the custom selection, which can be altered to reflect anything they want, tells you from where the document supposedly came. - Justice Seeker
the supreme court is the original court, the highest, and all other federal courts are subservient to, or inferior to, the supreme court. anything that happens in the federal court system is ultimately answerable to the #SCOTUS. therefore, when we are posting about #CorruptCourt, please tag it with #SCOTUS. there are many... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
Good point, thanks p01yN0Nym0u5 and in the USA it appears they are all corrupt with many Honorable Judges engaging in willful blindness! < America’s Corrupt Legal System - Justice Seeker
You will note that the supposed latest motion (dkt. #208) purportedly by Judy Clarke filed late Friday 2/28/2014 includes Attorney Bruck in the signature blocks. First, the motion IS NOT BY JUDY CLARKE - 2nd, Bruck has not been issued a may proceed pro hac vice order nor has he made an appearance in the case. They are manipulating the properties of the PDF's to reflect what they want... more... - Justice Seeker
UPDATE 7/3/2013: Filings that appeared to be drafted on court computers are being drafted in the Washington DC DOJ office. As of late, even the lastest filing by the prosecution came out of DC; not only does this filing have tracking data but it is signed off and certified as served by AUSA William D. Weinreb with the Author noted as Bill (LOL - never have I seen that before) AND... more... - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
You cannot follow a trail of photographic evidence and public record laced with deception as noted here > and come up with five women that have the same prominent central incisor AND similar lateral incisor without concluding extreme high probability that they are ALL the same person. #KrystleCampbell #Deception
The many faces and names to coverup Krystle Campbell scam.png
Teeth Compare.png
Also see the pictures at which clearly show the two Jessica's to be one and the same! - Justice Seeker
#1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 Another evil troll threatens to contact to employers (on #Twitter) CyberStalker CyberCriminal, CyberBully #CyberStalker #CyberCriminal #CyberBully 1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 @1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 previous handle @ItsYourInfo #ItsYourInfo ItsYourInfo
Profile 1ts_Y0ur_1nf0.jpg
Appears to have cleaned recent threats, but have them all screencapped, it tried to report to my employer, but that isn't my employer, however threat was there and carried out using "P0ly's" "Wife" as doxing subject & victim. Not sure what troll hoped to achieve by this bs, likely trying to instill fear. - JusticeWillCome
@1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 @B1gCh33s3 @TrutherDolly I sourced some stuff from FB as well.. Noose is tightening. - JusticeWillCome
@1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 @B1gCh33s3 @TrutherDolly LOL, man she is melting down this afternoon. Still sitting on the packet for the school. - JusticeWillCome
@1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 @heartsonfire13 @B1gCh33s3 @TrutherDolly long story.. Basically some real life implications for intimidating victims, it's messy. - JusticeWillCome
Tried to get #JusticeDolly suspended @1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 @AGENT_GATTACA @SweeetSnark @Grape_Snowcone @Hedge76 @Seaglass8888 @B1gCh33s3 @BillBates13 #neverending (#neverendingpasta was code for report spam block) - JusticeWillCome
I heard @1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 can add malware to links. Keep him blocked always. Also Mylamew/Hyss_N_Bytch is an old time hacker. - Ralph Hornsby
Warning from #RalphHornsby I heard @1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 #1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 can add malware to links. Keep him blocked always. Also Mylamew/Hyss_N_Bytch is an old time hacker. - Ralph Hornsby #RalphHornsby - JusticeWillCome
I am seeing a lawyer Ralph. - JusticeWillCome
Justice Seeker
The Boston Marathon Fraud had a Grandma, Daughter & Grandaughter team. Krystle Campbell is not dead! Tell House Judiciary Committee to ACT now. Director Comey is in front of them!
the three frauds.png
Sir_Jabroni on Warcraft Dark Portal, remade in Unreal Engine 4 -
"That is badass. The music was icing on the cake."
p01yN0Nym0u5 Results for #Matanov Save Top / All Ralph Hornsby ‏@RalphHornsby 5h Associate: Matanov has 'no evil in his heart' #Tsarnaev Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More Andrew ‏@Andrew_BSE 6h .@BostonGlobe: #Matanov prosecution looks like vindictive overreach. … View summary Reply Retweet Favorite More Favorited by CATHERINE UNWIN Ralph Hornsby ‏@RalphHornsby Jun 6 #Matanov charges look like a vindictive overreach - The Boston Globe @FBIBoston View summary Reply Retweeted Favorite More Favorited by Jahar is Innocent poly... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
Justice Seeker
The totality of the circumstance ENLIGHTENED with the BS by olCoach FAKING the name Maria, a party supposedly close to the Defendant and his family, on the blog site http://thebostonmarathonbombin... that supposedly advocates for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Likely IN WHOLE PSYOP to DEFRAUD AMERICA Phony victims! Phony arrest warrants! Phony indictments! Phony court! Phony Defense Counsel with no legitimate judicial assignments! Phony court filings supposedly by the Defense coming from the DOJ in DC! Phony Special Administrative Measures Memorandum not certified by the Attorney General! No Defendant by the given name in custody of the BOP. STRICT HIPAA regulations yet pictures leaked of a dead body and post surgical patient to the public. Phony trips to Russia by Representatives on OUR Hill in DC! Phony President visits phony Victims in hospital! Phony Congressional and Senate Committee Hearings! Phony news reports! Phony victim that recovers from catastrophic phony injury in 2 weeks time and goes to a ball game! Corrupt Sports Organizations promoting the Phony BS! Dead people ALIVE AND WELL and discovered because the dead were phony names but the images were people alive and well working for Global Corporations. Phony photos with images of... more... - Justice Seeker
I didn't hear that but when I figured BU helped pull off phony Lu memorial I sent California a "Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!" Tweet cause CLEARLY the price of higher ed is fixed so that the elite's young can be groomed for a life of corruption! Especially the ones in Corruptachusetts. AND How about Washington & Lee i.e., Bruck and Clarke WTF how have these corrupt sickos been getting away with this? - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
Fwd: Email to The Boston Foundation Senior Staff regarding Charity Fraud 5/22/2014 (via
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The fraud carried in the name of Lu Lingzi - Justice Seeker
p01yN0Nym0u5 User Actions Follow Sara Davar ‏@sdavar Philly Reunion in NYC @aliciacampbell8, Chris, Katie (@ Commerce w/ 4 others) from COMMERCE Reply Retweet Favorite More FAVORITE 1 kattie voeltner 4:45 PM - 25 Jun 2013 Flag media Tweet text Reply to @sdavar @AliciaCampbell8 Dismiss Image will appear as a link © 2014 Twitter About Help Ads info - p01yN0Nym0u5 Sara D. checked in at Commerce New York, NY | June 25, 2013 via foursquare for iPhone Philly Reunion in NYC Alicia, Chris, Katie Log in to foursquare to leave a... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
same profile pic! @Leasha88 ==> - p01yN0Nym0u5 Results for Leasha88 Save Top / All Condé Nast Traveler ‏@CNTraveler Jan 22 Yes, cat art is a thing. In fact, the world's biggest cat art show is being held in LA, right now: Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More Rosemary ‏@larosamaria0 Jan 22 “@CNTraveler: Yes, cat art is a thing. In fact, the biggest cat art show... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5 Results for Leasha88 Save Top / All Condé Nast Traveler ‏@CNTraveler Jan 22 Yes, cat art is a thing. In fact, the world's biggest cat art show is being held in LA, right now: Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More Rosemary ‏@larosamaria0 Jan 22 “@CNTraveler: Yes, cat art is a thing. In fact, the biggest cat... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5 Top Content Twitter All Time / Recent Oh cool, just watching my #greyhound bus driver send text messages while driving. #atlanticcitytonyc Reply Retweet Favorite 1 | 22 months ago I can't wait to see #USWNT crush Japan Reply Retweet Favorite 1 | 22 months ago Just said "Stay cool!" on someone's voice mail. I hate myself. Reply Retweet Favorite 1 | 24... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5 aliciagrace8 2 weeks ago · Big Cheesy Annual Campbell trip to the Big Cheesy @andymintFollow mgm_la, nycfoodgals, stacydrols and 13 others like this. - p01yN0Nym0u5
Brighton Bowl? #BrightonBowl Brighton Bowl DirectionsWrite a review Address: 9871 E Grand River Ave, Brighton, MI 48116 Phone:(810) 227-3341 - p01yN0Nym0u5 aliciagrace8 4 months ago #borderfree #openbar Follow mgm_la, live_love_laughnyc, troogz and 8 others like this. - p01yN0Nym0u5
this photo of her (parents?) here ... doesn't match the people who played her parents in this video ... - p01yN0Nym0u5 Parents Of Marathon Bombing Victim Krystle Campbell Share Their Memories - p01yN0Nym0u5 Fwd: Classic identifiers. Eye Brows! Lines from nose to mouth from the purported 2012 picture - p01yN0Nym0u5
how do you find all of this stuff Poly!!! AMAZING!! - cath unwin
Do the hospitals help find fake parents by using names of people they knew were dead? - Justice Seeker
good find JS! William Campbell Jr. Obituary SALEM — William Robert Campbell, Jr., age 39, of Salem, formerly of Peabody, Mass., died at Mass General Hospital surrounded by his family and best friend Kevin on Sunday, May 6, 2012, after a long courageous battle with liver disease. He developed fatal infectious complications after his liver transplant surgery one week prior. Billy was born... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
deleted photo / account #aliciagrace8 24 months ago Romantic dinner #BohemianFollow kareenza and reneyme like this. melissa_moller I need details!! Is this the restaurant you've been waiting to go to for months and months!!? Talk to me woman ;) - p01yN0Nym0u5 #aliciagrace8 3 weeks ago #tbt post-ballet giggles Follow mgm_la coleconover kbrownjrbrown and 22 others like this. elinbrooke 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪 - p01yN0Nym0u5 aliciagrace8 4 weeks ago · Big Cheesy Annual Campbell trip to the Big Cheesy @andymint Follow nycfoodgals stacydrols khappley and 14 others like this. - p01yN0Nym0u5
Sir_Jabroni on I am Arianny Celeste! Model, UFC Ring Girl, and Co-Host of Over-Haulin’! Ask Me Anything!! -
"What do you look for in men?"
Justice Seeker
Unquestionable proof that Ruth Liew is Lingzi Lu. The pictures are from Liew's Facebook site and the Facebook site titled R.I.P Lu Lingzi . The people that posted on R.I.P Lu Lingzi, set up to solicit funds, shopped out any white showing on the little dog. SAME SHEETS IN THE BACKGROUND!
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Note that prior to any of this exposure the Bedford, NH police were notified that Ruth Liew was identified through picture analysis to be without question Lingzi Lu, and that she had documented on her Facebook that Bedford, NH was her current place of residence. They were asked to ensure her safety prior to my exposing this fraud. Ruth Liew has not Tweeted or made a Facebook entry since the exposure. Update: Posting photos on her Instagram site and IN BOSTON May 24th, 25th! Apparently no action taken by any authority regarding this burning red flag that suggest fraud! - Justice Seeker
Because Ruth Liew is Malaysian and CLEARLY did not die at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013 it appears the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT engaged the CHINESE GOVERNMENT to help defraud the United States population. - Justice Seeker
This is a shopped picture providing the illusion that Lingzi Lu is getting CPR. The shirtless man in the background sitting on the ground is an FBI agent. This same agent was very busy in the raw video that showed Blast site 2 immediately post blast which validates the use of green screens and photo shop. - Justice Seeker
Be sure to click #OpAKALingziLU in the header to get the full story on this fictitious fraud the US Government named Lingzi Lu. - Justice Seeker
looks like someone is deleting content from #ImpoliteConversation ==> - p01yN0Nym0u5
good point about collusion of #China ==> #OpChina - p01yN0Nym0u5
who's deleting content Poly? - cath unwin
BU Scholarship to Honor Lu Lingzi - Justice Seeker
Note how they did a horizontal flip to change position of the stripes on the sheets and painted over the date on the picture. - Justice Seeker
#SmallVilleHS Vicious Twitter Troll, CyberStalker CyberCriminal, CyberBully enjoys ridiculing truthers by making posters with illegally obtained private photos of his/her victims, making up lies and finding "dirt" on ordinary people, also makes threats to contact employers. Sock of #B1GCh33s3
Profile SmallVilleHS.jpg
Clark Kent ‏#SmallvilleHS @SmallvilleHS @TrutherDolly @CyberBlueBird This definitely looks like the face of a Vic slanderer and someone riddled with herpes. #0pCyberCriminals, #BMBTrolls, #0pFacebookTrolls, #TwitterTrolls, #BostonTrolls, #0pBostonMoles, #FreeJahar, #Justice4Jahar, #BostonHoax, #BostonTruth, #0pGovtPaidTrolls, #0pPaidTrolls - JusticeWillCome
‏@TrutherDolly Apr 22 @SmallvilleHS <Oh yes you're the #BostonTrolls member that likes to call females "cumdumpster" #CyberBlueBird - JusticeWillCome
Clark Kent ‏@SmallvilleHS @TrutherDolly Just ones that are. Do you prefer Spermbank? - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS @Pandoracisco77 @TrutherDolly Haha. Dolly is such a cunt. - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS @TrutherDolly @Pandoracisco77 Thank you Dolly. Means a lot coming from a meth addict. :) - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS @TrutherDolly @B1gCh33s3 @Hiss_N_Bytch @Hedge76 Hey Lazy Eye. Teaching jobs are hard to come by. Esp for harassment. Pic not me idk who it is. - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS @AlterSchwedee @P01YN0NYM0U55 Can real Poly tell me how the fuck he bangs Lazy Eye @TrutherDolly ? - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS @B1gCh33s3 @P01YN0NYM0U55 @TrutherDolly @Hedge76 @McKGraKucPauNad @JusticeDolly @rebelready @cathunwin lol - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS Apr 27 @Marysings38 I think Dolly might have guy parts. Makes sense as Twitter Poly talks like a big pussy. Gender mix up? Lol - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS @ReIntonation @Marysings38 @PholeyhuckClyde I prefer to laugh at their stupidity. - JusticeWillCome
Seems like troll merged 2 faces @SmallvilleHS @WilliambHand @McKGraKucPauNad @P01YN0NYM0U55 @VacuumDude no Chris at Marathon. Lol #SmallvilleHS #WilliambHand #McKGraKucPauNad #P01YN0NYM0U55 #VacuumDude - JusticeWillCome
Constantly says "ask P0ly" and attributes P0ly's actions to me. Suspect this is another #B1GCh33s3 #SockPuppet aka #PatrickBlumer aka #VeteranAIrborne aka #Pattycakes (needs spell check) according to #P01YN0NYM0U55 - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS @TrutherDolly speaking of which, guess whose ass Poly's been in? - JusticeWillCome
@SmallvilleHS @TrutherDolly @CyberBlueBird Might want to thank poly for the red sores since he got them from ____________. #WouldntYouLikeToKnow - JusticeWillCome
Lots of his tweets are about sex, usually abusive or weird fetish sex. He tweets sexual stuff normal people don't put on social media unless it's a fetish porn site. He could possibly have a sexual assault record. He fits the FBI criminal profile. Probably abused animals as a child...or worse. - Ralph Hornsby
Sock Account WilliambHand @WilliambHand #WilliambHand was #ThatBastichLobo - JusticeWillCome
From my experience of being trolled on Twitter. I would guess at least 90% of the vicious type of "Boston Trolls" are accounts belonging to a small group of people #B1GCh33s3 #Hedge76 I would also guess most of the COINTELPRO accounts belong to the same small group. - JusticeWillCome
If you are a truther and you speak of Crisis Actors at the Boston Marathon "Bombing" you will be attacked 24/7 by a "gang" of trolls who are likely 1 or 2 people on several accounts. If they fail to intimidate you by various methods, e.g. threat of violence, humiliation, ridicule, the law, making up outright lies, they will cyberstalk your private life. They will look for any information they can find, employer, Facebook friends and relatives, past crimes, any dirt to blackmail you with to stop talking. - JusticeWillCome
They also have several fake #FreeJahar mole accounts to attempt to distract you from honest discussion. Beware of these accounts, they appear to be "agreeing" with you when in fact they are just another brand of troll, digging for info derailing topics and manipulating you. #0pCyberCriminals - JusticeWillCome
Justice Seeker
It's all a LIE! Uncle Scam terrorizing and robbing its population; exploiting children to carry crimes against the people!! The stories of little MR and JR are not supported by time or raw video stills. AMERICA ARE YOU GOING TO LET CORRUPT BASTARDS USING PHOTOSHOP & GREEN SCREENS STEAL YOUR COUNTRY?
post blast cop w kid.png
patterson big.png
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Hollywood producer validates what I have alleged all along regarding the bogus rescue of Jane Martin See the bogus rescue video purportedly shot by David Green here > - Justice Seeker
@NathanTFolks interview is amazing! You all can collaborate on the book and movie.! Looking forward to more Truth! - cath unwin
The so called hero fireman that carried out little JR was caught in this video carrying a prop not a small child. You can see him in his red shirt bottom screen with the prop! - Justice Seeker
it 's so obvious what copper is carrying is a prop!!! - cath unwin
p01yN0Nym0u5 to p01yN0Nym0u5's feed, #BostonMarathonBombing, #Op6DRuslanTsarniCIA, #BMB6D, #6DegreesOfJahar, #OpCIA, #Op6dGrahamFullerCIA, #OperationGladio, #OpAllah, #OpGod, #OpYahWeh, #BostonShills, #BMBnames, #OpWebN, #OpJournalism, #OpHollywood, #OpGovernment, #Op6dTamerlanTsarnaev, #Op6DDzokharTsarnaevBMB, #0p6dBMB, #Op6dBMBZubeidatTsarnaeva, #Op6dBMBAnzorTsarnaev, #WorldRevolution, #OpEarth, #OpRussia, #OccupyChechnya, #OccupyCIA, #GIABO, #ConstitutionalConvention, #OccupyBoston, #Op6dTedDanielFox25, #0p6dFNCFoxNewsChannel, #OpDoJ, #0p6dDoJ, #0p6dDoJJackPirozzolo, #0p6dDoJCarmenOrtiz, #0p6dDOJEricHolder, #OpJahar, #OpTamerlanTsarnaev, #SocialNetworkTheory, #OpDHS, #OpFEMA, #OpNSA, #OpATF, #OpTSA, #OpDEA, #Justice4MedetUnlu, #NYunion, #OpCambridge, #OpBoston, #OpBunkerHill, #OpNortheastern, #OpMSM, #OpGoogle, #0p6dDDG, #0p6dMuslims, #0p6dJews, #0p6dChristians, #OpWWJD, #OpWeb, #0p6dFBIDanielGenck, #0p6dFBIRobertMueller, #0p6dFBIVincentLisi, #0p6dFBIJamesComey, #0p6dFBIDeslauriers, #OpHouseHomeLandSecurity, #OpCongress, #OpSenate, #OpCFR, #OccupyCFR, #OpIraq, #OpIran, #OpAfghanistan, #0p6dGWB, #0p6dGHWB, #OpIsrael, #OpSyria, #OpSaudiArabia, #OpPakistan, #0pDemocracy, #0pRepublic, #0p6dGeorgeSoros, #0p6dUN, #0p64sUnitedNations, #0p64sUN, #OpEDU, #OpEducate, #TeamWakeEmUP, #OpNewBlood, #OpCOM, #OpINC, #OccupyBooks, #OpScience, #OpMath, #Cicada3301, #OpWeb10, #Op64squares, #OpMoles, #OpTrolls, #OpShills, #MDunion, #OpPentagon, #OpDoD, #OpArmy, #OpNavy, #OpAirForce, #OpMarines, #OpUSA, #OpNWO, #WarPiggs, #WarCzar, #AgendaDrivenNews, #OpMIT, #OpWeb6, #OpEngineering, #OpTeaParty, #OpTerror, #OpBIZ, #0p6dWaltham3, #0p6dW3, #0p6dW3BrendanMess, #0p6dW3ErikWeissman, #0p6dW3RaphaelTeken, #OpFacebook, #Op6dCIA, #0p6dCIASamanthaFuller, #0p6dCIA, #0p6dCIABrianGlynWilliams, #0p6dCIAAndersonCooper, #0p6dCIAJulianAssange, #0p6dNSA, #TruthSeekers, #SeekTruth, #UnitedAsOne, #DividedByZero, #d0xBoston, #BostonFraud, #BostonHoax, #BostonTrolls, #OpBostonGlobe, #0p6dBostonGlobe, #0p6dBostonTrolls, #OpFriendFeed, #OpSocialMedia, #OpSemanticWeb, #OpSEO, #OpSearch, #OpSearchStrings, #OpWhoDunIt, #OpMartinRichard, #Justice4All, #Justice4Jahar, #Justice4KrystleCampbell, #Justice4LuLingzi, #Justice4IbragimTodashev, #Justice4TamerlanTsarnaev, #0p6dJamesAlanFoxPhD, #0p6dMITSethMnookin, #0p6dBGEricMoskowitz, #0p6dBGDavidAbel, #OpWeb911, #Op6dSteveSilva, #SuperWitness, #FalseWitness, #FalseFlag, #BostonTruth, #BostonCrimeSpree, #Op6DRichardSerinoFEMA, #GoogleRichardSerino, #OpDC, #OpPOTUS, #OpWhiteHouse, #OpOvalOffice, #OpPOTUS44, #OpPOTUS45, wecfuture, WeAreChange, #WeAreAnonymous, #WeAreLegion, #WeDoNotForgive, #WeDoNotForget, #ExpectUs
Boston Bombing: Who Is “Misha?” | LLAMA -
"So now you may be asking yourself how the New York Book Review editor Robert B. Silvers had contacts to the Tsarnaevs’ inner sanctum. Again, no idea. But it is interestingly that he’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Century Association (which I believe is the same as the Century Club), an elite club located in New York, rumored to be a CIA front “posing as an exclusive art club.” Christian Caryl may have ties to the CIA, as well. Caryl is a senior fellow at the Legatum Institute, a “London-based pro-democracy think thank.” Legatum’s CEO 2011-2014 was Jeffrey Gedmin who was also the former director of Radio Free Europe, where Caryl worked as a Washington bureau chief. Gedmin is the dude that practically packed the entire US military’s bags and flew the troops over to Iraq personally back in 2003. Invasion couldn’t come fast enough. Gedmin once wrote: “Will George W. Bush ever get his due? [Bush] has forever changed the conversation about democracy and the Middle... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5 from Bookmarklet
Justice Seeker
Fwd: Meet Andrea C. Campbell next to her is Andrea Grace Campbell< her daughters are Andrea Campbell & Alicia Grace Campbell. Andrea C. is Managing Director CRA, Inc August 2012 – Present (1 year 10 months) Global. Andrea C. has an uncanny resemblance to Andrea Grace; in fact their teeth are an exact match. (via
Andrea Grace mom.png
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Hit the link in the subject to get a low down on the company. PDF's uploaded as well. Search was from Spokeo but the 3 Lexington addresses with the same age and initial was the clincher! - Justice Seeker
wikipedia is as good a place to start as any, to get "the official story" Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut when 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children and 6 adult staff members.[5][6] Prior to driving to the... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
grave ? Birth: Oct. 17, 2006 San Diego San Diego County California, USA Death: Dec. 14, 2012 Newtown Fairfield County Connecticut, USA Avielle was a first grader at Sandy Hook. She was born with a spitfire... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
#LOL!!! check this out. we may have discovered a mole on the inside of gravefinder making fake graves for fake people. this is the user who uploaded pics of #AvielleRichman to Laura (#47904856) member for 1 year, 8 months, 26 days Profile Messages [Add to MyFriends] Bio and Links Any... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
Laura (#47904856) member for 1 year, 8 months, 26 days [all messages] Next LexxieMum2007 Simpson NO it does not have the wrong headstone he is buried in that hole you see in the pic he was cremated and buried on his parents .... :) Added by LexxieMum2007 on Apr 29, 2014 7:02 AM Hanson Meyer Rosalie Igert... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
continued ... Previous Bruce Good RE: Caroline Benzio Photo Request It appears that there never was a headstone placed on this grave. All graves on this plot are infants or very young children. I did not see any other headstones with close spellings. Send your e-mail address to my e-mail and I will provide you with the photos that I have of where her grave is, if you want to see what is... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5 Bacon, Charlotte Helen102205414 b. Feb. 22, 2006 d. Dec. 14, 2012 Newtown Village Cemetery Newtown Fairfield County Connecticut, USA Barden, Daniel Gerard 102205114 b. Sep. 27, 2005 d. Dec. 14, 2012 Saint Rose Cemetery Newtown Fairfield County Connecticut, USA [page 2]... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
avielle richman added by #AngelWings AngelWings (#46797866) member for 8 years, 9 months, 14 days Contributions to Find A Grave • 33,648 Memorials Added • 33,738 Memorials Managed • 73... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
#0p6d @rokro11 @CoolPapa68 @abqtruth @VacuumDude #DuckDuckGo #search for #Google suggestions #P01YN0NYM0U55 Jim ‏@CoolPapa68 May 1 Holy Hell, what a study in idiocy.... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
Justice Seeker
This current Administration, and likely the ones before it, are FRAUDS! Krystle Campbell did not die at the Boston Marathon Bombing 2013 and was noted to be alive and well on 3/21/2014. #RogueGovernment
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Krystle Campbell never died and, in fact, works in NYC for a company called Borderfree where on March 21, 2014 she stood with the company's CEO for a photo op. Borderfree [BRDR] to Ring The NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell in Celebration of IPO $16 per share ( She still tweets from her account @Leasha88 which is a new locked account since this exposure. Reddit's General Manager Erik Martin was noted to be one of her followers but upon this exposure it was also noted that he unfollowed her before she went private. Erik Martin resembles the man in the yellow hat positioned center in the group picture; it has since been discovered that the man in the yellow hat is Matt Henderson > (via A good number of the other folks in the group picture also work for Borderfree and it appears some of these people are living... more... - Justice Seeker
jaw hits floor - p01yN0Nym0u5
Awesome work you did on this! - Ralph Hornsby
Crazy how all the 6 degrees of separation fit in this. Aaron Swartz co-founder of Reddit who was most likely killed by our government and before his death was working on exposing an international child porn ring that Eric Holder was protecting. Carmen Ortiz protecting Eric Holder. The General Manager of Reddit, Eric Martin in the group pic and a fake bombing victim from the marathon. They all connect to the BMB and Jahar. One big criminal circle. - Ralph Hornsby
they're going down-down baby! - p01yN0Nym0u5
Amputee Karen Rand in group pic at back behind black guy #KarenRand - JusticeWillCome
Where did group pic come from? - JusticeWillCome
#Op6RedditErikMartin NO wonder reddit is so heavily censored!!!!!!! - cath unwin
#KarenRand #Op6BMBKarenRand is there! Yes I see now! THAT SEALS THE DEAL!! 2 #CrisisActors #Bastards!!!in 1 photo. Let's #Lezginka!!!! - cath unwin This troll @BillBates13 continues to stalk our Twitter lines and has alerted @hueypriest that his picture has been posted BFD LOL & @AliciaCampbell8 stating "Do u want to take action against this vicious troll" NEWS FLASH TO @BillBates13 ACTION IS MOST WELCOME YOU MORON!! - p01yN0Nym0u5 #BossyBytch ‏@Hiss_N_Bytch 8h @AliciaCampbell8 Plz block RebelReady & P01y. They have some crazy idea that you're Boston Bombing victim Krystle Campbell. Expand Reply Retweet Favorited More poly ‏@P01YN0NYM0U55 23m #0p6d @Hiss_N_Bytch is this @AliciaCampbell8 and @hueypriest in the same pic?... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
that Alicia Campbell is strikingly pretty, like they had to "ugly her up" to become Krystle Campbell #KrystleCampbell ... someone probably told her she should be an actor or a model, so she did. i hope she got compensated well to sell her soul to the devil. #AliciaCampbell #CrisisActors #PornActorsHaveHigherMoralStandardsThanCrisisActors #Porn attracts ... #HoneyPot #Fetish #Rule34 #CrisisActorPorn #FapFapFap #SpankBank #XXX #MILF #Cougar #NSFW #Pr0n #PornHub #PornTube #b #4Chan #Anonymous - p01yN0Nym0u5
"Reddit's General Manager Erik Martin follows her" from my first note and I now see that he no longer follows her. - Justice Seeker
The 1st picture is from 12/21/2012 at Summer Shack Boston where purportedly Krystle Campbell was employed at one time. Interestingly, we have ID'd people in that picture who are employed with Borderfree. Full exposure of all these frauds will be coming soon. Validation to ensure accuracy is ongoing. At present, we have identified no less than eight people, not including Campbell, in... more... - Justice Seeker
See the full investigation which remains on going at - Justice Seeker
@CyberBlueBird No. Proves YOU'RE as fck'd up as the company you keep. Maybe you, too, need to go for an inpatient "rest" like Rebel. @TrutherDolly - JusticeWillCome
@CyberBlueBird And based on your own sworn court document, u will sit in ur own filth for another week. @rebelready @WilliamBHand @TrutherDolly @itsKYbro - JusticeWillCome
@CyberBlueBird Bla, bla, bla...Yawn Why can't you fulfill Poly's needs? #WifelyTreason @TrutherDolly @rebelready - JusticeWillCome
@CyberBlueBird You would know all about reverse gender, eh? lol @TrutherDolly @P01YN0NYM0U55 - JusticeWillCome
@CyberBlueBird I suspect you laugh about as often as you have sex. #HardlyEva @TrutherDolly - JusticeWillCome
@CyberBlueBird You have no relationship. Either of you. lmao You're as cold as the temp inside his childhood home. #Frigid @TrutherDolly - JusticeWillCome
@CyberBlueBird I'll go easy on the big Bruiser. Don't want her going all "hog" wild on you at home. #StopDomesticViolence @P01YN0NYM0U55 @TrutherDolly - JusticeWillCome
@CyberBlueBird lol. Sorry, Bruiser, but I'm not you. Nor am I the Poly child in that old newspaper article. @TrutherDolly - JusticeWillCome
p01yN0Nym0u5 Results for TheTweetMonger Save Top / All Favorited by John Martinez Col. Tom Rizzak ‏@ColTomRizzak Nov 6 “@TheTweetMonger: Another scared #FreeJahar Coward! :) @jojo565637:” They do like to run and hide! #SillyTween View photo Reply Retweet Favorite More Kyla M. ‏@MakeUpKyla 16 Nov 2011 KADASH:: The TweetMonger Ep #1 - … Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More Johnny Bennett ‏@johnnybennett1 14 Mar 2011 140 characters; a documentary about Twitter @thetweetmonger Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More bryan beasley ‏@bryanbeasley 21 Jul 2010 RT: Ask out the new The TweetMonger, and yes she puts out!!!! (via @TheTweetMonger) Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More TV Script Doctor ‏@tvscriptdoctor 15 Jul 2010 Check out the web series I'm a writer for:... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5 Results for TheTweetMonger Save Top / All Favorited by John Martinez Col. Tom Rizzak ‏@ColTomRizzak Nov 6 “@TheTweetMonger: Another scared #FreeJahar Coward! :) @jojo565637:” They do like to run and hide! #SillyTween View photo Reply Retweet Favorite More Kyla M. ‏@MakeUpKyla 16 Nov 2011 KADASH:: The TweetMonger Ep... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5 #tweets ==> The TweetMonger @TheTweetMonger BRINGING YOU ALL THE RETARDEDNESS OF CELEBRITY TWEETS!!!!!! Check our website for this weeks WEBISODE. #UrWelcome Hollywood, CA · TWEETS FOLLOWING FOLLOWERS 108 354 43 User Actions Follow Tweets The TweetMonger ‏@TheTweetMonger 27m “@MottsUnBlocked: @P01YN0NYM0U55 Oh no, u blocked me! Was... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5 Followers User Actions Follow Elizabeth Klingele @FluffyStClaire Stand Up Comedian / Plant Assassin / I am the Tyler Durden of Book Club User Actions Follow Six14 Productions @Six14Prod We're the Brother's Sloggatt; Bill & Justin. Sculpting in all moving mediums: Film, TV, Web, and Documentary. Sometimes @BryanBeasley comes along for the... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5 Following User Actions Following TsarnaevStrong @TsarnaevStrong Not Guilty. -Dzhokhar Tsarnaev User Actions Follow C.C. Lorenz @TheCCLorenz Author of erotic romance, published by User Actions Follow Wendy Nichols @Wendy_Nichols New to all this and am just hoping to meet some interesting people for an... more... - p01yN0Nym0u5
He has a picture in his grid of someone who looks like Tim Genck's wife. It's probably one of Genck's socks. - Ralph Hornsby
@TheTweetMonger is a mean piece of work....keep away from her - cath unwin
@TheTweetMonger may be @LarryMotts sock #TheTweetMonger #LarryMotts - p01yN0Nym0u5
Fwd: #GotYouB #BostonTrolls Mole posing as #FreeJahar Amber @GotYouB previous name #aca761 @aca761 recently claimed "I love you all" to #BillBates13 & other #BostonTrolls retweeted #B1GCh33s3 boast at getting Polymath22 #Polymath22 suspended from Twitter. #OpTrolls #Anonymous #Op6D #OpUSA #NWO #OpFacebook...
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