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#B1GCh33s3 Grid is full of stalking #FreeJahar #Justice4Jahar #WIUnion & #Truthers & nasty pics with captions such as "I will buttfuck your soul" & "I simply told you to not spit but swallow" "You came to the wrong neighborhood motherfucka" "The hills are alive with the sound of butthurt" - JusticeWillCome
#SockPuppets @APPL30FSODOM #APPL30FSODOM @Er0rInTheSystem #Er0rInTheSystem @Z0mbie_Nati0n #Z0mbie_Nati0n @M4GN0L1A #M4GN0L1A - JusticeWillCome
Probable #SockPuppets @1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 #1ts_Y0ur_1nf0 / @1tsY0ur1nf0 #1tsY0ur1nf0 / @ItsYourInfo #ItsYourInfo - JusticeWillCome
13 Aug 2013 Above Image #Patrick501PIR @Patrick501PIR "Learn 2 spell skank! RT @ChristineTruth Recognise anyone? #AmputeesInHollywood #CrisisActors #FreeJahar @polymath22 @Tommeex10 @VacuumDude" #ChristineTruth #polymath22 #Tommeex10 #VacuumDude" - JusticeWillCome
6 Aug 2013 @B1GCh33s3 " … RT @ChristineTruth: #BostonTrolls more scared of the truth that's y they cant keep away from our accounts #FreeJahar " #B1GCh33s3 #ChristineTruth - JusticeWillCome
7 Aug 2013 @B1GCh33s3 @Hedge76 lol @ChristineTruth is pretty much the lowest of the low... thats ok though jahar is still getting skullfucked #freejahar #B1GCh33s3 #Hedge76 #ChristineTruth faved by #Hedge76 #rickshaw1128 #AGENT_GATTACA #CyberBlueBird prev ( #OneTinyBlueBird ) - JusticeWillCome
30 Aug 2013 @B1GCh33s3 "More @ChristineTruth butthurt " faved by @barbtugg #barbtugg & #CyberBlueBird prev ( #OneTinyBlueBird ) - JusticeWillCome
He either works with them or not, why would #FieldWorkBoston #FieldWorkQuantWork risk their contract for a randomer? He can't be both. He's must be affiliated with them somehow. Also by #BK do you mean he was in the military? - JusticeWillCome
31 Aug 13 ‏@B1GCh33s3 "Hey @ChristineTruth is it time for me to silence you away to the gulag? #freejahar " faved by #ThatBastichLobo #nk2999 #Marysings38 - JusticeWillCome
14 Sep - 24 Oct 2013 #B1GCh33s3 sent appx 300 abusive tweets to #TrutherDolly This does not include from his 50 #SockPuppets - JusticeWillCome
Examples @B1GCh33s3 Lol @TrutherDolly sending threats now? Come get some skank! #bostontrolls https:// - JusticeWillCome
17 Oct 13 @B1GCh33s3 @Marysings38 @batteelinda1 sociopaths are the followers and @trutherdolly is a straight up psychopath - JusticeWillCome
@B1GCh33s3 I hope @trutherdolly u understand y I have a therapist watching your timeline. #comitted #str8jacket #nwo #falseflag - JusticeWillCome
@JaharsCellmate @B1GCh33s3 @TrutherDolly Boom! - JusticeWillCome
@B1GCh33s3 Boy the more I see @trutherdolly in my TL the more it pisses me off. I guess you know whats next. #nwo #falseflag - JusticeWillCome
@B1GCh33s3 Buttfuck ur soul "@TrutherDolly: @LolliPopKisses9 < Projection by #BostonTrolls #OpTrolls @p01ym4th22 @rebelready @GabrlaMA #NWO" - JusticeWillCome
@B1GCh33s3 Ha cumdumpster say what.... "@TrutherDolly: So you know so much about me, you must know if I can afford to sue your ass. #NWO" - JusticeWillCome
@B1GCh33s3 Blum has lawyers lining up to fuck u in the ass "@TrutherDolly: So u know so much about me, u must know if I can afford to sue ur ass. #NWO" - JusticeWillCome
Well not really comfortable to call a military person #BK because of this BS. The evil going on here doesn't really equate to a nickname like that. He deserves to be called nasty names but that would just be evil trolling, stooping to his level & immature. I'm sure most military join up with good intentions & not just to kill women & children. - JusticeWillCome
Also tweeting about Sweder could get a suspension so not sure why you would think tweeps should do that? Also how do you know he is bankrupt & out of the military? - JusticeWillCome
I see, he is certainly a detestable character. I have been at the end of his abuse for several months, but I try to ignore him, & wish to try & rise above his foul ways. I'm not sure encouraging others to behave as badly as him is the answer. He is lacking in moral standards but that does not mean we should become as vile as him. - JusticeWillCome
Thanks & yes, big difference between informing his victims he is a troll & trolling him back with #BK though. Just doesn't sit right with me, although never say never, he certainly knows how to upset people & deserves all he gets, but generally not my style to be vicious. - JusticeWillCome
Have no wish to approach it from any angle, won't be asking him anything if I can help it. They have left me in peace today. :) - JusticeWillCome
Agree, my point is I will not/have never initiated an attack on trolls, I only retaliate (occasionally) to trolling or talking about me behind my back. The defending freedom, milking paychecks argument is the same as the BK one, and not relevant to his trolling of me so far. As trolls go, strangely he is not my most detested. The joint winners of that title go to #BillBates13 #Hedge76 & #MarySings38, of course they may once again be his #SockPuppets but I find them worse than him re manipulative mind games & intimidation. - JusticeWillCome We know one thing... Mess with #friendfeed and the librarians will fuck your shit up. I pray for the souls of those responsible ;) #Anonymous #FriendFeed - p01yN0Nym0u5
18 Oct 13 @B1GCh33s3 .@trutherdolly u just don't get it. Fuck with my friends..... #nwo #falseflag #bostontrolls pic I WILL BUTTFUCK YOUR SOUL https:// #B1GCh33s3 #trutherdolly - JusticeWillCome
21 Oct 13 I am that guy ‏@B1GCh33s3 Hey @trutherdolly I fucking warned you #falseflag #nwo pic I WILL BUTTFUCK YOUR SOUL" #B1GCh33s3 #trutherdolly - JusticeWillCome
2013 Monster attacks #TrutherDolly 300+ times with threats & intimidation. - JusticeWillCome
I notice he has cleaned his Twitter but some remain and he continues since I came back April 2014 but appears to have toned down the filth & viciousness.(towards me) But contines it on his sock accounts. I also notice he is obsessed with #CathUnwin constantly screencaps her tweets & ridicules them. Thread needs update, the evil continues. Although he has toned down his torture somewhat on this account, he continues it on his #BostonTrolls #SockPuppets. - JusticeWillCome
I just clicked the link. Looks like he is cyberbullying another female. Notice he likes and most of the trolls like to pick on women. Especially young girls. The girl trolls like to fight amongst themselves. Lots of drama in direct messages. They all hate each other and are too busy having wars with each other to do the job they were paid to do. - Ralph Hornsby
They all hate each other and are too busy having wars with each other to do the job they were paid to do /// this is why it was so frustrating trying to organize liberals. they fight like cats. conservatives may seem lock-step, but sometimes thats a good thing. - p01yN0Nym0u5
Debauched Troll #B1GCh33s3 & sidekick #SurreySlum are also responsible for this shit> via - JusticeWillCome
He mostly picks on females I agree. He picks on #WIUnion hashtag as well as #FreeJahar & #Truthers, he seems to get off on it, totally sadistic, and has no comprehension of hurting people whatsoever. - JusticeWillCome
@p01yn0nym0us22 Another sock puppet of his, they post the same type beastiality. - JusticeWillCome
#Joanneatom seems overly concerned to pass on tweets to #B1GCh33s3, she is #BillBates13 sock imo. #Hedge76 also wants to be involved. - JusticeWillCome
@B1gCh33s3 @Hiss_N_Bytch fucking lets fry @TrutherDolly @Hedge76 - JusticeWillCome
Socialises & trolls with #BeccaBrooke aka Becca Fagnano #Hedge76 & #IronGhazi - JusticeWillCome
Likely sock Account WilliambHand @WilliambHand #WilliambHand was #ThatBastichLobo - JusticeWillCome