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bos on Idioms: Building High Performance Networking Servers using Tcl -
"Tcl was mainstream 15-20 years ago. You're suffering from the recency illusion, which to be fair is the cognitive bias that 70% of the computer industry is based on." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Need help deciding if I should buy these skis -
"These are not advanced-to-expert skis by any stretch of the imagination. They're intended for intermediate skiers who stick to blue/black groomers. If you want an advanced ski, get something wider like a Mantra, and go up 15cm in length. Those are damn fine skis for railing the east coast ice and powder days both." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Your recommendation for mtn biking shorts -
"The only thing I don't like about the Hummvee was something I completely failed to anticipate: when I've got my rear suspension on my Stumpjumper in downhill mode, the left leg catches in the CTD switch fairly often. It doesn't seem dangerous, but it's very annoying. Chances are it won't happen to you, since it depends on the exact geometry of leg, seat, and suspension." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on conduit stream fusion -
""If *n* programming models aren't burdensome enough, we'll go inductive and try *n*+1!"" - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on streaming tab-separated logfile analysis with pipes (instead of Python) -
"Looks like a legit bug that's been around for ages. I narrowed it down to a much less complex test last night with just a few minutes of work, will continue on it this morning." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on I've never been out west - where should I go this season? -
"Tahoe is just expensive. :-(" - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on What is more ridiculous than mountain handbiking? Mountain unicycling! -
"This is true. There are very few other serious sports where you can legitimately hang onto your crotch for dear life the entire time." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on streaming tab-separated logfile analysis with pipes (instead of Python) -
"That's a lot of hairs to pluck individually from the back end of an angry yak. To what extent was this the immediate and intuitive answer to the question, versus something that took you a while to come up with? (This doesn't do a whole lot for my feeling that pipes and conduit make you do a whole lot of understanding up front before you can get much of anywhere.)" - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on RIP 2014-2015 ski season for me. Torn ACL - surgery in 6 weeks -
"That sucks, mate. I tore a few finger tendons climbing a few years ago, needed surgery to put me back together, was back climbing at the same level nine months later. Broke my leg skiing two seasons ago, ripped it up harder than ever afterwards. Think of this as the ghost of shredmas future saying it might turn out fine... If you can find a way to turn the experience from "this sucks" to "what can I learn while I've got this constraint to operate under", it makes a huge difference to the experience – or at least it did to me. Can't overstate the value of finding the good in the situation in a way that works for your personality." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on I've never been out west - where should I go this season? -
"I guess it depends on what you're used to. I ski Tahoe, and thought Revelstoke was unbelievably cheap. (Also unbelievably good, so totally second the recommendation.)" - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Good mtb shops in San Francisco or Tahoe? -
"Sports Basement is pretty good, a little cheaper than Mike's Bikes but also less specialised. There's also a Performance Bicycle that's worth checking out." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Awesome documentary for skiing/snowboarding peeps. Great tunes too. -
"If you view it as an extended demo reel for a filming and production company that's meant to woo big-spending clients, it makes a lot more sense. Now why they wanted people to pay actual money to sit through it is another question entirely. I wouldn't be in a rush to watch another Sherpas flick after it." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Alta this morning. -
"Yay! It's great, and I hope it melts, or else there'll be buried nastiness all season long..." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Must-ride trails in Downieville/Tahoe? -
"I'd recommend a mix of classics and obscure stuff. If you're riding midweek, the classics (e.g. flume trail) should be pretty quiet, but we still have a few busy weekends ahead, in which case you could emphasize the obscure stuff more. Don't miss the flume trail, seriously. Book a shuttle and you're in for an epic day that won't kill you. For obscurity, there's a lake loop south of Tahoe that I love. Start on 88 on a little dead end road remnant about a mile west of Blue Lakes Road, ride up to Scott's Lake, across to Big Meadow then south to Round Lake, then detour out to Dardanelles Lake. It's 23 to 27 miles depending, with some beautiful very quiet single track, techy climbs and descents, and you'll have a smile on your face the whole time. Map reading skills are essential :-)" - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Looking to buy first pair of powder skis. Help. -
"If you're a good skier and like to go fast, think about getting longer skis than you've linked above. Powder skis have a lot of rocker, which translates into a smaller contact patch under your foot, which means faster turns but lower max speeds. I'm 3 inches shorter than you, ride 187 Amperages in the pow, and often wish I had another 5cm." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Buying used skis, need advice -
"Those things are fossils from maybe 10-15 years ago. They might ski okay, but they're literally worthless; you might offer to pick them up for free or maybe $20 if they fit, ski them a few times, and see what happens. However, really old beginner skis are likely to not have been cared for well at all. The springs for the bindings are probably shot, so you're exposing yourself to possible injury. I think you should go to your local ski shop, tell them you're a newbie on a budget, and get either new skis and boots from last year's fleet, or ex-demo kit. If they have any sense, they'll treat you well, in the knowledge that you'll outgrow beginner stuff fast and be back for more." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Going to have a spare day in Palo Alto - good MTB there? Renting? -
bos on Going to have a spare day in Palo Alto - good MTB there? Renting? -
"There's excellent riding "in" Palo Alto, [way up in the hills]( outside of the town proper. You can rent a full-sus bike and helmet from Bike Connection. You'll want to call them and ask about pedals, but I doubt they rent shoes or other gear." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Easy Haskell Profiling -
"Ok, go do the research yourself. The problem of instrumenting profilers distorting results is well known. I'm not here for your CS 201 homework :-)" - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Easy Haskell Profiling -
"The magnitude of the distortion if you have SCCs everywhere is such that you will give completely bogus results, of the "not even wrong" category. Seriously, just don't do this: you will guarantee ably and predictably send people off on attempts to optimize completely irrelevant code, just because you're giving them pretty pictures that they don't know are fundamentally flawed. There, I hope I've stated this strongly enough this time." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Announcing auto-update -
"Patches welcome :-)" - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Easy Haskell Profiling -
"This is cute, but it has big drawbacks that I think outweigh its value, and I personally wouldn't use it in practice for any real work. The problem with wrapping every subexpression in an SCC annotation is that it distorts the behaviour of the program. SCC annotations are (a) expensive and (b) disable a number of compiler optimisations. So for instance, if you annotate a small arithmetic expression, it will suddenly become quite a bit more expensive than it "really is". For example, a small loop involving 64-bit integer addition takes 6 ns on my laptop in a criterion benchmark, 15 ns with `-prof`, and 21 ns with an SCC annotation. These annotations tends to be lumpy and uneven in their effects, so that if you have a lot of annotations turned on, the things that you're being *told* are taking a lot of time don't necessarily correspond to the things that really *do* take a lot of time. The approach that I've converged on with SCC annotations over the course of a number of years is to..." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Carron Valley MTB with Claudio Caluori Commenatary -
"Typical great commentary video ruined by terrible, terrible music." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on criterion 1.0: a major new release -
"I'd accept a pull request, at the very least. The paper is not very rewarding to read :-(" - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on criterion 1.0: a major new release -
"Pull requests welcome, provided you preserve backwards compatibility with pre-Windows-8. My Windows VM is not allowing me to log in lately, so I can't add `GetSystemTimePreciseAsFileTime` support myself." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on criterion 1.0: a major new release -
"That's what I get for telling myself "of course it'll compile!" at 3am." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Code's Worst Enemy (2007) -
"> My minority opinion is that a mountain of code is the worst thing that can befall a person, a team, a company. From a man who never met a mountain of words he didn't want to make taller, this is most amusing." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Reading files from the /proc filesystem -
"The implementation of readFile is clearly wrong here. It should not be relying on the file size being either true or stable, but rather as a hint. Must remember to fix." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Slides from Conan Elliott's workshop on Denotational Design: from meanings to programs -
"Better known as "Conal"." - Bryan O'Sullivan
bos on Are functional languages (or specifically GHC Haskell) bad at GC? -
"If you can't trust some random uninformed clown on HN, who can you believe?" - Bryan O'Sullivan
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