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RT @hawkins_becky: Susie Derkins: Patron Saint... Art by me, text by @RaeBeta
Roundhand Lettering Demo by Glen Weisgerber -
Roundhand Lettering Demo by Glen Weisgerber
RT @KdotCdot: So stoked about the new GWAR frontwoman. Turns out she's a bad ass even when not in her Vulvatron alter-ego.
RT @quinnnorton: Wondering about Scotland? My series so far: 1. 2. 3. pt 4 to come!
RT @saladinahmed: GWAR's new frontman is a woman. And her name is Vulvatron. ht @kenlowery
Zimoun uses motors to create moving cardboard installations -
Swiss artist Zimoun has used motors to add jostling and spinning motions to three installations made up of cardboard boxes (+ movies). - bouncinglime
U.S. firm helped the spyware industry build a potent digital weapon for sale overseas - The Washington Post -
Merely by playing a YouTube video or visiting a Microsoft Live service page, for instance, an unknown number of computers around the world have been implanted with Trojan horses by government security services that siphon their communications and files. Google, which owns YouTube, and Microsoft are racing to close the vulnerability. Citizen Lab’s report, based on leaked technical documents, is the first to document that commercial spyware companies are making active use of this technology. Network injection allows products built by Gamma and Hacking Team to insert themselves into an Internet data flow and change it undetectably in transit. The report calls that “hacking on easy mode,” in which “compromising a target becomes as simple as waiting for the user to view unencrypted content on the Internet.” - bouncinglime
What is the evolutionary benefit or purpose of having periods? - Quora -
Contrary to popular belief, most mammals do not menstruate. In fact, it's a feature exclusive to the higher primates and certain bats*. What's more, modern women menstruate vastly more than any other animal. And it's bloody stupid (sorry). A shameful waste of nutrients, disabling, and a dead giveaway to any nearby predators. To understand why we do it, you must first understand that you have been lied to, throughout your life, about the most intimate relationship you will ever experience: the mother-fetus bond. - bouncinglime
What is an Honorable Response to Israel/Gaza? — The Message — Medium -
I wake up each day to depressing news of what’s happening in Israel and Gaza. I read about America’s obsession with this war while ignoring what’s happening in Syria, while ignoring its own power games. I read through the histories of Middle Eastern politics, painfully aware of how the Palestinian people are perceived by other Arab nations and disgusted by the way in which each side is a pawn in others’ geopolitical games. I read the personal accounts of fear, anger, horror. And I listen to friends, family, and acquaintances spout racist narratives about the “other” side that make my blood boil. Painfully aware of just how divided the conversation has become, my data scientist partner Gilad Lotan obsessively scrapes social media conversations in an effort to understand how the news media from a country that he considers home could become so biased. I simply try to hold all of the conflicting perspectives in my head to better understand how we’ve gotten here. And the exercise makes me... - bouncinglime
The Oculus Rift Is An Applied Neuroscience Powerhouse -
A couple weeks ago I noted that the Oculus Rift Best Practices Guide (BPG) is probably the most substantial document ever written on applied sensorimotor neuroscience. I’ve been thinking a bit more about this, and here are some quick notes. - bouncinglime
PQED: How should people respond to open-carry gun-rights activists? -
The questions that concerns me now is how we bystanders should react when people come into a store with guns. There really is no legitimate way of determining intent. Even if the people with guns are carrying a sign claiming to be activists (which they do not do), they could be lying, just setting us all up for slaughter. And since there is no way to know what is on their minds, all we have are our instincts, but as we all should know, our instincts are often racist, classist, and frequently mistaken. So, what should we do? My proposal is as follows: we should all leave. Immediately. Leave the food on the table in the restaurant. Leave the groceries in the cart, in the aisle. Stop talking or engaging in the exchange. Just leave, unceremoniously, and fast. But here is the key part: don’t pay. Stopping to pay in the presence of a person with a gun means risking your and your loved ones’ lives; money shouldn’t trump this. It doesn’t matter if you ate the meal. It doesn’t matter if you’ve... - bouncinglime
Berkeley Law - Request for Proposals: Exploring the Implications of Government Release of Large Datasets -
The Berkeley Center for Law & Technology and Microsoft are issuing this request for proposals (RFP) to fund scholarly inquiry to examine the civil rights, human rights, security and privacy issues that arise from recent initiatives to release large datasets of government information to the public for analysis and reuse.  This research may help ground public policy discussions and drive the development of a framework to avoid potential abuses of this data while encouraging greater engagement and innovation.  This RFP seeks to:  Gain knowledge of the impact of the online release of large amounts of data generated by citizens' interactions with government Imagine new possibilities for technical, legal, and regulatory interventions that avoid abuse Begin building a body of research that addresses these issues - bouncinglime
We Must Risk Delight After a Summer Full of Monsters | VICE United States -
"Yes it is bread we fight for but we fight for roses too." --------- Power seeks to enclose beauty—to make it scarce, controlled. There is scant beauty in militarized zones or prisons. But beauty keeps breaking out anyway, like the roses on that Ferguson street. The world is connected now. Where it breaks, we all break. But it is our world, to love as it burns around us. Jack Gilbert is right. “We must risk delight” in the summer of monsters. Beauty is survival, not distraction. Beauty is a way of fighting. Beauty is a reason to fight. - bouncinglime
Before and After | Esther Honig -!befor...
In the U.S. Photoshop has become a symbol of our society's unobtainable standards for beauty. My project, Before & After, examines how these standards vary across cultures on a global level. ... With a cost ranging from five to thirty dollars, and the hope that each designer will pull from their personal and cultural constructs of beauty to enhance my unaltered image, all I request is that they ‘make me beautiful’. Below is a selection from the resulting images thus far. They are intriguing and insightful in their own right; each one is a reflection of both the personal and cultural concepts of beauty that pertain to their creator. Photoshop allows us to achieve our unobtainable standards of beauty, but when we compare those standards on a global scale, achieving the ideal remains all the more elusive. - bouncinglime
An urge to jump affirms the urge to live: an empirical examination of the high place phenomenon. | -
BACKGROUND: The experience of a sudden urge to jump when in a high place has been speculated to be associated with suicidal ideation; however, scant data has informed this speculation. We termed this experience the high place phenomenon (HPP) and proposed that it stems from a misinterpreted safety signal (i.e., survival instinct). The present study aimed to assess the prevalence of the HPP, to provide evidence that the phenomenon is not exclusive to suicide ideators, and to explore the role of anxiety sensitivity in the phenomenon. ... CONCLUSIONS: The HPP is commonly experienced among suicide ideators and non-ideators alike. Thus, individuals who report experiencing the phenomenon are not necessarily suicidal; rather, the experience of HPP may reflect their sensitivity to internal cues and actually affirm their will to live. - bouncinglime
RT @_truthtopower_: These looks like stills from a nightmarish dystopian movie, but no. It's reality in #Ferguson, Missouri, USA, today.
RT @MoreAndAgain: Meanwhile, in NYC the cop who killed Eric Garner (whose death ruled a homicide, two weeks ago) still hasn't been charged.
RT @KissOfKaramel: 👏👏 RT @CuratedByMyles: views on looting/rioting, explained by james "dontcomeinmyfacewiththebullshit" baldwin:
RT @aintacrow: autopsy acquired by nytimes says Brown was shot 6 times, twice in the head. #Ferguson #MikeBrown
RT @AmnestyNZ: The situation in #Ferguson has prompted us to send human rights teams. First time we've deployed inside the US.
RT @quinnnorton: Every generation thinks it invented social justice. Every generation thinks it invented media. Every generation thinks it invented dissent.
RT @pourmecoffee: "Only female pitcher in history of Negro Leagues watches Mo’ne Davis hurl shutout"
RT @iameddiebaker: Repeat: dumb, drunk people tried to loot but were peacefully stopped by protesters while cops posed in riot gear and did nothing #Ferguson
RT @SchorkWeek: Someone remind @BarackObama he doesn’t have to worry about re-election and #Ferguson could be all anyone remembers of his presidency.
RT @MissAngelaDavis: Thank you for this. "@ndilettante: PLEASE RT THERE IS TOO MUCH MISINFORMATION GOING ON. #Ferguson"
RT @swearyanthony: The USA: Where the police have tanks, and the tanks have corporate sponsors
Backpack taken out of parents' rental car. Contained journal, books, and MacBook Air borrowed from boyfriend. wheeee.
RT @AntheaButler: RT @tabithalou: This what they not showing you on the media. These young men cleaning up after the riot. #Ferguson
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