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.LAG liked that

.LAG liked that

Larry Green: i leave as i enter. award-winning Web architect. director. faux screenwriter. sportsfan. air bassist. seeker of truth, pleasure, laughter
Weather is cooperating today—so expect future #SuperBowl bids from Boston, Philly, Chicago, Denver and more! #nfl #ColdDontMatter #brandbowl
Seattle? BRING IT. :) - Bren from iPhone
who knew, the #NFL can control that weather!!!! #SuperBowl #brandbowl
Ford Fusion steps out to the early lead in the #brandbowl #SuperBowl
OMG!—#Fox is really laying the "patriotism" on thick right now! #FootballHealsAllIlls #nfl
#RussellWilson is Phillip Michael Thomas, from the original #MiamiVice series!
This just in: Erin Andrews and #RichardSherman are friends… #SuperBowl #FauxControversy
#Foxnews is now pwning the #SuperBowl tele-feed with a @BarackObama vs @oreillyfactor F2F—this kind of "political theater" is called: FARCE
We normally just get our own coverage of the game over here (and still will later) but this year, for a change (and because of the Murdoch connection) they're also including the Fox Pre Game show which was - up to that interview - kinda interesting and kinda enlightening as to what you guys see. That interview, however, was atrocious and stomach-turning at points. Interjecting the build up to a sporting event to play partisan political point-scoring? Pretty low. - Mark H
+1 Mark H… it was an awkward "chat" - .LAG liked that
I had doubts about #BrunoMars rocking the #SuperBowl halftime show, but after listening to his catalog this last week, I think the kid can pull it off! #lotsOfEnergy
Over 2 years ago, I said #RussellWilson was as good as Luck and RGIII. Today, he starts a #SuperBowl before either of them. Game recognizes game.
Screenshot 2014-02-02 12.06.23.png
Two years already. Wow. - Eric Logan
The Baltimore Orioles once offered Russell Wilson $1 million to play baseball, but he followed his dad's advice and went to college instead. Today, he's calling the shots in football's biggest game. - Eric Logan
…the four best #NFL teams in 2013 have made the league's final four! #NFLPlayoffs
The four best NFL teams should make it to the final four every year. I am not a fan of the wildcard. - Akiva
INT. Game, set, match—#Niners! Bring on the #Seahawks! #NFLPlayoffs
Screenshot 2014-01-12 12.10.24.png
Touchdown #Niners! Oh noooo! Colin Kaepernick does the Super Cam… and then Kaepernicks to celebrate! AWESOME!!!! #NFLPlayoffs
After further review: Touchdown ‪#‎Niners‬! game on!
It is like we only have three plays we can run in the end zone. Man. - Todd Hoff
that was a PERFECT throw by Super Cam for the TD! #Panthers lead. #Niners have yet to score a TD vs Carolina this season. Uh-oh?
2 "athletic" QBs in todays #Niners vs #Panthers #NFLPlayoffs tilt. I'm daring the smug Fox announcers to notice when either does something "cerebral"
Colston TOTALLY blew it! step out of bounds, yo! #Saints #Seahawks—you'd get ONE more play!
I'm guessing the adrenalin cut off the oxygen to his brain. - Mark H
That's just what I was saying. All he had to do was take two steps to the right. - Steven Perez from Android
I really don't care who wins… so come on #Saints, recover that on-side kick, will ya? #NFLPlayoffs
SAINTS RECOVER! - .LAG liked that
Game not over yet… #Saints vs. #Seahawks
Marshawn Lynch just sent the ‪#‎Saints‬ packing!
Not sure why the #Saints went for the FG there…
Agreed, strange call - Todd Hoff
who makes the CLUTCH catch for the #Seahawks? Doug Baldwin, #Stanford man! #NFLPlayoffs… under review...
Drew Brees' plays are #cerebral, but Russell Wilson's plays are #athletic—playing the same position, same damn game! #code #ws #NFLPlayoffs
Game on! #Seahawks 16, #Saints 8—it's the #NFLPlayoffs yo!
#Seahawks' Harvin is done for the day: concussion. Not good, for a guy with a history of… concussions.
Multiple concussions? Damn maybe time to hang em up. - Rodfather from Android
He should be done now. - Julian
…he took two of the most vicious hits I've seen this year; and was checked both time, in the doctor's office, for head trauma. Second time, they pulled him from the game. The guy is in his mid-20's. I think it's time to start making alternate career choices. - .LAG liked that
#Seahawks' Percy Harvin takes more brutal hits than I've ever seen… the reason why the Vikings gave up on the guy was multiple concussion traumas. Seattle needs to watch this guy's health—if they really care about their players
#Seahawks are f'in a blow the #Saints out of Puget Sound! #NFLPlayoffs
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