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.LAG liked that

.LAG liked that

Larry Green: i leave as i enter. award-winning Web architect. director. faux screenwriter. sportsfan. air bassist. seeker of truth, pleasure, laughter
it really pains me as a #Stanford man to say this of a #Cal guy but: Marshawn Lynch is pretty awesome!
Robotic Mule - SL3 Legged Squad Support System -
Robotic Mule - SL3 Legged Squad Support System
Black Barneys Shoppers NEED to be Arrested -
Black Barneys Shoppers NEED to be Arrested
#Patriots take out the #Panthers top DE with an illegal leg whip, then drive for a tying TD—Beli-cheat football all the way! #TuckRule #MNF
the #Colts are the #NFL's version of #Stanford football—I LOVE it! #winugly #butWIN
Two mediocre teams—#Dolphins vs #Bucs—putting up a quality game on #MNF A thin line between success and failure in the #NFL
It's also a combination of pretty unhealthy locker room situations, or at least it looks that way from the outside. - John (bird whisperer)
ZOMG! Did you see the end of the #Bengals v #Ravens game—Hail Mary, full of grace—tie game with 0:00 on the clock! #NFLRedZone
This is #Stanford football—#NerdNation!
#Buccaneers are drubbing the #Seahawks, supposedly the #NFL's best team—in Seattle right now! 21-0
Shhhh. - Bren from iPhone
.LOLz! - .LAG liked that
The Bucs? - Eric - Let Me Know
21-7. It ain't over yet. - Akiva come the Seahawks - .LAG liked that
Duuuuuuuuude. That return by Tate was epic. - Akiva
...amazing game - .LAG liked that
We are getting the Oakland game. Yay. - Todd Hoff
Oakland's D was previously the strongest part of their team - .LAG liked that
Impressive comeback by the Seahawks... all the way back from 21-0 - .LAG liked that
Seahawks just keep coming after you, relentlessly... - .LAG liked that
WOW! What a comeback... - .LAG liked that
I guess it will be up to the niners to make a loss stick. - Todd Hoff
...I dunno @Todd if the Niners can beat the Seahawks... O_o - .LAG liked that
Great game. I had so much fun and heart attacks and death and fun. - Akiva
...that's two #NFL coaches that have collapsed this week—think your job has pressure? Sheeesh!!!
One contract and you are set for life, is that really pressure? - Todd Hoff
Nick Foles had a "perfect" QB rating today—7 TDs, 0 INTs, maybe the greatest passing day in #NFL history
It was a beautiful thing - Marie
I have Aaron Rodgers going on MNF, but could have started Nick Foles, and his record 78 FFL points—and counting! <sigh /> #NFL
Bravehearts win! Bravehearts win! Thaaaa Bravehearts win! (Redskins victory call, circa 2017) #NFL
Tony Romo came through in crunchtime! #NFL
Philip Rivers came through in crunchtime! #NFL
In a league of beasts, Gronk is an uber-beast—a matchup nightmare. I H8 the #Pats but his presence makes them instantly better! O_o #nfl
San Diego #Charger QB Philip Rivers has 6 children, and his wife is expecting #7 any day now... #randomMNFfacts
Andrew Luck's on TV... you know I'm watching! #NFL #MNF #GoStanford
"Gravity"—a wispy waif of story with stunning visuals and an outer space emptiness you can feel. worth a look.
#Stanford is rocking the all-Black unis tonight—the undefeated all-black unis, that is! Beat #Washington! #pac12 #collegefootball
the #NotreDame lids—with the mirrored cloverleafs—are pure bling. but I think #ASU is going to roll the Irish tonight! #collegefootball
Touchdown Barry Sanders! Get used to that on fall Saturdays America it's coming and you won't be able to stop it! #Stanford #CollegeFootball
Friday Night Lights: this #BOISEvsFRESNO game is bananas—pure gridiron entertainment! #collegefootball ...and a QB with a porn-star 'stache!
Final: Fresno 41, Boise 40... great game! - .LAG liked that
#Oregon is looking very sloppy at home vs #Tennessee... but it's early
Johnny Halftime. 2 drives. 2 touchdowns. #Bama, y'all better be scurred now! #collegefootball
#Bama is in trouble... I <3 it! #collegefootball
Newsflash: BTW, Johnny Halftime is CARVING UP the #Bama defense... but it's early #collegefootball
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