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.LAG liked that

.LAG liked that

Larry Green: i leave as i enter. award-winning Web architect. director. faux screenwriter. sportsfan. air bassist. seeker of truth, pleasure, laughter
"Gravity"—a wispy waif of story with stunning visuals and an outer space emptiness you can feel. worth a look.
#Stanford is rocking the all-Black unis tonight—the undefeated all-black unis, that is! Beat #Washington! #pac12 #collegefootball
the #NotreDame lids—with the mirrored cloverleafs—are pure bling. but I think #ASU is going to roll the Irish tonight! #collegefootball
Touchdown Barry Sanders! Get used to that on fall Saturdays America it's coming and you won't be able to stop it! #Stanford #CollegeFootball
Friday Night Lights: this #BOISEvsFRESNO game is bananas—pure gridiron entertainment! #collegefootball ...and a QB with a porn-star 'stache!
Final: Fresno 41, Boise 40... great game! - .LAG liked that
#Oregon is looking very sloppy at home vs #Tennessee... but it's early
Johnny Halftime. 2 drives. 2 touchdowns. #Bama, y'all better be scurred now! #collegefootball
#Bama is in trouble... I <3 it! #collegefootball
Newsflash: BTW, Johnny Halftime is CARVING UP the #Bama defense... but it's early #collegefootball
So much speed on the field in the Tennessee v Oregon game—scintillating! #collegefootball
WOW! Johnny Halftime and Texas A&M are just doing whatever they want against #Bama... roll tide? Not?
Texas A&M is on FIRE! - .LAG liked that
Let's go #Stanford! Shake off that jetlag and beat #Army. #CollegeFootball
...if anything, this Chip Kelly offense is going to give people in the #NFL fits—including the #Eagles. that proof has already been shown in first 3 minutes: Philly drives down the field EASILY, makes one mistake... 7 points for #Redskins
...Redskins fumble, and then 1 play later—TD #Eagles. This Chip Kelly thing could be SCARY! - .LAG liked that
#Redskins are making the #Giants Game 1 offense look like a well-oiled team—and I have a tiny violin providing the soundtrack #mnf - .LAG liked that
Lol - Todd Hoff
I'm not sure the #Redskins can actually slow this #Eagles offense down... dayammm! #mnf #nfl
Today's to-do list—just the essentials! #NFL #NFLRedZone
Adrian Peterson's first touch of season: 78 yards—to the house!!!! - .LAG liked that
Tom Brady is looking very human today... - .LAG liked that
Do you like Red Zone? Wondering if it's worth the money. - Eric - Watch Me Now
Damn bold in is good. I've always liked him and now I can feel good about rooting for him - Todd Hoff
Wow that was a bad game. Cowboys v Giants. - Todd Hoff
NFL Red Zone Channel is Football Crack. From 1 pm to 8 pm All football NO COMMERCIALS. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
#Oregon has opened up said can of Whupp-Ass™ on Virginia... 11 minutes played, Ducks 21, Cavs 0.
Johnny Halftime hits the field... gets sacked on 3rd down #noMoreAutographs
Johnny Halftime takes the field down at College Station! #collegefootball #ncaaisbroken ...but he's standing on the sideline for 30 minutes...
... and he just watched Rice drive down the field for a TD—uh oh?! - .LAG liked that
Texas A&M seems to be righting the ship now! - .LAG liked that
Tim Tebow cut by Patriots (ESPN) —(is) this the end?
Saturdays were invented for #CollegeFootball. Oh, how I've missed you!
ponder: "...US contemplates strikes against #Syria..." how did we get here? well, you haven't been paying attention. go back to #MileyCyrus
Panem et circenses. - Eric Logan
@eric yup... got get that bread! —signed PNAC - .LAG liked that
Building a bully: Stanford football—not your normal strength program (b/r) #cfb
best "superstar-sounding" rookie name in 1rst full week of #NFLtrainingcamp: Baccari RAMBO—gotta be a star: DB, plays for the Skins :( #nfl
POP! goes that mythical "post-racial" balloon—this is America! if you're surprised by the #Zimmerman verdict you're probably from Mars
the absurdity, captured by Diddy, of all people: "Plaxico Burress shoots himself and gets 2 years in jail [but] George Zimmerman is free?"
If it weren't such a depressing night for #justice, I'd care about Lincecum's no-hitter tonight, but baseball is just a silly, little, meaningless game in the grand scheme of things
A truely multicultural pursuit where you are rewarded (monetarily) for your skill and not your skin colour? Seems like a place to aim for to me. - Johnny from iPhone
Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber, Pt. 2 -
‎#Dwightmare now there's a hashtag for you sports junkies! ‎#nba
Glad the warriors didn't get him. - Todd Hoff
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