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RT @Kelly_Fogarty: It's not just accidents & deaths occurring on construction sites. Word abuse is rife on the street where I live
RT @Mogaza: Psychological warfare by #Israel. Most parts of #Gaza are asked to evacuate, but where to?
RT @thomholwerda: BREAKING: IBM, Apple to launch iOS/2
RT @rachelbinx: I put the :/ in http://
RT @AnupKaphle: Merkel: we'll score one. Pope: We'll miss like three. #ARGvsGER
RT @Atom_TM_news: the tr-808 may be the pinnacle of human evolution.
RT @Mogaza: #Islamic Bank has just been hit by #Israeli missiles in Khanyounies now! BREAKING!
RT @RaniaKhalek: 77 percent of ppl killed in Gaza have been civilians. And Israel is praising itself for showing restraint.
RT @McNorfin: Just saw a coworker wrap a burrito in a quesadilla and I'm like "HAVE YOU EVEN READ THE EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK"
RT @MaxBlumenthal: Terror in Gaza: 57 seconds after "warning," Israel bombs a family home via @Mondoweiss
RT @JohnLyndon_: In case you missed it, amidst carnage in Gaza, Bibi officially admitted that he opposes two state solution #israel
RT @MahmoudRamsey: Israel bombs houses to warn those inside that it is going to bomb their houses.
RT @MarkHenery: "Using task walls is like drinking. If you're doing it alone you have a problem." Nice one @markjdsmith #lastconf
RT @brown_note: The secret to a good presentation is get the audience to do the talking #lastconf
RT @ISEE3Reboot: We spent yesterday consulting with world-class space propulsion experts and have some solid plans for tackling our #ISEE3 propulsion issues.
RT @mpesce: It's the story of the Programa 101, by Olivetti. The first desktop computer. The. First.
RT @hamzadawud: "Tonight on ABC, Palestinians use their Magneto-esque powers to pull bombs out of Israeli planes and towards their bodies." #TweetLikeABC
Warmed up the morning with some cross functional team case studies from @hwiputra
RT @burkelibbey: Areas where PostgreSQL is better than MongoDB: ☑ Being a database ☑ Being a JSON database
Made it to #lastconf.
RT @leninology: Who the fuck needs satire?
RT @TheWorIdCup: The Brazil World Cup logo predicted this!
RT @PaulaSKirby: Posted by a friend on Facebook :-)
TIL; I still have an orkut account.
RT @yarens1: RT @AliAbunimah: Israeli leaders demand "revenge" and then feign shock and horror when such revenge is administered.
RT @rmill: How to digitally sign documents →
Ohai girl walking down the street, eating a salad and smoking a ciggy.
RT @UberFacts: Hundreds of years ago, humans would go to sleep early, wake up in the middle of the night to perform tasks, then go back to a “second sleep"
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