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RT @SBSNews: Barack Obama promises long-term Islamic State strategy
RT @anildash: Lifehack: Turn a 5-minute task into a months-long ordeal by stressing out over it & avoiding thinking about it except right before bedtime.
RT @jchyip: "...there can be no literary genius without freedom of opinion, and freedom of opinion does not exist in America." Alexis de Tocqueville
RT @TheTweetOfGod: Wouldn't that be a cool twist if World War 3 turned out to be a U.S.-Russia thing after all? "So retro!", you'd think as you were vaporized.
RT @jchyip: Neil deGrasse Tyson on gmo food! via @youtube
RT @jchyip: Neil deGrasse Tyson on gmo food! via @youtube
RT @cyetain: OH: You have too much PIP, processes in process... #agile2014
RT @behindyourback: It's always darkest before the dawning realization that you have vodka.
RT @jtuple: Sorry recruiter, I'm not a good full-stack engineer candidate. I'm terrible at solid state physics.
RT @chunkymark: IDF .. "we are not killing civilians or children on purpose ..our intelligence helps us pinpoint targets" #newsnight
RT @DrBasselAbuward: A girl in #Gaza collecting her school books from the rumble of her destroyed house #GazaUnderAttack #ICC4Israel
RT @RichardDawkins: Suggest always put Islamic "scholar" in quotes, to avoid insulting true scholars. True scholars have read more than one book.
RT @monaeltahawy: MT @aymankhwaja Most depressing statistic of day. RT @ASE: Apparently 86.5% of Israelis against a ceasefire in #Gaza.
RT @mpesce: Why is that, you ask? Because South Korea invested massively in a national broadband network. 15 years ago.
RT @mpesce: "Seoul is the nirvana of digital convergence, where digital convergence has proceeded the furthest of any city or country."
RT @cnni: "It's all gone. There is nothing left." Gazans survey damage following Israeli bombardment:
The average age in Gaza is 17.
RT @ifesdjeen: The visionary leadership work is done. How long will your part take?
“The plural of anecdote is not data.”
RT @Kelly_Fogarty: It's not just accidents & deaths occurring on construction sites. Word abuse is rife on the street where I live
RT @Mogaza: Psychological warfare by #Israel. Most parts of #Gaza are asked to evacuate, but where to?
RT @thomholwerda: BREAKING: IBM, Apple to launch iOS/2
RT @rachelbinx: I put the :/ in http://
RT @AnupKaphle: Merkel: we'll score one. Pope: We'll miss like three. #ARGvsGER
RT @Atom_TM_news: the tr-808 may be the pinnacle of human evolution.
RT @Mogaza: #Islamic Bank has just been hit by #Israeli missiles in Khanyounies now! BREAKING!
RT @RaniaKhalek: 77 percent of ppl killed in Gaza have been civilians. And Israel is praising itself for showing restraint.
RT @McNorfin: Just saw a coworker wrap a burrito in a quesadilla and I'm like "HAVE YOU EVEN READ THE EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK"
RT @MaxBlumenthal: Terror in Gaza: 57 seconds after "warning," Israel bombs a family home via @Mondoweiss
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