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RT @chadaustin: Legal PHP 5.3: "break rand() % 10;" It breaks out of a random number of loops.
Much cupcake. (@ Very Cupcake Tunalı w/ 5 others)
RT @selzero: "Dress for the job you want not the job you have" they say. Then you end up facing the disciplinary board dressed like a Starfleet Captain
*my* friends? orly?
RT @jdub: "The future is made up of network-connected appliances using your electricity to mine somebody else's Dogecoin."
That good börek that I like is coming back in style … and there’s always music in the air.
RT @_GRRM_: I'm in a rush to finish the next book, so the entire second half will be written from Hodor's perspective.
RT @jncatron: Settlers set fire to Palestinian chicken farm via @ISMPalestine
RT @ThirdManLabs: Recruiter: "do you have any SQL experience?" Candidate: "I have no SQL experience" Recruiter: "right, I'll put that you have NoSQL skills"
RT @Chris_J_Doyle: Here's an update of the Game of Thrones character infographic I've been developing since season one.
RT @difficultsounds: vinyl terror and horror
RT @BoltCM: LOL-Rails :-) RT @thomasfuchs: Meanwhile, in Rails
RT @frankieboyle: Bond with Christ today by getting so wasted you don't wake up till Monday
RT @glcarlstrom: So the US is angry because Israel refused to condemn the Russian occupation of someone else's land?
RT @hhoover: Heartbleed walks into a bar, and says "Hello!" The bartender says: “Hello! -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----GDSSHPAIBAAJB…” / @brintly
Surprise birthday present from @ipekturgul - my favourite album from last year by @donatodozzy and @bee_mask
RT @johnfbraun: So how exactly do I identify what items in RAM are those juicy private keys that can be revealed by Heartbleed? Asking for a friend.
RT @iamdevloper: WHAT DO WE WANT? - now WHEN DO WE WANT IT? - race condition
Günaydın Ankara.
RT @JBelsham: This is my favourite gay marriage comment from the BBC News website
RT @UberFacts: An old Japanese manuscript warns men against kissing during the female orgasm because a woman might bite off part of her lover's tongue.
RT @fulltimecasual: Remember when you thought a government could never embarrass you us much as the Howard Government? Good times.
RT @starl3n: Found this at the dump. Such is life. #nbn
RT @UberFacts: The minimum IQ required to be in the Spanish army is 70. German Shepherds have an IQ of 60.
RT @SaraMG: Yo dawg, I heard you like VMs, so I put a VM (V8) in your VM (HHVM) so you can VM while you VM.
RT @djon3s: If anybody has a vps in Turkey or access to networks, try using Ooni Probe to monitor the censorship events & share what you found.
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