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RT @kateausburn: An MP leaks the story about the Premier threatening to sack MPs over leaks. Golden, #nswpol.
America, it looks like your citizens are trying to tell you something.
RT @tobyhede: I posit that it is better to have two many dependencies being exercised in a test than too many mocks.
If I had a magic carpet I’d see @DougStanhope in Canberra tonight. Going to be grim or ridiculously good. If you’re in ACT you should go.
After waiting *years* somehow dropped ball on @DougStanhope tour. I would have robbed a Uni student outside for tix, luckily 2nd show.
Chuck DP
RT @iamdevloper: Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat and all I can see in front of my eyes is: <?php } ?> and then I remember we’re past this, it’s over.
RT @UberFacts: Facebook has been linked to 1 out of every 5 divorces.
RT @criticalsenses: "the only good system is a sound system" i <3 #berlin #mauerfall
RT @BabyAnimaI: I thought they drank coke
RT @igorwhiletrue: @boztek @ircmaxell I've written transcripts of talks, published as blog posts
RT @ircmaxell: I bow to pressure to post slides. But I really dislike it. The value in a talk is what's said, not what's written down...
RT @ddprrt: "What's bower?" "A package manager, install it with npm." "What's npm?" "A package manager, you can install it with brew" "What's brew?" ...
RT @winnerikon: "all asians look the same to me"
RT @lunivore: Scenarios and automated scenarios are different things. BDD tests and scenario tests are just not things. Conversation with @everzet #bddx14
RT @SBSNews: Barack Obama promises long-term Islamic State strategy
RT @anildash: Lifehack: Turn a 5-minute task into a months-long ordeal by stressing out over it & avoiding thinking about it except right before bedtime.
RT @jchyip: "...there can be no literary genius without freedom of opinion, and freedom of opinion does not exist in America." Alexis de Tocqueville
RT @TheTweetOfGod: Wouldn't that be a cool twist if World War 3 turned out to be a U.S.-Russia thing after all? "So retro!", you'd think as you were vaporized.
RT @jchyip: Neil deGrasse Tyson on gmo food! via @youtube
RT @jchyip: Neil deGrasse Tyson on gmo food! via @youtube
RT @cyetain: OH: You have too much PIP, processes in process... #agile2014
RT @behindyourback: It's always darkest before the dawning realization that you have vodka.
RT @jtuple: Sorry recruiter, I'm not a good full-stack engineer candidate. I'm terrible at solid state physics.
RT @chunkymark: IDF .. "we are not killing civilians or children on purpose ..our intelligence helps us pinpoint targets" #newsnight
RT @DrBasselAbuward: A girl in #Gaza collecting her school books from the rumble of her destroyed house #GazaUnderAttack #ICC4Israel
RT @RichardDawkins: Suggest always put Islamic "scholar" in quotes, to avoid insulting true scholars. True scholars have read more than one book.
RT @monaeltahawy: MT @aymankhwaja Most depressing statistic of day. RT @ASE: Apparently 86.5% of Israelis against a ceasefire in #Gaza.
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