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RT @paddyforan: "Do not try to write MIME code with mimosas..." @bradfitz's sage advice at #gophercon
RT @nickstenning: Ha! The net/http ReverseProxy stuff that runs the GOV.UK router exists cos @bradfitz wanted it for his website. #gophercon
Ever wondered why memcached came to exist? :) - 9000
FYI my #gophercon presentation back-in-time shell slides used Docker and shellinabox. Then a reverse proxy in front of those + Go's present.
RT @paddyforan: "Here's the demo I normally give, and it's awesome, so you can applaud after I describe it." @bradfitz #gophercon
RT @mstine: Startup idea: scoop 5 random people at #gophercon and work on anything.
Here's hoping my upcoming @Camlistore talk's demos at #Gophercon work with the network. Either way: beer afterwards. So there's that.
Hah, @kfalter's slide grading Go: "evil empire: not sure. Can a gopher be evil?"
Hah, @kfalter's slide getting Go: "evil empire: not sure. Can a gopher be evil?"
RT @ephoz: Those speakers at #gophercon all believe The Cloud is actually made of servers. Ridiculous!
RT @paddyforan: Holy shit you guys, @kelseyhightower just booted servers... from a config server... that lived in his presentation slides. #gophercon
RT @davidcrawshaw: "We used to call these things servers, now it is called cloud infrastructure." -- @rob_pike #gophercon
No; "servers are pets, cloud infrastructure are cattle" - 9000
RT @andybons: “There are people who disagree with that. I respect your opinion and move on.” – @rob_pike #gophercon
Taxi driver didn't believe me that her Android Toast saying "ENOSPC" meant she had to delete photos before I could sign for the credit card.
Я не понял. - Тринадцатый
^ app записывает файл с картинкой подписи на sd-card, если места нет, корявый app показывает сообщение с errno. - Ещё быстрей Гонсалес
Best speaker gift ever. Best bar selfie ever too, amirite? #gophercon
I was confused to be landing with GPS saying 5400 ft elevation. Oh, right, Denver. #gophercon
And I'm off.... #gophercon
My laptop froze, cursor and all, seconds after I git pushed my #gophercon presentation backup. Had to force reboot. Could've been scarier.
bradfitz on GopherCon 2014! -
"At the SFO airport now, working on my presentation." - Brad Fitzpatrick
RT @golang: Oh, and yesterday we released Go 1.3 Beta 1 #golang (but I forgot to tweet about it)
Everybody's leaving for or arriving at #gophercon already and I'm just sitting here at home, working on my presentation. #golang
RT @davecheney: “@treeder: @coreoslinux bus sighting in Reno.” that’s commitment people. #gophercon #golang
.@Camlistore showing Foursquare importer, now integrated with search (note: location search too) thx @aboodman et al
bradfitz on Why is golang TLS performance abysmal? -
"ab is the wrong tool to measure https performance. Nothing else is even worth tuning until you ditch ab." - Brad Fitzpatrick
Work on @GopherCon presentation, or work on infrastructure for presenting presentation? Obviously. #golang
Pros: upgrades to and from Seattle, TSA precheck. Cons: security theater anyway, 50 min late leaving, gate busy in SFO, stuck on runway.
RT @zachklein: Flow, in more detail.
Traveling with only a light jacket and laptop bag containing Macbook Air, toiletries, extra shirt, socks, and boxers is peaceful.
Let me be unique on the Internet today and declare that I do not like marijuana. I know, blasphemy. #420
RT @talldave: bring your own big wheel! #OnlyinSF
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