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bradfitz on the easiest way to get the raw http header? -
"Then they're not HTTP by definition. :) If you want to build a TCP proxy, the net package has net.Listen and net.Dial and net.Conn.{Read,Write}." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on the easiest way to get the raw http header? -
"Yes, you can. HTTP header keys are case-insensitive." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on goreturns: like goimports, but also fills in return zero-values (so you can just write "return err" in a multi-return func) -
"Yes, /u/sqs and I discussed just this at dinner the other day." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Who is going to tomorrow? -
"I'll be presenting the State Of The Gopher." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on I met Linus the other day -
"Background: Oregon is one of the two US states in which it's not legal to pump your own gas. So there's a lot more interaction between gas station attendants and customers." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on How is TurboC++ different from Xcode? -
"You don't have to be mean." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on From Ruby to Go: a rewrite for the future -
"At what memory cost?" - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Tikhon Jelvis's answer to Do you feel that golang is ugly? -
"> It has many of the same features as Go but, with the exception of concurrency stuff, Yeah, that little exception. Just Go's main feature." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Hey Gophers, I'd love to get feedback on my first go package -
"Please don't name a package go-foo. If the github repo needs to be go-foo (why?), then make a new subdirectory named "foo", so the import is "" and the package is foo. But really, just don't use go-foo." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Command Execution in Go -
"Your use of $PATH with echo in the blog post is misleading. It won't shell expand that since you're not running a shell. You're running only echo." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on golang-dev: Help: Converting everything on the G stack to Go. -
"No. This is about the runtime, the part linked into every program. The compiler being mechanically converted to Go is a separate activity going on now. But the runtime is being done by hand." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on I wrote the old 3D Pipes screensaver in 120 lines of Python. (Using an OpenGL framework I'm making.) -
"I wrote the old 3D Pipes screensaver in 2 lines of Python. (Using an old 3D Pipes screensaver framework I'm making.)" - Brad Fitzpatrick
import old.screensaver.pipes3d, antigravity - 9000
In SF? Friend is doing awesome company: @Winelandia. Its wine club delivers wine to your house. Yay lazy lushin'.
With @Docker, is there an easy way to expose a single port from the host's localhost into the container's localhost w/o overkill --net=host?
From cafe bouncing HTTP conns via two ssh -L hops to my @coreoslinux VM's systemd journal gw. It's magic Hollywood-hackery when things work!
"Maintaining successful individuals & only replacing weak ones w/ children of higher quality was critical to evolving successful gaits."
bradfitz on Announcing qml v1 for Go ( -
"Minux got Go working on iOS a couple years ago (to some degree) and since then much has happened to make it even easier. It's not included in the mainline tree yet but it seems likely in a future release. Go 1.4 will include a lot of Android support. iOS seems likely in Go 1.5. David Crawshaw (who's doing Android) has expressed interest in iOS as well and he's trying to design most of the input & graphics APIs to be accommodating to both." - Brad Fitzpatrick
.@WellsFargo keeps sending me 37.8¢ paper letters to say I have 2¢ of interest with them after I closed my acct. Going to get that ¢¢ today!
RT @RiffRaff41: What the Hell was the question?
Got my 2¢! Took 2 tellers (1 for approval), two forms and ID. They joked "How would you like that?" Me: "In hundreds"
bradfitz on Linux adds getrandom -
Working on CLI & web app to make new @Camlistore instances on @googlecloud: Not done, but close! /cc @docker @coreos
bradfitz on Rant of the day: Sophos is breaking the internet -
"Fun recent Sophos bug triggered by a user's slightly-buggy Go program: Ends up crashing OS X hard via Sophos' kernel module." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on All of this company's front page promo's have their products photoshopped in. -
"Promo is? Downvote." - Brad Fitzpatrick
Sis-law before shooting Underberg apetifs, seeing if we all have water: "mine is ballsa" Me: "большая? a large water?" "No, ballsack warm."
Hey @uber, why don't you give up trying to show the location and position of your drivers? On both iPhone and Android it's hilariously bad.
Sister in law on school district & house for second kid: "we'll, she can ice skate to school because hell would've frozen over"
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