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bradfitz on Arbitrary code execution vuln in glibc gethostbyname() CVE-2015-0235 -
"Whoa, a test even? I didn't think I'd see the day when C-based projects start writing tests. /s" - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Google Aims at Bootstrapping Go 1.5 (Including mini-interview to Google's Russ Cox) -
bradfitz on Errors are values - The Go Blog -
"FWIW, some things in Go (for better or worse) return both a value and an error, and both have meaning. e.g. implementations of" - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Go 1.5 Bootstrap Plan -
"Yes. If you already have gccgo, that will also work." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Yet Another DKIM Verifier -
"Yet another? Last time I looked for one (for webfist... I couldn't find one and ended up shelling out to some Python thing because Brett Slatkin and I were under the clock for a hackathon thingy. So thanks!" - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on You think bathrooms with poor door placement are crappy? You haven't seen anything yet. (X-Post/ r/WTF) -
"It's actually an N. The text at bottom says "Innovation". I imagine this is from a larger photo series going through the alphabet from А-Я and showing funny things." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Package for fast TLS server creation. -
"There are many non-idiomatic things in this package. Looking at, * drop the string from your consts. they're implicit. * HerotsSrv should be renamed Server, per * HerotsSrvOptions should be named Options * SetMessagesDst(src io.Writer) -- it's called Dst but takes a parameter named src? * Options.MessageLvl should be named MessageLevel, and the zero value should be the default, not 2. understand and embrace the zero value. * TlsAuthType should be spelled TLSAuthType per etc. There are more, but I stopped there. This may be a good package, but it doesn't feel right yet, so I would be uncomfortable using it." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Google Opening a Massive Campus in Hyderabad, India. Their 3rd Campus After the U.S and U.K. -
"I've been to ~24 Google offices and this campus-or-not distinction isn't a thing that's at least known to me. I would say Mountain View is a campus (and gigantic) but other than that, it's pretty blurry. If the gigantic NYC city block building + Chelsea Market isn't a campus, but London is... well, okay. So campuses have differently shaped buildings? I wouldn't be surprised if Google is expanding in $X (e.g. $X == Hyderabad), but describing the shape of the buildings or whether they're rented or owned seems a little silly. More interesting is employee count. I would try to infer that from the article but it went on a tangent about a monetizing a wi-fi enabled city and startup incubator spaces." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Announcing the etcd 2.0 Release Candidate -
"True for now. In 1.5 there will be internal packages, though. We enjoyed using them in the 1.4 stdlib" - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Bug in ast.FilterFile or PEBCAK? -
"Ask He likes these bugs and wrote/maintains that code." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Go 1.4 is released! -
"This is all champagne!??!" - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Go 1.4 is released! -
bradfitz on Go 1.4 is released! -
"Yes?" - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on POST file uploading *without* using a form -
"That Handlers get a Body ReadCloser. It should be just an io.Reader." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on POST file uploading *without* using a form -
"Nope. You don't have to (for servers, only for clients). It's an unfortunate mistake in the original design of the net/http package. The docs say: // Body is the request's body. // // For client requests a nil body means the request has no // body, such as a GET request. The HTTP Client's Transport // is responsible for calling the Close method. // // For server requests the Request Body is always non-nil // but will return EOF immediately when no body is present. // The Server will close the request body. The ServeHTTP // Handler does not need to. Body io.ReadCloser" - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on TCP lookup: no such host error -
"This is often caused by buggy libc resolvers. Recompile your program with the "netgo" tag and the standard library will use its own DNS resolver instead of using cgo & libc. We're looking at making this in the default when safe (almost always) in Go 1.5." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Youtube now has to store view counts as 64-bit because Gangnam Style passed 2,147,483,647 views -
"Um, which database is that? They wrote Vitess for MySQL. MySQL supports unsigned integers." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Jason - A new JSON Library for Go -
"I came here to post exactly egonelbre's comment. Yes, *json.Value is so much better, and idiomatic. You also need docs on that type. I got turned off the package immediately when I thought "what is a jason.Jason?", clicked it, and it didn't tell me." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on What is so hard about adding generics? -
"Dave has done a ton for Go, for a very long time." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on My buddy sends me this in the morning -
bradfitz on Simple single page display of git repositories to allow code reading. -
"Hook this up to the Go oracle and this becomes much more interesting!" - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on iOS support in Go 1.5? Minux gives an update. -
"Have you actually considered the relative difficulty of both approaches?" - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Go is getting HTTP/2 support -
"I got my TLS cert from Google. That is indeed amusing (or at least confusing) that it's not SHA-2. Probably some compatibility issue?" - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Go is getting HTTP/2 support -
"I have high hopes for letsencrypt. They seem to be doing everything correctly and it should work in all browsers. When it's ready I intended to make it as automatic as possible with Go." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Go is getting HTTP/2 support -
"Whoops, indeed. Fixed." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Go is getting HTTP/2 support -
"Things have gotten better each release, but there's always more to be done." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Go is getting HTTP/2 support -
"Either way works. Fewer moving parts if you do it from Go, at least, and I happen to trust Go's implementation and runtime more than other systems, even though Go's probably not as fast as some. Also, if you see the real remote address, you don't have to deal with things like X-Forwarded-For headers." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Go is getting HTTP/2 support -
"Probably too old. I think you need Chrome 41+." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Go is getting HTTP/2 support -
"Yes, that's the plan. It will eventually move to the Go standard library and be included by default." - Brad Fitzpatrick
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