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Garage Door Opener v4 -
Garage Door Opener v4
Garage door opener v4 is complete. This time Raspberry Pi-based and on Ethernet. And on network-managed PDU. #golang
Bright sun at top, dirt brown ground at bottom, flowing twisty blue river flows through green grass... (Ethernet cable mnemonic)
Time to see if I remember how to make an Ethernet cable...
Yay electronics day, caffeine, loud music, nice breeze, breakfast burrito. Perfect Saturday.
Thanks @davecheney for your package! Worked first try.
bradfitz on ioutil.ReadAll(httpResponse.Body) memory consumption -
"Avoid ReadAll. What are you doing with the data? You can probably process it incrementally instead." - Brad Fitzpatrick
Coworker @davidcrawshaw posted great pic w/ "Spent five days in the Sierras, looking at mountains. Now in Mountain View, looking at email."
What does the Wifi on the GoPro Hero 3 let me do? Can I control it remotely, take pics, get frames, etc? If so, documented API or Win prog?
bradfitz on So what is the point of pointers? -
"Why do you have an email address or a stress address? Why doesn't Amazon deliver packages directly to you? All variables actually live somewhere. A pointer says where it's living, just like your email or street address." - Brad Fitzpatrick
RT @gardaud: “What’s pip?” “A python package manager” “How do I install it?” “easy_install pip” “What’s easy_install?” “A python package manager”
"What is a browser? Firefox (or Chrome). How do I install it? Open IE at http://.... What is IE? A browser." - 9000
bradfitz on convention for nonexported constans? -
"Yup. Sorry. We were learning." - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Go and HTTP/HTTPS Servers -
"Yes, it works really well:" - Brad Fitzpatrick
bradfitz on Go and HTTP/HTTPS Servers -
"If your CPU has AES instructions, Go uses them and it's not too bad. It's much worse if you don't." - Brad Fitzpatrick
My niece calls the iPad "baby" because they only use it to FaceTime and then she sees herself on it and says "Baby'". Hence device's name.
Fancy beer, coffee, and wine... They have everything! Except burritos.
RT @berger_brad: @bradfitz @Camlistore Camlistore is amazing. Running the Flickr/Twitter importers now, and using cammout, too. I'm floored.
Golden Gate Bridge and SF from top of Hawk Hill viewpoint. With @bmizerany
bradfitz on "Weird Al" Yankovic Word Crimes -
"Yay LiveJournal cameo! :) -- LJ creator" - Brad Fitzpatrick
OMG none of this Swift code is fmt'ed. My eyeballs! #golang pains. (At Swift meetup...)
I'm at a Swift meetup where the presenter failed to make Pong due to "something in Spritekit". I hope he's trolling us. Got my attention.
RT @Tsalmoth: The new Weird Al video is aimed at grammar nerds, takes a swipe at Alanis, and references LiveJournal:
I have 204 "unread" emails in my "Sent" mail in gmail. So if you see an incoherent or angry email from me: sorry. I probably didn't read it?
You know how you go to Wikipedia and then 8 hrs later realize it's 3am and you have 40 tabs open? Same reading Google internal design docs.
You know how sometimes you go to Wikipedia and then 8 hours later release it's 3am and you have 40 tabs open? Same with Google design docs.
I just wrote a 10 line TODO explaining to future readers why my code wasn't exactly correct. But then I understood so I just fixed it.
bradfitz on What better way to ruin hundreds of thousands of monies. -
"Nice boat." - Brad Fitzpatrick
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