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Rob Diana
The Google Reader to FriendFeed integration is crazy fast. My shares get to FriendFeed before I switch tabs.
You are so right. I just shared an item and it arrived in FriendFeed really quickly! Pubsubhubbub? - Paul Jacobson
It is due to PubSubHubbub integration ... ah, Mark, you beat me to the punch! - Paul Jacobson
I thought that was cool, until FriendFeed started pulling in the shares before I clicked on them. It knew _in advance_ what I would have selected. - Louis Gray
We have reached the future. - Evan Travers
Louis, that's because FriendFeed *is* Louis Gray - Jesse Stay
Do I need to update my Google Reader URL in FriendFeed to activate the new change or does it automatically work for everyone who is already importing them? - Skyler Call
@Skyler Call: It should automatically work. - Antoniu
321: Yes, it did. Thank you. - Skyler Call
i want to do this with a specific folder in my reader. by making the folder public, i'm hoping to automatically push those items as shared to FF when there is something new. do you know if this is possible? - Jim Halligan @jim from fftogo
i remember before this it could take 30 min or more for a story to post to FF now its like lightening! - (jeff)isageek
The question is, how fast do you switch tabs? ;) - Jemm
Jim, you can have FriendFeed pull in the feed for any tag in google reader. - Rob Diana
Jemm, honestly it must have been 2 seconds. I clicked my last share (or shift-s actually) and then I clicked the friendfeed tab and it was already there. - Rob Diana
Wow. I shared your post (and Louis Gray's post) in Google Reader, and they hit FriendFeed nearly instantaneously. Now if only Blogger supported the protocol... - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
I tried it just then ... whoa! - Jay
10 hours later... had to manually refresh my Reader shares :( - Dominic Jones
Still not working Dominic? I can help debug maybe? If you tell me when you post. - Brett Slatkin
Brett, I have to commend you and the reader team for their customer service as well. This is one of the few times I have seen googlers openly reacting to issues and not just fixing things. - Rob Diana
Thanks! =) - Brett Slatkin
Jenna Bilotta
I *HATE* the Adobe Updater in ways that the human language hasn't evolved enough to describe.
googleupdate.exe :-( Trying to remove it drove me nuts, until i looked in scheduled tasks. - Siddharth Mitra
The Adobe Updater tells me it wants to update Acrobat every couple of days, but never manages it. Sounds like my uncle George that will come by to fix the back light. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
And it keeps wanting to install Yahoo toolbar. What possible useful connection could there be between these two products? - Joel Webber
yeah, not as bad as google update, but still nasty - David
It's a terrible piece of software. Also essential: there's a really bad Flash exploit they just patched two days ago. - Nelson Minar
Agreed its on the same level as Clippy - Jim Goldstein
Hehe I complain about this constantly too. This might help - Mo Kargas
ME TOO. - Kate from iPhone
N'arrrgh! Me too! Drives me crazy. - Dean "Karnatos" Michaud
The adobe updater is the main reason I've switched back to using Preview! - Rubin Sfadj from iPhone
Robert Scoble
Aug 6, 2009: Webhooks Hackup: PubSubHubbub at Six Apart -
Bret Taylor
Thanks to Brett Slatkin at Google for adding some additional security to PubSubHubbub, updates to FriendFeed from feeds that support PubSubHubbub come basically instantaneously now. Only at FriendFeed would we optimize 5 seconds down to 1 second. Take that, slowness!
Tech explanation: Brett at Google added HMACs to requests from hubs. Now that we trust signed requests from hubs, we no longer need to do a complete crawl to retreive new updates - we publish the updates sent to us by hubs directly, eliminating the most significant source of latency. - Bret Taylor
The summary of this message is that people named Bret{t,} are pretty awesome - Bret Taylor
Bret, that, I can agree with :-) - Jesse Stay
You can Bret on it. - Louis Gray
Louis: Bret or Brett? - kartik vaithyanathan
Well, I got two e-mails from Brett (two T's) tonight and none from Bret with one T, so right now Brett with two T's is winning. :) - Louis Gray
kartik: I love regex jokes. =) - Brett Slatkin
Q: "Why couldn't Brett try out the regular expressions he created until he left home? A: His mom wouldn't let him play with matches." - Louis Gray
Zingaaah - Brett Slatkin
Hooray for fast :) - Joel Webber
Great! Finally! - Svartling
Bret - LOL - yep, awesome indeed! very cool ... wow 5 down to 1...phew! - Susan Beebe
Bret Taylor
Google’s Chiller-less Data Center « Data Center Knowledge -
Google’s Chiller-less Data Center « Data Center Knowledge
"Google has taken the strategy to the next level. Rather than using chillers part-time, the company has eliminated them entirely in its data center near Saint-Ghislain, Belgium, which began operating in late 2008 and also features an on-site water purification facility that allows it to use water from a nearby industrial canal rather than a municipal water utility... The climate in Belgium will support free cooling almost year-round, according to Google engineers, with temperatures rising above the acceptable range for free cooling about seven days per year on average. The average temperature in Brussels during summer reaches 66 to 71 degrees, while Google maintains its data centers at temperatures above 80 degrees. So what happens if the weather gets hot? On those days, Google says it will turn off equipment as needed in Belgium and shift computing load to other data centers. This approach is made possible by the scope of the company’s global network of data centers, which provide the ability to shift an entire data center’s workload to other facilities." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
66-71 in the summer? Glad I don't live in Belgium... - Joel Webber
I assume that's in Celsius. - Jim Norris
Geez, I hope not. It was about 45-50C when I was in Rajasthan, and that was enough for me. - Joel Webber
It is in Fahrenheit. - Varun Mahajan
71°C ≈ 5.51 inches, right? - Jim Norris
71F is about as hot as I ever really need places I'm in to be. - Andrew C (✔)
@Jim: I think that's about right. Or about 0.000695707071 furlongs. - Joel Webber
this is an experiment on power savings.. "But this approach could also produce energy savings for a single company with a global network - someone like Google." - no think of Google turning the knob and become an enterpise level cloud provider, including data storage, services and what not.. "follow the moon" concept is not new.. but hardly ever been implemented ! - Peter Dawson
awesome DC design!! It is very green too... love it! - Susan Beebe
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