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AJ Batac
Facebook sez, "Don't mind us, we're just whoring out your photos" -
Facebook sez, "Don't mind us, we're just whoring out your photos"
"All you have to do to prevent this is sign in to Facebook and click through to (get ready) -> Settings -> Privacy -> News Feed and Wall -> Facebook Ads -> Appearance in Facebook Ads and click "no one." Unless, of course, you want to be semifamous and have your picture used to push some garbage product or website without your knowledge. (note: when I tried to make this change just now, the site returned an error. oh, and it might not work in Firefox either due to a 'bug.')" - AJ Batac from Bookmarklet
Nice... The coming Facebook backlash is going to be interesting to watch. I give it 1 to 1.5 years. - mikepk
And I was surprised to see my setting set to "Appear on Facebook Ads". x_x Go here---> Settings -> Privacy -> News Feed and Wall -> Facebook Ads -> Appearance in Facebook Ads and click "no one." - AJ Batac
Interesting ownership of content rules over there, heh? - Jason Nunnelley
My Facebook Ads page is blank. Maybe because I only have my stuff opened to friends? - Anika
I disabled my AdBlock Plus to view that page Anika. - AJ Batac
Ah, okay let me try that. EDIT: Thanks! That worked. I was already selected to not appear in ads. - Anika
Good! Mine was set to appear to friends initially. Changed it to "none". - AJ Batac
Just one more reason to ignore FB. - Jeff Stannard
Thank you. - Nathalie
Yet another reason I stay away from Facebook. Too many privacy horror stories. - Manny
bad fb. really bad. why the fcuk is this "opt-out" and not "opt-in"? - vijay
Because. - AJ Batac from iPod
I went to that part of the settings and this is the popup I got... "Worried about privacy? Your photos are safe. There have been misleading rumors recently about the use of your photos in ads. Don't believe them. These rumors were related to third-party applications, and not ads shown by Facebook. Get the whole story at the Facebook Blog, or check out the Help Center." - Tony Miller
Third party content as in FB apps? Big difference there, eh? - Michael W. May
Ton Zijp
I really don't understand why a bad designed blog can be so fascinating and at the same time so embarrassing to look at. - Ton Zijp from Bookmarklet
that looks like men who look like old lesbians to me. - Franc, a rememberer
LOL - rowlikeagirl
they need richard grieco: - kendrak
Thanks, Ton Zijp! I just got some serious LOLs offa that. :) - Jenny
More LOL to be found at other Wonderful Weird Weblogs, Jenny. - Ton Zijp
*bookmarked* - Jenny
Random Tony Danza: Enjoy your day FriendFeed...
At least there's no audio with this. - Dennis O'Neil
Why, Johnny, why? <while holding my eyes in screaming agony> - hide. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Oh dear. - Derrick
Hold me closer, Tony Danza. - Bec Rowe @d0tski
I actually picked the best of the bunch... Google's Image Search for tony danza with filtering turned off yeilds some... interesting results - Johnny from IM
Is this the pic that accompanies the definition of "Dork" in the dictionary? - Jack&Cleo
HEY HEY!!! Keep your handza off the Danza!! - Johnny from IM
Johnny, did you see this, or was it before you were on FriendFeed? - Kevin Fox
*BUMP* (because I can) - Micah
*EXTRA BUMP* for Johnny - Micah
Ahhh, like an old well worn glove - Johnny
Two gloves, even. - Micah
Hold me close now Tony Danza. Neon lights are on the highwaaaaaaaay. - Josh Haley from iPhone
Tony Danza > Tiny Dancer - Micah
Albert Elias
"Tiger... I'm a HUGE fan of yours on the golf course.  As a former golfer at LSU, I understand how ridiculously impossible it is to accomplish what you've achieved.  But, man... what you've done off the course is NOT something I'm gonna be able to admire you for.  You dun screwed UP!" - Albert Elias from Bookmarklet
Chris Harris NFL
The Media Needs to Recognize Something About Our Panther Defense | LockerBlogger -
The Media Needs to Recognize Something About Our Panther Defense | LockerBlogger
"I listen to sports radio - like ESPN and all that good stuff - and it seems like they're all underestimating our defense.  In the past three, four, five weeks, there have been a lot of analysts who're saying that our opponents are "coming out flat" against us.  Personally, I wouldn't say that's the case.  I'd like to think that we're just flat-out getting stronger on defense!" - Chris Harris NFL from Bookmarklet
Chris Harris NFL
We're Turning Up the Volume Against the Vikings! | LockerBlogger -
We're Turning Up the Volume Against the Vikings! | LockerBlogger
"Today I'm heading out to practice to prepare for the Minnesota Vikings who are coming into town Sunday night.  Man, I'm excited for this one, not only because it's gonna be a killer game, but also because I have some friends on the other side of the ball." - Chris Harris NFL from Bookmarklet
Albert Elias
"Unless you're a professional football player, you typically play casual games in your backyard with good friends.  And as you play, you oftentimes dream of what it would be like if you and your buddy were ever able to square-off against one another in front of a packed house of screaming NFL fans.   This past Sunday, best friends, Rudy Niswanger and Kyle Williams, had their backyard dreams come true." - Albert Elias from Bookmarklet
Airam F.
Is this the future bookstore? Vermont bookstore thriving on experiment with self-publishing. -
Machine downloads books from a massive database while the customer waits. - Airam F. from Bookmarklet
Also see + tags: #EBM, #Espresso Book Machine. First article to mention self-published cost structure that I've come across. Print version sans diversion: <> - ianf ⌘
Thanks @ianf ⌘! Love reading the responses on that one too. - Airam F.
An interesting insight from the Click programme [] is that the #EBM turns out to be more popular with the self-publishing crowd, than with backlist- or publisher catalog on-demand print runs. I got the impression that of all books printed in that location (which by... more... - ianf ⌘
Chris Harris NFL
Keep The Faith, Guys! - By Chris Harris - Cat Scratch Reader -
Keep The Faith, Guys! - By Chris Harris - Cat Scratch Reader
"Basically, our guys need to step up - MYSELF INCLUDED - and play as hard as we can to pick up some of the slack that's fallen away as a result of having some of our key players down, and I'm certain we'll get that done.  We're all gonna have to take each of our performances to another level with Thomas out on defense - that's just the way it has to be." - Chris Harris NFL from Bookmarklet
Chris Harris NFL
My Thoughts on Last Night's Game Against the Dolphins | LockerBlogger | By Chris Harris -
My Thoughts on Last Night's Game Against the Dolphins | LockerBlogger | By Chris Harris
"Oh man... what a tough loss last night.  We had a chance to win it - we really did - but we just didn't play the way we should've played. In the first quarter, we played well defensively, but after that, we couldn't really get off the field on the 3rd down.  There were just too many long drives on us.  Obviously, the game didn't unfold the way we planned it to, so this one's definitely a tough pill to swallow." - Chris Harris NFL from Bookmarklet
Awesome to see you on FF Chris. Carolina will now be my #2 team. - DJ Stevie Steve
Steven... Ha! Glad to hear it! - Chris Harris NFL
Kol Tregaskes
Best viewed from photostream. Excellent!! :-D - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
That is AWESOME - Josh Haley
That's really cool. No way I'd have the planning ability to do that. - Jandy
Nifty! - @CrystalinaB
that's awesome. - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Fabulous! - Penny
Can I FAV that stream!?!? That is awesome! - Justin Korn
Clever. - Mike Nayyar
Check Daniel's share of this two: Like that he's captured the photostream screenshot. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I did something similar some time ago: and but in sets not photostream. Anyway this guy work is nicer, mine was just an experiment. - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
Leandro, that is excellent! - Kol Tregaskes
Brilliant - Michael Fidler
THAT is really creative! - Kristin of Two Everything
i agree with creative. - Larry David
Bumping some old good posts. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
"Do you always need to reboot the computer and/or start Windows Task Manager? Look no further than Ctrl+Alt+Del, a handy tool which does just that and nothing more." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
Cool! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
hahahaha :)) - Mahdi
Is it sad that I've been Ctrl+Alt+Del for over 15 years I never thought to use the delete key by the number pad? on a mac now, so I guess I have an excuse, but wow... - WiseYoda (aka Patrick)
lol i want - i also want a windows-e version plz - Allen Stern
WiseYoda, or the one-handed Ctrl+Alt+Delt, is the Ctrl+Alt on the right with the closest Del button. Gosh, I'm such a geek. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Yeah, that's the one I use, unless I'm already typing. - WiseYoda (aka Patrick)
I always control - shift - escape - it's like the karate chop of death! - Rich
Hehe. - Kol Tregaskes
I always love a good analog solution! - Ciaoenrico
Are u still using this combination for freezing Windows Operating system :) ahahahahaha - Bahaeddin [ MacinLife ]
Do not start with your comparably crappywise OS7,6 of same days ! - Gökçe K.
This is pretty funny. Oh, and I had no idea that that using the numpad '.' for del overrode the Num Lock when doing CTRL+ALT+DEL. Interesting. I can already do the one-handed three finger salute quite quickly, though. Plenty of training and all. - Chieze Okoye
Bumping some old good posts. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Albert Elias
Hey, hey, FriendFeeders... I just wanna let you know that my client, Chris Harris of the Carolina Panthers, has joined us. If you wanna, go ahead and follow him...
Chris Harris Headshot.png
Here's his profile again... - Albert Elias
Susan Beebe
Advanced Human Technologies - Social Media Strategy Framework (via @RossDawson) Excellent #SocialMedia #Marketing #Processes #MaturityModel -
Advanced Human Technologies - Social Media Strategy Framework (via @RossDawson) Excellent #SocialMedia #Marketing #Processes #MaturityModel
"Social Media Strategies Social media such as blogs, Twitter, social networks, content sharing and far more give customers a voice and organizations a powerful tool for value creation and competitive differentiation." - Susan Beebe from Bookmarklet
great framework - Leonardo Bellini
Great framework. I saved the chakra graphic in note taking app. - TrafficBug
grazie a Lorena che me l'ha segnalato l'ho usato in un seminario di IAKI - Leonardo Bellini
Albert Elias
Turkey, Football, and Wine: Pairing Tips from New England Patriot, Jarvis Green -
Turkey, Football, and Wine: Pairing Tips from New England Patriot, Jarvis Green
"Jarvis Green, defensive lineman for the New England Patriots, can take down 300 lb football players, but that's not his only talent -- the man can also pick out a mean bottle of red." - Albert Elias from Bookmarklet
My boy, Jarvis, knows his way around the kitchen! - Albert Elias
Carey Lumeng
You know you want it....HP reincarnates calculators on iPhone - CNET Reviews - (via
You know you want it....HP reincarnates calculators on iPhone - CNET Reviews - (via
Given the UI flexibility of the iPhone, why recreate older, less intuitive HP calculator interfaces? - Steve Levin
@Steve: Nostalgia, I guess. - Chris Granade
This would probably work better with a Bold and the clickable screen. I do miss the feel and thunk of pressing the keys on that thing. - Carey Lumeng
Older?...yes. Less intuitive? You've obviously never used the HP-12c. It has the best interface around for time value of money (TVM) calculations. Also, if you can't wrap your head around RPN logic, you could always turn that feature off. Best of all, with an app like this I can leave my HP-12c at home. - Edwin Webster
Free Streaming May Soon Be History: Spotify Delays U.S. Launch, MySpace May Move To Pay Model -
Free Streaming May Soon Be History: Spotify Delays U.S. Launch, MySpace May Move To Pay Model
Spotify is now saying that they must delay their U.S. launch. They don’t want to launch here with a paid-only model, and the big labels are signaling that they won’t have it. From the NYTimes last month, quoting Sony Music: “We like Spotify as our partner in Europe, but we would like them to move more toward a paid subscription environment.” - polou/indigo_bow from Bookmarklet
who wanna 2 pay while there r still itunes and youtubey? - polou/indigo_bow is the best out of all the music services. Follow me on there and let me show you the way... - Brad Williamson
Anthony Citrano
Anthony is honored to have just met - and exchanged courtesies with - the President of the United States. And that was, as the kids say, pretty effin’ cool.
Now bring on the vodka. - Anthony Citrano from BuddyFeed
I'll drink to that! - Michael McKean
@jc that's about all there is to tell... so far, anyway. (still at the dinner) - Anthony Citrano from BuddyFeed
Give him a fistbump for me. :) - Yolanda
Okay, I'll give you that one. That is pretty effin' cool. :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Cool. :-) - Håkan Dahlström
Sweetness! Very neat indeed, Anthony! :) - Mathew A. Koeneker
pretty cool! - Josh Haley
Very Cool! - Michael Fidler
sweet! - Jenny Morman
you promised us you'd say some dramatic line to him, did ya panic and go with "wussup?" - Steve C, Team Marina
@Steve: actually no, I cried like a little girl and peed myself, as is my longstanding personal tradition whenever meeting current or former Heads of State. It's simply good protocol; they seem to love it... - Anthony Citrano from BuddyFeed
P.S.: I promised nuthin’ dude - Anthony Citrano from BuddyFeed
Somehow I believe you, Anthony but still - pics or it didn't happen! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
@WoH: "somehow?" ha, gee thanks! There are no pics of this one, I'm afraid (although there are almost surely pool pics of me at the ropeline early in the night) and believe me it bugs me more than the rest o' yaz. Hopefully @ the next one I get a proper photo op. - Anthony Citrano from BuddyFeed
You're the coolest! - Shevonne
@ahsan: dinner at the Beverly Hilton last night. (sorry, overlooked your q.) - Anthony Citrano
:) You LA folk have personal photographers documenting your every move don't you?!? Don't tell me that not true because I saw it on the tv....Anyway, it must have been a very special moment. I hope you didn't cry and pee too much o_O - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Where can we read about it Anthony? - Charlie Anzman
@charlie: about my personal moment (A: right here), or about the President coming to LA? (A: just about anywhere; pick your media poison.) - Anthony Citrano
SO, can you tell us a little more about other than the wetting/crying? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Even though I can't stand Obama, I have to admit, your getting to meet the president is pretty cool. - Joey Gibson
@WoH - I don't think I'll get into the blow-by-blow here (there's absolutely nothing of substance anyway.) However, I will almost surely draw on the experience for a future article. - Anthony Citrano
Well I hope you do deign to share some little details with us sometime. When you can be bothered. In other news, did you see the new YouTube video from the WhiteHouseTV entitled "OMG!!!!! I met Anthony Citrano!!!!! For REALS!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I hear it's going viral.... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
WoH: don't make fun o' me! we've already determined I cry easily. ;) - Anthony Citrano
Ooopsie - my bad. I forgot you were such a delicate little flower :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
If you shook his hand, you have been changed. : ) - Phil Boiarski
@Phil - I did twice. Should I not have showered? ;) - Anthony Citrano
holy sylvia pawjoli (sp?) - anna sauce
You can shower, but only use your left hand. No, wait, that sounds wrong..... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Awesome! Haven't yet met Obama, but meeting presidents is cool. He's one I hope to meet in the future. - Mitchell Tsai
key question - did you ask him about crotch grabbing? - Richard Lawler
@richard: working for Clinton taught me, at a fairly young age, to never ask Presidents crotch questions. - Anthony Citrano
where's the openness and transparency in that? - Richard Lawler
@richard: i'll try to do better. i let pragmatism get in the way. - Anthony Citrano
Clinton taught you about crotch etiquette? Wow... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
total Marcia Brady and Davy Jones experience! - metalerik
"One of the recurring themes of the recent Future of Music Policy Summit in Washington, DC was the necessity, for musicians, to develop an "active fan base." There wasn't one specific panel about this, or one discussion; it was instead a constant thread through many different panels and discussions, and the seemingly inevitable answer to the industry's $64,000 question: how on earth can musicians earn a living in the digital age? ... So I'm listening to these ideas in Washington and I'm wondering what isn't sitting right with me ... In some important ways, if the music scene is transformed into a place in which all worthy musicians are supported by enclaves of super-engaged fans, 21st-century rock'n'roll musicians may win the battle but lose the war." - Jamreilly from Bookmarklet
Albert Elias
Travis Daniels, Client of Elias Sports Management, Re-Signs with Kansas City Chiefs | LockerBlogger -
Travis Daniels, Client of Elias Sports Management, Re-Signs with Kansas City Chiefs | LockerBlogger
"Congrats Travis! Elias Sports Management client, Travis Daniels, just re-signed a two-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs!  He's excited to be back in the fold and can't wait to get back out there to do his thing ;-) This is a great example of a client and agent working hard together to make sure that they were perfectly positioned to take advantage of an opportunity once it struck.  Travis didn't give up on the process... he didn't give up on me... and I didn't give up on him.  He continued to work out every week with full intentions of getting back on a team and sure enough the Chiefs - the team who initially cut him during their summer training camp - came-uh-callin' to bring him back where he belongs: The NFL." - Albert Elias from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
Think Progress » John McCain — ‘Tech Troglodyte’ And Top Recipient Of Telecom Cash — Unveils Bill To Block Net Neutrality -
Think Progress » John McCain — ‘Tech Troglodyte’ And Top Recipient Of Telecom Cash — Unveils Bill To Block Net Neutrality
"McCain was the top recipient of campaign contributions from the telecom industry, taking in $894,379 in the past two years. Even as chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee from 1997 to 2001 and again from 2003 to 2005, McCain made sure to craft technology rules that benefited his campaign donors. He opposed a program designed to provide discounts to schools and libraries to connect to the Internet and supported large telecom mergers." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Of course, the GOP point man on technology issues is someone who, just last year, called himself a computer “illiterate who has to rely on my wife for all of the assistance that I can get.” In July 2008, he said he has “never felt the particular need to e-mail.” As former FCC chairman Reed Hundt has explained, “Basically, John is a technological troglodyte, and proud of it” — and we’re now supposed to trust him to shape the way we use the Internet." - Sean McBride
You don't need to know how your campaign donors make money to do exactly what they tell you to do. - Andrew C (✔)
could of sworn this was dealt with during the election McBride. he uses a Blackberry, but a normal keyboard would not work with his injuries sustained in Vietnam. this was one of the accusations against McCain that ended up being hogwash. as for discounts to schools and libraries he saw the bigger picture which is that industry has accommodated the need for free internet. try starbucks. shitty coffee, but free internet now - NoahDavidSimon
Wait, what? *He said*, just last year, "I don't e-mail, I've never felt the particular need to e-mail," And as for Starbucks, this is like saying browsing at Barnes & Noble is a substitute for funding libraries. - Andrew C (✔)
I can't wait to borrow books from Barnes & Noble if that is your argument. btw... I don't use email either ;^) - NoahDavidSimon
Noah -- I can't think of any intelligent or original remarks about cutting edge information technology ever issuing spontaneously from John McCain's lips. I don't think he really understands or cares about the subject, and that he is executing the will of his paymasters in opposing net neutrality -- AT&T, Comcast, etc. Innovative companies like Amazon and Google are lined up on the... more... - Sean McBride
try some of the dark blends at Starbucks. it's gotten better to contain the public's phobia of Seattle being an Israeli run "Zionist" conspiracy pushing Queen Ester. I'm on their pay for public relations as I talk to you. I've got Mossad operatives on Juan Valdez right now. As for Comrade McCain's relationship to technology it has been beneficial to further our empire. - NoahDavidSimon
I much prefer the espresso I brew myself over Starbucks' -- as well as the ideas I brew myself over John McCain's. - Sean McBride
He's a worthy successor to Ted Stevens as the GOP point man on internet technology. - John (bird whisperer)
John McCain, despite his occasional nods to the Progressive tradition, is consistently on the side of crony capitalists, plutocrats, oligarchs and those who seek the maximum concentration of wealth and power in the fewest possible hands. That is why he is opposed to net neutrality. If these characters could get away with metering the air, they would. - Sean McBride
Interesting collection of comments by tech savvy people on Mashable on this issue Overwhelmingly anti-McCain, and quite angry, justifiably so. - Sean McBride
perhaps maybe I can convince you by putting it this way Sean. what influence do you *really* feel the GOP has had over "Social Media" in the last election? now if I may, what is more threatening? the digital pipeline that has a healthy field of competitors and was a profitable industry that gives back to the community for the most part or social media itself which for the most part has... more... - NoahDavidSimon
what? Social media != telecom policy. And IMO the pipelines aren't a healthy, competititve field, but more like a series of regional oligopolies each dominated by the local cable monopoly and the local telco. I find your replies to Sean seem to consistently move the goalposts of the conversation. Why is that? - Andrew C (✔)
you didn't answer my question, nor did you contradict the majority of my points. the GOP did not have power over social media. and while I agree that I think it would be a great thing to see restrictions taken away from potential competition to the pipeline... we all know those issues go right through the 'left' because the wires are on pubic property and the satalites and radio signals... more... - NoahDavidSimon
Noah -- "social media" is a free and self-organizing system -- no particular political group controls it. Anyone is free to participate in social media and express whatever views they like. No government agency controls free expression on the blogosphere or in social media. You are free to express your anti-Obama views on Friendfeed or on any other major social media platform. I don't understand what point it is you are trying to make with regard to net neutrality. - Sean McBride
Noah, I bet it would be awesome if you made sense. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Sean McBride these comments are owned by facebook. I wish the fucker were a Zionist. he's not. - NoahDavidSimon
Noah -- I don't think the political views of owners of large Internet companies like Google or Facebook should be a factor in their editorial policies -- free speech should rule. Once they start exhibiting any kind of political bias in the way they run their companies, they will lose all credibility and many people will drop them. (Didn't David Appletree say that Randi Zuckerberg shares... more... - Sean McBride
Golly, reading this, I am suddenly glad I can't see what Noah's saying. - Prosey BUTTONS!
If you think McCain is a techie-anderthal , you should come to Australia, home of Stephen Conroy and Michael Atkinson. - Will Higgins™
Denise -- the background on this: Noah belongs to a group, the JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense Force), inspired by Rabbi Meir Kahane, which has been harassing and threatening Internet companies like Facebook, Wikipedia, Google and Youtube to censor everyone on their very long list of enemies. The JIDF has become the most conspicuous anti-free speech lobby on the net (it enjoys more than... more... - Sean McBride
LOL - oh, I remember Noah quite well. I chose to block him a LONG time ago, and without apology. His behavior in these threads was atrocious and vile. That censorship is an aim of this group he's affiliated with is of no surprise to me. - Prosey BUTTONS!
Sidenote: I've gone out of my way to defend Noah's right of free speech, even when he is using that right to try to censor others. I take the U.S. Constitution with the utmost seriousness. - Sean McBride
*nod* I chose to exercise my first amendment right to ignore him. ;) - Prosey BUTTONS!
facebook has free expression? you crack me up McBride. they don't. they censor all the time. they just choose to allow Jew hate into their community standard. we aren't asking for censorship. what we ask is if there is a community standard that hate speech be part of it. ideally no network of over 20 thousand people should have censorship. it's wrong. it's arbitrary. and that was Ad... more... - NoahDavidSimon
Noah -- Kahanist groups like the JIDF, which you support, have defined as "Jew haters" mainstream Jewish groups like J Street and even Barack Obama and the Obama administration! The JIDF has posted hundreds of harassing and threatening messages against Facebook, Wikipedia, Google, Youtube and other Internet services, demanding that they hand over editorial and political control over... more... - Sean McBride
Noah -- are these accurate JIDF quotes? 1. "Facebook recently deactivated me again. I believe that Facebook does, in fact, discriminate against the Jewish people and Israel" 2. "the JIDF can focus on infiltrating the people behind the problems on facebook, as opposed to just reporting it to fb" 3. "yes, i agree the worst jew haters are Jews. the people most outspoken against me and... more... - Sean McBride
congrats you made my next blog post ...denying the correlative is the assumption to assume that all Kahanists felt the particular action of Rabin's assassination was strategic. another example of why you are weak is you argue below the belt and apply labels to people. that and the hypocrisy of your comment censorship... which is legal, but you... more... - NoahDavidSimon
Noah -- if you oppose censorship, then how can you support a group (the JIDF) which is probably the most notorious anti-free speech outfit on the Internet? Regarding Kahanism: the US and Israeli governments themselves have officially defined at least four Kahanist groups as terrorist operations because of their track record of committing terrorist and other criminal acts. (Note: I... more... - Sean McBride
ThatDBD: those who build their entire identity and purpose in life on conflict with ethnic or religious enemies tend to become mired down in a self-pepetuating syndrome and feedback loop -- they need an endless supply of enemies to justify their existence. The melodrama never ends. And, yes, yoga and meditation might help to develop a less xenophobic and more univeralist outlook on the world. - Sean McBride
I do take yoga. fuck you very much. - NoahDavidSimon
Noah -- you manage to drench your declaration of dedication to yoga in a stew of xenophobic juices. :) Like: I'm a Buddhist. Want to make something of it, motherf*cker? Funny. - Sean McBride
Sean, I'd appreciate it if you ceased making up lies about my organization. Thank you. Oh and "ThatDBD?" It'd J.I.D.F. not JDIF, mmmk? - JIDF
David -- feel free to correct any misstatements or misquotes. Any specifics? Did you write this? "and they should be scared.....just wait until i have actual resources to take care of our enemies." Another: "Today Obama told the world that he is on the side of Al Quaida and that the Jews in Israel should just die." - Sean McBride
JIDF == David? David C Cooper? Or someone else? - Andrew C (✔)
Most likely, Andrew...that was my insta-guess the moment I read Sean's response. To be fair, David already got busted open on dual accounts where multiple (conversational) comments were made within a single thread. Wouldn't surprise me if JIDF was another. //Edit: It's not. I was just informed it's not David/aka-pitlord. - Prosey BUTTONS!
It's easy to confuse members of this collectivist contingent (a fundamentalist cult, really) because they all tend to use the same ideological catchphrases, terms and expressions. They tend to be clones of one another rather than distinctive and independent individuals. Larry David could come up with a brilliant satire of this culture, I'll bet. This is always the way it goes with fundamentalists. - Sean McBride
Albert Elias
This blogger - who titled his post "Randall Gay (who's my client) = Pwned" - OBVIOUSLY doesn't deserve to be using the Internet. Click the following link to see WILLIAM Gay get PWNED by Adrian Peterson. It really is pretty brutal - OUCH.
Screen shot 2009-10-28 at 9.12.23 AM.png
Oh hey welcome to FF Albert. How's business? - Daniel J. Pritchett
It's all good, man! Thanks for asking ;-) - Albert Elias
vijay webdesign concept... (1280 px wide so click through to view fullsize ) / post additional features you think are needed for the home page here!
1. a 2 min intro video so people can watch it and know what the hell we are about - vijay
2. Participation panel with 3 actions: join the team / donate / spread the word - vijay
3. Latest News panel: I would suggest this to be the friendfeed embed widget for the "openff" group. - vijay
4. Top Dev panel: Shows most active contributors according to pointers along with their latest twitter updates. The one thing our project can offer is lots of attention for our devs so promoting active devs on a leaderboard is a good way to keep the activity up and running. ( Right now, I'm calling it "dev" board for lack of a nicer shortner name but the final leaderboard will include ALL contributors including non-devs. ) - vijay
5. Scroll Alert: At the right bottom is a small msg that shows up when the viewer still has some scrolling to do on the page warning them that there is MORE content on the page that is available for them to view. - vijay
I haven't added scrollbars to the mockup. But there will be content below the fold as always. - vijay
i think the video should be embedded within the page.. but i guess thats the case when the page goes live. - Gtp19
yep, video will be a pop up overlay as usual. The page behaves the usual way sites these days display content, nothing extraordinary. - vijay
Very classy. I wonder how it'd map to a "physical" website, though. - Tyson Key
This is fixed width layout; viewable from 1024 upwards Jason. - vijay
it's no big deal Jason lol! :D - vijay
ask me and I answer if I know it. As simple as that. :D - vijay
Very nice! I can help htmlize it if you want, let me know! - Jeremy
definitely Jeremy! I'm not a programmer so that is a big help for all of us. Thanks! :D - vijay
Well when you have something complete just DM me the link to the PSD and I will do my best! - Jeremy
sure Jeremy, will do :D - vijay
looks good vijay - AJ Batac
thanks AJB : ) - vijay
i like the design very much. clean interface, nice colors, easy on the eyes. very good! - Nik
It's a sexier Facebook. - Vezquex
I think one reason for the relatively low numbers of friendfeed users was that people were uncertain as to how to use it and what value it provided over other web sites. In addition to the intro video, something like the "What can you use it for?" text on the current FF home page is needed but better written and making a more compelling case for signing up. - Rajit
This will end quickly Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. - Dan owns
What will be the licence of server software ? GPL 3 ? - Thierry Lhôte
sigh. there's gonna be a license flame war. I'll simply say: -1 to GPL - Capn' One Eye - adrift
So what License ? Apache ? BSD ? - Thierry Lhôte
for better readability bodytext has to be black (or grey) (just saying...) - minus-one
body text 'is' gray right now minus-one; nearly the same color as this comment is on friendfeed. Why, does it need still more contrast? - vijay from iPhone
it's slightly on a green side here (111,120,108) maybe it's not sRGB... - minus-one
ah! ok. no probs, I'll fix that up. thanks :D - vijay
Vij, a sidebar with best of the day entries livestream would be cool... - Abhishek
that's a good thing to have Abi. Let's add it when we begin the coding. - vijay
Haven't seen this before. Maybe we'll never need Openff, but if we do, this is gorgeous! Re: sidebar - like the idea functionally, worried another element will crap this up visually. It's so clean the way it is now! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
yeah openff seems dead from where I see it. Though it really was buzzing like a beehive when I started working on this. - vijay
Indeed. Really nice design. - Micah
Steven Perez
"Rather than in any way maturing, Fox has in recent months become more boisterous and demagogic. Fox sponsored as much as it covered the anti-Obama "tea parties" this summer. Its "fact checking" about the president's health-care proposal is provided by Karl Rove. And weepy Glenn Beck has begun to exhibit a Strangelovean concern about government invading our bloodstream by vaccinating people for swine flu. With this misinformation campaign, Fox stands to become the first network to actively try to kill its viewers. That Rupert Murdoch may tilt the news rightward more for commercial than ideological reasons is beside the point. What matters is the way that Fox's model has invaded the bloodstream of the American media. By showing that ideologically distorted news can drive ratings, Ailes has provoked his rivals at CNN and MSNBC to develop a variety of populist and ideological takes on the news. In this way, Fox hasn't just corrupted its own coverage. Its example has made all of cable news unpleasant and unreliable." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Heh, "Strangelovean". We must close the swine flu gap! - Andy Bakun
The Gummint is after our Precious Vital Fluids! - Michael R. Bernstein
Why Charging for Online Content (Mostly) Won't Work - Advertising Age - Digital -
Why Charging for Online Content (Mostly) Won't Work - Advertising Age - Digital
Why content is no longer king No matter how great the content on your site is, you can forget about charging consumers to read it, Judy Shapiro writes. Web content may attract an audience, but creating a sustainable community is the key to monetizing those readers, she argues. Advertising Age (10/21) - polou/indigo_bow from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
"Google Reader added a feature that tries to sort the posts from your subscriptions based on your interests. The option is called "sort by magic" and it's available in any Google Reader view, but it's not enabled by default. "Your personalized ranking is automatically generated. It takes into account your past reading behavior (including liking and starring), and global signals. This process is completely automated and anonymous," mentions an article from Google Reader's help center." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
The future of media (the future of nearly everything) -- ultra-intelligent personalized recommender systems for all the information streams in the world. (I wouldn't call this particular version ultra-intelligent yet, but it's on the right track.) - Sean McBride
Paul Buchheit
First, FriendFeed is _not_ going away. (in fact, we're working on switching it to new servers) Second, I know everyone wants to know what the team is working on, but we don't pre-announce things, so for now all I can say is that there's good stuff on the way. Re:
I know that doesn't answer everyone's questions, but I hope it helps. - Paul Buchheit
Paul, working on stuff or - Kol Tregaskes
I like the first sentence. The rest is just gravy. - Derek Coward
I'm totally happy if we just reside on decent servers, and get occasional IT help... We'll keep the rest of the ship running :) - Christopher Galtenberg
Paul - is that why it's been slower lately vs.pre-fb ? - Allen Stern
Paul please repeat it in re-phrased form: Friendfeed is NOT going to repeat destiny of Jaiku? Y/N - A. T.
*processing statement...* - Micah
Can't wait... **Fingers tapping desk impatiently** - AJ Batac
But what does "going away" mean, Paul? And what does "team" mean? And when you say "pre-announce", are you talking about the Palm Pre? - Ken Sheppardson
Allen, the slowness is due to growth (more users and more data), but I put in a few fixes yesterday that should speed things up a bit. - Paul Buchheit
thanks paul - Allen Stern
Paul, sometimes when I open up threads I get the Opps... error. Is that related? It has been happening more and more these last few days. - Kol Tregaskes
Still better than twitter and facebook. Thanks for the update! - Mike Nencetti
Paul, thanks for the incredible work with FriendFeed. Please, keep it alive! and most importantly keep it FriendFeed! - Ciro Villa
as long as FF doesn't go dark or fall to pieces due to lack of maintenance, i think most ppl would be appeased. - Big Joe Silenced
Does this mean that the sky is not falling and we should stop running around screaming GODZILLA! and pointing in the direction of FB? - Tony C (Unrated) from fftogo
also, thank you for making such a great service in the first place! - Big Joe Silenced
Paul: Did you see & can you understand why it got so many people talking / blogging? - Jim Connolly
I second that!! - Kol Tregaskes
Always nice to hear Paul talking about Friendfeed. - Ashish
Thanks Paul for the update. - Roberto Bonini
Thanks for the update! Would like to know if there will be actual development done on FriendFeed in the future (other than bug fixes/minor updates) but I understand if you can't really talk about that too much. - Brandon Titus
Paul: so still no answer from you as to if your 'good stuff' is being developed for FB or FF? The silence suggests it's FaceBook you're working on, or at least transferring FF into an 'add on' for Facebook? - Jim Connolly
Kol, fb platform and openness, primarily. - Paul Buchheit
David Recordon FTW - Jesse Stay
i made a post here - - one interesting note - maybe FB keeps FF running nice and smooth to keep the early adopters happy as it's a great way to get new features out to them via this channel... just a thought. - Allen Stern
Wow. I've had to eat my words before but these are the best-tasting ones yet! - Akiva from BuddyFeed
Akiva, just add salt. You know which kind :) - Micah
I'm anxiously waiting for FF->FB Platform integration (drools...) - Jesse Stay
These are the best words I could have expected by Paul. There is obviously a cultural difference between the two platforms and audience and I'm assuming both the former FF team and the FB team recognize that and are sensitive to the community. Thank you Paul and I hope you are feeling better.... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Allen, you're in good company on that thought - there were musings on that concept right after the buyout. - Micah
When the leader speaks, everyone listens.... :-) - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I feel a few "I told you so's" coming though... :-) - Jesse Stay
Thanks Paul. Glad you're working on maintaining/improving performance. I've definitely seen issues here. Looking forward towards your influence and changes over at the blue giant. - Mark Krynsky
Paul - thank you for letting us know, and I do hope you feel better! - Jennifer Dittrich
The big question though is will FriendFeed continue to add new features? There's a difference between that and it going away. (and hence my argument w/ Scoble the other day) - Jesse Stay
Paul: Seriously weird that you're there reading this, and totally ignoring each relevant, yes no question. No one's asking you to pre announce anything - just genuinely concerned (and increasingly so) that they do NOT include developing for FF. - Jim Connolly
Jesse +1 - Jim Connolly
Jesse: Paul answers that question - BOOM - rumour mill dies and we finally get something positive to say. Ya know what - we won;t get an answer though. He's reading this, he knows the answer, but he won't. - Jim Connolly
Jesse: For now, FF has more features than any other platform for this type of niche. There's some catching up to do before I'm worried about new features. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
AWESOME!! Thanks for helping to quell some concerns Paul. Looking forward to what comes next, but hope that FF never dissappears also. - travispuk from iPhone
Paul: I'm right, right? There's something stopping you from saying that you are no longer adding new features to what 'we' know as Friendfeed? - Jim Connolly
Paul: Amazing how quickly you guys have adopted the Facebook attitude to silence. Pity. - Jim Connolly
Paul: blink twice if you will add new features to FF. I won't tell anyone, honest. - Edward Zwart
FWIW he did just upgrade servers. My e-mail notifications are almost real-time. Sounds to me like they're still improving the service. - Jesse Stay
Jim: Don't blame Paul on that, it's not fair. He's only allowed to say so much at this point but I'm very satisfied on what he said. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Jesse: The questions not if they keep the servers running - we want to know if this is a dead platform. - Jim Connolly
Jim: in Paul's defense Facebook's PR is more controlling than FriendFeed's was. I'm sure he's having to consider the effects his words will have on other people inside Facebook. But, I'm VERY HAPPY that Paul is here giving us hints as to what's coming. I wish it had happened six weeks ago so we wouldn't have lost so many people, but maybe that would happen anyway. - Robert Scoble
Jim, there may be a few new things, but as I said, the team is mainly working on fb platform and openness, so it's unlikely that there will be any big new features of ff (except maybe one that I've been thinking about for a while...). - Paul Buchheit
Did the Walrus think about Feed Splicing? :-) - Robert Scoble
Paul: Finally - THAT'S what we were wondering. - Jim Connolly
Paul: Pity. At least we now know not to expect any developments or improvements. Thanks for answering the question. Whilst it confirmed my fears, it's good to know what's happening. - Jim Connolly
I have no problem with FB integration (notice my drool above). Hoping for good friend conversion tools to bring subscribers over as friends or fans on Facebook from FriendFeed. (Connect.registerUsers FTW!) - Jesse Stay
Jim: I'd modify "any" to "many." - Robert Scoble
As a result - Jim has left the platform. - Jim Connolly
Jim: this is a change from last week, by the way. My sources were telling me that we weren't going to get any new features and now Paul is refuting that and saying we might get one new feature here. - Robert Scoble
I'm still drooling - anyone have a towel? - Jesse Stay
Jesse: I'll buy you a virtual one over on Ning. - Robert Scoble
personally, i would be happy just to have FF not fall apart and die. given the post-acquisition situation, anything beyond that is gravy! - Big Joe Silenced
Robert, I heard Ning is dead - care to send me one on Facebook? ;-) - Jesse Stay
Robert, think of it as 20% time. If there's a feature I want, I'll just add it :) - Paul Buchheit
Thank you for the clarification, Paul, and hope you are feeling better. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Even if there no new features in Friendfeed, I am happy with Friendfeed just staying on. - Ashish
Paul, if you wanted me to bake you some cookies, all you had to do was ask, GEEZ. - Derrick
Twitter doesn't accept cupcakes any more (just check Foursquare when at their offices). How about FriendFeed? :-) - Jesse Stay
Mark, I'm okay with better Facebook integration. There's a lot of power in that (hence my drooling). - Jesse Stay
Mark, I'm really hoping it ends up the best of both worlds - that would be really cool - Jesse Stay
im going back to efnet - i got a bus for 7pm - anyone want on? :-P - Allen Stern
I think you could make the case that some sites and services can in fact be "done" at some point, and simply require resources to keep them up and running. - Ken Sheppardson
Thanks, Paul. - Josh Haley
Ken: That's a potential advantage of turnkey application-level hosting such as App Engine: the resources to keep them up and running are almost entirely outsourced. ~All costs are variable costs, monetization improves over time, variable costs decline over time, so services that are "done" can literally just coast. - Daniel Dulitz
might be a full-time job times 2 or 3 for any fresh devs - safe to say Paul's got a bit of a head-start which changes that equation significantly! .... Also maybe almost as important is simply keeping spammers in check - that makes the difference between a ghost town vs the happy place here we want to keep coming back to enjoy ... - Dan Freeman
Istanbuldan buyuk bir eferimi hakketti bu cocuklar, bizim icin calisiyorlar - MobilAdam from fftogo
Yes, this helps a lot. Thank you, Paul. We were beginning to fight amongst ourselves over these things. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Chris: the problem is that a shovel doesn't get more utility the more people that use it. FriendFeed does. - Robert Scoble
I think the problem is that some people feel extra messianic some days (which is perfectly okay), and then refuse to see/believe/accept when others don't feel the same way AND point it out. The refusing part is not really okay, I guess. - Michael Bravo
Thanks for these reassuring words Paul. Have been working hard to get more Flickr users over here after the recent rash of censorship there. Friendfeed's TOS and lack of censorship is a breath of fresh air compared to Flickr. - Thomas Hawk
You can’t predict what the future of technology will bring; so trying is a fool’s game. You can only adapt to the new realities as best you can. Paul's word is that it is still worth the time to invest in FF the tool. The tool may stay in this form but that's still a better design for me than Twitter. If FF is a shovel, Twitter is a spoon feature-wise. Audience volume-wise, it is the reverse. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
"Feature creep is the devil." truer words! - Big Joe Silenced
I've been rough on you guys in some comments around, but I'm VERY encouraged to see that you guys see a future for FF. Thanks for shining some light, Paul. - Kristin of Two Everything
Clarification is appreciated. - DGentry
Chris: Pownce had more "features" than Twitter did, yet it died. So did other aggregators like Jaiku. It's not "features" that matter in social software. Well, at least not completely. It's a combination of features with crowds that matter. If the crowds leave FriendFeed has a lot less utility to everyone than if they flow in. Look at this item here. Why is it interesting? Because there's people here talking about it. - Robert Scoble
take your time PB Bear take your time - Thomas Power
This is definitely more of the answer we were looking for. Thanks, Paul. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Thank you - Johnny from iPhone
yea - happy happy.... - Chris Jackson
I can't find any wave that is even remotely comparable with friendfeed's conversation, if you found one will you invite me? (muzzle at googlewave) - ıɔ ǝɯɯǝ ˙ɹp
Great news, I await the new functions eagerly - Mo Kargas
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best thing I've seen ALL day!! woo hoo!! Thanks Paul :) {{{ HUG }}} - Susan Beebe
Just a few words of assurance go a long way, Paul. Thank you for finally giving us something more solid to stand on. It's been frustrating for a lot of us waiting for the other shoe to drop and this news makes it much easier to keep investing time in FriendFeed. Please don't be shy about reaffirming that it's not going away on a regular basis because it's always good to hear. - Lindsay
I will say it for the least time! Friendfeed kicks ass :). The rest who is saying friendfeed is dying. please SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! - alfred westerveld
Good to read. - Grant Bierman
Tnx Paul, people just want to see that are not "alone" - CantorJF from FreshFeed
@ThatDBD I think you're responding to the wrong thread... - Lindsay
still curious, but understand - Kim Landwehr
It's fascinating that so many people seem worried about new features. Until recently Twitter added almost no features at all and yet it continued to grow in popularity. FriendFeed's recent slump is all about perception, not tech. - Eoghann Irving
Looks like it's official then: FriendFeed lives! On new servers, even! (At least for now...) - Dennis Jernberg
Hoorah! - Ron Bailey
Very glad to hear it!! - Rosalinda Mojarro
word! - Dylan Casey
This is great news! Thanks, Paul, for the update, and if you get a hankering for a feature, great! I'm fine with the tech being your personal sandbox in exchange for keeping the service alive. Robert, I hope this means we'll see more of you and your family - and hear from the ones who have mastered the art of rolling over. Johnny, thanks for having the courage to ask the hard questions (and Louis for helping you frame the issues.) wow - life feels good again! - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
This is brilliant news from Paul! Now can we put this FriendFeed is dying business to rest please? It's a self fullfilling prophecy because by saying FF is dying, folks begin leaving, causing a downward spiral which would then cause it to come true! - technogran
Wan't it to stay? Then begin spreading the word! Get others to use it! At the moment its not mainstream so encourage ordinary users to use FF! The more popular it becomes the less likely it is to fold. - technogran
Yes :) Paul . Thanks. we love ff :) - sunipeyk
Questions? No just enjoy it. - ★ Soner Gönül
technogran: sorry, today you see what's going on. Bing? Displays your Facebook and Twitter tweets. Google? Twitter. Where's FriendFeed in this equation? Now do you get why FriendFeed is destined to be a tiny niche player and why the real action is on Facebook? - Robert Scoble
Good news :) - Maryam Ardakani from FreshFeed
Is not FF that is going somewhere else (?). Is its user base. - Claudio Cicali
Good to know. - orionstarr from iPhone
Robert, if FF gives me what I'm looking for, why do I care where "the real action" is? If FF serves its niche well, what's the downside? - Kristin of Two Everything
Robert, do you mean that Google doesn't index Friendfeed posts? Friendfeed is the first site that comes up if you search for my name. - Victor Ganata
Excellent point Victor - but FF only imports a small % of twitter's posts. Ergo Google is still not getting Twitter. - Roberto Bonini
@Scobleizer - this item is not interesting because of the conversation. it's interesting because of who it's from, and what he said. The fact that there's a conversation around it and that conversation is easy to find and read is a bonus (a feature) that sets this service head and shoulders above others (IMHO). There's really not much interesting in the comments here, if you ask me. You could get rid of all the comments that aren't Paul's and the value of the entry doesn't diminish that much. - Chris Heath
That isn't to say that conversations around items aren't ever useful or valuable (or interesting as robert says)... but in this case i would say it's who it's from and what he said. - Chris Heath
Chris: you nailed, in a single paragraph, why Twitter is winning. You now can choose who shows up on your screen and under what context. Well, I can because I have list support. Everyone else will get that next month. Victor: Roberto is right. I barely see ANY of the good stuff I see on Twitter come over here. Well, it comes here because of my favorites feed, but that isn't in nearly as useful a form as it is over at - Robert Scoble
Robert, you keep saying that's the reason Twitter's winning - I can do that in Facebook and FriendFeed as well. - Jesse Stay
Well, the problem is that Google doesn't seem to index tweets as well as it indexes Friendfeed posts. And Google has never been able go inside Facebook's walled garden. Hopefully that will change. - Victor Ganata
(and I have been able to for the last year or so) - Jesse Stay
Victor, that changed today - see ReadWriteWeb's post. Facebook is opening up public status messages to search engines now. - Jesse Stay
Why is Twitter/Facebook/FriendFeed a zero sum game? I use both Twitter and FriendFeed a lot - they have different strengths - and they feed into each other. Facebook I use less, but that's a personal issue because I simply like it less. Why does there have to be a winner? And +1 Scott, if I'm in the niche market that FF is serving and I'm happy with it, why should I care if "the real action" is on Facebook? If that's the case, I'll take FF's "fake action," thank you very much. - Jandy
Good point Jandy - sunipeyk
Paul: Thank you for letting us know status as much as you are able. The fact that you took time to write anything says a lot. So thank you for that. And thank you for FriendFeed in general. It truly does rock. Have a great day. - Morgan
Thank you. - amygeek
@Gene, sorry, you'll have to wait for a FB invite like everyone else! - Andrew C (✔)
FF team needs 20% time at FB to keep inventing the next. - Christopher Galtenberg
This is great to hear, it would be bad that a major peice of my microblogging arogration just died off. - denzuko
Bump for clarification and Happy Birthday Paul! - Charlie Anzman
Memories - Ashish
Jim Connolly
Friendfeed confirms no more features coming to Friendfeed | The Tech News Blog -
Friendfeed’s Paul Buchheit has just confirmed to me that the next ‘big’ new feature coming to Friendfeed, will be the last. This comes a day after Buchheit issued a confusing statement about the future of the platform he co-founded. Here’s what Buchheit just told me, in full: - Jim Connolly from Bookmarklet
Mark: Not sure how it would change things for Paul and the guys - they just sold out to Facebook and have more money than they will ever need. (and they deserve every fricking penny BTW!!!) - Jim Connolly
A sign of how quiet things are now on Friendfeed? I've had 5 (FIVE) click-throughs from friendfeed to my blog after posting this here. 3 months ago it would have been massively more. Really sad watching it die slowly like this. - Jim Connolly
Alan: Not sure - but when a post has twice as many 'likes' as clicks it means something. That same post's been read over 400 times so far - so there's some interest out there. - Jim Connolly
Mark: not true. Advertising for a million users wouldn't bring in that much on a forum-based site. Average CPM is about $3 per 1,000 page views. That wouldn't make anyone rich. The way Paul will become really rich is to help make Facebook a public company (they are well on their way). That means pouring all his skills into making Facebook a better service for its 300 million users (and growing). - Robert Scoble
Alan: And there's no longer a debate - the co-founder confirmed no new development. - Jim Connolly
Thats sad... - Roshan Ramachandran
It's also worth pointing out how much respect I now have for Paul, for being good enough to let us know the future plans - well, lack of future plans. That took balls and he deserves some credit. - Jim Connolly
Feedback please: Do I delete my account now the platform's no longer being developed? - Jim Connolly
So Jim, this is why you were pestering him so much in the thread? So that you could get a catchy headline for your blog? He said - "Jim, there may be a few new things, but as I said, the team is mainly working on fb platform and openness, so it's unlikely that there will be any big new features of ff (except maybe one that I've been thinking about for a while...). I don't see that as a... more... - Kenton
When platforms cease being invested in, as you know, they slowly grind to a halt. Is it better to invest the time I spend here on a platform that's growing - rather than shrinking? - Jim Connolly
Kenton: I don't need a catchy headline for a blog, thats only updated a couple of times a week and run as a pastime. The feedback you gave about deleting accounts screwing up comments makes sense. When the co-founder says that "it's unlikely that there will be any big new features of ff" I believe him. - Jim Connolly
I guess it depends on why you're investing your time. If it is in the community, then I don't see why you can't still contribute. If you're using it for increasing your personal brand, business, blog traffic, etc then you are probably right to invest your time on sites that see more traffic and growth. - Kenton
Kenton is right, you're title is wrong, fact. He did not say NO new features. - Keith Bennett
There's really nothing cool about all this cryptic communication Paul is giving us. All it's doing is riling us up and causing us to be unnecessarily speculative. We made this site be worth 50m, so we therefore don't deserve to be strung along like this. - Brad Williamson
Keith: Did you interpret "it's unlikely that there will be any big new features of ff" as meaning there WILL be more big new features? - Jim Connolly
"Thank you" - Seems the route is to keep the account alive, rather then mess up content for other users by deleting it. Appreciate the heads-up. - Jim Connolly
Six clicks now, fwiw. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Gotta go. Just subscribed to everyone who's commented here - so you can DM me. Really appreciate the feedback. - Jim Connolly
Jim: No I didn't, but I also didn't post an article saying there will be NONE! Fact is, we don't know what they are up to, what they plan to do and that's what causes the speculation. You're adding fuel to the fire and I think you should change the title, that's all. Personally, I'm in the wait and see what happens camp. I'm happy with the service as is and I'm sure what emerges from the FB integration will be interesting, but until I know what that is, I'm happy to continue with what I have. - Keith Bennett
ICQ still exists...Winamp still exists...AOL still exists (but why?) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Another FriendFeed self prophecy post. Cast doubt about its future so users begin leaving, then it will HAVE to close because of lack of users! You should be doing the opposite and encouraging folks to join...its users that keep a service afloat.. - technogran
"In a thought provoking article called “Art, Taste, Money,” the author reflects on the current state of art. He notes a sharp difference in taste between the so-called cultural elites and the masses who “just don’t get it”. He illustrates his point brilliantly with a response by an anonymous commentator on a review published by Aurelio Madrid entitled, “Difficult Art”. You can read the full article, but basically the anonymous commentator vehemently disagrees with Madrid, equating Madrid’s concept of “difficult art” with what he calls “fartwork”: 'When I see this fartwork I get sick from the fumes of its own arrogance'. ... Even without reference to the concrete work criticized here, the comment and the feeling that goes along with it should be immediately recognizable to many of us. Who hasn’t walked around a modern art museum looking for the nearest exit, only to discover it’s part of some ironic self-referential installation? Okay, maybe not all of us . . . but polemics have always... more... - Jamreilly from Bookmarklet
Polaroid announced today that it has partnered with The Impossible Project to try to create new analog integral film beginning early next year. The first film would be black and white, with colour to follow later in the year, the project said - polou/indigo_bow from Bookmarklet
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