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Marketing Stories of the Week Some great articles here - Twitter, ESPN and more.
RT @IBM_NEWS: What does it mean to be a great mobile enterprise? Robert LeBlanc weighs in
What Does A Creative Director Do Exactly? And Is Justin Timberlake Qualified?
NYC Multi-Lingual Tweets How does a brand's social strategy account for this - thoughts?
Forget B2C and B2B: Brands Need P2P This will get you thinking!
Special K recall Do you think recalls affect brands? Yes or No?
Office Depot Announces Merger With OfficeMax, Then Takes It Back
Graphic Design Criticism as a Spectator Sport An important piece for all branding professionals to read.
RT @3pPodium: W/out Social Sustainability, a Brand isn’t Truly Sustainable
Apple’s About to Shake Up the Tech Industry Again << What will they think of next?
When Technology Platforms Change, the Old Leaders Are Seldom the New Ones
Are you or your company making any of these mistakes? 5 Mistakes You're Making Online
AC/DC Brand Extension Rock-n-roll Style ROCK ON!
Pepsi Does the Harlem Shake, Coca-Cola Reveals Marc Jacobs-Designed Cans Who will win this cola war?
A new "relationship": American and US Airways Move In Together on Valentine's Day
Which brand do you most associate Valentine's Day with? Hallmark? Lindt? 1-800-Flowers?
Amazon Tops Apple and Google as Most Reputable Company in U.S. - Congrats to Amazon!
Facebook & Twitter are becoming "sources of healthcare information". Will this effect a company's strategy and brand?
The @dallasmavs have shaped their brand and business around their fans.
Blackberry & Alicia Keys: St. John's Univ. did a similar co-branding with Angelina Jolie. Read more:
Talk about co-branding! Interesting, to say the least.
By 2014 mobile devices will outnumber people. IBM and Cisco already have a solution.
Dell can't challenge IBM in enterprise computing - see how we helped IBM become a thought leader
Dell goes private, but is in desperate need of a brand overhaul.
If Dell wants to be taken seriously by IT directors, they need to shake off the ghost of "Dude, you're getting a Dell"
NEW BLOG: "In Soviet Russia, product designs you" by @adouglas2001
Coke Super Bowl commercial - big fail. How do you think this will affect their brand?
It's Super Bowl commercial time - let's see which brands come out on top. Maybe this one?
It's Super Bowl commercial time - let's see which brands come out on top. Maybe this one?
RT @schwild: RT @3pPodium: The Overlooked Sustainability Leaders in Business - A Study By @Conferenceboard and @brandlogic
RT @hamptonbridwell: #tcbci Transamerica branding efforts joined business strategy and brand strategy to serve their ambitions.
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