How B2B Marketers are Benefiting from Facebook Very interesting and gives good tips.
Why corporate citizenship matters to branding professionals by Senior Partner, Denis Riney
RT @SustainBrands: 1) Stand Out. 2) Blend In. 3) Build Sustainable Brand Great article.
RT @brandchannelhub: Auto Makers Roll Out More New Brands as Recovery Continues
Nearly 40% of Internet Time Now on Mobile Devices A reason why websites should have responsive design.
Wendy’s Brand Transformation: focuses on quality, but will Wendy's still be considered "fast food"?
Pepsi, Dr Pepper and Lululemon - Brands Have Colonized the 'Harlem Shake' Is this getting out of control?
Rolex named number one consumer Superbrand for second year running That's impressive!
Marketing Stories of the Week Some great articles here - Twitter, ESPN and more.
RT @IBM_NEWS: What does it mean to be a great mobile enterprise? Robert LeBlanc weighs in
What Does A Creative Director Do Exactly? And Is Justin Timberlake Qualified?
NYC Multi-Lingual Tweets How does a brand's social strategy account for this - thoughts?
Forget B2C and B2B: Brands Need P2P This will get you thinking!
Special K recall Do you think recalls affect brands? Yes or No?
Office Depot Announces Merger With OfficeMax, Then Takes It Back
Graphic Design Criticism as a Spectator Sport An important piece for all branding professionals to read.
RT @3pPodium: W/out Social Sustainability, a Brand isn’t Truly Sustainable
Apple’s About to Shake Up the Tech Industry Again << What will they think of next?
When Technology Platforms Change, the Old Leaders Are Seldom the New Ones
Are you or your company making any of these mistakes? 5 Mistakes You're Making Online
AC/DC Brand Extension Rock-n-roll Style ROCK ON!
Pepsi Does the Harlem Shake, Coca-Cola Reveals Marc Jacobs-Designed Cans Who will win this cola war?
A new "relationship": American and US Airways Move In Together on Valentine's Day
Which brand do you most associate Valentine's Day with? Hallmark? Lindt? 1-800-Flowers?
Amazon Tops Apple and Google as Most Reputable Company in U.S. - Congrats to Amazon!
Facebook & Twitter are becoming "sources of healthcare information". Will this effect a company's strategy and brand?
The @dallasmavs have shaped their brand and business around their fans.
Blackberry & Alicia Keys: St. John's Univ. did a similar co-branding with Angelina Jolie. Read more:
Talk about co-branding! Interesting, to say the least.
By 2014 mobile devices will outnumber people. IBM and Cisco already have a solution.
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