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Gmail Tasks Keeps It (Too) Simple [To-do List] -
Yeah, I agree, gmail tasks is too simple, shld be more powerful. - N.G. Gordon - RadarSync
Francine Hardaway
Wow. Twitter is totally down
From the blog: Unscheduled downtime 20 minutes ago We are investigating the problem and will update status shortly. - Drew
Kind of them to update us. Not too long ago, Search was down 6 hours, and it was not mentioned. - Louis Gray
Looks like it's back (for now). - Chuck
They should use friendfeed to post updates on twitter status :-) - Carlos Brefe
+1 Carlos - Charlie Anzman
We should all use FF and ditch twitter :P - Susan Beebe
My account has just been suspeneded.Should I open a new account? - Alex
I Wonder if such downtime becomes norm for social web apps? - Ashish
Robert Scoble
Why didn't Twitter go down when I was on the Nimitz aircraft carrier and couldn't use it? Blame Scoble!
lol - Allen Stern
I second Scoble on that! - darnell
looks like we've got a Wave going! - Craig Shipp
figures eh - Austin Garrod
WaveFeed? FriendWave? - Tristan Seligmann
it's fine here - kang
its up again - Johni Fisher
what on earth are you doing on a ship rob? - David Lloyd
what is your job Robert? i mean, your title, what do you do for a living. I don't mean blogging or twittering. What do your employers pay you do do? - David Lloyd
Mark, he works for RackSpace. EDIT: Read more at - James Rishabh Mishra
Mark: I am working on something that will come out on June 11 at - Robert Scoble
Doing what though? they are a web hosting company. What does he do? lol - David Lloyd
DONE - sean percival
Mark: you can see photos of what I was doing on the ship: (We were visiting as part of a blogger embark that Guy Kawasaki arranged). - Robert Scoble
ooo how cryptically exciting, cannot wait! I wondered what you were up to travelling all over the world. - David Lloyd
"something that will come out on June 11 at - Robert Scoble" ----- that's my birthday in case you didn't know - shayne catrett
What do I do for a living? I tour the world interviewing business and tech innovators. Rackspace is paying me to do that because we're building a community of people who are fanatical about the Internet. Really why I'm paid is because I have relationships with many of the people who are building the most interesting web sites. Rackspace hosted YouTube before Google bought them. We are looking for more of those. - Robert Scoble
Happy Early Birthday. Imagine how cool it would be just do take a few days and go and hang out on a big ship? Shame the pesky real world has to go and spoil everything :p - David Lloyd
SO is the hope that some of these big upcoming websites might consider using rackspace in the future? You kind of are recruiting big accounts? - David Lloyd
I love how they called it a "fatal" software error. - David Lloyd
I also love the real-time updates on FF. When Google Wave comes out we will be able to see each other typing this nonsense in real time character by character!! - David Lloyd
drat! - David Lloyd
I wonder who will get the exclusive launch info about Building43. What it is etc. Maybe TechCrunch, or maybe GillmorGang - David Lloyd
Tim Elliott
Cool list of street vendors on Twitter; see you soon @chefshack1
Steve Isaacs
This trailer will destroy your mind, and IT'S NOT EVEN A JOKE. THIS IS REAL. -
This trailer will destroy your mind, and IT'S NOT EVEN A JOKE. THIS IS REAL.
Meh. - iTad
what the? is that a real movie?!! - Dee @
*blink* there are no words... - holly #ravingfangirl
I wish i had blinked i think i'm blind now. - Steve C, Team Marina
huh? what? - .LAG liked that
Is this a feature length film or a short? - Jack&Cleo
Gary Oldman? - Rob H.
It's from 2003. Went straight to DVD. Netflix: - Ken Sheppardson
"Tiptoes was an official selection of the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, apparently in their bid to add a TV movie of the week category" HAH... - Ken Sheppardson
I see trilogy potential... - zeroinfluencer
Kol Tregaskes
"Believe it or not, all of these photos are of real life-size locations or objects. The technique of tilt-shift miniature faking makes the life-sized look like a miniature scale model. The process involves using Photoshop to fake a shallow depth of field and punching up the color saturation. The results are truly amazing. I’ve rounded up 41 of the best tilt-shift miniature faking photos around to inspire you." - Kol Tregaskes
This is awesome, I am just doing my first two tilt-shift miniature faking edits right now and getting ready to upload them now. - Matthew Sauer
Your works reminded me of "A Tiny Street Art Project" :) You both are really good! :) - Maral
My attempt (singular) at tilt-shifting a shot didn't turn out anywhere near half the look of these. - Nathalie
it is beatifull. - Mehmet {Blog Gazanya} ;
Fake tilt-shift is the new HDR. - michele
would have love a tutorial for this :) - Jean-Charles VERDIE
@Jean: This one's pretty good. - Praveen Vasudev
I've created a couple but not as good as these above: and - Kol Tregaskes
Yeah, mine aren't as good as some of these but I am learning, shot composition makes a difference as well as the edit. - Matthew Sauer
It's amazing how just a bit of blurring on the edges can create an entire perceived scale change. Also tilt-shift miniature videos are awesome. - seda irengü özmen
Wow! I was planning to try that some time, but now I might do it sooner rather than later. - James Myatt
A few of my own attempts here: - Daniel Rowley
Thanks for the links, pretty good. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
@Praveen thanks!! - Jean-Charles VERDIE
this picture on the left really so cool photography lover - sherief
Leo Laporte
Thanks to everyone who suggested the free Sun Virtual Box for running Windows on OS X. Works great!
How well does it do with Boot Camp partitions? - midnightgolfer
Been thinking about using Virtual Box to run Windows on Ubuntu: - Jason Heppler
Jason, you should -it works really well - Robert Johnson
I don't know if it works with Bootcamp partitions (like VMWare and Parallels do) but I'm using it with XP right now and it seems every bit as fast as either Parallels or VMWare. - Leo Laporte
Is there any way to run Linux like that? - Kyle
If I already have a license to run VMWare Fusion, what does Virtual Box do that VMWare doesn't? - Paul Grav
@Paul Grav: For instance, you can insert USB devices in a virtual machine! I use it myself to sync the Pocket PC of my sister, works perfect. - Daan Berg from twhirl
@Daan. VMWare does this too. - Paul Grav
Leo Laporte
Big-Screen e-Readers May Help Save Newspapers - -
But it is Amazon, maker of the Kindle, that appears to be first in line to try throwing an electronic life preserver to old-media companies. As early as this week, according to people briefed on the online retailer’s plans, Amazon will introduce a larger version of its Kindle wireless device tailored for displaying newspapers, magazines and perhaps textbooks. An Amazon spokesman would not comment, but some news organizations, including The New York Times, are expected to be involved in the introduction of the device, according to people briefed on the plans. A spokeswoman for The Times, Catherine J. Mathis, said she could not comment on the company’s relationship with Amazon. - Leo Laporte
What really sucks is that you can't get kindle in Japan. - Carlos Brefe
You can import one, but you won't be able to download anything over the air. No can do because of commercial copyright-zoning agreements. It is even doubtful if Amazon will let you download "non-Japanese" titles to the desktop for the same reason. - ianf ⌘
Wow... a big Kindle would be tough for me to resist. Although I won't make any move until I see if anything comes of the Apple media pad. Color trumps everything else for me. - Roger Benningfield
Guy Kawasaki
How to Quit Your Job and Start a Company
Louis Gray
As a security question, AT&T asked "what is your favorite movie". I said, "Pi." It said, "Your answer must be between 4 and 80 characters. Please re-enter." I guess I was wrong.
Infinite characters? - Hutch Carpenter
3.141 - Bwana ☠
Hahah. - Rochelle
African or European? - Ken Sheppardson
i loved that movie too!!! - Cardeen Risen
LOL it is a great movie - Jim Goldstein
And now I'm reminded of J - "J's List of Sites That Consider "J" an Invalid First Name" which I read years ago on his blog; he's on FF too - Micah
You should have said your favorite pie and killed two security questions with one stone: pecan pi - Dawn
+1 Ken. authentication system no doubt coded by the Old Man from Scene 24. - Karim
One of my favourite films of all time. My cat is called Pi but the vet's database wouldnt accept a two letter name so at the vet's he is called Pye. I wanted the symbol...the girl at the reception hadn't even heard of Pi so I was on a loser! - Pete Gilbert
3.1415926 ??? LOL - Matthew Sauer
You'll have to see if it actually sits at #1 on your Flickchart. ;) - Nathan Chase
I'd hate to imagine what an 80-char movie title would be like on a marquee! - Gabe
They're the Phone Company. They know Everything. You must be mistaken in your favorite movie. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Ask Verizon .... :) - Charlie Anzman
Some make a habit of watching this every March 14. This is Aronofsky's break out work -- very good film. - Pete D
Great movie. - Jason Wehmhoener
This movie has everything! paranoia, mathematics, and brains lying around on subway platforms - David Roberts
I guess 42 wouldn't work either then - Jesse Stay
Gabe: (scroll down to "complete title" -- apparently IMDB also has an 80 character limit for the main title) - Laurence Gonsalves
Ha! "Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Zombified Living Dead Part 2: In Shocking 2-D" - Gabe
Has anyone posted a congratulations thread for the FriendFeed team? I mean, over the past month they have rolled out a new interface and features with not one hint of a Fail Whale (as I can remember). That deserves at least some kudos. I'll start:
Congrats to the team at FriendFeed... Well done :D - Johnny
there was a 30 minute ish failwhale during beta. heh :) - mjc
Great job FriendFeed, keep up the hard work! - Jay Neff
Congratulations FriendFeed, you guys rock! - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Even without icons, it is my place where I dwell. Kudos, FF team. Big ups to all of y'all. - Derrick
Derrick, are you using Firefox? If so, go grab the Greasmonkey script: FriendFeed Service Icons - Justin Korn
Justin, I am...but that sounds like work. I don't know how to go to there. :( NOT TECHY --> - Derrick
FriendFeed team, I down this can of Yuengling Lager in your honor. Great work! - Mark Traphagen
well done - Ryan Dadey
Love it, fantastic work FF team! - Janice from fftogo
Nice thought Johnny, i'm thankful on a daily basis... IMO FF's the best of the web for 2008/9 - Majento
Thanks! - Paul Buchheit
Congrats guys! i for one LOVE the new interface. Kudos! - Drew Lucas
+1 JW! CONGRATS FF TEAM! Awesome work! - .LAG liked that
I have no clue how ya do what ya do but thanks. - Steve C, Team Marina
thank you friend feed team, this is the place i've waited for so long to be :) - chaz2b
<3 - Josh Haley
Hoorah! - Ron Bailey
Well done. - Victor Panlilio
Well done. - Patrick Jordan from BuddyFeed
*golf clap* - Rahsheen
Kudos to the FF team! :) - AJ Batac
Like a sweet ball in football (soccer) - we say "well played!!!" - Amani
Props to everyone on the FriendFeed team! - Aaron Draczynski
From the announcement thread, it was a good start. And on this, thanks again, appreciate the efforts. Keep the engine running like that and you'll be kings. - Zu from AOD
Thanks for all ff team - Murat Buyurgan
Yay, FF team! - Anne Bouey
respect! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
GO Team FF, GO! Keep it open, keep it rock solid, and forge ahead on everything else. - Micah
Goes Without Saying. - ianf ⌘
Piling on with my congratulations! - Chris Aldrich
Congrats for a smooth, sexy transition. - Will Higgins™
Well done guys. Thanks a bunch. - Roberto Bonini
Overall great job! (the one <big> stumble with iPhone feed, and the disappointing decision to drop source icons not withstanding, the progress being made is quite remarkable....) - David HC Soul
+1 on the congrats. Friendfeed is nothing if not absolutely reliable. Good job :) - LANjackal
Respect! - Meryn Stol
A big congralutaions goes to the FriendFeed team, loving the new version of the service! Thank you. I have even less of a life now than I did before. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
You know, I never thought of it like that-they never go down. True indeed! - Benin Brown
Great job FF team. Great example of getting new features out with little fanfare. - Lyndon Washington
Just a big *thanks* for all the good time i spend here instead of doing useless things on the internet - stanjourdan
Thank you Friendfeed! - vimoh
Yes it does and it is good for you to point that out, I know they worked hard on the upgrade, so thanks FF folks - if you are in Seattle I'll buy you a cup of coffee. - Dan owns
"with not one hint of a Fail Whale" - I posted that on Twitter recently. - George Dearing
And What I was most impressed about is the Show of Force from the FriendFeed team when the actual rollout came online. Other services don't have staff that actually use their product. FreindFeed is great in that respect. :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
there were numerous congrat threads johnny - here's one example - mike "glemak" dunn
Congrats! - Jeremiah Owyang
I salute you Sirs. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Congratulations Friendfeed team. You really made a great job! - Diego Espinoza V.
Well done, friendfeed! Congrats! - Rosemary Sorg
I will 64th that... great job. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Love you guys! FF rocks! - David Cook
Congrats are definitely in order. It's one of the fastest loading, smoothest running apps on the Web. - Mike Elliott
Congrats for an awesome product. - B.J. Mendelson
I am back! This is great! Thank you - Valerie
What a great social media platform. Well done FriendFeed team! - F. Jay Hall
This is a great idea. Congrats on the upgrade and hoping it doesn't stop here :) - Jason Williams
++++ so funny -i was just thinking today "i wonder what twitter would be like if the FriendFeed team was running it" no offense meant to the twitter team who are obviously smart and talented as well but as johnny pointed out the diff is hard to miss - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Congrats to the FriendFeed team. Great job! After the UI change I find myself using FriendFeed more and more each day. - Cristian
thanks for continuing to advance friendfeed in new and interesting directions - Mike Chelen
Robert Scoble
Facebook: still a data roach motel when compared to Twitter and friendfeed? -
Setting the stage for today's Gillmor Gang, which starts at about 4 p.m. at - Robert Scoble
I think you lost me with the first sentance: "Twitter has done something really remarkable: they have made the entire database of Tweets available to other companies." Select other companies, sure, but it's certainly not "open" - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: it's not totally open, but it sure is a lot more open than Facebook is. Do you know anyone who has the right to get to my Facebook profile updates? I don't, and that's a HUGE difference between Twitter's approach. - Robert Scoble
Ken: it comes down to "who owns my data?" Can I give Twitter permission to see all my Facebook updates? How about Flickr access to my photos? How about Wordpress for other stuff? No? So, do I really own my data or does Facebook? - Robert Scoble
Yeah, I'm settling back in to read the rest, but after nearly a year of trying to get at the full feed from Twitter, I'm just a little jumpy. - Ken Sheppardson
I just joined friendfeed - still trying to figure out what it does. - Colleen O'Donnell Pierce
Colleen: it does a lot. Aggregates. Lets you share stuff with your friends. Is a social network. Is a search engine. is a content-distribution system. We're all still trying to figure it out. - Robert Scoble
Yes, but Twitter is the same compared to FriendFeed...FF rocks! ;) - Nicola Junior Vitto
It's not about defaults, it's about ownership. On Facebook, you are not allowed to give other people access to your data, because your data belongs to Facebook. On FriendFeed or Twitter, you can choose to be public or private, but either way you can still access your data and do what you want with it. - Paul Buchheit
Ken: Twitter puts a lot of restrictions on how friendfeed uses that full feed, too. They can only share stuff in public when people subscribe and add in Twitter here. - Robert Scoble
Coleen, FriendFeed is like a one stop megastore of all your social networking and information sources - rob
"..until after I could change user expectations and get people to build a public instance of themselves. That could take a couple of years." -- Why would that take so long.?.a technology / data portability issue? Not sure about that. - George Dearing
George: when I tried importing my Tweets into Facebook I got a lot of hate mail. The usage model there is VERY strong and hard to change. That's going to be a noose around Zuckerberg's neck unless he figures out some way to get around it. - Robert Scoble
If only 2009 could be the year the phrase "own my data" dies. The way it's used these days it's as if only one party can "own" something that's intangible, has zero replication cost, and can exist in more than one place at a time. I get that you can have *rights* to access data, reproduce it, and distribute it under our current intellectual property laws, but talking about "data ownership" really just obfuscates a bunch of issues we should be dealing with more directly. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, regardless of what words you use, the concept of whether I own/control/have-access-to/have-rights-to/etc my data is a very important question. For me personally, if I put my information into a service, then I want the right and ability to copy it back out. This is why Gmail included POP3 access from the start -- your data should not be held hostage. - Paul Buchheit
Paul: That's the Biggest point Right There: "you are not allowed to give other people access to your data" Exactly.Unless they're my friends, they can't have access to anything I put there (status updates are changed, I can RT those out of Tweetdeck and Peoplebrowsr) -It's not totally an "ownership" argument, but as Ken say a "rights" argument. I should have the right to allow public access to my data. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
On Facebook I can give a small subset (Friends & Networks and maybe Friends of Friends access, but if I want to, say, share my email address and screen names and phone numbers with the public, "everyone" on Facebook -I'm screwed. I can't do it. And I certainly can't share my comments and likes with the world either. This is why I use Facebook mostly for keeping in touch with IRL friends rather than networking with new ones. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Paul: Bingo... I want to talk about rights to reproduce and redistribute. Not some sort of pseudo-exclusive "ownership", as if it can only live in place X or place Y. - Ken Sheppardson
To be clear, while Twitter has some default rate-limits on their API, and restricts access to the full public "firehose" to select partners (mostly for scalability reasons, I believe), I've never heard of a case where they haven't allowed a third-party app to make as many API calls as necessary when done at a user's request. I.e., if someone wanted to write a Twitter export tool and a user triggered the request, they'd let you. This is good. - DeWitt Clinton
I agree with that Paul. No one should hold my data hostage. Regardless of the "ownership" - the "Possession is 9/10ths" argument comes into play. If I cannot "posses" the data, then effectively, I don't really own it, no matter what the ToS says. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I know it's just semantics, but using terms like "owning" and "moving" is sorta like nails on a chalkboard to me. ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Exactly Andy..Facebook loses out on me posting the content there. The only things I post there, for the most part are the Status updates and links that post back out here to FriendFeed where I can easily share them with the world. As FriendFeed (hopefully) adds more outbound services besides Twitter, I will use that more and more. And then I will feel like the information I want to put out to the world is REALLY getting there. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
got's obviously hard to predict how fast FB's usage model will evolve..i guess that underscores why some user's Facebook interaction is so 1-way..for me, the only time I'm really creating content for Facebook (alone) is from the iPhone app..and that's mostly mobile uploads and light news're right tho..if they give config capabilities around what's exposed, my "I only use it for personal stuff" description would change. - George Dearing
Privacy > * - Ryan Merket
Ryan: I am on the opposite end of that spectrum these days.......Publicity > * - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Andy: Right on. Those are all the reasons why I love FriendFeed, and spen more time here than anywhere else. A mobile client would make me be here all the time. RE: Hashtags see this and make up your mind. I don't totally agree. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
And if I could post a single status update that wnet out to Facebook, Twitter,,, blellow, plurk, and a host of other site, I would be ecstatic - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I don't know that Facebook is going to lose people, but the rate of increase is and will decline there, as will the average minutes per user per day. I am quite sure that my behavior and that of my friends is an indicator of not only that, but that the opposite is true for FriendFeed - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
FB is just impossible. I hate it because it slices things up (walls them off--literally!) in a way that is utterly inelegant. Every improvement makes it worse. Urgh. - Kathy Fitch
And today when I log into Facebook, I see they added the "EVERYONE" option for sharing my content. hmmmm.....Sorry I missed the show this afternoon. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I remember writing a blog post almost a year ago regarding FB's 3rd party applications and how they were turning the platform into the next chain-letter/spam vector. Even more so today I believe and the new interface doesn't help because you are continuously feed information that you don't necessarily want... - Thomas V. Fischer
If search is the gold mine you suggest, and everyone's data is fed into the same big search pool, how will companies be able to control their piece of the search engine pie? - wannagot
Carver Mead says, "Listen to the Technology. What's the Technology trying to tell you?" I think the internet is definitely demanding to be open, at least in the Social Media context. I think the technology is telling us Open, Granularity, Ease of Use, but still infinite power under the hood. - Web Nex
They have a lot coming down the pike. - Arawak
Kol Tregaskes
In respect to the duplicate detector and its ability to hide duplicates from different services on the viewable feed, if you could select the order of prioritised services on FriendFeed what would your top 3, or even 5, be and in what order?
Mine would probably be 1. FriendFeed, 2. Twitter, 3. Google Reader, 4. Digg, 5. media services like YouTube and Flickr and So if a Twitter duplicate came in after a FF share, the FF share would still be the prioritised entry while the Twitter would be under Related Entries. - Kol Tregaskes
for me FF, delicious, my blogs, others and last twitter , since I usually send updates to twitter from my blogs. - Carlos Brefe
Flickr has to be above Twitter, since if a Flickr photo is posted to both Flickr and Twitter, FF will show only the link from Twitter but the actual photo from Flickr. I don't really care what order happens beyond any embedded media being visible on FF (that's one of the perks of using FF). - Criz
wil wheaton
New post on my blog: more print-on-demand goodness
wil wheaton
New post on my blog: clearly, my plan to kill it with beer isn't working
yeah... our brains should join hands and leave us alone! - Carlos Brefe
Guy Kawasaki
Top 10 Must-Have Firefox Extensions, 2009 Edition GR
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