Björn Brembs
Experimental analysis and computational modeling of interburst intervals in spontaneous activity of cortical neuronal culture -
Biological Cybernetics, Vol. 105, No. 3. (1 October 2011), pp. 197-210. Rhythmic bursting is the most striking behavior of cultured cortical networks and may start in the second week after plating. In this study, we focus on the intervals between spontaneously occurring bursts, and compare experimentally recorded values with model simulations. In the models, we use standard neurons and synapses, with physiologically plausible parameters taken from literature. All networks had a random recurrent architecture with sparsely connected neurons. The number of neurons varied between 500 and 5,000. We find that network models with homogeneous synaptic strengths produce asynchronous spiking or stable regular bursts. The latter, however, are in a range not seen in recordings. By increasing the synaptic strength in a (randomly chosen) subset of neurons, our simulations show interburst intervals (IBIs) that agree better with in vitro experiments. In this regime, called weakly synchronized, the... - Björn Brembs