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Bret Taylor

Bret Taylor

Co-founder and CEO of Quip. Ex-CTO of Facebook. Previously co-founder and CEO of FriendFeed. Programmer, food lover.
We had some networking issues that were causing packet loss over the past couple days that (we think) have been resolved. If you noticed the site being a bit sluggish, it should be improved now.
ddos? - Hüseyin Mert
Not DDOS; bug on our side. - Tudor Bosman
oh, thanks God :) - Hüseyin Mert
با عضویت در اتاق " در ارتباط با توییتر... " از جدید ترین متعلقات این سرویس با خبر شوید... اسمایلی : (تبلیغات). - سینه سرخ
bret neler oluyor? hani ben yaşadığım sürece ff kapanmayacaktı..hani ff'yi benim üzerime yapmıştın..nedir bu dedikodular??? - Aynebilim Aşevi
Bret yavşaksın olum sen. 2009'dan beri hiç mi siteye girmez lan adam. Olum ne Fb merklısı bir adammışsın lan sen. İnsan merak eder ne var ne yok diye girer de bir selam yazar. Senin amk lan ben. Siktin gül gibi siteyi şimdi de kapanacak diyorlar. Kapatacağına biz Türk kardeşlerine devret kardeşim. Biz domain falan alırız, sokayım boktan domainine. Yönlendireceksin sadece panelden. Ne dersin Bret? Hadi kardeşim bir düşün. gerçi girmiyorsun di mi sen buraya. Hay mk ya. - EG
Hi Bret, we recently heard that you're shutting down Friendfeed - is this true? Please clarify this for the sake of FF Turkish Community :) - DenizTuran for shoring in the Turkish Community. - Anthony Berkut
nice to see you againe . - meseret mihreteab
PATRON, GEL BI SAHIP ÇIK ORTAMA! dedikodular aldi yürüdü! - ani
allah seni bildigi gibi yapsin görünmez oldum diye mesaj attim sana hic umurunda degil - eluminem
ahahaha "I'm invisible" mi dedin, ne dedin eluminem? - ani
At the FriendFeed birthday dinner
Happy birthday FF! What a year! - Mike Doeff
hmmm where's all the all the laptops? - Brandon
I have never eaten fondue, but I dipped a graham cracker in a chocolate fountain once. - Pete D
Happy Birthday FFers (and THANKS) - Charlie Anzman
Cheers! - FFing Enigma
Congratulations on your first year! - Anne Bouey
Yeah, Melting Pot! - Eric - Let Me Know
Congratulations and Happy Birthday, FriendFeed! :) - Mona Nomura
Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday, you're !!!!!!111!!!!!!ONE!!11 - Pete D
Happy Birthday... and Thank You - Johnny
프렌드피드 일주년을 축하드립니다. 더욱 더 발전하시고 더 좋은 서비스를 제공해주시기 바랍니다. 생일 축하드립니다. :D - zizukabi
Thank you for being such a huge part of my life this year! - Robert Scoble
heppy birfdeh young buck, you've had a bangin year. Tequila tonight, tomorrow we ride (as the Hells Angels say) - Marko Bon from fftogo
happy birthday and many more to go! FF ftw! :) - imabonehead
happy birthday guys! congrats on a terrific first year - John Lilly
Happy Birthday and thank you for an excellent service! - Mustafa K. Isik
Happy Birthday! I love FriendFeed! - Igor Poltavskiy
Awesome... I love small startups - Chris Lamprecht
Happy Birthday. Is that Ana busting open a screwcap? - Richard Chen
Happy Birthday FriendFeeders and thanks for great service. - Alexander Arsky
Happy Birthday, FriendFeed! - Vista
Happy Birthday, FriendFeed!!! Love ya'! *mwah* - Lisa L. Seifert
C'mon. It's FriendFeed... They should be having Birthday Pie (Chart). Either blue or orange. Both taste yummy. - Lisa L. Seifert
happy birthday friendfeed, and jeanette.....i miss u guys - goutham
Many happy returns, FriendFeed! - Richard Walker from twhirl
Happy Birthday FriendFeed! It's been amazing, so happy to have been a tiny part of it! - Iain Baker
A belated Happy Birthday, great service! - Bo Stern
Happy birthday! Long may you continue! - Martin Bryant
Congratulations and happy first birthday, guys. FrF is awesome, you're awesome, and your achievements in this year are awe-striking as well! :) - × × ×
Happy birthday and congratulations! - Joe Dawson
FF is the best way of social communication atm - Phil Smirnov
Happy BIrthday Friendfeed crew! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Once again Ana is the only one doing any work in a FF picture. - Steve C, Team Marina
“~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIENDFEED!!! ~~~” Fondue! I love fondue... jealous!! Let's have many more birthdays! Best of Luck, Success FTW!!! - Susan Beebe
congrats - Alex Hammer
I see here how it's okay for you to play on your iPhone during dinner ;) - wiredgnome
Wow! Posted almost 6 years ago and there it is on my TL (after someone I follow either posted a comment or liked it). This is the kind of features only Friendfeed was able to provide. Hope everybody on that picture had the career they were hoping for back then. - Pascal le Rudulier
*.* - LilaLaMarea from Android
lan... - akaşa
anca ye iç olm bi el at şuraya - yormayinbeni
only eat drink throw a hand here sldkfjsldkfjslkdfjsdlkfjsdklf not throw ahHAHAHAHDKNsfsf - yormayinbeni
Hello, my name is Selina found you here today and needed to have a conversation with you, and share an information with you, I do not know you very well, but through your profile. Contact me at( so that i can get back to you with more details about me with my photos. Please do not write on the site write me here in my email address ( - Selina Love
WTF BIRTHDAY - yormayinbeni
Quip is now available in Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish, and Russian! I know there are lots of Turkish folks here, so wanted to post on FriendFeed specifically. If you haven't already installed Quip, now you have no excuse :)
/* Welcome back, Bret, after mere 4 years! */ - 9000
:D emre+1 - Omar KURT
canım özlettin kendini^^ - Aynebilim Aşevi
There was an inheritance scam right here. In FrF, in French, in comments to Bret Taylor's post. This is just awesome. - Little Booby Tables
John Resig - JavaScript Performance Rundown -
John Resig - JavaScript Performance Rundown
John Resig - JavaScript Performance Rundown
Interestig to see how adding DOM operations evens out John's benchmarks (first has DOM ops and Safari beats Chrome, second is Google's apparently slightly biased benchmark, which relies heavily on recursion). - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Just Firefox - Saman
It is time to optimize for DOM. Faster JavaScript is fantastic..... great for games and crypto.... but what about the real world? NOTE: Ray Cromwell's Chronoscope benchmark - Dion Almaer
和我昨天的判断一样 - foxmachia {山石} from fftogo
yeah i made the point on DOM to the V8 team - never got back to me on that one say maybe some truth to it :) - Steven Livingstone-Pérez from twhirl
These tests are very insightful. I was initially very excited about Chrome being 10 times faster on javascript. As usual with any such claims (not just from Google), they are skewed. However, I do think that Chrome entering the market will cause all browsers to get better more rapidly. Competition does drive innovation. - Robert Felty
Thanks for sharing this detailed knowledge. Very useful. - Edwin Khodabakchian
we're working on DOM work now. believe that the tracing technique has applications; working on getting the DOM acting faster soon. - John Lilly
granted all beta-quality of Chrome and zero-day securiity bug, i think their current *speed* shows only lack of exception handling. Once it matures, it will be same or evenn worse than FF - it is tough to beat long-standing code without rounding corners on usual code glue... - A. T.
Right now FriendFeed supports multiple photo upload using Flash. I want to convert it to use HTML 5 multi-file upload if it is available, then Flash if it is available, and then fall back on standard HTML otherwise. Is there a good article demonstrating this approach?
Specifically, is there a way to have a link trigger an HTML 5 file upload? shows a standard INPUT element, but we want to make it trigger from our "Add: Photos" link. - Bret Taylor
Your best bet will probably be to set the alternate content for the upload swf to be a proper HTML upload form. If you're using SWFObject to place the swf, this is fairly easy to do. Not sure about HTML 5 since it's penetration is probably pretty small (sadly) - Brett Kelly
Brett: We already have the Flash working, and it gracefully degrades. I am interested in supporting HTML 5 in addition to that. (You can try it with the Photos link above) - Bret Taylor
btw, I hope Adobe will correct the problem that makes Firefox on Linux hang horribly when trying to get the upload progress via swf upload (and you will not get the progress at all!) - Claudio Cicali
Claudio: yep, it is so bad we don't load the Flash uploader for Linux (it just uses standard HTML file upload). I use Linux all day, so it is a big pain. When the next Firefox release comes out with HTML 5 support, hopefully it won't matter. - Bret Taylor
What if you did something like this: Render out the HTML 5 form and the SWF for photo uploads and adjust the event handler for 'click' on the 'Photos' link depending on what the browser is capable of - in other words, if the browser can do HTML 5, click would reveal the related form; if not, click would launch the flash-based upload stuff. Obviously, you'd have to use javascript to... more... - Brett Kelly
Do you use a javascript check for Flash and then javascript write to add the Flash upload embed? - Chip Ramsey
Chip: not really, but sort of. We load the flash, which then calls back to our JS when it successfully loads, which then changes the DOM to replace the link with the Flash control. That solution is a bit more robust in case the Flash control fails to load for some reason (even if they have Flash installed). - Bret Taylor
If on php+apache, I would rather use the upload progress meter. No need for flash. But you do need js. - Vivek Puri
That makes sense. I'm sure this isn't what you're looking for, but I think you have to use user agent detection. You could start off with your basic HTML form with the input field with multiple attribute (which should degrade gracefully right?) and then detect the user agent. If it is a user agent that doesn't support multiple and isn't Linux, then you could add the Flash control to the... more... - Chip Ramsey
BTW, initially thought you could use JS to read the attributes of the input field and the multiple attribute would be missing for browsers that don't support it yet, but that doesn't seem to be the case in FireFox. - Chip Ramsey
Had a little more time to play with this tonight. Because you guys use jQuery, it looks like you may be able to use $("#test").attr("multiple") on <input type="file" id="test" multiple> and it will return the true boolean on browsers that support the attribute. On browsers that don't support it, either an empty string or "multiple" is returned. Didn't test thoroughly, but maybe somewhere to start. - Chip Ramsey
Thanks, Chip! Really helpful - Bret Taylor from email
hey bret -- in Firefox now we do support file upload without page reload and without user interaction, and you can do one file upload while picking another one -- probably not totally what you want, but maybe helpful. here's the writeup: - John Lilly
Thanks, John, that's helpful - Bret Taylor
Social Cookbook: an open source Open Graph app -
For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word - Statistics - -
For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word - Statistics -
For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word - Statistics -
Carrie getting some much deserved attention. "Ms. Grimes is an Internet-age statistician, one of many who are changing the image of the profession as a place for dronish number nerds. They are finding themselves increasingly in demand — and even cool. “I keep saying that the sexy job in the next 10 years will be statisticians,” said Hal Varian, chief economist at Google. “And I’m not kidding.”" - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Great article, but it left out that statisticians need some CS muscle to effectively operate on large scale data. It's the combination that make Carrie -- and others like her -- 'Internet-age' statisticians. - Michael E. Driscoll
Michael, plenty of CS muscle, and also training in specialized packages like/from the SAS etc. - ianf ⌘
Oh, this is old from 2009.... Silly me. Bumped because of spammy comment? - Joe
Somebody really wants Bret Taylor to buy some new suits... - Lisa L. Seifert
Would you please subscribe me to could send you a direct message? - سلوچ
We need better mobile multitasking -
Cristo's back. - NOT THE CRICKET
What? Bret Taylor has just posted an update to frf, not via Twitter or something? Maybe there's hope after all? - 9000
"Web 2.0 was created so that people could publish cute photos of their cats. But this same cat dissemination technology has proved extremely helpful for activists, who’ve turned these tools to their own purposes." - Ethan Zuckerman (
Nice. The Cute Cat Theory. From @EthanZ in 2007. Reading old blogs? Great find! - thinkQuick
I thought Web 2.0 was created to more efficiently deliver Porn - Sean Reiser
Bizarre. I was under the impression Web 2.0 was created for people to publish cute (and not so cute) photos of themselves. :) - Mona Nomura
Web 2.0 was created *for cats* to publish cute photos of themselves. - Amit Patel
Heck, a cat can program a robot, why not? - Paula W
: ) - "Twitter lets Robert Scoble tell me what he’s doing 200 freaking times a day… but it also lets me know whether Egyptian activists have been released from the police station when they go in for questioning." - Sarah Brinkerhoff
Cat dissemination technology. LOL. :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Not a real big fan of web 2.0 , But I do find pieces that are well written and researched to be informative. - Jacob
Happy Holidays!
Dead programs don't let you make comments - Ozgur Demir
dead programs don't let you like things - Roberto Bonini
Dead programs don't..... work. - tehKenny
Yay! The graphic has officially been flipped! No need for nostalgia. - Louis Gray
Kenndy actually makes a good point here... :) - Roberto Bonini
Merry Eggnog! ... and jeez, what's with the rude comments? It's the holidays. #relax - Mona Nomura
I think everyone knew exactly what you meant jeremy :) - Roberto Bonini
Jeremy, perhaps there's a misunderstanding. As a rule, FriendFeeders celebrate Festivus - maybe someone mistook this thread for the Airing of the Grievences ceremony. In any event, I got a lot of problems with you people! And now you're gonna hear about it! - John Craft
*gets popcorn* - Roberto Bonini
A little goes a long way around these here parts. *picks teeth with straw* - Josh Haley
^^^ :) - Micah
:) - Shandiz
Happy :)))))))))))))))))))) - ★ Soner Gönül
Happy Holidays everyone! :-D - Kol Tregaskes
Merry Christmas - Xitong Liu
Merry Christmas - Vic Ted from iPhone
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
like for the bump, ;) - chaz2b
ta... - --ef--
Thanks much Bret. Happy Holidays to you too! - RON08 owned by jd again
Feliz Navidad - Harlem Garciia
I liked it - abdul amid
hey :) - amal
holaa - Sercan
bretçim sana dm atamıyorum abone olur musun:) - Aynebilim Aşevi
I do love this logo!!! - Rachel Lea Fox
I wonder how the holiday logo for FF will look this year? - Eivind
breeeettt evine dön..evde çoluk çocuk perişannnn..söz veriyorum kirli çoraplarını kanepeye bıraktın diye bi daha kızmayacam!! - Aynebilim Aşevi
UYUMA BRET - feraye
. - AJ Batac
Just had our first snow 45°30′N 73°34′W, Happy upcoming Holidays '13. - Zu from AOD
این بابا هم اواتارش با عکس زنش انداخته - alireza6211
UYUMA BRET - feraye - Koray AI
hoppalaaa... - abdul gelada
daje - yespa - продажа и монтаж кондиционеров в Санкт-Петербурге - Ivan Denisov
program and training with #Dwayne_Johnson in six pays per week http://dwaynejohnson-therock.b... - AHMED2020
Our data center (SVColo) performed an upgrade to their core network switch this evening. Something went wrong, and the operation took 30 minutes instead of 5. We apologize for the problem.
we are back - K.D.
I wondered. Glad you are back! - Rachel Lea Fox
No problem. Just don't scare us like that again ;) - Mark Krynsky
Ok otherwise it was going to be an topic on Twitter. - Madhav Tripathi
I forgive you. - Vezquex
I thought FriendFeed would have deployed mobile datacenters across the US by now. - imabonehead
Talk to Scoble about getting you guys on Rackspace :) - Jason Cronkhite from Alert Thingy
Jason: we would love to host FriendFeed but any hoster will screw up from time to time so I would rather win their business on the strength of our technology and service. Our CEO puts his personal cell phone out there (I don't know of any other hosting company CEO that does that, plus mine is +1-425-205-1921). not to mention I have some major motivation to make sure FriendFeed stays up. :-) - Robert Scoble
Compete with Wave and let people run their own Friendfeed servers. - Vezquex
Thanks! I almost sent SOS via Twitter...but u guys were fast! :D - Roshan Ramachandran
Oh, and it was nice of you guys to arrange your downtime for when I was flying and off the net! :-) - Robert Scoble
The upside is I saw the 'new and improved' twitter web interface for the first time. When do I have time to do that normally :D - Micah
@scoble, that's just it. I've only known Rackspace to screw up once and it was due to some guy driving a car into the data center. Plus, all the other perks you mentioned. - Jason Cronkhite
Andy, long time :) - Micah
Something changed with this downtime, didn't it? All images are now hosted on instead of the old - Mitch
Mitch, the friendfeed-media change was deployed yesterday and unrelated to the outage. - Paul Buchheit
siktirtmeyin datacenter'ınızı. FF gitti diye ödümüz koptu aq. - öküz
You can now get a daily or weekly email digest for anybody's feed on FriendFeed. You'll get a daily or weekly email with the most popular posts from that person's feed. To get the email, click the "Email/IM" link at the top of anyone's feed, and select the "Best of day" or "Best of week" email option.
Picture 11.png
You can see all of your email settings at - Bret Taylor
Thanks Bret! :) - Matt Ruiz
Thanks to Kevin for doing a great design for what turned out to be a more complex set of UI options than we had originally anticipated, and thanks to Tudor for implementing the email backend. - Bret Taylor
Great! Thanks! Love FF! - Scott Monaco
I now get the FriendFeed Feedback posts as a Best of Day email so it doesn't fill up my feed, but I don't miss feedback. I also set up a "Best of Day" email for my "Technology people" friend list so I get a pretty good overview of tech news every day via email. - Bret Taylor
This is a really cool idea Bret, I wish you can make that an RSS feed option as well. I'd be much more likely to read summaries in RSS than in email. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Lovely. Thanks guys. - Mitchell Tsai
Casey: Thanks for the tip. What's the 7 before the "?" mean in the URL? The number of likes or replies needed to be included? - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
this is killer, the random influx of email during the day was kinda getting fail-ish. I love the daily digest. - Drew Lucas
Very cool! Any way to get archives of previous months? (especially helpful for those of us who leave the internet for weeks at a time...) - Mitchell Tsai
WOW. that's really helpful! - K.D.
Looks like a great addition for those who are not embedded on the site. Nice intro. - Louis Gray
Cool! - Josh Haley
Ahsan: it is somewhat random right now when the emails are sent, but we built in the backend capability to control what time they are sent, and we plan on exposing that control to users in the future. Right now, it is kind of random - sorry! - Bret Taylor
Cool! can i get a daily or weekly email digest for the "Saved searches"? - 0M0M from email
This will be incredibly useful. Thanks to all involved in the design and execution. - Kathy Fitch
Nice addition! - Michael Fidler
But what exactly is "Best"? Is it anything that has a certain number of likes/comments? - Laura Norvig
@Bret LOL THAT WAS MY PROJECT! I will release it tomorrow. But you've also did it and killed my friendfeed application **sigh** But mine has multi-reporting weekly-daily-monthly at the same time and adjustable entry count! - Alp
@Bret please consolidate me or I won't code new apps with you api! :-) - Alp
Alp: we were not trying to withhold data. Later today the documentation will be updated to reflect the ability to obtain "Best of" for users. The feed id will be USERNAME/summary/N (similar to "Best of" for lists) - Benjamin Golub
Hi Ben, that is pretty funny, I tried that URL earlier today to see if it has been secretly released :) - Paul Kinlan
Bret: While Twitter struggle to keep their fail whale under control, you guys are developing stuff like this. Amazing - Thanks! - Jim Connolly
awesome feature, this will be highly useful for my corporate group ideas / content sharing; projects, etc.... THANK YOU :) - Susan Beebe
Great work. I especially like that it works on lists too. - Meryn Stol
my inbox might say different, but I like that :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Wow, this is really neat! And it links into the idea I expressed earlier, re: reducing signup friction / enabling limited guest privileges. Imagine if I could embed one of my FF rooms on my personal web site, and enable people to subscribe to that feed by e-mail with just a couple of clicks... rather than saying "you can get e-mail notifications but you have to sign up for Friendfeed first." "sign up" -- though admirably lightweight on FF -- is still a huge barrier. - Adam Lasnik
is there a love button cause I dont like this option I LOVE this option..great work guys - (jeff)isageek
Three options I would like (1) Can I select "top 100" instead of "top 30"? (2) Could I select both "best of day" and "best of week"? (3) How about older timeperiods? I'd love to get an e-mail with stuff from last week or Mar 2009? Start & end dates? Anything to help me read FriendFeed off-line would be great since I spend long periods off-line at festivals (especially during summer time) or overseas. - Awesome job guys! - Mitchell Tsai
So this works on groups too, cool! But we still cannot see Best of for groups on the site on friends lists. :-( I have several friends lists that include just groups and when I select to view the best of the page it's empty (even though if I got to the individual best of for those groups there are entries there). - Kol Tregaskes
does anyone know of a web service that can do this? (I'm thinking weekly email updates of my favorite feeds/people) I don't think there's anything like friendfeed .. - Franc, a rememberer
That's a cool feature - Xitong Liu
Emails no longer get sent except for Subscriptions. The last non-sub email I recieved was July 15th, 2011. - NOT THE CRICKET
I still get them. - AJ Batac
I get these every day. - Me
I still get it - AJ Batac
*jealous* I no longer get anything but subscription emails. - Bruce Lewis
Following US Politics that way ever since and the emails always went through: so happy this never went off course and kept a valuable record of these threads. - Zu from AOD
unutmadık :) - alperyz
Thanks for sharing!! - Keith Kesier
FriendFeed API v2 officially launching -
"Two weeks ago, we launched version 2 of the FriendFeed API in beta. Since then, we've watched how developers have been using the API and collected a lot of their feedback. We've implemented some changes, and now, we're ready to remove the beta label!" - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
A two weeks beta in the 2.0 era sounds almost blasphem! Congrats! - Simone Ruffilli
Congrats to Ben and Gary for all their hard work getting this out the door. And thanks to all the developers who have been sending us great feedback the past couple weeks. - Bret Taylor /-) - Nicolas Voisin
Bret - Think we'd all be interested in a longer list as more apps make use of the API. Great stuff - Charlie Anzman
v3 ne zaman geliyor hacım? - öküz
If anyone is still here, check out my new product - The blog post explaining the launch is at
I would like to try this quip thing but how can I be sure that you won't sell your new product to Facebook again and ruin it? - Ehsanislav
We already thought you were dead and have written the eulogy. To sum up it says what the hell are you doing and why the hell this damn search does not work? Then we kept on festivities. - Summer from Android
Settle down, folks. - Johnny from iPhone
I'm not really impressed by the product but your PR is doing incredible work. <Dost acı söyler mode> - Yusuf Arslan
there's nobody there, actually - .mau.
Please tell your old co-worker to fix FF's search functionality. - selimok bin şişkebap
Akşam Kanyon'da mısın? - godot aslan
bret DM - doper
Can you please reboot the search server for ff? then maybe I'll check your new product. - Koray AI
FF rock! Please re-buy FF from facebook they are tring to kill it! and please DO SEARCH! - wolly
Bret pliz ya nolur! - selimok bin şişkebap
The picture viewing procedure would need a fix, too. Thanks! - naltro
if you're man, do images as before - Davide in the TARDIS
We are all fake here. - astry
Downloaded it last might. Will check it out today. - Eric - Let Me Know from iPhone
(we all are still there, no kidding): please fix: search and image mime type. REBUY FF from FB! - Federico Bolsoman
if you're man, rebuy! - yespa
FF need a revolution against FB! - selimok bin şişkebap
Olmadı bu adama Quip üzerinden ulaşmak lazım, lan bebeğin ölüyor bişiler yap dimek duygulara hitab etmek lazım - selimok bin şişkebap
yahu bebek dediğimiz FF! HELLO WAKE UP! - selimok bin şişkebap
LOL, THIS THREAD!!! - Jim #teamFFrank
Wow, but really. is this a spam bot or should I truly try product? - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
I feel compelled to say that Friendfeed is not an active product. If you hadn't figured that out, then here it is. Don't expect any support or fixes to anything. - Eric - Let Me Know
As far as Quip goes, I now have a reason to break out the Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad! I am a Word user by default so I'll be testing out the copy/paste solution detailed on that TechCrunch article extensively as that is where final docs will end up. I'll write my next article in Quip and let you know how I feel. - Eric - Let Me Know
Yeah Eric we know that FF isn't supported anymore, but we demand more attention from Facebook side, because we are the turkish community using friendfeed actively as a discussion platform. It is really important to us, because FF gives us the possibility to express ourself freely (in freedom of speech manner) without any political restriction. We don't need any new features, no new... more... - selimok bin şişkebap
törkiş komuniti nerdesiniz la, bi destek atın - selimok bin şişkebap
bi el atın beyler #yay - Koray AI from FFHound(roid)!
Yeah Eric we know that FF isn't supported anymore, but we demand more attention from Facebook side, because we are the turkish community using friendfeed actively as a discussion platform. It is really important to us, because FF gives us the possibility to express ourself freely (in freedom of speech manner) without any political restriction. We don't need any new features, no new... more... - sosyalulas
I feel compelled to say that sarcasm does not translate well across borders. - naltro
zaten yerimizde zor duruyorduk sen kışkırttın bizi. şimdi sen düşün bret ! - sosyalulas
Bret, be a man, do the right thing, pay your child support, you cannot leave this site to its kader, it is like vatan, only there's no bloodshed and şehits but it is what it is and we are locked in. at least let us check out our data allahsız - otisaga
Of course, we're here! Congratulations. - Laura Norvig
We certainly are. Congratulations! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Bret, Bret, I love you! Fix the search plz - reloj from Android
... and password retrieval - deerstep
n.b. Bret quit Facebook months ago and no longer has access to the servers. - Spidra Webster
Please fix ff search. We are soldiers of mustafa keser. - Terra Barselonevî from Android
He should have some lovely old co-workers. Bret please call your friends from facebook and tell about FFs problems. Do it please, if not we will not use your new product quip. - selimok bin şişkebap
call zucky, tell him we are stuck in a pocket universe - deerstep
Please my friends be serious iki dakka lan - selimok bin şişkebap
yorumlarin hepsini okudum bret sen haksizsin .... - Emrah Er
idil biret'in nesi oluyorsunuz? - sakat at
Installed - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
Of course we are here, FF is like Tardis, bigger on the inside.. Broken and crazy sometimes but full of friends and companions ;) - CantorJF
FF is like Tardis,CantorJF - sosyalulas
everywhere is friendfeed, everywhere is resistance! - hailsematary
this is just the beginning, keep on struggling! Bret, do not be the Erdoğan of Friendfeed, respect people's thoughts!!!!!1111oneoneone - hailsematary
Fix that thing or we'll make it blocked here in turkey!!!!! We have a bully government and it loves to mess with foreign people. - Summer from Android
we are the 99% !! - deerstep
Münevver +1 - HM Gargarin from Android
Topuklarina siktiricam!!!!! - Summer from Android
i am from turkey. i am governor of frendfid. your life and president very successful - hacıkenks
Efendi ol Bret, seni oraya çıkardığımız gibi aşağı almasını da biliriz. Adam ol, adam, şu resim işini olsun düzelt aq! Sörç çalışmıyor, söyle onu da şaapsınlar, çocuğu koydun geştin kenara ipnetor, esnaf ol lan biraz. - HM Gargarin from Android
Bret Taylor is a succesfull CTO, and a charismatic programmer. These terrorists are trying to sabotage his new project quip, and serving against Bret with the Interest Lobby! These Turkish marauders are just trying the burn down friendfeed, they are sharing terrorist pdfs, videos and stuff. But Bret is kindly invited to Kazlıçeşme of internets, (yeap, not quip, that's just an... more... - hailsematary
adam yorumlara kızıp tümden kapattıracak ülennn, suyuna gidin biraz!!! - selimok bin şişkebap
%50'yi zor tutuyoruz Bret - Batuhan Büyükgüzel
yav ziktiniz feedi afedersin. Bret please ignore them and let search happen, go Bret go! - selimok bin şişkebap
İyi güldüm. :) Bret fuck you! - N/A
Eric @cstechcast when was the last time you had been watching We, community of FrF (Turkish, Russian, English, whatever-else spoken) are those abandoned robots which don't get spares anymore because owner left company. - A. T.
@jjjeffo: please, get in line for buying after the Russian community. - earlyadopter
"because we are the turkish community using friendfeed actively as a discussion platform" Ya for the sake of Allah (cCc), don't lie to our little friend. All you do is am - got - meme and you're atar yapmak to him. $ap, vallahi $ap!! - cek bauer
Si still here? IS STILL HERE??? - GePs from FFHound(roid)!
Ayrica yukarida soylendi mi bilmiyorum ama bu Bret olacak kopyaci pic bizim quup'u calmis, quip yapmis, simdi bize satiyor. BRET BROTHER! IF YOU'RE A MAN A LITTLE, YOU CHECK OUT WWW.QUUP.COM YOU LITTLE SON OF A HIC! - cek bauer
Aiiyy, bi' de iOS'cu cikti adam. Seni yerler Bret yerler, seni ham yapar bu Android'liler! Yaylanmadan yuru yoksa gunah bizden gider! In English: "They'll eat you Bret, eat you. They'll eat the shit out of you this Android people! Walk without hopping or the sin will be gone from us!" - cek bauer
ahahaha nasil kacirmisim bunu? sahaneymis.ise de yaramis, kirilan sorcler geri gelmis, elinize saglik gazaniz mubarek olsun. - grizabella
ulan kocam gelmiş kimse söylememiş!!!!!!111 - Aynebilim Aşevi
Akşam Kanyon'da mısın? - godot aslan - grizabella
We are all here, Bret Taylor. YOU left. - Francine Hardaway
@Bret ERP software needs Quip (40 y/o designs carry over from mini computer) - clive boulton - Kanal Hayat
Bret, please, give us source code. And data liberation. And we'll tell our children to tell their children to remember your name forever. - kmbnrn
%50'yi zor tutuyoruz Bret - Batuhan Büyükgüzel - Calimero_メフメット
I am leaving Facebook to start a company with @kevgibbs. See my Facebook post for the whole story -
Good luck on it, Bret! (Are there any of the former FriendFeed team left at FB now?) - Spidra Webster
Yes, there are still 4 people there. Stephen has a post somewhere about it. Tudor, Sanjeev, Ben, and Casey. - NOT THE CRICKET
I think Casey left this month. - Anne Bouey
FriendFeed Blog: Ben Darnell joins FriendFeed: Ben++! -
FriendFeed Blog: Ben Darnell joins FriendFeed: Ben++!
Welcome, Ben! - Kevin Fox
Right on! Congrats, Ben. - Micah
Congrats Ben! Also, congrats to FF you are lucky to have him! - Jason Shellen
Data storage and scalability rock. :) - Louis Gray
Congrats, Ben! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Yeah Ben!!! - Rachel Lea Fox
so i finally get my answer to this :) - MG Siegler
Yeah, sorry I couldn't respond to that one before. :-) - Kevin Fox
well i be darned .... we now can rejoice, since fast paced additions to already good product are surely fastly coming about off the feedpipe ... it'l be a hectic season of finest upgrades ... I'm sure they'l start with keyboard shortcutze. ... I mean Google Reader rules on that. Intelligent to the extreme., on the other hand - are we sleeping? .. not even "/" ??.. and that... more... - pb:
Congrats Ben! Totally agree with Jason. Our latest project wouldn't have become feasible without Ben -- I'm just so glad we managed to get a fraction of his time before he left! :) - Simon
Congratulations, Ben! You're joining an awesome team. - Anne Bouey
Woohoo! Another Googler :) - Tim Hoeck
Congrats, you are now a "big company"! ;)))) - K.D.
That's not my picture! They got the picture wrong! In fact, I didn't get the letter of hire either. :( Oh, Hi there, Ben...if that's your real name. ;) - Josh Haley
Good luck Ben! With you our preferred service will go more interesting - Roberto from fftogo
you're building a friendfeed army there :-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Congrats - Özkan Altuner
Nice, any former Google Reader-er is a friend of mine. - Mike Reynolds
gratz Ben! - timepilot
Welcome Bret! - Michael_techie
So, Facebook...? - Daniel J. Pritchett
Poor Ben Darnell. The last to enter are always the first to leave in mergers. - beersage
Hiring new staff while in secret acquisition talks, not exactly classy guys. I hope Ben knew what he was getting into - Glenn Slaven
Why on earth does he use the Duck Hunt theme? - Vezquex
I don't know.. but it is awesome! :) - Tim Hoeck
Wow, looks like somebody bumped this! - Kevin Fox
I think there were a bunch of spam comments made to some 2009-era posts by FF employees. For some reason even after the spam is nuked, the post stays bumped. - Stephen Mack
Yes, I blocked a spammer that was bumping old posts about FF themes and what not. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
OH HAI! - Eric - Let Me Know
Well, let's see this as an opportunity to raise a virtual glass to Ben and FriendFeed-that-was! - Kevin Fox
It probably had something to do with the Tornado 2.2 release. I noticed Ben was the one who posted about the release on HN earlier. Edit: Or it could have just been a spammer. *shrugs* - NOT THE CRICKET
I don't think it had anything to do with the tornado release - a spammer bumped a bunch of Bret's old posts today. - Ben Darnell
Here, let me save future spammers some time: Hello my name is ____ and I am an attractive young ____ _____ and I would like to contact with you so that together you and I can ___ with ____ while _____ in a highly ____ manner. Please to be responding as soon as is practical. Without your help, the _____ in U.S. dollars will go unclaimed, and the herbal ______ remedy will wither and die. Yours in all urgent seriousness, _____. - Stephen Mack
:D, Stephen! - Anne Bouey
Awesome Photo :) - Adi Prcike
Which shows up more, this pic or the Asian gentlemen on the beach? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
bret neler oluyor dostum? kardeşi kardeşe kırdıracaksın canım ülkemde!!! işinin başına dön lütfen.. - Aynebilim Aşevi
testa di cazzo se arcasca tutto te veniamo a cercà e non saremo teneri come i musulmani - Francesco M.
kime dedin onu francesco? - Aynebilim Aşevi
Bence de Friendfeede sahip çıksın artık... - Koleksiyoner Ali
Welcome, Ben! - Kevin Fox Ya puedes canjearlos por 3 Códigos Standard y transformarlos en $90 US. - Caca Machado
Hello, my name is Selina found you here today and needed to have a conversation with you, and share an information with you, I do not know you very well, but through your profile. Contact me at( so that i can get back to you with more details about me with my photos. Please do not write on the site write me here in my email address ( - Selina Love
The Secret Behind The Real-Time Web - YouTube -
The Secret Behind The Real-Time Web - YouTube
Ross and Dan made this video to illustrate the advanced technology we use behind the scenes at FriendFeed. (Ross and Dan, you are amazing - I can't believe how awesome this thing turned out) - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
How very creative. This is very fluid and cool. - Louis Gray
OK, not exactly what I was expecting, but very cool. - Kevin Arth
Anyone have the video somewhere other than Youtube? it's banned here in Turkey and I can't wait until we get home (next month) to watch it!! - Chris Myles
This is awesome! - Christopher Chung
with a community like this - you just can't roll-it into f.b.. keep the dream alive! - michael sean wright
:O - Josh Haley
Amazing, thanks for that! - dkb
According to Ross, they used about 1030 individual pictures in the final version. Stop motion is a lot of work :) - Bret Taylor
Sure, sure--give away all the secrets. (Are those Lego dudes union?) - Kathy Fitch
very creative. wonder how long it took to do that stop-action? - berchman
Ross's best work so far ! great job Ross - goutham
Major props to Ross and Dan. FriendFeed lives on - Shane
That's priceless. Great job, guys. - John Craft
This is superb. I just showed it to my 5 year old son who enjoys Lego and has already taken some great photos, including one or two of his toys. So now he has the seed of the idea that, in time, he could take multiple stills and put them together to make moving pictures. Thank you very much for posting it and giving me and him that opportunity. Maybe, he might use FriendFeed one day too! - John W Lewis
Great project! - Anne Bouey
AWESOME! - Kevin Fox
I think they need to make a full stop-motion version of the Matrix in legos. Now THAT would be awesome. I wonder what bullet-time looks like in LEGO? - Bret Taylor
i'd pay to see the stop animation lego matrix, but not the sequels - patrick
"Equipment Generously Provided By Casey Muller" - hahaha!! THIS IS AWESOMESAUCE!!! I love the creative energy and vibe in this video... LOTS of work went into that one! Thanks guys!! :) - Susan Beebe
Genius, how much time did that all take? - Wayne Hornsey
Chris Myles: if you want ot - DM me an address and I'll mail you a copy. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
That is so awesome - Glenn Slaven
happy-making! - Felicia Yue
I am more proud than ever for being a FriendFeeder :) - Arvind
Wow!!!!! - Mona Nomura
Excellent!! - Kol Tregaskes
That's great! - Devon Govett
Cool! The friendfeed's manufactury - Benedetto Vacca
неплохо, неплохо! Продолжение будет? - atner
hahaha very nice stop motion and music! - Alex man
FULL OF WIN - Jac Falcon
might I remind everyone that we are still loving FrF ^__^ - Peter Fedin
Peter +1. - Ahmet Yükseltürk
This is very cool and interesting, thanks for sharing! - Sarah Stamos
I do love this video and all the time Dan and Ross put in to it. - Kevin Fox
Thanks, Kevin! :D - Dan Hsiao
I love that this got bumped!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Me too Rachel! \o, Long live the Real-Time Web! - Zu from AOD
Improve FriendFeed for your friends by recommending subscriptions - FriendFeed Blog -
Improve FriendFeed for your friends by recommending subscriptions - FriendFeed Blog
"As a devoted FriendFeed user, I have tried to convince all of my friends and family to join the site, but a handful of them never quite got their accounts set up properly. With our new Recommend friends feature, I can fix their FriendFeed experience by recommending subscriptions to them." Try it out at - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Excellent feature, gooood idea! - Susan Beebe
Very cool =) - FFing Enigma
Cool stuff. - Mike Bracco
Uh, it tells me that Scoble, among others, could use the recommendations. WTF? Perhaps I have too few subscriptions for this to work. - Fred Yankowski
more good stuff - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Finally a better recommendation - directeur
I'd still love an "e-mail this item" feature, similar to Google Reader. - Jesse Stay
great idea! - Edwin Khodabakchian
Cool! Beats the heck out of #followfriday!! - Larry Hawes
What am I supposed to get when I click the 'recommend friends' link on someone's pop-up? Currently, the popup just goes away and I don't get directed anywhere else. - FFing Enigma
Fred: yah, unfortunately, you can only recommend people who you are subscribed you and who are also subscribed back to you. - Bret Taylor
Mark, I didn't submit a bug report since what is supposed to happen wasn't actually spelled out on the blog post or here; this might be the intended functionality... I hope not, but it's possible. - FFing Enigma
Tina: it is supposed to pop up a dialog. Sorry for the trouble - we will look into it. - Bret Taylor
At first I did not understand this, but now that I am checking it out, it is brilliant and addresses much of what we have complained about. NOW what will we complain about? - Liza + = ?
Just to confirm Bret, the first image in the blog post is what the pop up is supposed to look like, right? Because that's nothing like what the page looks like.... - FFing Enigma
I notice that new subscriptions are automatically added to one's home feed. I consider that kind of a bug. - Meryn Stol
Tina: yes, that is correct. The page is just a list of people that we think could use some friend recommendations since they have few subscriptions. If you click on any of the "Recommend" links on that page, you will see the same, standard "Recommend friends" dialog. - Bret Taylor
User-driven...I like. - Josh Haley
Where would we find recommendations that others suggest to us? - Fred Yankowski
@Bret, who receive the recommandation see also who is the recommender? - Roberto
Fred: You will receive an email as well as a notification on the top of your feed. - Ross Miller
Roberto: yes, they see who recommended - Bret Taylor
Not getting the pop-over when I click 'recommend' on the page either... FFox 3.0.12 if it's relevant. - FFing Enigma
Bret, if I recommend friends to people who haven't signed in for a long time, will they get email? A lot of my bored friends are not active FF users I think. (quite logical) - Meryn Stol
and can I see who has accepted my recommendation? - Roberto
Roberto: You won't be notified if they accept/deny as the recommender. - Ross Miller
Ross: Ah, it just appeared on my feed. Cool. (And thanks Meryn) - Fred Yankowski
Meryn: yes, they will get an email with your recommendations - Bret Taylor from email
Bret, I accidently just received an email with previous recommendations. I had already viewed them through the web-interface. But indeed, it's there. Email looks good too, as I expected of course. :) - Meryn Stol
hey Robert Scoble....I have a trade send my name to all your friends...i send your name to all of my friends for the rest of my life.... - Bob DeMarco
I would like that deal, too, Scoble. I like this a lot. - Ben Hanten
Bob: I charge $1 per friend. :-) just kidding, but the UI makes it so hard to send you to more than a few people. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Bret: You guys rock! This is so much better than FollowFriday, which I recommended just a while back. Now, I'm waiting for some recommendation emails! :) - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
If there’s something about friends and family not having their account set up properly, I’d prefer a way to recommend them the streams they forgot to add. For example, I could tell them “You forgot to add your Digg stream and your fourth and eight blog. Here’s the link.” Then he could just click the recommendation and had it set up easily. - Natsuki Seika
Definitely better than #followfriday. - Bernie Goldbach
As I have lots of subscriptions the pop-up window is *really* slow and always has been since the new UI (same thing for amending friends lists). :-( I like the feature though, so I could make a new friends list of my most recommended users and use that each time for each user? - Kol Tregaskes
RT @StanfordFball: Congratulations to Owen Marecic for winning the Hornung Award for college football's most versatile player: #gostanford
I love the way @StanfordFball defense is playing. Skov is on fire. Keep on blitzing!
RT @ArashMarkazi: This Stanford team played one bad half all year. It happens. Not sure I wouldn't take them to win it all if there were a playoff today.
RT @tjb122982: thinks the @ESPN reporters need to back off of Jim Harbaugh and Andrew Luck. For God sakes, do you honestly expect them to answer right now?
We have received numerous reports of excessive FriendFeed posts showing up in Facebook this evening. While we are not 100% sure, it appears to be an issue on Facebook's end due to ignoring application settings. We have disabled all FriendFeed updates to Facebook until we are sure the problem is resolved.
See for more information - it seems to also have impacted Twitter's Facebook app. Again, we are not sure if it is a problem on our end or not, but we are investigating now. - Bret Taylor
Thanks Bret! FWIW when I checked the FF app settings in FB they were not the same options as I saw when I first set the app up. - FFing Enigma
my freindfeed application is not working on facebook, and fr rest of.. - Madhav Tripathi
Click. Flip a switch and that's it. You guys rule. - Pete D
Thanks, Bret. I've disabled it on my FB page and hope that cures what ails me. Appreciate the FF peeps being on top of it. - Derrick
Yet another reason I'm happy I don't have a FaceBook. :P - Trey Crossan
Good thing I only posted once to Twitter tonight. The duplication only happened once. Thanks for letting me know. - Louis Gray
Yay for communicative admins! - Brett Kelly from iPhone
*looks at own FB account* HOLY SHIT, WTF?!? - Big Joe Silence
Yep, I have drug references now due to not having context. Thanks alot FB. Thanks alot. - NOT THE CRICKET
I had the same with Twitter - Mo Kargas
Thanks Bret! - Andrew C (✔)
No problem, if I knew it was on your end, I wouldn't have cared, but thanks for letting me know about the situation. I was confused because it happened right as I was trying out a new twitter game. This was compounded by the fact that the game has no controls for turning off public messages. I'll bet they plan to add them later, but right now they want everyone to hear about it. It’s a... more... - Michael Fidler
Is it fixed? I'm afraid to go look:) - Michael Fidler
So, is it fixed?Every tweet, every everything is showing up as individual news feed posts for all my friends, this is too much and I'm likely to piss them all off. Options ... 1.Stop tweeting etc. 2.Ditch the FF Facebook application. Hmmm, it's a no brainer. Anyone got any updates on this? - Michael M Bailey
FriendFeed API v2: Real-time, OAuth, file attachments, and more -
FriendFeed API v2: Real-time, OAuth, file attachments, and more
"Today we are launching version 2 of the FriendFeed API for beta testing. We focused on making the API simpler to use, and we added number of compelling new features." Documentation: - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
OAuth? Sweet. Thanks a lot for all the new good stuff in the API: can't wait to use it. - Mark Trapp
very nice. great work! - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Yet another reason to like Bret. :-) - Jesse Stay
Great!!! - YungSang from FriendFoo
nice! - Daniel Rust
good job guys, I bet devs are jumping high right now - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Sweet, congrats! - Ivan Zuzak
nice, good to see OAuth support, this will enable a larger 3rd party ecosphere around FriendFeed, I hope - Jeroen De Miranda
After going through the documentation and playing around with some feeds, I love the fact that you can now see the subscriber lists of people who have their feeds set to private as long as you are subscribed to them and authenticate (mimicking the main site functionality). One thing that's absent is a discussion of Direct Messages. Do they show up in feeds if you authenticate? How do we find just direct messages? - Mark Trapp
Mark: direct messages are accessed using the feed ID "filter/direct". Read more about feed IDs at Also direct messages appear in the "home" feed. - Benjamin Golub
Benjamin: ahhh, I see it now. I missed it when skimming that list over. Thanks! - Mark Trapp
Can you post the wget version of the command line? - Gabe
Gabe: wget --user=bgolub --password=passwd --post-file=MyPhoto.jpg should work. In theory. Edit: nope. I'm not sure it's possible to do with wget. - Mark Trapp
Thanks God it is New API. - AlpB. from iPod
Nice progress here with this release! - Micah
I love it! - friday night
Why is wget questionable? - Gabe
Gabe: wget doesn't support multipart forms as a design decision. If you post a file, FriendFeed returns a 404, and if you post data, the query is too long for wget to handle. - Mark Trapp
Good work, look forward to seeing what developers can create - Joe Dawson
doublepluslike - Vezquex
curl FTW. - Jeremy Kunz
This is great, FriendFeed team. Good job. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Woowoo, bgolub's password is “passwd” ;-) - Amit Patel
Amit: I wonder how many people tested that :) - Benjamin Golub
Thanks to bgolub posting his password, I now have all of FriendFeed's secret documents about notorious users, useless metrics, Justin Timberlake's promoting FF on Oprah's show, hiring Colbert as a spokesperson, Ev Williams being just a “distraction”. TechCrunch is going to love this! ;) - Amit Patel
Yes big big thanks to the whole team for all their hard work!! - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ from iPhone
thank you;) waiting for the release :) loving clone - abdellah from FriendFeed API Example
Yay subscribers exposed! - EricaJoy
Finally OAuth, I had a hard time memorizing my remote key. - Hugh Isaacs II
This is indeed very cool, anybody started on a c# version? - Jesper Lind
FriendFeed Blog: Summer offsite 2009 -
FriendFeed Blog: Summer offsite 2009
FriendFeed Blog: Summer offsite 2009
Are Karen and Jim doing some kind of chicken-walk dance in this photo? - Casey Muller
If you use the FriendFeed Facebook application make sure you've configured it properly. We are switching to a new method of publishing in the not too distant future. If you see this message at just click on the link to provide the proper permissions. (via
Screen shot 2009-11-10 at 5.49.36 PM.png
A little late on the info as I deleted this link last week at I was told I was pushing all of my FF to FB people were not happy. - Ed Mason
why do you not post the link comments from friendfeed to the wall? just the links loses 80% of the value. - Gregor J. Rothfuss
I'm tired the FriendFeed Facebook app. keeps asking me to fix "the problem" so it can post to my wall. I don't want it to post to my wall! Contacts on Facebook and FriendFeed are different types for me. On Facebook it's about being friends in real life, on FriendFeed it is about interests. At least that is how I use FF and FB. My Facebook friends would probably feel I was spamming uninteresting stuff if my FF posts where copied to FB (well, at least if I used FF so intensive as I want to:-))... - Stig Nygaard
Please let us select what to publish on FB from FF? I'd rather have tweets not appear on FB, particularly as I post from to FB and Twitter. - Kol Tregaskes
New publishing method? I hope nothing will change for those FF users who don't use Facebook. (am I alone here?) - Olivia Lovag from twhirl
I agree with Gregor ... By not having the comment sent with the link, it's just plain and boring and I'd rather just post directly to Facebook. Unfortunately, however, this would negate the very useful benefit of using the "Share on FriendFeed" bookmarklet. - Dewade Fowler
I don't mind it publishing to my wall, but I don't want it to be my status update. It worked fine before y'all fixed it! (Go ahead. Roll your eyes.) ;) - Shawn Zehnder Rossi
Yay for new publishing methods! stream.publish FTW! - Jesse Stay
I don't want to publish my friendfeed updates to facebook, they're too many. I blocked it and i'm always receiving error messages on facebook. - Oscar
On the same environment, I saw that is fast as hell! With proxies, my comments gets directly inputted while FriendFeed takes a couple of seconds, one step at a time. And the message, as Oscar said, is always present if you decide to stop FriendFeed from posting to said service when you have the application on FB. It (script) thinks it wasn't decided, as if it was the... more... - Zu from AOD
Mine failed to post the most recent entry to my wall for unknown reasons. (I have it configured to use privatebrlewis@friendfeed rather than my regular brlewis ff account.) - Bruce Lewis
hmmm - Jim Hill
damn that must be fun lol :) - Britttany leigh harner
Could you add this: please.. - Emre M.
I've uninstalled the FriendFeed application and now I cannot re-add it. I see the friendfeed app for a split second and then it reports an error. - Erik Jacobs
Hacım, the search function is totally down, any news on that? - mcd
Not wroking.. i get error. ive ent email ur not respongin even 1y ago and totaly 4 - Janis Ķengurs
RT @schadjoe: Stanford has asked to interview Boise St. Coach Chris Petersen, source says
RT @Werner: Interesting data from the HTTP Archive:
Social Cookbook: an open source Open Graph app -
Hacker News discussion here: - Bret Taylor
Thanks. I missed this on HN. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
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