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Ahmadinejad Re-Elected; Protests Flare - -
Ahmadinejad Re-Elected; Protests Flare -
"The authorities declared Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the official winner of Iran’s presidential election on Saturday afternoon, but opposition candidates and their supporters insisted the election had been stolen, and riot police officers used batons and tear gas against thousands of demonstrators in the worst street protests in a decade." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
its a shame - Onur Baykal
could these lead to a revolution? - Onur Baykal
We haven't free access to now. It is banned by tehran regime. - آدمیرال
amiran1, how can you get to FriendFeed if it is blocked? - Rochelle
Do you think the elections are legitimate? - Onur Baykal
This is really a shame. :/ - Obayoo
@Onur That's the question, isn't it? I don't know the answer, but it's crazy to have such riots result from a legitimate election, if it was one. - Chris Lasher
Mohammad: Will anything change because of these protests? Does it matter that the election was stolen? Or will things go back to the way they were in a few weeks? - PC Easy from twhirl
@Mohammad: What facts? Really great to have someone "on location" who doesn't work for usual news media! Thanks for your insights! - Holger Eilhard
And when there were protests in the US when the election was stolen in 2000, did they change anything? No. And here too there were obvious facts (not the least of which was the beginning of part 2 of the then-new president's father's war in Iraq) It is truly a shame that Iran hasn't apparently had fair and free elections, but really, where are such things held? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
guruvan, are you suggesting that the election of President Obama wasn't fair and free? - Akiva
Ah shit... - Mike Nayyar
Akiva: I specified the year 2000, so in that statement, no I did not suggest that. I suggested that the election of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney was not fair and free. (But, I have my opinions on the current administration as well) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
So you're not talking about the current election in Iran, then, but an election held in 2000? - Akiva
I am suggesting that elections in most places are not fair and free, so we should not be surprised that an election in Iran was not either. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I hear beeping. - Akiva
I really wish my friend Key would come back home from Iran. - Kay Designer
It's very unfortunate that Iran feels the need to block communications. This is, to me, far worse than stealing an election. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Oh NOooo!!! very sad - Susan Beebe
I'm really impressed with you guys, Mohommad. No matter who gets elected it's people like you who have the power to change the country and your future. Hope things calm down over there and more innocents don't get hurt or worse. - vijay
Mohammad - Please be eyes and ears for us while you can. I heard alot mobiles were not working anymore. and I cant get any email in to Key at all. (2 months now!) - Kay Designer
:( That truly is sad. Violence is always an unhappy thing in my book. I'm very glad that you can still communicate with us Mohammad. Thank you. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Shouldn't this say "allegedly" re-elected? - Christopher Harper
a bunch of dramatic photos and video here: - Cee Bee
Although I didn't vote Ahmadinejad but I approve official results. The election was really clear. These are young people who hate Ahmadinejad and can't accept the results. - doorbinn
I'm agree with Hassan too ;) - I /-\li
Mohammed. NIce to hear from you! What I meant is. Her box is on Yahoo (which is based in USA or Europe(?). But, I don't think she can get to it anymore from Tehran (is Yahoo blocked there?) Otherwise I would have heard from her by now. Once the mobile lines clear, I'll try to reach her via cell... I just don't think this is her new number there... - Kay Designer
Mohammad. Well if all else fails, I have you there to help me find her. Thanks again :-) - Kay Designer
Mohammad - Many thanks! Keyv is my god-sister, so that means alot to me! Main thing is, right now today, for YOU to take good care of yourself! Don't get hit with a rock or bottle like that photo above - if things get going real crazy! - Kay Designer
"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do" - attributed to Joseph Stalin ( via ) - ianf ⌘
so very true ianf... :( - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Sorry world, we tried. The oppression and injustice imposed on the Iranian people for the past 30 years needs to stop! Ahmadinejad doesn't represent the will, desire or future of Iran and Iranian people. - Kasra
@Kasra "the oppression and injustice imposed on the Iranian people..." - you forgot to insert "self-imposed." Not salting the wounds, but this isn't the first time in history when the oppressed sought release from one kind of injustice/ despotism in another kind, the self-imposed religious one, thus far more insidious than the former. - ianf ⌘
better than no elections, right... I never take a chance to vote. you know, I'm Chinese. - xia
No, I didn't, and you're wrong. It is IMPERATIVE that people vote, even in rigged conditions. 20 years ago, when your fellow countrymen were being massacred in Tiananmen Square, on the very same day, 4th of June 1989, the Poles voted the communist system out even though the election rules agreed in talks with non-parlamentary opposition/ the Solidarity trade unions and Church representatives/, GUARANTEED those in power a full 65% of the seats in the legislative lower chamber of the Polish Parlament (newly-created upper Senate was up for grabs, opposition took all but one seat). That's when the government, which up to then imagined itself having some sort of popular mandate since 1948 (they were, after all, the self-styled avant-garde of the reining "United Workers and Peasants Party"!) lost face, and, in a month or so, the momentum to continue. So it is not wholly impossible to do it in a peaceful manner. See <> - ianf ⌘
I'm relieved that my country doesn't recognize the outcome. I hope that something can come of that to effect some sort of change in yours. :( I hope that this change can be one of peace. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
It's very disturbing to me when not only is an election apparently stolen but the opposition leaders are placed under arrest. The arrest certainly lends credibility to the belief that the election was rigged. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Yes Muhammad, I think the election was free and clear. We had a very hot election you're angry now and I understand you. Hope things calm down in next few days. - doorbinn
It's hard to tell with the jumble of second hand sources pouring in whether the election was rigged or not (and it will be very hard to tell unless something enormous comes forward). However, regardless of the election reliability, it is a bad sign for a free democracy in Iran to have politicians arresting their opposition. - Brandon Titus
Yes Brandon, Unfortunately It's a bad sign... - doorbinn
Good to know. I just hope everything is sorted out and Iran can be a stable democracy in the future. The results look fishy to me and the reports of arrests and heavy handed action by the government don't help the case. Hopefully stability will come soon. - Brandon Titus
problem with the elections is that simple majority wins (e.g. 50%+1 vote); but in cases of narrow elections minority is actually more powerful (in terms of aggressiveness, effectiveness and so on; i.e. it leads to instability); i think landslide (like 2/3) majority must decide an election - if there's 50/50, then both candidates have to withdraw ... (or something needs to be done about this in any case) - minus-one
While I cannot confirm the ownership of the twitter account, a tweet was sent allegedly form house arrest. In many other cases a single tweet has carried a great deal of truth and weight - but we shall see. It's hard, though, to make up 100s of arrests. This seems to be something that could be verified - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
LAT Middle East Bureau Chief is filing frequent analysis updates from Tehran at - Andrew Nystrom
Thanks, Andrew. - Anne Bouey