Funny, Alibaba doesn't allow you to report content theft on their site yet its rampant with stolen product content/images.
RT @jbillingsley: Checkout Design: Payment Method Selection
Intent of Pinterest users probably warrants the higher pricing but this will be interesting to test h/t @JoannaLord
Awesome business model scammy SEO company cold calling clients confusing them with your status. You are not Google.
RT @tamar: here's how americans die: <- nice data visual example with a usable mobile UX. good stuff.
RT @johnsantangelo: Argyle Social is no longer in fashion: Startup shuts down
Google Engineers, why not just consider a drop down selector for search queries. Not like you interpret variances in query strings anymore.
RT @rustybrick: Google Testing New Video Snippet Without The Video Thumbnails
RT @jonathanmendez: Google will cease supplying 3rd parties with paid search query data. ht @AussieWebmaster
Thin, keyword stuffed products all over Alibaba probably isn't something that should be ranking so well eh GOOG? Left hand meet right hand?
Woops, someone managing JimmyJohns online ordering system /deltreed the favorites.
Quite indicative 2 see Google being OK to match PLAs via one keyword match. Says a lot about revenue > matched SERP quality mindset for GOOG looks cool for twitter news consumption.
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