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Some eclipse-themed music for your eclipse-viewing enjoyment:
Some eclipse-themed music for your eclipse-viewing enjoyment:
I'm a little sad I'm not going to the Cal/Oregon football game tomorrow but I wasn't willing to shell out $105, which is the cheapest remaining ticket. Someday I will go to a football game at this new stadium we just built...
What time is the game? I expect traffic will be bad around the office tomorrow if it's in the evening. Sigh. - Ken Gidley
The game is at 7:00. My commute is down Lafayette which is pretty much isolated from Stadium traffic issues so I don't expect any problems getting home. Isolated because it doesn't connect to 237 or 101. :-) - Brian Johns
is ello still a thing?
Nollo - Louis Gray
Insomuch that it exists, yes. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Android
A thing that has fewer posts a day than FF. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Nope. - Andrew C (✔)
Haven't seen anyone using it. - Jonathan Disher
Have they figured out how they're going to make money, but not off their users? - Brian Johns
They sent an announcement today that they're committed to be ad-free and not sell user data. Unclear how they do actually make money, though. You can read it here: (warning, PDF). Excerpt: "To assure that Ello always remains ad-free, today Ello converted to a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). A Benefit Corporation is a new kind of for-profit... more... - Stephen Mack
Thanks for the update. I guess there's always the idea of charging a membership fee. - Brian Johns
And they could merchandise (Ello t-shirts!) and make a few pennies off affiliate links. - Stephen Mack
Does anybody here like the basketball team from a school called "Mercer"? Regardless, this is a neat little trick:
Does anybody here like the basketball team from a school called "Mercer"?   Regardless, this is a neat little trick:
LB may have heard of them... - Joe
Should you actually print pictures of your children, or just post them on Facebook?
Should you actually print pictures of your children, or just post them on Facebook?
I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya, but I've been plenty busy. (As Jim Anchower used to say) I was away for a couple weeks and it's impossible to fully catch up, but I went back 360 articles. I missed keeping up with everyone over the last couple weeks but things flared up and demanded full attention.
Howdy. - Spidra Webster
Glad to have ya back! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
You people are prolific, BTW. going back 360 messages took me back to Thursday. (5 days?) I was gone for about 2 or 3 weeks, so that would be a lot of browsing to really catch up. - Brian Johns
So sad to read that Ironman Lake Tahoe was cancelled this morning, due to smoke. After what everyone put into this, it's hard to get all that way (suited up on the beach this morning) and then have it all grind to a halt. I'm sorry for all of you.
:( - Jenny H. from Android
:-( - bentley
Gah :( But I'm glad you did yours last year, Sparky. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
My friend Lesley was supposed to race. She's so bummed! :-( - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
If you click on the "webcams" tab on Weather Underground you can see the smoke in Truckee that caused the cancellation: - Brian Johns
I was afraid of that. I have few friends who were supposed to race today. They must be crushed. - Hookuh Tinypants
Donuts outside my cube if you're interested.
Euphemism? - Johnny from iPhone
Be right there! - Louis Gray
There are 4.75 donuts left. These things aren't going to eat themselves! (except for that .75 of a chocolate ring, might might actually be in the process of eating itself.) - Brian Johns
i put that chocolate one out of its misery. oh, thanks! - Ken Gidley
Will these also be available tomorrow morning? - Stephen Mack
They have disappeared. - Brian Johns
So you're saying the 4.75 donuts will NOT be available tomorrow morning? - Stephen Mack
I don't know anything about any "donuts" you might be talking about. Nobody can prove anything. Nobody saw me. - Brian Johns
Football at Oakland: 1st and 10 from second base.
Any good photos, Sparky? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I didn't shoot it - I was just watching on TV. I haven't made the jump to the NFL yet. I just think it's funny how they don't even try to cover over the dirt at all. Maybe the A's pay them for the free subliminal advertising? - Brian Johns
Joan Rivers is dead. Who will be the person 70% as famous as her to die to fulfill the "celebrities always dies in groups of 1.7" prophecy?
Have you not entertained the idea that Joan Rivers might be the 70%? - Johnny from iPhone
<mind blown> - Brian Johns
The neighboring town still has a daily newspaper and I was quoted today on the front page, above the fold. Maybe even in 16 point font!
WHAT DID YOU SAY?? - MoTO: Team Marina
Oh hey - they put the picture I sent in on their "web site" too! (photo 4 of 5) - Brian Johns
I said "A multi-acre lawn around the site of a building that hasn't even been built yet takes the cake." It really is quite spectacular, this quarter-mile long strip of lawn they planted around an empty lot. - Brian Johns
"This newspaper tapped into readers' rage..." Rage on, Mr. Johns. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Although I have always dreamt of being credited by a newspaper as an "Area Man:, I am now apparently an "Angry reader." - Brian Johns
""That just torques my jaw," Herb Gomes says of the emerald baseball and softball fields at Ohlone College in Fremont, where he often walks his dog. "I'm doing my part -- my lawn has turned brown!" - bentley
Congrats. Which of the umpteen newspapers that are just the Merc-News with different banners and maybe a page of local news is yours? Or is your "neighboring town" tiny li'l San Jose? - Walt Crawford
The little town next to us is indeed San Jose. - Brian Johns
That's quite a little town. Anyway, congrats again. Not a bad story. Don't ask how my wife & I feel about the McMansion on our daily walk that (a) waters its lush green lawns every day, seven days a week (b) at around 4-4:30 p.m., for maximum evaporation loss, (c) with so much overage that there's always water running down the gutter for at least 1.5 blocks. As our own lawns hover ever closer to final death... - Walt Crawford
Yeah - I see that sort of thing all the time too. But this really "torqued my jaw" (in the parlance of our time) because it's a HUGE lawn (20 feet wide by a quarter mile long?) that was just installed around a building that isn't even built yet. Regardless of timing or technique of water applied to this lawn, this lawn just shouldn't exist. I didn't see it in the article but the... more... - Brian Johns
That is far worse--really absurd. - Walt Crawford
Sparky, weird that the online version of the article linked above is apparently edited from the print edition, and doesn't seem to reference your first name anywhere -- you're just introduced as "Johns." - Stephen Mack
My first name is in the second paragraph, I think. - Brian Johns
OK - I'm going to do something stupid here. I'm going to read the comments on the website article. Yes, I'm going to read the comments on something on the Internet, in direct conflict with my rule to never read comments on the web. Wish me luck. - Brian Johns
OK - I survived. - Brian Johns
Ah, Sparky, so it is -- I missed it. - Stephen Mack
Stephen, I missed it too. Had to do a Find to find it. - bentley
This is my favorite mashup today:
Sparky, they had a daily Bootie DJ show at the burn (at various different camps, but in particular at one of our neighbors, Spanky's Wine Bar). I kept hearing the mash-ups and thinking of you. - Stephen Mack
Nice! (on both counts) - Brian Johns
So now the media is talking about Obama's suit as the most important thing out of yesterday's press conference. So much for the idea that the media only talks about the fashion choices of female politicians. :-(
Yeah - gender equality, in sort of a "race to the bottom" manner. - Brian Johns
Apparently I will be quoted in an upcoming article in our local newspaper about water waste. I was really tempted to ask the reporter to credit me as "Area Man". #theonion
I am behind the times. Only today did I experience the video for "Turn Down For What", and then the reddit page of analyses of the song.
I was going to give Stephen Mack a pass on the whole "celebrity deaths come in threes" because I figured Robin Williams was big enough to count for three. But now with Lauren Bacall, I'm not so sure.
Don't mess with me, Johns. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Start a 48 hour clock and we'll see. - Brian Johns
Mack speaks the truth. Always in threes. - Mary Carmen
Does the nascar driver killed over the weekend count as #1? I don't want to hear of another celeb death... - Lola Bean (Penguin)
Ooh - good idea. If we don't have anything better to go with by Thursday night we'll go with him and call it a triad. - Brian Johns
I stand by my previous posts debunking the "celebrity deaths come in threes" superstition. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Does Philip Seymour Hoffman not count? - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
oh my god. - Laura Norvig
The fact you can't name the NASCAR killer means he doesn't count. GL to all celebs. - Louis Gray
According to my mom, Ed Nelson from Peyton Place & The Twilight Zone is #3. - Lola Bean (Penguin) from iPhone
If Thursday night (an arbitrary deadline) comes and goes and nobody else (arbitrarily) famous enough dies then I will consider that scientific proof that the "celebrities die in threes" thing is a myth. I may be willing to join the “Celebrity deaths come in 1.7s” camp based on this very scientific data. - Brian Johns
Followup and Conclusion: After an extensive period of data collection and analysis over the last 4 days, I have changed my mind and joined Stephen's 1.7 bandwagon. Basically, I picked Robin Williams as a test and I haven't seen two other similarly noteworthy celebrities die so I'm going to generalize that experience over the entire realm of possibility and call it a scientific fact. If... more... - Brian Johns
Good analysis, Sparky! - Stephen Mack
This is how science is done, except I should have gotten a grant. - Brian Johns
Jay Adams has passed away. They do come in threes. - NOT THE CRICKET from iPhone
Who? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
One of the Z-Boys/ Lords of Dogtown. One of the guys who was involved in evolving skateboarding to it's modern style. - NOT THE CRICKET from iPhone
I'm waiting to see how this situation in Ferguson, MO plays out. Bothered by the police response including the week-long no-fly zone and effective media ban. Martial law?
In times like this I'm reminded of the phrase I learned from my poli-sci professor: "monopoly of violence." Police are always terrified when they feel they don't have it. - Brian Johns
This dude wins the Internet for today: My favorite part is from 0:30 to 0:40.
This dude wins the Internet for today: My favorite part is from 0:30 to 0:40.
That moment was awesome. - NOT THE CRICKET
I liked his point about parenting at 2:00 also. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Somebody hacked into my FriendFeed account and set it to German.
Unglaublich! - Spidra Webster
est ist nicht gut. - imabonehead
Ja, und? - Uli
I did the same thing by accidentally clicking on language preferences at the bottom of the page. (Im on mobile right now, so im going from memory.) - bentley from FFHound(roid)!
Ich habbe ein hard time navigatingestwebsitenberungetangformatting - Brian Johns
Weird Al's "Word Crimes" video is really great:
The songs I've listened to from Weird Al's new album are pretty good. "Foil" and "Word Games" are crafty.
My car is usually pretty reliable transportation. But when I pick up the 3 year old from school and she's bringing home art with glitter on it, somehow the glitter never seems to make it all the way home. Curious.
Glitter, the herpes of the craft world. - Shannon - GlassMistress
But "never seems" indicates the glitter is reliable, yes? - Louis Gray
My friends are finding the photos of the interior of this house amusing:
Can I have that den? - Steve and 4 other people
Plastic furniture covering, this was a big thing when I was growing up. This is a Mad Men time capsule. - Janet from FFHound!
The thing that really surprised me - I mean _one_ thing that really surprised me - was how "normal" the kitchen looks. That basement bar/poolhall thing is great though. I need more pictures of naked ladies in my basement. - Brian Johns
I like how Farrah Fawcett was written on the stair beside her picture. - NOT THE CRICKET
I want that house. Kitsch and all. - Hookuh Tinypants
Looks like it was decorated back in the 70's, by an old Italian lady from Bloomfield, NJ. - April Russo
The three year old's preschool is talking about the Solar System and they don't include Pluto. Time to withdraw her in protest and switch to home schooling?
I learned about something Australian tonight: Axis of Awesome
OK people - time to boil some water and get some clean towels. You guys are good at this by now.
What!!! - Anne Bouey
Here we go. - Micah
Woo! Congrats in advance, Sparky! - Louis Gray
Go Sparky go! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
(Well, really Erin.) - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Still pacing? :) - Anne Bouey
Oh snap! Go Erin go! Good luck Sparky! - Jonathan Disher
Update: you guys did a great job! Mom and baby girl are happy and healthy and tired. The pacing is over. If you've got cigars, bust 'em out! - Brian Johns from iPhone
Congrats! - Ken Gidley
Congrats, Brian! - Mary Carmen
Congratulations! All the babbies!!! - Melly - #TeamMarina
HOORAY! Congrats Sparky and Erin and Baby! - Jonathan Disher
Congrats Sparky!!! - Stephen Mack
CONGRATS DOOOOOOD! And why am I always the last to hear. - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
Congratulations! - bentley
Congratulations! - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Congrats! - John (bird whisperer)
Congrats, Brian! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Congratulations! - Jenny H. from Android
Welcome to new baby Johns! And congrats to the parents and sister! This has been quite the baby season. :) - Anne Bouey
Awesome! Congratulations! :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Congratulations! - Jennifer Dittrich
Yay! Congrats, Brian! Another June FF baby! Cheers! - Tamara J. B.
Congratulations! - Jessie
Wondrous news ~ congrats!! - Web Marketing Store
I get to be a best man in a wedding today!
Because of wedding, hoping baby is not born today. :-) Told wife to please hold off for another 10 hours, and then we're good to go. - Brian Johns
I think there's cell service at the wedding venue so if things get interesting on the homefront I can get away. We've already talked about contingency plans for me to deputize another member of the wedding party as Best Man, hand off the Speech Of Wisdom and the Flask Of Confidence and run. - Brian Johns
Oh man, Sparky! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
My father was the best man in a wedding the day I was born. My parents went to the wedding, mother apparently knowing she was in labor and telling my aunt's new boyfriend (later her husband) that he might have to take her to the hospital. But instead, after the wedding, they went to the hospital and there I was about 4 hours later (I've heard this story many times). - ellbeecee
Is it just me or has FF been grinding a bit in the last couple days? Somebody go check the oil in this thing!
Not just you! Yeah, definitely some issues. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Sorry. I was standing on the cord. - Louis Gray
This site uses Google streetview to look at the downfall of certain blocks in Detroit. Fascinating and depressing:
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