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Launch of the NMC Horizon Report 2014 Library Edition -
Wikipedia, Librarians & CILIP: WIkipedia is important for librarians & so are openness & factual information.
My journey in trying to find CILIP membership figures. Can you help?
Wikipedia, Librarians and CILIP -
My week on twitter: 2 New Followers, 7 Mentions, 14.2K Mention Reach, 18 Replies, 2 Retweets. via
Reading about #Gooru, an #LRMI implementation case study:
I see @philbarker & @santychumbe are embedding machine-readable licences in HTML & RSS:
Jimmy Savile was unsuprising, Rolf Harris was. But Sir Cliff??
RT @millyshaw: "and this is why you shouldn't auto-tweet. via @MazzyK @MarkGrainger" :-)
MT @MikeNolan: "Dear lots of universities. Please fix your servers & respond on requests without 'www.' I've been saying this for 6 yrs." +1
#IWMW14: a summary of the evaluation & an opportunity to give your thoughts on future IWMW events
My week on twitter: 5 New Followers, 14 Mentions, 15.8K Mention Reach, 74 Replies, 6 Retweets. via
Having a coffee with Nicola Kelly (aka @NicolaMcNee) on the seafront in Seaton before we head back to Bath
The "on a swing in the pub beer garden on our wedding day" #selfie
And now @nicolamcnee is Nicola Kelly :-)
If even @sheilmcn is mocking the #closingceremony it seems as though I made right decision to go for a pint in The Star & @BathBrewHouse
My week on twitter: 8 Mentions, 9.2K Mention Reach, 6 Replies, 3 Retweets, 1.48K Retweet Reach. via
Good to bump into @dmje & family in town today. Anyone remember Mike? Didn't he used to be into the interweb and stuff like that?
Life, A Year After Redundancy and Leaving UKOLN -
UK Government Mandates Open Document Format (ODF). A decision to be welcomed or has the government got it wrong?
UK Government Mandates Open Document Format! A Brave or Foolhardy Decision? -
MT @tracyplayle: "I've written up my #iwmw14 talk as 4 blog posts & added to Lanyrd: " #iwmw14 speakers are great!
Ooh, followed link from Jiscmail archive page to the Jisc Procureweb service. It took me to The future?!
Joined the data-ac-uk Jiscmail list after hearing @cgutteridge 's talk at #iwmw14 (113th to join) List at
Reflections on #IWMW14: How was it for you?
MT @liammax: "news on #openstandards today: Ta to people, orgs & companies who helped us get this right” Interesting
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