OpenSocial and the OpenSocial Foundation: Moves to W3C -
Implications for Institutions of a Backlash Against Facebook -
Librarians and Wikipedia: an Ideal Match? -
Flickr and Creative Commons; Lessons from Open Source Software -
Sharing Information, Misinformation and Untruths -
Making Effective Use of Google Docs (and Who Will Support Researchers?) -
Including Your Missing 20% By Embedding Web and Mobile Accessibility -
Thoughts on the OU’s Innovating Pedagogy Report -
NMC Virtual Symposium on the Future of Libraries:: Emphasis on Mobile (Anytme, Anyplace, Anywhere) -
Lanyrd page for #NMCHz is at Why not add your Twitter ID if you attended?
Have given my introduction at #NMCHz virtual symposium
My view of the NMC Horizon Virtual Symposium Google Hangout interface (before the audience arrives) #NMChz
Looking forward to participating in the NMC Virtual Symposium on the Future of Libraries. Starts in 45 mins #NMChz
Evidence submitted to House of Lords Select Committee on Digital Skills - but where's input from Higher Education?
Evidence Submitted to the House of Lords Select Committee on Digital Skills -
How I did on Twitter this week: 29 Mentions, 101K Mention Reach, 11 Replies, 12 Retweets. How'd your week go? via
From the Modernisation of Higher Education Report to the Open Learning Analytics Network Summit (1 Dec). #laceproject
From the Modernisation of Higher Education Report to the Open Learning Analytics Network Summit -
Ooh, the #UKOLN web site seems to be down: Hope it's just a glitch.
Added blog post & Storify summary by @LornaMCampbell to Lanyrd coverage of #eduwiki. Anyone else have content to add
EU report on Modernisation of Higher Education has a focus on Open Access & Learning Analytics:
Report on Modernisation of Higher Education: Focus on Open Access and Learning Analytics -
Subverting Copyright (and Other Flawed Legislation) -
“Proud to be a Librarian” – Reflections on #CILIPSAG14 -
Forthcoming Talks on Wikipedia in Edinburgh -
What Do You Think Are The Major Technology Trends Which Will Impact Library Services? -
Why Don’t We Share More Multimedia Support Materials? -
LACE Project Infographic (and Keeping Up-to-date With New Posts) -
An Exemplar Use of Lanyrd (and a Proposal for Creating Lanyrd Entries) -
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