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MT @Mcarthur_Joe "I find wikipedia an amazing companion to peer reviewed stuff" Lot of +ve comments about #Wikipedia at #lilac14
"@cetisuk: OKF Open Education Working Group Advisory Board" Relevant to #lilac14 session I'm currently attending.
Via @msarahwickham Here's a policy (PDF) on use of cameras in an archive. Good starting point, I feel #lilac14
Librarians need to leave the building and become embedded in course concludes Alison Head at #lilac14
The Library is "a place of refuge" & a place to access databases - not, for most, a place to ask librarians #lilac14
MT @asharman: "Alison Head's Article on why students use #Wikipedia: #lilac14" I must read this.
Why Wikipedia? findings are published in a well-read First Monday article. It's a 'presearch' tool #lilac14
Students use Google & Wikipedia to get the big picture #lilac14
85% of students use #Wikipedia (2010) Up from 72% in 2009. I'm pleased with that. #lilac14
Alison Head is giving a very tweetable talk, with 7 bullet points #lilac14
"Google Scholar is the entry drug for students" #lilac14 A good drug or bad?
"How do you train young ppl not to take photos of original docs in libraries?" Or how to get staff to take risks re openness? #lilac14
Seem to be lots of people at #lilac14 using tablets.
Listening to today's keynote at #lilac14: Alison Head on Truth be Told: How Today's Students Conduct Research
MT @kdartigues: "I'm a mexican journalist/ activist for right of people w/ disabilities. Senate is discussing .." Can any #a11y ppl help?
We all need to understand code argues @billt Remember laws are now implemented by code #lilac14
Listening to @billt giving the opening talk at #lilac14
Been a while since I've seen the Mediaeval Help desk video. #lilac14
How student use of #Wikipedia provides the "perfect teaching moment" for librarians working with students #lilac14
The #Wikipedia problem. It's not a problem; it's an opportunity! #lilac14
"@generalising: Slides for the upcoming Wikipedia #informationliteracy talk at #lilac14" Am at this talk
Later today this room will be full of librarians learning how to update #Wikipedia content at #lilac14 #wp
In team that won first prize in #lilac14 quiz at Rutland Arms. Here's a photo of the prestigious prize
Reminder: the #IWMW14event is now open for bookings. Will be in Newcastle on 16-18 July & same price as 2010!
On train to Sheffield for #lilac14 conference. Looking forward to facilitating #Wikipedia editing sessions. Who's going to these sessions?
Looking at it seems I spotted all your channels! However only included 1 for consistency with other uni channels.
Video is now a ‘must have’ in HE & YouTube growth in UK unis seems to confirm this. But what of accessibility? #a11y
Video is now a ‘must have’ in Higher Education – but what are the implications for accessibility? -
I'm now an Accredited Wikimedia Trainer. Will be giving talks encouraging use of #Wikipedia over the next 3 months:
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