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Introducing N3TWORK, A Mobile Television Network Powered by Interests and Context -
Actions and Inactions by Brian Solis -
Actions and Inactions by Brian Solis
Digital marketing – it’s really about people. - Customer Analytics -
I recently viewed a brief video featuring Brian Solis - the speaker, author and digital anthropologist - that has me thinking more about the idea of digital. He got me thinking that it's as if all those forms of content are really just the means to get at what we really should be focused on - people. It's the people who want to read our papers and watch our webinars that matter, and they have values, experiences and emotions that influence their state of mind when they come across our content. And Brian believes that's why we should focus on people for mapping our way to success in the digital economy. - Brian Solis
WTF of Business at Saddleback Leather Co. -
FOMO by Brian Solis -
FOMO by Brian Solis
The Best Technology is Human by Brian Solis -
The Best Technology is Human by Brian Solis
Digital Darwinism by @briansolis -
Digital Darwinism by @briansolis
Information Overload by Brian Solis -
Information Overload by Brian Solis
Where Social Is & Where It's Going: Brian Solis at #SocialShakeup -
Another great point during the exchange a discussion on the opportunity for brands to use “the embrace.” The embrace is the moment in time when two people have the attention of each other. Brian asked the audience, “So what happens next? What are you going to do with it?” While at first one may think, “wow, that’s so simple.” The reality of our industry is that it is not. - Brian Solis
4 social media insights to ignite your strategy » StreamDaily -
The opening keynote at the conference was delivered by Brian Solis (left), digital anthropologist and principal analyst at Altimeter Group. I asked Brian to sum up his take on social today. With all the talk about technology, it really is all about “people first.” The fact that “Like farms” exist and at the same time, brands complain about having to pay for consumers’ attention, means that we still have a lot to learn about the value of attention. We take social channels for granted. We take people and their interests and personal networks for granted. One key question for all marketers to ask is this: Once you have your customers’ attention, what do you really want to do with it? - Brian Solis
"Welcome to a new era of marketing and service in which your brand is defined by those who experience it.” via @passionsquared -
"Welcome to a new era of marketing and service in which your brand is defined by those who experience it.” via @passionsquared
A New Era for Search: The Zero Moment of Truth is Now Defined by Shared Customer Experiences -
The Social Shake-Up: It’s Up to You Whether the Empire Strikes Back | Social Media Today -
Back in the early 2000s, there were visionaries who saw the promise of social and what it could be, and it didn’t have anything to do with technology. One of those visionaries is Brian Solis, the principal analyst with Altimeter Group, which helps companies adjust to technology disruption. He's also an author and in-demand speaker on the startup circuit. He opened the first morning of the The Social Shake-Up 2014 on Tuesday, Sept. 16, with Social Media Today’s co-founder and CEO, Robin Carey. - Brian Solis
Digital Transformation and the Race Against Digital Darwinism -
We Are All Millennials | Mathew Slavica | LinkedIn -
Brian travels the world giving keynote speeches on this subject. He has delivered over 450 speaking engagements including SXSW, TEDx, and the Next Web. Brian also happens to be a LinkedIn Influencer. So the opportunity to spend some time with Brian was not lost on me. Today I would like to share the key learning’s I took away from our conversation. We discussed What’s the Future of Business, and I have distilled my learning’s into the following seven key points. - Brian Solis
Five Trends Shaping the Future of Work -
Brian Solis @briansolis September 1st 2014 From The Economist Intelligence Unit Brian Solis, Principal analyst at Altimeter Group discusses the transformative nature of social business with Frieda Klotz, deputy editor at The Economist Intelligence Unit. - Brian Solis
How Should The Word "Social" Feature In The Overall Business Strategy? | Tweak Your Biz -
A Philosophy not an Adjective “Social Business is a philosophy, a way of business where social technologies supported by new approaches facilitate a more open, engaged, collaborative foundation for how we work.” So said Brian Solis in a recent post. Use the word “social” in front of the words media, channels, platforms and it is just an adjective, he argues. Is he right? Damned right he is…. - Brian Solis
The Maker Movement and Its Impact on Supply Chain Transformation -
Transformation digitale : où en sommes-nous ? | Michaël Tartar -
GROW Conference 2014 Recap -
The one who really set the tone for the conference was the opener, Brian Solis, a well-known digital analyst, keynote speaker and bestselling author. Brian opened up challenging the world to innovate and not just copy and paste others who have found success. He brought about humorous examples of how the layout of TV Guides really haven’t changed at all since the good old days. Why is it that people haven’t questioned some of these things and just assumed they still make sense? Brian eventually boiled it down to companies being built with more purpose and a genuine mission, or Core Idea, to make a true impact in the world. - Brian Solis
Why Amazon's Deal With Twitch Makes More Sense Than Going With Google | Adweek -
Altimeter analyst Brian Solis pointed out that the move solidifies Amazon's play to target the coveted youth that find themselves at home watching videos on YouTube and clips on Vine. "My hunch is that they're buying Twitch to pursue the younger generation, this sort of new digital audience where the second screen for every day consumers is actually the first screen," he said. - Brian Solis
Born Digital: Meet Generation C, a new generation of connected customers -
Your Workforce is Disengaged: Here’s What To Do About it -
Made in Detroit: How Shinola’s Good Ole Fashioned Business Values Outperform the Status Quo -
Let Digital Natives Be Your Guide in Defining the Future of Work -
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