Save Google Wave! -
Pissing into the wind I am afraid. - Brian Sullivan from Bookmarklet
Re: Engadget's back to school 2012 sweepstakes: win one of 15 gadget-filled bags! -
"Nice stuff." - Brian Sullivan
The tablet with the most apps will be the winner -- is that a fallacy?
Does anyone know what is happening with F1 broadcasts next year on TSN?
Family Christmas picture hijinks -
Family Christmas picture hijinks
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RT @Beatweek: TechCrunch was "over as we know it" the day AOL acquired it. It was always going to end badly. These things always do.
Anybody on Google+ that I am not following? I haven't abandoned FF altogether but certainly spending more time there than here.
If anybody is not on Google+ but wants to be, I have the ability to send invites. Send me a direct message with your email address. - Brian Sullivan
When you are immersed in your current life it is hard to comprehend that there could be another life for you out there.
A dilemma for E-Learning Developers -
Many surveys have shown that adult learners that have daily access to computers enjoy and find more effective E-learning segments delivered in small increments. Our own informal polls indicate that under 15 minutes is an ideal delivery portion. A combination of bite sized chunks of knowledge that fit neatly into small segments of the learner's day seems best from both a learning retention point of view and a learner's positive attitude to the process. We work very hard with subject matter experts to compress delivered segments into usable smaller segments. Regulators in professions that require continuous education for their members (this includes medical professions, real estate professionals and many others) seem to work against this principle though. Their measure of "credits" is based on how long a delivered lesson is -- tending to push developers to make segments longer rather than shorter. Similar content delivered in longer times becomes the driving force. So much so that some... - Brian Sullivan
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