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Katie Van Domelen
Katie - let me know if you want a more in depth look at justSignal. Brian dot roy at justsignal dot com or 602.325.3393 - Brian Roy
Anthony Citrano
Really bugs me when people say 'literally' and mean 'figuratively'. Republican strategist Todd Harris on MSNBC just now: "The thing Palin needs to do is literally reach through the TV and grab those working Americans..." Uhh, isn't that setting the bar a bit high, Todd?
Nah - that's probably what she needs to do to win. hehe - iTad
I literally didn't know the difference... - LPH™ and his dog P™
That's like when people say theory instead of hypothesis. If it sounds better, then it naturally makes sense :-P - Nick Humphries
haha, and when people use 'nonplussed' for 'nonchalant'.or 'decimate' when they don't mean 1/10th. - Anika
(reviving an old thread) It turns out this is a canard. In English, literally literally means figuratively, and decimate does mean reduce. There's a good article about this here: -- that contains various quotes from Jane Austen, Alcott, Twain, and Fitzgerald using literally to mean figuratively. - j1m
I only say literally if I mean literally. And I'm not entirely sure Todd Harris is wrong about what Palin needs to do to win. :-P - John (bird whisperer)
I hear the veep say it quite a bit these days. Makes me a little crazy watching his press conferences sometimes. - Eric - Final Countdown from iPhone
Heard a sportscaster say "It's literally a do or die game!" That got my attention. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Often, in current usage, "It's literally" is functionally equivalent to "Hear Ye, Hear Ye!" - it's simply a device to emphasize what follows. - Micah
Micah you are correct. - Karma Martell
Karma, thank you. Sometimes people hint at that I'm correct, but don't literally say so. :P - Micah
Give credit where due. :-) - Karma Martell
Is that a command Karma? If so, then, Micah, you are correct. - Mitch
Now I'll have to google-up an essay, can't remember the who or the where, but a linguist that was building a thesis for the modern use of "like" (like... think Valley-Girl 'like'). Besides literally just reading the literature, she used discussions between her teenage daughter and her friends as sampling. - Micah
She found 'like' was actually being used in a variety of modes, that it was relatively complex language phenomenon. - Micah
No. Mitch, just a shorthand, but I am sure he appreciated it. :-) - Karma Martell
If you want a great series of essays describing the perversion of English, check out "What Orwell Didn't Know." - Mitch
Mitch, I'll have to read that. You might also enjoy this essay: "To See Truly Through a Glass Darkly: C. S. Lewis, George Orwell, and the Corruption of Language" | - Melanie Reed
this was mentioned in an episode of "how i met your mother", the one with the interventions, in the 3rd or 4th season:) Ted character would be correcting these all the time, however even since then, I guess I am using it in the wrong way.. well, at least I'm not a native-speaker-anchor-tv person:) - Neşe
FFing Enigma
/* offers FF some chicken soup so it will feel better */
Oyster crackers please. - Derrick
and a hug - directeur from IM
Maybe we should pep-talk FF - anna sauce
that does look bloody good - Zee.
Recipe for the the delicious looking soup above is here FF, lemme know if you want me to make you a hot toddie. I might just have one with you! - FFing Enigma
piss water if it ain't kosher chicken - NoahDavidSimon
@Kaia oh yum. Hey when are we going to see some skirts? jonesing crafts. - anna sauce
SLURP! - Ian May
I'm not kosher, but I'm serious about the difference with kosher chicken... we have a shortage of kosher meat in upstate new york. We were always buying bel and evans chicken when the kosher stuff was gone. we just started ordering our kosher chickens to the house. I can't tell you why... it makes no sense at all... but kosher chicken just makes better chicken soup. it is that salt probably. but I'm not sure. I know I sound elitist when I say it... but I'm not asking you to be kosher... just taste test - NoahDavidSimon
It is happening again, and it has got to stop this instant! I am making an effort to eat more sensibly to lose a few pounds. I realize there are different time zones involved, but most every evening after I've eaten my dinner, I sit here to have some chill time, and I get bombarded with food pics, which then get discussed. I then head for the refrigerator around 10pm for late evening snacks. It's all YOUR fault, do you hear? - Ian May
jlt, this particular recipe actually calls for a little bit of vinegar. You might want to check it out, the link's above. Noah, when I make soup I only use Kosher salt and sea salt. And you're right, it definitely makes a difference. - FFing Enigma
my best friend is a Yemenite Jew. in Yemen they add Tumeric and a bit of curry to the soup. (also makes it more yellow which is appealing to the eyes)... it is yummy! - NoahDavidSimon
Tumeric is great for adding color (works to dye paper too). I don't have any, but I do have some sweet curry. Might have to make some soup and try it. Thanks! - FFing Enigma
How sweet!!! - Susan Beebe
Abby, I gave it one! - FFing Enigma
Noah, remember that kashering involves salting/brining the meat - There is a shortage of kosher meat thanks to all of the problems with Agriprocessors: - Peter Ghosh
MmmmMmmmmMMmm - Rahsheen
Chicken soup? You need Colombian Sancocho: - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
Julio, that looks yummy!!! Sometimes I go to a restaurant here for a chicken & rice soup that looks like a cross between our two posts: chicken broth, rice, chicken, pico de gallo, and sliced avocado with lime juice squeezed on top. - FFing Enigma
Beer please! ;-) - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
*bump* FF is feeling poorly again today, so I'm reoffering the chicken soup and hot toddie from November. Get well soon, FF!! - FFing Enigma
Ted Gilchrist
@librarianbyday Help me help you. :) At which point does failure occur?
Sean O'Steen
PLEASE! PLEASE let Melinda have her iPhone!
Debi Jones
Yep, Twitter's web interface is broken. No updates displayed other than my own. #twitterfail
Scott Monty
@avinashkaushik I hope you'll look at the facts first, Avinash. #Ford
Shel Israel
Obama retool grassroots campaign network into advocacy group. Count me in.
DIY: YourFonts Turns Your Handwriting Into a Personlized Font -
David Berrebi
who's using twitsay ?
Guy Kawasaki
Cutesy robot experiment reveals kindness of New Yorkers AC
New yorkers are actually very nice (but busy) - Jeffrey T. Sooey
Alex Howard
Super Bowl XLIII was the most-viewed TV event in history. Revised Nielsen #s @ TVDecoder: (via @brianstelter)
Robert Scoble
Is The Real Time Web A Solution In Search Of A Problem? -
"Without the real time web I would never have found this blog post." - Robert Scoble
The answer currently is yes. It's a technological vision. But it will eventually be woven so completely into the web that we won't notice. One day we'll wonder how we ever lived without it. - Christopher Galtenberg
Not sure I buy that Robert - wouldn't you just have a Google blog search for "real time web" (or technorati or whatever your blog search engine of choice is). Sure it would have taken longer... but if you really wanted to see all things "real time web" you could/would have. - Brian Roy
There's a whole world of recursive chicken and the egg issues with Robert's statements. :-) - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
The problem that exists is how slowly web pages update, relative to other forms of communication such as talking or instant messaging. - Mike Chelen
Well I have used Twitter search to find a solution and I have always been able to find my answer or give some insight. - PC Easy from twhirl
Robert - does it matter that you wouldn't have found this blog post? While I agree information is fun, what benefit does the real time web have for the majority of us? - Tyler Hurst
Tyler it's "benefits for the majority". Eventually. For "most of us" we're already using it and seeing the benefits. Recent world events show the benefits very clearly. - Gilbert Harding
Guy Kawasaki
@circleaudi I think you might find this site of mine useful:
Bwana ☠
[Video] Q&A What Is The Best Netbook?: In this video, supereddie asks a common question:  "What is the best netbo...
drew olanoff
Drew Olanoff shared as favorite Whoops: Michael Phelps caught getting stoned (picture) -
Mike Fruchter
Web 2.0 progress is held back by Web 1.0 business models -
Kol Tregaskes
Exceptionally deep view of strange galaxy -
Looks like a top-down view of a spinning glass of milk. - Mitch
It's amazing to realize all the little spots in the background are galaxies like our milkyway, not just stars. -
Those deep focus Hubble images always blow my mind. As Tobias said, seeing bunches of galaxies of all shapes is amazing. I struggle to believe it's real. - Fred Yankowski
Maybe there's just some shmutz on the hubble's mirrors? That would be embarrassing. - Mitch
Ms. Herr
overheard: we're all together & we're all separate at the same time. it's a Twitter thing. -@iamtimhardy & me
@DJ345 I know I have to sometimes turn off my mobile to leave room for creativity. Kid's might not want to accept that...
Jennifer Leggio
@jonahsigel Er, a bit, rather.
Intense News
Probe questions fate of refugees in Thailand -
Intense News
Affidavit: Madoff associates knew of scheme, joined anyway -
Kevin Spidel
jumping into a partners meeting.
Jay Rosen
Applause to @Maddow for slamming those who overdraw the comparisons between Obama and Bush so as to normalize Bush after the fact. BUT (1/2)
Guy Kawasaki
@simfin Thanks! You might like too!
Kevin Marks
@buridan "I don't like Cato" isn't really a rebuttal, its an argument from authority
Simon Wicks
Oh hai FF experiment!
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Woo, it worked! Me at Liberty last year. - Simon Wicks
whoa dude! - vijay
Totally awesome dude! Great job. Saw this style on Flickr months ago but this is really cool! - AJ Batac
Nice collage. Wondering, was the first line added last? - Nir Ben Yona
This should make the best of the day hands down - AJ Batac
Hehe. Thanks very much. Needs a few more likes and comments to get it there first i imagine! - Simon Wicks
There you go! - Jalada
Nir Ben Yona, it follows the numbering of filenames. In this case, 1.jpg should be first. - AJ Batac
Very nice! - Anika
INSTANT pick of the week on FFundercats! - Josh Haley
I'll take the center square for—oh. even number of rows :) - Micah
Ah sorry Nir, missed that comment. I saved them in the order i wanted them so i knew which one to go first, then uploaded each one in order starting with 1. I had to do a few tests to get the width right as it seems to depend on the picture width as to how many it posts on one line. - Simon Wicks
Haha, thanks Josh *blushes* - Simon Wicks
I'm very impressed - M F
Very cool :) - Jemm
Extra clever! - That's So CAJ!
Photoshop :) - Simon Wicks
Love it :) I took that photo! - Charley M
Christopher, My cells were 150x100 if thats any help. You can try with other sizes like 75x75 and get 7 across, same as when Flickr imports. - Simon Wicks
Very nice! - Ross Miller
very cool! - vicster.
hahaha. He looked at mine and it gave him the idea! - - Alan (Giraffes)
It wasn't even that one that gave me the idea, was the normal one! :) - Simon Wicks
Cool stuff - Tyson Key
Most awesome thing ever. Hi Simon! - Derrick
Sweet! - Lisa L. Seifert
Well done sir. *appreciative golf clap* - SAM
Thanks for the likes and comments everyone, didnt think it would be this popular :) Now lets see some of your own! - Simon Wicks
Well done ! - stanjourdan
Way cool, nice one :) - Nicola Quinn
@AJ Batac and @Simon - Thanks guys, I didn't know that - now I do :) - Nir Ben Yona
Simon, can you do that for me, and put it on a t-shirt? - Alan (Giraffes)
cute trick - Big Joe Silenced
The best idea of the FF so far. - Olcayto Cengiz
very clever Mr. Wicks. Kudos! - Carlos Ayala
Wow this is amazing! - Mona Nomura
Clever bugger! - Vicky
Very cool! - Tamara, #TeamMarina
Superb, Simon!! - Kol Tregaskes
:O that's so awesome! - Jay
Really cool! - Michael Hocter
Awesome! - xero
perfect - NaHi from f2p
Nice! - Michael Fidler
Well done Simon ;) - Mitch
Very creative! - Jeff P. Henderson
Can't see proper on Iphone view but congrats Simon :) - cihanergur
Almost 200 likes! Thank you everyone :) - Simon Wicks
Well deserved! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Just need 3 more! - Simon Wicks
My count already says 201 - don't forget it's 3 + 198 other people. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Ah yeah, duh! - Simon Wicks
Duuuuhhhhhhhhhh - The guy is smart enough to make ths cool ff picture, but he cant count.... :) - Alan (Giraffes)
Pipe down scotty.. - Simon Wicks
brilliant! - NoahDavidSimon
awesome. got this from that flickr set right? looks great - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Alfredo, nope. I was inspired by this post by a friend even though the pictures aren't joined. Just had the idea. I only remembered about that Flickr one after doing it. :) - Simon Wicks
deserve one more wow! :) - K.D.
Nice! - David Cook
Definitely deserves another WOW! - Robyn Hawk
There we go then. After simon originally copied me, i answer back with a cow! - Alan (Giraffes)
I'm having way too much fun with these! - Jonathan Hardesty
Phil Glockner
DJ Shadow – Organ Donor -
Perfect walking music. Get out there and walk. - Phil Glockner
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