At Microsoft for Open Data for Open Science workshop today. Coolest demo by far was the use of Kinect to control navigation through the universe in the WorldWide Telescope. Can't wait to try it out in a few months when that function gets released.
Silly question from a non-tweeter: is it convention to define a hashtag the first time someone uses it? Should it be?
If you're not sure, how do you find the website (or conference or workshop) that folks are referring to? This helps, but it's spotty and slow: - Brian Westra
that actually makes sense - I wish people would do that - Christina Pikas
Reviewing and evaluating some electronic lab notebook options. Thanks to Chris Rusbridge and all who provided ideas oh-so-long-ago.
At Code4Lib PNW meeting today. May be old news to you open data folks, but I just learned about two cool tools for working with data: Needle (, and Freebase Gridworks (
Just found out about the NSF Workshop on Archiving Experiments to Raise Scientific Standards, today and tomorrow: with live webcast at
The report should be of interest to many of us in OS - Jean-Claude Bradley
Just enjoying the One Note Samba interlude music. - Dan Hagon
It's quite relaxing. Sort of a mix between elevator music and Austin Powers - Brian Westra
@Brian, these talks have been great so far. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch all of them live, do you know if the talks will be released at some stage? - Dan Hagon
I haven't found anything on their wiki about a recording, but I hope so. They will issue a report. - Brian Westra
Plus there's lots of links on the wiki already. - Dan Hagon
I'm here at the workshop. Is there anything the FF Science 2.0 crowd would like to make sure is discussed? - Dan Gezelter
Dan, the sessions I've been able to see have been really good. I'm interested in data curation, and several people have hit on aspects of that. Will curation be one of the focal points of the report? - Brian Westra
Almost certainly. The session that starts now involves people in the publishing and "disruptive technologies" fields. This is probably the most likely group to cover curation in the final report. - Dan Gezelter
Creative commons was a perfect fit for the intellectual property question. - Brian Westra
Doing science on the hub:
Dan Cohen discusses Google Buzz and privacy concerns:
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