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London's housing crisis hotspots | News | guardian.co.uk
"London's housing crisis is the result of a generation or more of failed policies that need urgent redress. That redress requires multiple policy changes: building new council housing on a mass scale is long overdue – or else the 'Kosovo-style cleansing' of the poor that Boris Johnson foresaw is unavoidable. In the short term there are only two solutions – wages and benefits must rise and rents must be capped. Instead though, the government is going in the opposite direction: cutting and capping benefits, while holding back minimum wage increases (just 1.8% in October and a freeze for workers aged under 21). Housing has become an investment opportunity for a few, while for many more it is a constant source of anxiety, insecurity and debt. What we have mapped is London at its most divided: we should not be at home to it." - M F from Bookmarklet
Did you read about the proposal to sell of expensive social housing once vacant to provide funds for new social housing? I'm guessing this will be as fantastically successful as the RTB policy, which provided loads of money that was readily pumped back into social housing repairs/new builds etc! In case you can't hear me, I'm being VERY sarcastic! - Halil
I read it yes and I know you are sarcastic - M F