BBC News - Tory MP Rob Wilson says reshuffle shows coalition 'winding down' - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news...
BBC News - Tory MP Rob Wilson says reshuffle shows coalition 'winding down'
"Rob Wilson, the Conservative MP for Reading East, says the reshuffle is "part of the process of the divorce with the Liberal Democrats"." - M F from Bookmarklet
"He told BBC Radio Berkshire the coalition was now "winding down" and that David Cameron would not care if Lib Dems were unhappy with the changes." - M F
Fair enough but the reason why they exist is thanks not just to the coalition with the Lib Dems but to people who voted Lib Dem who have been generally disregarded. Selling the NHS, people needing food banks and increasing inequality is not what I wanted when I voted. - M F
True. I voted Lib Dem. Now, even if I vote Labour, it would not change the balance any- pretty Labour area where I live and where I'm going to move. - Pete's Got To Go
I voted Lib Dem too but I had little choice as I lived in Kingston upon Thames at the time and it was Ed Davey versus some Tory person, voting a Lib Dem with a good chance to win seemed the right thing to do. But I would rather vote for Garfield the cat than a Tory. - M F
It'd be nice to have the Lib Dems be Lib Dems again - they often made sense on many topics where the other two are too entrenched in party lines to actually think about reality, and that reality check has been missing in UK politics for a couple years now - Iphigenie
I was told something disturbing the other day, "if you think things are bad now, you've seen nothing yet, things are going to get worse" not word for word, but you get the meaning, from a reliable source! :'( - Halil
Meaning that the government is getting nastier? - M F
and the cut backs are going to get deeper - Halil
I think so too but I really do not know what they are trying to achieve besides selling everything we own and making a large number of people destitute. - M F
It's hard to see how the Liberals sleep at night, I'm quite sure they aren't and realise what a mess they've been responsible for in creating this coalition, and will likely bear the full brunt of it in the coming GE. Tories will get punished, but the Lib Dems will get destroyed. In all honesty, this will be more devastating for our democracy as we'll end up with a 2 party government again for decades, just when the Lib Dems were gaining ground/respect/voice. They played their cards hoping for power and to make a change, only to realise they were playing with the Tories who used them utterly and unashamedly to enforce their own agenda! - Halil
I dunno, sounds like they knew they were getting in bed with the devil and did it anyways, so fuck 'em. - Andrew C (✔)