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Sky News chief apologises for previous denial of hacking -
Sky News chief apologises for previous denial of hacking
"The head of Sky News has apologised to the Leveson inquiry after the broadcaster previously said that it had not engaged in any hacking, when executives knew that a reporter had accessed emails without permission on several occasions. John Ryley told Lord Justice Leveson on Monday that it was "very regrettable" that a lawyer representing Sky News had written to the inquiry last September stating: "Sky News editorial and reporting staff to whom we have spoken have never intercepted communications." When the letter was sent, Ryley and other senior Sky News staff were aware that reporter Gerard Tubb had hacked into emails belonging to "canoe man" John Darwin and a woman who had killed her own children – because they had authorised the email accesses. Hacking emails is a breach of the Computer Misuse Act 1990, to which there is no prima facie public interest defence. Intercepting somebody's communications, whether phone calls or emails, breaches the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, which again has no explicit public interest defence. Sky News claims, however, to have been acting in the public interest in the case of Darwin. The original Sky News submission to the Leveson inquiry added that any proposal to engage in hacking "would not be countenanced", but Ryley, giving evidence on Monday, said that the lawyer writing the letter was only thinking about phone hacking in the aftermath of the News of the World controversy. Ryley said that the questions from the Leveson inquiry were understood to be about "telephone hacking and payments to public officials, and our response to you on 16 September, having taken external legal advice as well, was that we would focus on that particular issue, those two issues". The head of Sky News agreed that the original testimony supplied – in response to a formal legal notice issued by Leveson – was "inaccurate", agreeing with the characterisation offered by David Barr, the counsel to the inquiry. Tubb's email hacking, which was... more... - Winckel from Bookmarklet
The truth is that Sky are liars and would say whatever they deem necessary to escape punishment. A Murdoch organ. - Winckel