Mark H
Post from my wife's cousin's wife who lives on a narrowboat in Abingdon-on-Thames which, thanks to the rain we've had recently, could more accurately be called Abingdon-under-Thames right now. - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Oh wow. I assumes that structures would be set far back enough to not have to deal with flooding, but I just saw all those buildings right on the water's edge in the sat map. I also need to add that I had no idea that people could live on narrowboats. That's pretty neat. I hope it doesn't get worse, though. - Anika
A lot of people do live on narrowboats but I couldn't do it. A few hours is enough for me when we go visiting (and we're hoping to do so next weekend). - Mark H
it was raining so hard up here -our road had a new river on part of it - I was starting to fear Hebden Bridge up the hills would get flooded a 3rd time this year, but it seems to have stopped just in time. It is the Thames and Devon Cornwall that are touched this time. Crazy water year :( - Iphigenie