Spidra Webster
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"About 100,000 ill and disabled people will lose their Employment and Support Allowance on 30 April 2012. From that date a new time limit will apply to the Employment and Support Allowance which is paid on the basis of National Insurance contributions. It is called contributory ESA. At the moment it can be paid indefinitely. In future the allowance, worth £99.15 a week, will stop after one year. The one year time limit will apply at once to an estimated 100,000 people who have already been on contributory ESA for at least a year. Another 100,000 will lose it by April 2013. The number affected will grow by about 200,000 a year. By 2015/16 a total of 700,000 people on contributory ESA will have lost it when they reached the one year time limit. The Government estimates the net savings to the Treasury will be £1 billion in 2014/15. More detail Employment and Support Allowance is paid to people who are too ill or disabled to work. It was introduced in October 2008 to replace Incapacity Benefit. Everyone on Incapacity Benefit is being reassessed and put into one of two ESA groups. The time limit applies to people in what is called the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG). They have been assessed as able to return to work with some help. The time limit does NOT apply to those in the Support Group who are not expected to return to work because their condition is long-term and severe. The time limit applies to ESA which is based on National Insurance contributions (contributory ESA). It does NOT affect the means-tested (income-related) ESA paid to those with a low income. The time limit includes the 13 weeks spent in the assessment phase at the start of the claim for ESA when people are allocated to the work group or the support group. Can you get money from other sources? If you are due to lose ESA you should have been sent a letter by the DWP. It is very important to check if you can replace at least some of the ESA you will lose. 1. Can you claim income-related ESA? That... more... - Spidra Webster from Bookmarklet
It might save money but is going to make things very difficult for many people who have actually worked, paid tax and now need help. This is based on the strange philosophy that if you put lots of pressure on sick people, they stop thinking about how ill they are and will get better. - M F
Yeah, it sounds awful. - Spidra Webster