Mark H
Three nights of live astronomy with Brian Cox and Dara O'Briain starts tonight. In fact... it's on now. - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Did you watch his maths quiz programme (on Challenge maybe)? Not the greatest format but his enthusiasm for science really comes through. - Mark H
It does seem to be his thing now. They already had him doing Science Club. - Spidra Webster
Yeah, he's been on a few. I don't think he has much time for Alan Davies, but I could be wrong ;) - Pete's Got To Go
There's a brief Dara moment in part 2 of the best of of the past season. - Spidra Webster
There's also the Brydon... or is it Miller? I always get confused with them. But one of them is well-versed in physics, the other Uncle Bryn - Heleninstitches #teamff
That'll be Miller. - Mark H