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Mark H
Three nights of live astronomy with Brian Cox and Dara O'Briain starts tonight. In fact... it's on now. - Mark H from Bookmarklet
If there was an award for "Most surprisingly scientifically-aware comedian of the year, 2012" Dara would win it. Yes, I know its 2013 now. - Slippy from Android
Did you watch his maths quiz programme (on Challenge maybe)? Not the greatest format but his enthusiasm for science really comes through. - Mark H
It does seem to be his thing now. They already had him doing Science Club. - Spidra Webster
Yeah, that's how I became acquainted with Dara's joy in knowledge. His particular brand of humour lends itself well to the sciences too. It could be argued that he and Brian Cool are probably our best ambassadors for the scientific principle. Restores a little of the faith I lost when my niece transitioned from a love of paleontology to proclamations of "Science is lame" upon entering her twelfth year. - Slippy from Android
I wonder, has he been on QI? The only guests I recall who were versed in the comedic and scientific arts were luvvies like Sessions and McGrath. - Slippy from Android
Yeah, he's been on a few. I don't think he has much time for Alan Davies, but I could be wrong ;) - Pete : Team Marina
There's a brief Dara moment in part 2 of the best of of the past season. - Spidra Webster
There's also the Brydon... or is it Miller? I always get confused with them. But one of them is well-versed in physics, the other Uncle Bryn - Marina's Godmother :-)
That'll be Miller. - Mark H