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Britannia Unchained: the rise of the new Tory right | Politics | The Guardian
"It may come as a surprise to those who already consider the coalition a tough government, with its hairshirt rhetoric and seemingly endless spending cuts, but a growing number of Tory backbenchers, business figures, commentators and thinkers feel that the coalition – and by implication, other austerity governments across the west – is not nearly tough enough. Since 2011, as the British economy has slumped, this energetic but largely unnoticed political alliance, somewhere between a lobby group and a proper movement, has begun to show its strength." - M F from Bookmarklet
dont like him. dont like them. they lack humanity and, call it arrogance or not, I think they are so full of themselves they can't see the wood for the trees. - Winckel
They can't see beyond their ideology and are not in touch with reality. It is all very well to say that they want to abolish employment laws saying that only the lazy would lose out, in reality hard working and competent people would get fired with no reason because their faces don't fit, because they can find someone cheaper, because they are very good and their boss feels threatened, because the CEO's nephew needs a job or whatever. This is the reality I know and is not fair, that is why we need some protection. - M F
Besides the fact that I do not see any correlation between the right to hire and fire at will and a booming economy. - M F
Hang on, I'm pretty sure we have the right to hire and fire in this country already. At least I remember hiring quite a few people, and alas firing a few too - when in probabtion, during their first year, through (painful) redundancies in tought times, and even two for major faults. It was always clear what was possible, why, and how to do it, and normal business needs were never harmed by the limitations. - Iphigenie
Exactly, businesses can already hire and fire when they need to, removing the existing employment laws would just remove any protection employees have. At least now, especially after probation, employers have to prove they have a legitimate reason for firing and not just "I don't like you, get out". - M F