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Joy is seeing new projects on the editorial calendar that happen after your last day. hashtagnope
Hurry Up and Wait, the move to NY game.
Sleep, please get on me.
o_O RT @NBCNightlyNews: It’ll cost the average American family $245,340 to raise a child born in 2013 to adulthood
I'd give just about anything if I could extend my arms fully. I may never lift weights again.
California uptalk and grown women using baby voices are both on my shit list today.
RT @MarkAgee: Hey everybody in L.A. doing the ice bucket challenge during this drought, another good idea is to start a wildfire for diabetes
RT @nycjim: #Ferguson update 5: For 1st time ever, @Amnesty International deploys human rights team in US
RT @kateo: I've written my most candid thoughts yet about suicide. I really hope they help people. "Suicide vs. Love" @Medium
"There are no coyotes in the Mission, baby."
"Message is a Bottle is a great song. It's great! But it's fucking Sting, man."
We're looking at apartments and one-way plane tickets and planning dates for the movers to come and omg.
RT @CBSSF: Help SF police find the hit-run driver who struck, killed 2-year-old girl on Mission St. last night. (photo)
RT @assholeofday: #AssholeOfTheDay Ferguson Police Chief admits robbery had nothing to do with shooting
RT @darth: shouldn’t be able to indict a guy just for wearing glasses to try to look smarter but idk
Free kitties, you guys.
RT @SInow: Mo'Ne Davis becomes first girl to throw a shutout in Little League World Series:
Every day at work around about this time, I want to kill everyone.
We've reached peak ice bucket.
Late to this, but it's still great. "I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days. Here’s What It Did to Me"
RT @dkberman: The Uber-Lyft blood feud has reached its 1999 apex: Free rides for two weeks!
Reading my first Agatha Christie. Not sure why the hell I waited so long.
"She's not a great dancer. But she's pretty good for her division (white, mom of 3, late 30s, drunk on white wine)." l o l
“[T]ake off the helmets, and holster your weapons. This is basic shit for police! ” —@anildash
Goddamn, this is good. (written by @ftrain)
RT @monteiro: The Ferguson police department is a fucking embarrassment to every cop who goes out there and does their job right.
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