RT @meganamram: I want to be cremated and blown in the faces of my enemies
RT @dodo: The incredible story of how a baby elephant was saved from a poacher’s snare by his own herd: https://www.thedodo.com/herd-sa... https://twitter.com/dodo...
RT @Kyle_MacLachlan: Depend on it. "@pipandbaby: Will @Kyle_MacLachlan ever find out how Annie is?"
What My Mom Said on “Take Your Parents to Work” Day http://www.newyorker.com/humor... via @newyorker
“Pretty When The Wind Blows” by God Help the Girl is my new jam. Listen: http://www.thisismyjam.com/brittne...
RT @jessamyn: MT @WeRAllAnonymous: Woman being harassed or stalked on Twitter can now report it. https://twitter.com/WeRAllA... #Finally
RT @neiltyson: GPS Satellites are pre-corrected for General Relativity, allowing them to beam us the accurate time for Earth’s surface.
Facebook served me an ad for a beauty app. It had no reviews. I downloaded it. I am the problem.
We had a barn-burner of a housewarming party last night and today I don't want to be alive. 😑
We're setting shit on fire. @vidiot_ http://instagram.com/p...
BF's playing Blame It On The Rain. Getting that party playlist ready.
I just put in "Clerks" and @dominiqueleone said he's never seen it. I'm shocked and appalled. 37!
And I take it as a compliment. https://twitter.com/brittne...
“In the end, I stopped worrying and just wrote the book I needed to read when I was 17.” http://www.newrepublic.com/article... via @instapaper
Why are high fashion photos so cold? So many beautiful clothes and models and textures, and the photographs are icy. Help me understand.
Neat piece. RT @fgx Portfolio sandwich being made for this delicious piece by Joe Goode (gunpowder on paper). #art https://twitter.com/brittne...
I had a dream I was hanging out with the Supreme Court justices and they were all women. :) But we were talking about high heels. :(
Just biding my time until it's acceptable to go to sleep. Like a grandma.
RT @InsurgentPrieta: Personally I wasn't inconvenienced by the colonialism but enjoy your pasta, Katherine.
RT @InsurgentPrieta: We had a nice conversation about BOUNDARIES and this pasta she said she was going to make for her family.
RT @InsurgentPrieta: I let her untagle as we walked and told her if it wasn't out by the time the train came she was getting on with me. Welp the train came.
RT @InsurgentPrieta: Y'all this white lady put her hand in my hair and got her wedding ring caught. Meanwhile I had a train to catch so I made her walk w/ me
"the Mona Lisa of the International Museum of Shade" http://dlisted.com/2014...
"Instagram allows photos of a higher resolution if they are taken from the native Instagram application." I DID NOT KNOW THAT.
Alexander Wang line now available at H&M. Maybe shop online though because: http://instagram.com/p...
Him: "I love that this song is just one big ascent through the harmonic sequence." Me: "I have no idea what that means."
AND he just surprised me with chocolate-covered baklava which i DIDN'T EVEN KNOW EXISTED.
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