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You shouldn't miss this, everybody. RT @dominiqueleone Tix for Sunday's show: … Pure Pop for Neu People
Bus driver is hanging out at every bus stop letting any and all stragglers on. Torturous.
Last Night I Thought I Was Dying (new blog post about panic attacks)
“Solitude” by Sathima Bea Benjamin is my new jam. Listen:
Mango + feta = :D
"Knock knock! Who's there?," "For goodness sake," "Addiction," "A heart of gold." All coined by Shakespeare.
Does anyone ever ink anything other than a deal? #journalistwords
Dude days he's gonna serve my coffee last so we can "hang out." #howsaboutno
Coach Taylor is my spirit animal.
Panic attack. Nearly called 911. Glad I didn't call 911.
Crying While Meditating is my new jam.
RT @hotttasian: Round of applause to people who show up to dates sober. I pop the champagne cork as soon as I plug my fucking hair straightener in.
Just got emotional over how great reading is. I. Love. Books.
RT @Maggie: Wondering whether larger tribes and access to online memories will tax our capacity for grief as we age:
Clothes I wore in high school on high schoolers. I'm not ready for this.
I'm running a race in six days. 😬
TIL that some people have fat injected into their hands to make them appear younger.
RT @monteiro: Uber now charges you $1 to not get raped.
Thanks muchly to the person who turned me on to this tune:
Don't do PCP, everybody:
Oscar Mayer had to recall almost 100K pounds of hot dogs because they accidentally put cheese in them. #america!
We got to 50K. Yay. #werkgoals
Chaka Khan kinda morning.
Sneakers in the dark. Deaths Grips in my ears. #runreport
Me: "is this Nashville hot chicken?!" Her: "yes! No one else knows what it is!"
I found hot chicken in SF!
Had an ace arvo with this bloke, mates. RT @jordanbrock: Fine beverages and good times with @brittneyg
“Sunshine & Freedom Rock” by Dominique Leone is my new jam. Listen:
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