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David Sedaris: Chicken toenails, anyone? | Eating in China | Life and style | The Guardian via @instapaper
The key to cooking for others is butter. All of the butter. You will be worshipped like a god.
So poor! But you can get pizza for a dollar!
Mid-week summit with @dominiqueleone. We'll drink wine and talk about how poor we are gonna be when we move to NY.
I did it! It felt good! #unfollowaman
Saw a hot guy from my seat on the bus & as we rolled by I realized it was my fine-ass boyfriend. Ha. Never spotted him in the wild before.
"You have to be sexy, but remember that your sexuality can and will be used at any point in time" ...
I should apply and be all, "My shrink says I'm purely O. But I can be taught."
Job description said, "We like people who are OCD." I don't think that term means what you think it means, guys.
I feel 10 lbs lighter after a trip to the shrink.
Haaaaa: Someone spelled divorce "divorcé" in an article about Beyoncé and Jay-Z.
"Grate the frozen ham onto the daikon"
RT @liammayclem: #FoodieChap Chef Casey Thompson @AvelineSF How two grandmothers inspired the launch of a restaurant. @ChefCaseyT
RT @ClaraJeffery: Trailer for Batkid Begins/what's that in my eye
"Time to deliver more justice." The boyfriend is sitting on a jury for a trial and is very enthusiastic about it.
"Time to deliver more justice." The boyfriend is sitting on a jury for a murder trial and is very enthusiastic about it.
RT @mat: This should be great: New Medium design collection edited by @sarahrich!
🍩 Happy #TwinPeaks Blu-Ray Day ☕️
To lie in bed in the still of a new morning with a cool fan breeze on bare skin is bliss.
RT @desusnice: Gotta write "did you mean to upload this?" under photos on Instagram to keep ppl humble
I haven't told my cats they are moving home yet. I'm gonna surprise them.
A person just sat on me on the bus like I was a seat.
RT @bethspotswood: It's pretty hard to pretend you were running for something else when you miss the bus.
So, yeah, NY! Queens, specifically. Know of a great two bedroom apt. in Astoria? Slide into my DMs.
[bagel emoji]
I am moving to New York City in October with @dominiqueleone. :D
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